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Heavly outnumbered but still up for a fight!

I posted this story on EVE-O, but everyone there is just bitter and smacks. Since I've seen a lot of quality writting here I figured I'd join in too.

Lately my corp has been involved in wars with three carebear corps which are friends, or became friends after we war dec'd and forced them to work together towards us.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
It's been going good with kills here and there without any losses except one AF popped. Another corp, unrelated to the other three war dec'd us because.. I'm not totaly sure but I think it involved an argument I had with some of their members in local, it got a bit messy. These guys are something else and fields command ships and other hard hitting crafts.

Their CEO is..interesting, the first day of the war he threatned to bring two alliances, 250 guys against us. He also like to play other mind games on me. Well, we havent seen anything of these alliances yet.

Last night we found out they were ganging up to make righteous toast of us. Fair enough, but we are outnumbered both in ship numbers and tech. But not smarts.

I find them gathered outside a station. I'm in a AF and is overconfident as usual, it didnt kill me this time though. I call in another mate in a Wolf and we start bugging around the station, they lock, we dock. We keep this going, if my memory serves me right, at that time there were a Stabber, a Brutix and a Claymore present with bloodlust foaming around their mouthes.

Meanwhile a corp mate was sneaking up in a sniper BS and tell us to keep bugging them with our undock, tease and dock tactic. Sure enough, they stick around trying to get their scramblers online and pierce my small hull with bullets. But their effort is not rewarded. I undock one last time right when the sniper BS warps into postiton. They dont seem to be noticing him because they are busy getting aggressed to me. Hehe. The Stabber explodes in the first, hard hitting volley and I MWD over to the Brutix which is throwing everything he got on me, I'm taking a bit of damage and cant stick around for long. Luckely they dont have any anti-frig weapons to insta-pop any of us. I scramble the Brutix so he cant get away while the sniper BS is raping his shield and start bending his armor. Ok, so far so good. But I have to warp out or I'll meet the same destiny as the Stabber.

..a moment flickers and, what is this I'm actualy not warp scrambled. Wooho, I'm out! The Wolf follows right after. The Brutix could warp out if he wanted at this time, but we had another trick up our sleave to transform his mighty ship into a wreck, I have an alt. Which is in a close ranged Myrmidon already warping to my Jaguars last position, 2 km from the Brutix. It more or less ends there, I scram, web and help blast the tough BC to pieces. Some other ships arrived at the scene, I dont recall what kind but it was more then we could handle. My team mates are screaming in our chat channel to GTFO of there, I tell them to chill and tanks our enemies conjoined dps for the 30 seconds its required for me to dock again.

We all are intact and bail in different directions and celebrates our victory. A good nights work, we are happy, cheering with spirits, popping out cigars..

Then a mercenary corp war dec's us..

To be continued.

Cleared for publication by: Ander


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Sander Anrechk on :

'Then a mercenary corp war dec's us..'
"And everything was going so well." seems to apply here.

Interesting read. My corp should try baiting the three corps we've got dec'ed to maybe get a fight out of them.

A little bit of critique now. While the action in the story is, of course, documented, a little bit of additional detail might be more nessessary. Things like SS's, killmails and suchlike add a good deal of understanding and credibility to the story posted.

That aside, nice post, overconfidence is always fun, and carebear CEOs tend to bullshit about alliances. Read a few other stories, Nexa Necis' for instance. You'll get the picture.

Talman on :

'Things like SS's, killmails and suchlike add a good deal of understanding and credibility to the story posted.'

While those would document the story more, they would also distract from the actual story, no?

Why spoil a nice tale with cold hard facts? Leave some room for embelishment and imagination.

I enjoyed the story. It gives a little more info on the situation, the plays that lead up to the kill, and the communication and teamplay that's behind it.

Seeing as I'll soon be on the receiving end of one such beatings, it helps to understand the motives and reasonings behind your opponents. This story says more than what an actual killmail would.

Firkragg on :

Yeh its always funny reading about CEOs who claim they have all these strings they can pull.

Avaricha Halo on :

(Comment removed)

Anonymous on :

I think he ment the CEO of the corp that decced you. (The one who said he could get a couple of alliances against you.

nano on :

See? All pirates are really doing is trying to find the carebears more friends! People make us out to be monsters, but really it's like a dating service!

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