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a new begining pt2 (amatter of discapline)

A new beginning pt2


Harold remembered the day he finished reading his newest skill books on electronic warfare and walked to the corp hangars to look at the ship his commander had told him to fit. The technical specs on the electronic counter measure units and tracking disruptors was daunting but his commander had insisted Harold should learn them to a reasonable level. Harold knew better than to argue, this commander had led some of the most daring raids and overseen some of the largest fleet operations in the alliance.

Not only that but even now the leaders of a coalition of many huge alliances had pulled this amazingly experienced commander into a secure channel to ask his advise on how to combat an enemy with almost 4 times there numbers and five times the resources. “I hope they don’t faf about and waste his time,” thought Harold who had flown with him for nearly 6 months now and was more than familiar with his commander’s lack of patience when it came down to leadership decisions.

The man on more than one occasion had taken command of the entire alliances fleet if the original FC had been disabled, destroyed or simply felt out of his depth with a battle. His voice was as well known as his temper when it came down to combat and although almost all of the leaders of the alliances member corporations had at one time or another been involved in heated arguments with this man, there was not one of them or many other ordinary pilots who did not owe there lives and a huge number of saved ships to his skill, courage and daring when it came to combat.

“It’s a bit thin sir” Harold replied to his commander’s question about his newest ship. A black bird, a ship solely designed for electronic warfare and not to take or really dish out damage. “Its not for tanking a dread Harold its designed for reducing a hostile fleets ability to cause damage giving a smaller fleet the ability to destroy a larger force or at least not take losses”. “You’re a member of the alliances wolf pack now remember,” said his commander.

The “WOLF PACK” an elite group of pilots personally selected by the commander to fly into hostile areas and kill anything and anybody who they can find. Their record spoke for its self, with some times as few as 3 ships they would gladly jump into hostile systems with over 20 or more potential targets, hunt them down and destroy as many as possible. It was a high stress job that few were ever invited to join and Harold was shocked when his commander asked him to join them over pilots with vastly more skills than he had. “You’ve got nothing to unlearn lad” was the reply he got when he questioned his invitation”. Unsure what his commander meant Harold just nodded and felt awed to be part of what was fast becoming legend in the alliance. He wondered what his first battle with these guys would be like.

A matter of discipline

40 jumps, 40 jumps from home and over 50 hostile ships in his local scanner. A station that they couldn’t dock in, a heavily armed structure at every moon and a large mobile warp bubble on every gate. “We are so screwed,” thought Harold as he jumped to another safe spot with his fleet of 8 ships all tech 2 or e-war Cruisers. Checking his scanner he sees hostile probes, there scans reaching out to give a location on his small group of ships.

The success of this particular hunt was even now resounding around the alliance forum and communications channels. 88 kills over a 12 hour period by 8 ships an achievement that even the veteran pilots of the alliance were stunned to a hear, these kills put the commanders personal total up to 127 over 3 days. Not that anybody apart from the alliance leader had dared to join the wolf packs channel to congratulate them since an over enthusiastic member had jumped into channel just as they were engaged in a battle with 4 battleships and 5 support. The blistering response from the wolf pack commander to this verbal intrusion into an active combat situation was terrifying and brutally short, and after the battle had been won the FC had demanded that the channel that they were in was password protected to stop another interruption.

“FC” came the call over the comms unit from the alliance leader, who although by far out ranked the commander in the alliance was still an old school pilot and had perfect comms etiquette”. “Go” came the response. “FC I can have a fleet formed in 5 minutes and be with you in under an hour how’s your situation”. The commander reported about the bubbles on gates the fact that interdictors had been seen by their cloaked scout jumping out of both gates in the system and that their was at least 15 ships of mixed types on each gate and of course that they were in the middle of a utterly hostile constellation.

As this was reported Harold’s breathing became more relaxed “There coming” he thought, but the words he heard next almost stopped his heart. “Don’t bother we’ve finished annoying these guys and id say another 20 minutes and they will be primed for our egress”. Laughing with amusement and not a little awe the alliance leader replies “I’ve known you for to long to dispute you FC id like to stay in channel to record this and listen in if that’s ok, good hunting I am now clearing comms. “Copy that” was all the reply he got.

