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a new begining


As usual the warrior was awake almost before the proximity alarm on his advanced scout sounded. He did not awake like a normal person but like an animal instantly alert and ready for action. “REPORT BOY!” he called into the comms unit. A young and frightened voice replied, “Sir scans report 6 hostile battle ships incoming 2 jumps out”. “How many available pilots do we have in range?” he barked already pulling on combat headset and moving towards his command seat. The new pilot in a shaky voice replied “Sir we have only 3 battleships a dominix, your megathron and a raven but no support available apart from my scout”. The next words were spoken with so little emotion that the newly recruited pilot on the other end of the signal felt like he had just reported the weather.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


(“PREPARE”) “FC I have the hostiles on scan there are 4 megathrons, a tempest and a raven”. The warriors mind was like a perfect filing system of combat experience and his response was virtually instantaneous “ok people fit heavy tank kinetic and thermal, I want a 20km warp scramble point on you all, twin reps and domi I want you fitted for nos”. After less than a minute all three ships reported ready. With the same lack of emotion the voice on the comms said one word.


(“LAUNCH”) “Ok boy I want a report on these ships movement especially the raven and the tempest”. “There movement Sir?” came a confused answer over the commander’s headset. The response was spoken quietly but with passion “YES THERE MOVMENT!!!!. ARE THEY GANG WARPING BETWEEN GATES, ARE THEY STOPPING TO SCAN THE SYSTEMS, I WANT THAT REPORT BOY USE THAT RAVENS SCANNERS AND DO YOUR JOB!!” This was the first time the fledgling had seen any sort of emotion from his commander and it shook him in its intensity. “Sir they are not gang warping and it seems the raven pilot is less skilled than others and is warping considerably slower that the rest” The smile on the commanders face was terrifying to behold as he gave the command “ok people get to the short warpin point to the ingate. The boy heard the emotion building in the commander’s voice but even now as they all came out of warp off grid near the gate his voice was not raised in the least. He said simply.


(“ALIGN”) “Sir they are jumping into system” the boyish raven pilot reported. “Good I want notification as soon as they uncloak for warp”. “Yes sir” he replied his heart pounding and breath coming in gasps he switched his view to his arazu pilots view screen that was cloaked 30 km off the gate. “Calm down boy I guarantee that if you screw this up you will not live to regret it”. There was a grunt of amusement from the domi pilot witch for some reason the boy found to relax him. “SIR THEY ARE UNCLOAKING” he howled over the comms channel. There was a pause of a few heart beats then “Ok boy I want a tackle on that raven immediately” and in flat, quiet but unmistakably passionate voice came the call.


(“WARP”) The warp tunnel seemed unusually peaceful as he watched the photons he was passing by stretch and distort. The boom that typically occurred as he entered warp seemed like a pale imitation to his pounding heart. For a split second he was hypnotised by the thoughts running through his head. Then the panic set in OMFG THE TACKLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He switched to his cloaker in less than a second his fear forgotten in the urgency to do as he was commanded. The cloak was disengaged in a nano second as his hands flew over the sensor boosters, targeting the unsuspecting raven. As his ship informed him that he had target lock he engaged both of his newly trained tecII warp disruptors and sets his orbit. “Sir I have 2 points on him” he howled, his fear evaporating in the face of his success. “Ok boy and the others?” came the reply that froze his blood as he realised he was probably about to be called primary by 6 battleships and he was in a cruiser. He looks up from his modules and before him was the most terrifying sight he has ever beheld 6 huge battle ships loomed out of the darkness and a single thought runs through his mind “OH GOD”. Then they were all gone, well almost all, the raven was not in sight but it was still on his overview. Excitement replaces fear as he reports shouting in his joy “SIR THE OTHERS SIR THERE GONE HES ALONE”. The reply was instantaneous “I can see that boy” and as he switches his ships viewer to his raven his actions pre-empt the command he knows is coming. Once again the quietly intense voice comes over the comms channel. “The raven is primary”


(“ENGAGE”) As his missiles roared towards the target the boy was thinking of an old earth movie that had written on the cover “in space no one can hear you scream”. He smiled as he realised the movie he so enjoyed was obviously before the invention of particle blasters and the particle rockets that propelled his missiles. This type of science produced a vibration that although was not sound, did vibrate at a frequency the human ear could detect. “Ok pour it on boy I want this ship down before his friends get back” came a voice over the comms that sounded almost hungry. Watching as the enemy ravens shields collapsed and his armour became scarred, holed and finally after what seemed like only a few breaths the ship seemed to explode light and implode matter leaving a trail of frozen oxygen molecules and fried interface consoles. “We did it sir the rav….”

