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A new beginning pt3 (A more perfect ending)

A new beginning pt3

As he drifted off to sleep in his bunk inside the relatively safe outpost in the 0.0 system a familiar dream nudged at the edge of his consciousness. Twelve months, had it really been twelve months since they had moved out of the system zz-? It did not seem so to Harold, he remembered the exhaustion like it was yesterday. The constant fighting against a foe that had virtually unlimited resources and manpower.

It had started with those six ships; they were the vanguard for a fleet the size of witch still haunted his dreams. His then small sized alliance had fought of course, oh god how they had fought. Outnumbered in systems sometimes 10 or 20 to 1 even the enemies had sent out messages of respect even awe at the courage, ingenuity and skill of the pilots they faced. Even so it was not enough, the hostiles had come into his home systems with those 6 battleships confident that they could win against a force half its size. They were mistaken, in a hail of fire the ships that had been sent to test the skill of his alliance had been destroyed with consummate ease. But doing so had created a wave of fear in a region far from any allies. So far that only once had they managed to convince an old ally to aid them. Their ally had brought only one ship, if that is what it could be called.


Named after the beings that had come before the old Greek gods these mythical beings had supposedly lived in a time when their might had been unchallenged. It was a fitting name for such an awesome creation of destruction, a monster greater than any he had been told of as a youth. A monstrous child born from a mind that could only have had a single goal, ultimate domination.

As Harold drifted off to sleep the memory of that night came forth and as it always did....

A more perfect ending.

Two months of fighting, two months of maybe two hours of troubled sleep a day and it all came down to this. The newly formed alliance had fought like their name implied. Their pilots perhaps the most skilled he had ever known had fought against odds, that if Harold was honest, terrified him. And it all came down to this, a P O S a heavily defended, heavily armed safe spot in space near a moon had to be defended tonight or the alliance that had fought so very courageously would most likely fall.

The P O S had been put into what the fleet commanders had called “reinforced”. A state that occurs when it suffers considerable damage to its armour. To do this had cost the hostile forces enormously, no less than five dreadnoughts had been destroyed, and two carriers and so many battleships and other smaller types that Harold could hardly begin to calculate. And all this by an alliance with only one dread a few carriers and only one fifteenth the number of pilots. But still it had not been enough to even slow the onslaught from a coalition of more hostile corporations and alliances than he even bothered to count anymore.

The days in zz- were a pleasing diversion compared to the nights. Harold was a member of the wolf pack an elite group of pilots put together by his original commander. A fleet commander that had started at the lowest level in the alliance and learned earned and fought his way to be a respected leader. There were many like him now, including Harold. That had been honed and tempered by the constant combat they found themselves embroiled in.

Flying heavy assault cruisers, e-war, command ships and other fast moving top of the line and hi-tech fitted combat ships the wolf pack was the terror of the surrounding systems during the day. As their name implied they hunted in packs using stealth and guile to destroy much larger ships and then disappear. Harold had heard that on earth in the past the warriors took the ears of killed enemies and wore them on necklaces. This would have shocked him once but now he understood what it was like to look death in the face. To want the person who killed you to know that even as you die not small amount of his comrades have gone before you, by your hand. Most people would call this spite, after a moment’s thought Harold shrugged and agreed. He doubted the hostile forces enjoyed the wolf packs forays into the surrounding systems, there kill to loss ratio was outstanding, he calculated it at nearly 50 billion isk worth of kills compared to less than half a billion for the pack. And the modules looted from the burning ships the wolf pack left in its wake paid for even these losses, even made a profit. But if days were a pleasant dream around zz-, the night was a nightmare.

