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Against the odds...

Veiled Justice has been involved in many wars over the last 5 months. A lot of them have been quite simply event-less, and unprofitable, others have been a lot of fun.

Looking back for a moment on the war with Band of Bastards, the "1v1 cheaters" of my previous story that war turned out to be extremely boring. Luckily it was invalidated. They did nothing by undock in heavily tanked Doms, (which as most will know even as a newbie can hold a decent tank with good resistances) sat on top of the station and smacktalk us for our "puni" damage. If ever there where more than one of us online, they wouldn't undock at all, except in a shuttle to which again once they warped from the station they smacktalked about our "crappy tackling".

As merc's, Band of Basters are useless, unless you want to smacktalk your enemy to death or lag them out with massive Block lists....

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Anyhow. We engaged in 3 new wars just after the patch on Tuesday. One of them seems to be a small industrial corporation, and another seems like a corp made for some RL gaming group, both have been pilot and interesting to talk to, though as of yet we have not engaged them. Its likely that they will be called off so that we can focus on our better war, against Division Co Alpha.

Division Co Alpha (DCA) started the war on the offencive, its what we always like! They fielded a Scorp, Myrmidon, Proph, Drake and a Gal Recon, we had a Blaster Dom, Gedden and my trusty Hurricane.

After recon on both sides they engaged us at a gate where we where waiting. It was a good fight and thought they had the Dom in structure, we took out the Scorp, Myrm and Proph. Unfortunately I never think to get screenies, I will have to try for other times. They fought well, and it was a good fight all round.

Our second combat over the weekend ended badly for us. I was not part of it, but from what I was told Xary and our other member engaged against the odds (and with the enemy attempting logon traps - they we don't car since it wasn't a trap when we knew about it). Not sure of the full fleet of theirs but Xary CTD's and we lost both the Doms, while only taking a Hurricane with us.

The tired fight with them was myself alone. Ended up venturing to their HQ, which in all my carelessness was a low-sec system. Was ganged by 3 war targets and 3 by standers wanting in on the kill. Later to find out that they have an open channel to the locals in that area. My Hurricane went down after taking a Vexor... The EW was emence and a 56s lock time on a frig only meant I could laugh as it met its doom.

Then comes to know. Xarys on leave for a week, so might be a quiet we so far as the war goes.

Not much of an update, and maybe a little boring, but still, Eve can't be exciting all the time.


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Anonymous on :

Dude as soon as i press to see the extended story, i am bombarded with opened browser windows, spam galore here.
It has happened to me before, it is still happening to me now.

It is bloody annoying as i need to restart my PC to get rid of them - and scan them.

Ander on :

I can assure you that does not use spam popups. The problem must be on your end. Use "hijack" this to find any running spam softwares on your computer.

Google "hijack" this.

B on :

Anon, the problem's on your end, as I don't get any popups or spam. Time to update your spyware scanner, eh?

Klaus on :

Stop looking at porn. Not a bad outing Ilea, happy hunting.

Anonymous on :

Well, I generally check a lot of sites / day and I didn't have any problems up to now. Don't want you to think that i blamed the E-P site for this, 2 weeks passed before i first encountered this problem and my OP.

PS: Meh, don't use porn sites or shady ones - gamecopycentral and astalavista come to mind now, and I already have Spybot. :-(

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