The commander did not bother to tell his squad to prepare as far as he was concerned if they were not ready to follow orders they would not be here in the first place he just began.
The orders came as quick, clear and as without fear as Harold had come to expect from what seemed to him a creature of combat knowledge and focus packed into a skin wrapper. “Scout I want a report on their sniping battleships on both gates I want their ranges from the gates and how the support is arrayed”. Ok the rest of you its going to take time to get our pieces in place so just keep bouncing between safe spots for now” came the order to the rest of the fleet.

The scouts report comes in a good 5 or 10 minutes later “FC there is on the AA gate 2 battleships at sniper range 160km from the gate 4 battle cruisers and 3 hac’s or T1 cruisers on the bubble and 5 interceptors or assault ships on the gate inside the bubble.
“Ok good and the BB gate”. "FC a similar setup but with 1 less battle cruiser and 6 small tacklers and only one sniper at range 160km I have full details if you wish sir”. “Just how many are actually sitting on the gate and ship types please scout”. “FC 5 of the six are on the gate all small tacklers”.

“Ok scout I need you to get me a warp in point on one of the battleships that are on the AA gate I want the point to drop us out behind him towards the BB gate at about 40 km” came the call that sent a thrill of electricity up Harold’s spine. “What is he planning now” Harold thought “its check mate and he is thinking of going on the offensive we just cannot win, I’ve seen to much to know that we just do not have the fire power to beat this many ships we should go for a gate and hope some of us make it”. These thoughts came to Harold without fear or anger towards his commander. He had seen to many victories and to much death to be afraid of it now. These were just the musings of a combat pilot with the experience to understand the odds.

“Sir I have a warp in point on the tempest” came the call. “Ok scout now I want you to book mark it and head to the BB gate I want you to bookmark a spot 200km away from the BB gate is that clear”. “Yes sir” came the immediate but slightly confused response over the comms.

“Ok now listen up under the circumstances and because of the very fact that you are here means I do not consider you a security risk I am on this occasion going to tell you the plan”. “ I am doing this because speed is of the essence and knowing and doing is faster than being told and then doing”.

“We will be jumping on top of the sniper at a range of 40 km and will lock him an fire, we will warp in from behind so his support who warp to him will be at least 40 km away from us” he paused to let this sink in. “As you can see the exit gates in this system are aligned so I want all ships to turn and burn with mwd towards the BB gate as soon as you drop out of warp”. “Scout your job is as usual essential so listen up, as I gang warp us to the sniper position I want you to warp to your 200km spot on the BB gate and report “on the hostiles movement”. “Yes sir” came the reply. “After that I will be giving orders be quick or die is the order of the day people lets get ready”.

Adrenaline rushing through his veins Harold aligns his ship and gets it up to speed. The commander gang warps the entire fleet to the scout who is 40 km off the hostile sniper and gives the command “ok scout warp to the 200km spot of the BB gate NOW!!” Even now the commanders voice is filled with the cold passion that Harold had heard many times before. “I want a report when you drop out of warp on what those ships are doing also align towards the gate and get up to speed ready to warp to it”.

Harold and the rest of the fleet came out of warp at exactly 42km from the tempest as promised and he immediately turns his ship around, locks the tempest, turns on his ECM units and activates his micro warp drive. He could only imagine the orders flying around the hostile fleet as he watches the interceptors and ac’s burn out of the bubble and the slower more deadly battle cruisers and cruisers turn and align towards the tempest in preparation to warp. Over the channel came the report from the scout
“ Sir the tacklers are burning out of the AA bubble and the rest are turning to warp”.
“Copy that scout” came a calm reply followed by “everybody prepare to warp to the AA gate at jump range including you scout”. As the first of the hostile ships came out of warp now a good 55km away from Harold’s ship the commander waits for what seems like an eternity Harold’s heart again pounding as the interceptors get closer and the battle cruisers and other support drop our of warp to close for his comfort. Finally the command is given and Harold’s ship seems to explode into warp as he hits the controls.