And now it was night, the night that in 1 hour the P O S would come out of reinforced and will be vulnerable. Allowing the enemy to destroy it and put up there own P O S would give them a safe point of space to stage their operations in a system that previously was wholly hostile to them. Now sitting in a battleship purely setup for long-range sniping fire Harold felt none of the nerves that had once plagued him and made him hesitant. The gate into the system had been “warp bubbled”, a huge mobile unit designed to prevent ships from warping out. They would have to “slow boat” out of the bubble before they could engage their warp drives. Yes they could still shoot and would most definitely outnumber the 40 battleships that had been put together by the alliance members. But Harold doubted or hoped (he was not sure which) that most of the hostile fleet was not setup to an optimum range of over two hundred kilometres. The order came over the comms to align and get up to speed towards the jump gate “there here” he thinks as his hands drift over the controls of his ship activating sensor boosters and tracking computers. The numbers in local begins to climb as hostile ships jump into the system. As the fleet reports all ready the commander uses his gang warp function to warp the entire fleet to a sniping spot over two hundred kilometres from the gate and into chaos.

With forty ships all focusing their fire as the fleet commander calls primary targets secondary and tertiary the targets are dead in seconds. His hands a blur following the instructions of the FC aligning back targeting ship after ship 2,4,8 ships down the call comes and he is in warp again to a safe spot still following orders from the FC that gang warped all 40 ships out. He comes out of warp realigns to the gate and sends his order confirmation signal as soon as he is up to speed. Boom in warp again back into the fray at a new snipe spot battleships are primary targets and even they fold easily to the combined might of the fatal fleet. Many times more the sequence repeats fire, turn, realign, warp, fire, turn, realign, warp over and over until it becomes by rote. A few losses on our side but the hostiles keep jumping more ships in, how many? 100, 200, 300 they are finding there range now and we cannot afford to take the losses. FC warps everybody to a fully charged P O S congratulates all on a good job a tells us to stand down for a while because its still 45 minutes until the P O S comes out. “Oh god” only fifteen minutes of fighting but it felt like hours, feeling mentally exhausted Harold stares at his control panel with dull emotionless eyes and thinks of nothing.

Another shout goes out from the wolf pack commander for a fast moving snipe squad that can harass the hostiles that are now camping the outpost where the alliances pilots clones are held in storage. “If we lose our ship and get killed in our escape pod the fight is over for the night we would not survive one second undocking into two hundred plus ships” thinks Harold. The FC reminds them of that and that to lose a ship and pod now is to lose a pilot from the fleet. He calls for ships that can hit at two hundred and twenty to two hundred and forty kilometres, which is almost the absolute max for any battleship in the galaxy. Twenty two volunteer including Harold and repeat the same format that they used on the gate only now they pop 1 ship and warp 1 ship and warp over and over. A man once said war is long bouts of tedium followed by moments of intense chaos it seems this commander had discovered a way to combine both. After almost 45 minutes of this repetitive slaying and running the hostiles must be fuming, no losses again for the alliance but the losses on the enemies side are mounting and it can be seen they are getting frustrated with the hit and run tactics. It is after all almost a 40 jump round trip to fetch another battleship Harold smiles to himself.

60 seconds 59 58.. The P O S is coming out and will be attacked by the hostiles dreads thirty of them thirty dreadnoughts enough to take out 5 P O S let alone just one. Range of guns set to 150km for higher damage, targeting over view set to dreadnoughts and I am ready, thinks Harold. Silence the P O S has been out for nearly 2 minutes the advanced scout have reported that the dreads have started firing and are taking it down. All this is reported to the FC more than once and he responds with silence. I check to see if his comms are down but there fine. One pilot asks the FC if he is ok, he responds that he is fine. “Trust” an indefinable thing that cannot be measured is now fully defined in the silence that comes over the comms unit. We all want to know why we are not attacking the dreads but our trust in these FC’S over the last few weeks has been earned a thousand times and more, Harold muses. Harold feels and can tell many others in the fleet find confidence in the silence, to many times have they seen almost insurmountable odds beaten by these dedicated and highly experienced fleet officers. “They have a plan I know it,” he thinks to himself.