BOOM!!!!!! The broadside from the megathrons blaster cannons rocked the ship badly. Thrown from his command chair the pilot struggled back into his seat and activated his tanking modules. “SIR IM PRIMARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he screamed into his communication unit. “Good for you boy do not forget to run your reppers and your hardeners” came the dryly-sarcastic reply. “The primary has been signalled on your over view the tempest has warped in at 60km so were going to pop the mega’s lock target and”.


(“FIRE”) A blur of noise, light, sound and vibration was his world. The secondary and tertiary targets were called and he locked them and scrammed the mega he was designated to stop warping almost without thought. “OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” he was tanked to the eyeballs for thermal and kinetic but 4 mega's and a tempest “OH GOD” his tank was breaking. FLASH!!!! The primary mega disintegrated in a burst of light. “Boy your getting pwned get your damn damps on that damn tempest ffs” came the commander’s voice over the comms. “DAMPS? DAMPS?” he tried to think his way out of the confusion the thought of his impending death had left him in “DAMPS!!!!!!” Almost in slow motion he switches his view to the arazu targets the tempest and drops 3 phased muon disruptors on it. Resetting his orbit he immediately switches back to his raven. “ARMOUR DAMAGE, LOW CAP, SHIELDS GONE”. His combat training kicks in as he looks at his booster “just reloaded!!” Shield reppers still running. “Come on baby i know its 3 mega’s but your fitted for em”. Short breaths as the booster's rep a bit of his shield and stops more armour damage and the now primary mega goes into structure. 10 seconds later it explodes EXULTATION suffuses his being as he realises that he is winning.


(“POINTS!!), I WANT POINTS ON THOSE MEGA’S. BOY YOUR POINTS GO ON THE SECONDARY BUT FIRE ON THE PRIMARY ALSO I WANT YOUR CLOAKER WARP SCRAMING THE TEMPEST” came the shout over the comms. “Yes sir” came the reply his voice no longer filled with apprehension or fear, just adrenalin and the confidence that comes from passing through true fear. Hands flying over the controls of both ships he disrupts the warp drive of the secondary ship fires on the second and switches his view to his arazu. “55km off the target 43km scram range”. The primary mega falls to the firepower of 13T2 heavy drones and the firepower from a raven and the ion blasters from a cousin in design if not in intention. In the wake of the explosion the tempest seems to elongate and disappear as it goes into warp. “BOY!?” comes a query over the comms channel. “Sorry sir I was just outside scram range”. “Ok let’s finish off this last ship and collect our loot”. The boy watches as the final ship easily folds under the relentless pounding of the 3 combat vessels.


(“HOME”), “leave the cap charges if they take up to much room align for home when you’re full”. The voice was back to its emotionless tone’ almost bringing the high the boy was feeling to a stop as he filled both his cargo holds with valuable modules that only seconds ago were set to kill him. As he was gang warped to the station the enormity of the experience dawned on him. “I’ve fought, I’ve killed”. 6 battleships against 3 and we won.
These were not, as the pilots in the mining corp defence force he had been in called “noobs”. These were 2-3 yr old combat pilots with 0.0 sector experience and a few thousand kills each under their belts. Had there been only 3 battleships and a scout available and these guys jumped into the old low sec mining system he was assigned to protect with 6 battleships the whole corp would have docked until they had gone. But here they were taken out with no losses. Ok not with total ease but how much easier would it have been if he had damped the tempest.
“A bit” he thought. Laughing out loud as he realised that you did live and learn.


“Sir it was amazing I never thought combat could be like that. I have spent the last 2 years guarding miners and running from anything that even looks like a even fight let alone being out numbered”. The commanders reply was quite predictable “ what do you expect from a bunch of care bear roid raiders boy”. “Sir my name is Harold you said id stop being called boy if I survived my first engagement. “ I do seem to remember saying that”. Yes Sir” he replied smiling like the youngster he was. “Ok kid congratulations on your promotion if your alive in a month remind me and I’ll give you another” The commander said smiling for the first time since they had met. He did not argue as it had just dawned on him how much he had to learn about his new career.

The events, tactics and numbers involved were totally accurate including the game age of all players concerned and the victory was one I was particularly proud of.

Although I hope you will forgive me for taking poetic licence with the characters there thoughts and what was actually said and of course thought during the combat.


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Ant on :

How come this is at the top again? iirc i've read it long ago.
no matter, EXCELLENT READ!!!!

Ander on :

Cause he edited it and then I republished when it was removed.

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