The commander’s voice seems to come out of thin air and says “Ok guys set your overview to interdictors and tacklers only and as you hit that bubble I want you all to mwd to the gate and jump on contact. As Harold came out of warp he saw his screen filled with the shimmer of the warp bubble, he immediately hit his mwd and burned towards the gate. Checking his overview he noticed that it was empty of hostiles “They all warped in to kill us” he thought and remembered the commanders words to the alliance leader about annoying the enemy and getting them “primed for our egress”. As the fleet jumps out of the system Harold checks his overview and sees 2 ships within weapon range inside the bubble the interdictor has dropped at that very instant the commander calls for a mwd burn towards the out gate and calls the interdictor primary. Harold felt no sympathy for the 2 pilots as there ships are destroyed in seconds although he and his squad have to burn out of the bubble the interdictor dropped. Even as the FC gang warps them to the gate and orders the scout to burn ahead there was to be no sign of pursuit on Harold’s local scanner. “Probably glad to be rid of us he thought” as he considered the mayhem they had caused in that last and surrounding systems.

“Ok fleet set destination for home scout burn ahead keep sharp for targets of opportunity” came the call after it was ascertained that they were not being followed. “He almost sounds disappointed “ thought Harold and then he considered the buzz he had been feeling and felt ever time he flew with this commander “I never knew combat could be like this just how much is there to learn”. As they neared there home systems the pilots in the local scan window were no longer coloured hostile but the blue of friendly pilots. But even now the commander coldly ignored the greetings in local, and even told those who used the open channel to stop it immediately, even though the systems were empty of any threat, and to use the alliance channel instead considering local chatter “a bad habit to get into”.

Docking in there outpost deep into 0.0 space the FC personally congratulates each member pointing out that if it had been him chasing and camping a system that had any ship left their positions on the gates without orders they would have been popped and sent to a clone vat by him personally. “It’s a matter of discipline” were his final words as he left the channel.

As Harold joined the alliance chat channel in voice comm.’s he was inundated by people congratulating him and speaking to him in voices tinged with awe. As he hits his comms button to try to speak and answer over the clamour of questions about who he is and where he was from, the normally chaotic channel goes deathly silent as the all in it await for their fledgling hero to speak. “Well he says id just finished 2 years of guard duty with a mining corp………………….


I did take once again a bit of artistic licence with the thoughts of the members involved and obviously used flowery language to describe events and the personalities of those involved.

But as far as my tactics for escaping the hostile system and the amount of kills we got that day, both are factual.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Jark on :

Wow, holy crap man. That's just incredible.

Anonymous on :

i hope you enjoyed pt1 as well

Kha0s on :

By far one of the best stories I've read on here in quite some time. Very exciting and perfectly written. I wish I could have been with your Wolf Pack on that occasion :-P

Keep it up. I hope to see some more writing of this calibre in the future.

Griffen on :

Great story and sounds like helluva fun time :-)

gabriel on :

great story and wonderful way to turn the tables on a seemingly bad situation and still have time to rub the hostiles faces in it

great tactics by the FC
and hes right its such a terrible habit to start talking in local

really well writen and just the right balance of action and coniving by the fc

Tarminic on :

Excellent story - kudos to the fleet commander for being able to think on his feet and get his squad out of a sticky situation. More stories like this would rock!
But please spell check them in advance ;-)

Thzlou on :

Nice story idd =)

Marvy on :

Whos the FC? what alliance? man thats a fantastatic diversion strategy. Kudo to the FC guy =)

marakor on :

To marvy

Its always nice to get ones ego stroked now and again so thanks for that.

I will say though the story above is a basic escape and evasion technique ive used for years in eve and only realy works if your lucky or fighting a corp/alliance without a experianced FC of their own. Thats why i always send the scout to the outgate to see if the hostiles will take the bait. If they do fall for it we all jump to a safe spot and go to plan B. Before you ask im not tellin :-).

Unfortunatly although i normaly prefer to command my alliance or the coalitions fleets from a cloaking ship i am still unwilling to reveal my mains name or his alliance due to security reasons while leading the wolf pack, smaller ops or those im not FCing.(i hate it when i get called primary).

Please do not consider this a reflection on yourself but as a security measure needed as we are almost continualy in one conflict or another.

Marvy on :

hehe yeah thats understandable, in fleet engagement a known FC will most likely be primaried.

share us more of your great stories in the frontline :-)

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