The call comes in that the P O S is nearly destroyed and the FC calls for all battleships to align and get to speed. The P O S falls to the might of the incessant pounding of the dreadnoughts capital weapons and the fleet of battleship pilots warp into position and focus fire on the primary dread. A small support fleet stands by to web and warp scramble this behemoth as soon as he is susceptible to electronic warfare. A sudden flash heralds the warp in of the hostile fleet. Even with dreads only on his overview Harold can almost feel their animosity as over 200 hostile ships appear on his view screen. The fleet is enormous over 200 of them from electronic warfare ships to battleships and small fast moving frigates. All arrayed against the 40 battleships and 20-support fleet of his small alliance.

Suddenly he is in warp away and free from the grasping warp scramblers of the hostile fleet free from the rail guns and particle blasters “but free to what?” How can they even begin to fight such an over whelming force. “It must be over” he thinks. He hears the call over the comms that he never expected to hear. A single word that he considers will bring about his ultimate fate that word is “align”. With a loyalty that went beyond bravery the 60-man fleet prepared to throw themselves into the fray. Not one of them hesitated and not a one turned away and left the fleet although they were given the option. As one and for one they aligned for the now hostile filled space where once there was a heavily armed P O S. They all enter warp together. Harold comes out of warp feeling the euphoria that only comes from a man's acceptance of death and the knowledge that he will sell his life dearly.


Shock the only way to describe how he is feeling is shock. As he looks at the view screen in his ship. The area where the P O S was is now filled with ship wrecks all of them hostile and all of them burning. The dreads are still there though and almost in a daze he locks and targets the one that is called primary. He hears a gasp over the comms that comes from an amarr pilot he flies with in the wolf pack. The pilot mumbles over the comms something about moon four and continues on about something that sounds like a prayer to Harold.
Confused Harold switches his scanner to narrow view and aligns it to the moon. “Impossible” he thinks, “Nothing can be that big”. But his scan confirms it on his scan is a ship that dwarfs even the huge dreadnoughts. A titan, “avatar class”, a monster from the abyss would be a less rare sight. With one shot from its doomsday device the terrifying machine of destruction had destroyed all the ships in range that were battleships sized or smaller. As the titan jumps out of system Harold takes one last look at the size of it “awesome” he thinks.

What remains of the hostile support fleet warps in and is easily destroyed by the alliance fleet, a dread also fails to jump out and is ravaged by the now exultant fleet. The fight is brief and violent but with the numbers now almost even the superior tactics of the home fleet commanders comes through. Victory, Harold could hardly believe it, the loot from all the wrecks will be awesome, he thinks, hi tech modules that could be used or sold plus the amount of salvage from them would build quite a few rigs. And of course the fact that with these sorts of losses the enemy would not be back for a while, so he could finally get some sleep.

As sleep finally came to him in the new station he thought of how two weeks later his alliance had pulled out of zz-. The huge coalition of alliances had actually paid a massive sum to his alliance for the outpost and had demanded that part for none of his alliances pilots were to come into the area for three months. The Wolf pack FC had actually roared with laughter at this payment and provision, the first time Harold had heard him laugh at all. “If your going to lose a war Harold i doubt you will find a more perfect ending,” he said between gales of laughter”.


Although the characters and there thoughts are fictional the battle actually took place as described.


Id like to thank the people who sent me mails about the first two stories I wrote and I apologise for not writing a more exiting story as they asked in the mails they sent me.

The team work, dedication, ingenuity and skill shown by the comparatively few pilots in holding on for so long before losing the war and that system towers by far above any victory I have led or been part of previously or since in my 4-5 years in eve. And I wanted it to be at least in part included in Harold’s journey through the eve universe.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Sorom on :

that was pretty damn exciting.

Tarminic on :

Awesome story, it's things like this that make EVE great. Even a carebear like myself can appreciate that.
By the way, is that the battle where LV revealed their titan? That sounds alot like how things went.

Griffen on :

Awesome story, just Awesome...

marakor on :

To answer ppls questions about where this took place it is not where LV revealed their titan although chowdown was the titan pilot in the story.

barvo on :

Good stories, they got better as the trilogy went on.

MOAR of this, pls :-)

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