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Corporation Management

Hi, a few days ago I received a chat convo from a player named Zepticon. He was not blessed with the advantage of English as a first language and was having trouble recruiting newer players. But, not only that his corp's bio left a lot to be desired.

‘We are recruiting…
Miner, mission, ratting...
I pay 1.2m ISK if you join.’

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Not good. I have had a few run-ins with this man, he was not very nice, but I just assumed he was merely misunderstanding the situation. I feel sorry for him. I remember back to when we started Tough Luck. Me and steph flew around in rifters flipping cans, I didn’t even have a warp scram for goodness sake.
We created the corp to have fun and show newer members that mining is not the only route for new guys. Well sometimes CEO’s need help. Heck I even had to ask a few times for help when I started on the trivial things. So zepticon, this blog is for you, and for anyone else who wants help or another viewpoint on corp management.
Lets look at the corporation. The corporation is there to give a group of individuals the means to band together, pool resources and share information towards a common goal. Basically there are four parts, Band, pool, share and goals. Yes that last sentence was grammatically dodgy, as this one is it seems, but the point is valid.

We use this in the meaning, we band together. The whole point of you coming together (I assume you are about to start a corp at the moment) is because you get along with each other and enjoy doing the same things. This is the most important at the start of your corp, if you don’t get along with your corpies you will fail. You need at least 2 members to start your corp in my opinion.

Pool your resources, those guns you just looted from that mission? Do you really need them? Chuck them in the corp hanger for others to use. At the start of your corporation you won’t have much corp assets, So chat with your members, ask that if they collect loot they do not need, put it in the corp hanger for someone else who might need it.

I believe this is different to pooling. In the pooling you’re usually throwing out stuff you don’t want. With sharing you’re trusting someone else with equipment, ships or even money that you do want. Do not open your assets to anyone that asks for it, but do not be totally stingy with your cash either. Giving that newer guy a bit of equipment to get his cruiser up and running may not mean much to you in the long term, but to him it will mean a lot, and ‘buy’ some loyalty.

This is last, but not least, as the saying goes. Goals are important to any corp, just grinding away at missions is rather pointless if you have no incentive for it. It’s also highly de-moralising. Avoid this if possible. But setting up long term goals is not your immediate concern. The short term is where it’s at, and it’s also the most relevant as a newer corp. ‘Our goal is to establish ourselves in 0.0 space.’ I see that a million times, it’s boring and no-one is really that impressed by it. Maybe that is your long term goal, but unless it is on your immediate horizon, leave it out for now. How about, ‘exploring 0.0 for future endeavours,’ now that little sentence will raise an eyebrow. Exploring? That’s where the adventure is at. No need to be 0.0 self sufficient, no need to have a capital fleet. Have a little operation every now and again where a bunch of you in say a cruiser gang, head out to 0.0 and spend a few hours roaming around, ratting, PVP or doing exploration. Now that will pull in the numbers. Humour is a good thing to put in your bio, but be careful with this, it’s hard to convey tone through text only so try and use a common interest that most people will recognise.

‘Can you speak up, I’m wearing a towel’ - Homer Simpson

This is a favourite, it’s one of those things that bring's a smile to your face when you hear it, then you smile a few minutes later as you remember the episode it came from. Now that makes your corp sound a little playful, that will attract people as you happen to be playing a video game where people are looking for fun. Put something different, something new in your corp bio. Another note, if you don’t plan on being war dec’d or are purely mining and manufacturing. Don’t put ‘Mining, missioning, manufacturing and PVP’ in your bio, other war corps will pick up on it and it gives them another reason to war dec you.

As CEO I feel the need to look after my members and show them the way. If I don’t want them smack talking in local, I will not do it. If I don’t want them pvp’ing I will not do it. Lead by example. Set the tone you want for your corp. Think of them first, you second. The CEO shouldn’t be the one benefiting from your corp whilst the others suffer at your harsh ways. If I’m about to enter the fight you can guarantee I’ll be the first into the fray, I will be the one who try’s to keep my buddies alive, I will be the one who loses his ship as the others survive. Inspire your followers. Lead them to glory. If you’re demoralised, sulky, grumpy and not willing to do anything. What do you expect your members to do? Carry on with the corp? No, they’ll leave. I found this out the hard way and have lost a few good friends. I hope they return, but I wish them all the best in their future. There will always be a place for them in my corp. But neglect your duties and you lose respect. When I enter a fight I expect my corpmates to follow me in, if they do not trust you and respect you, you’re going in on your own.


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Aertaka on :

Well-Said, mate. :-)

B on :

Um, is this even remotely about piracy?

Equium Duo on :

Well not directly, but it was written by me, a CEO of a pirate corp. You solo guys may not find this relevant but hopefully some people will.

Ant on :

This was EXCELLENT read. It should be stickied somewhere.
Fly safe

flashfresh on :

A good read and well-written by you E.D. I see a fair few one-man pirate / small-member pirate corps popping up. This should help immensely.


Equium Duo on :

I think this may be the first bit of literature written by me thats been described as 'well written.' Thank you. Feel free to suggest places for me to post this and/or post it yourself but please include a link to the original article posted here. EQ

Cay Qel'Droma on :

GREAT read, E.D.
I love to read articles with purpose, like this one :-)
Fly safe

jimbozor on :

Cheers has been helpful - just started pirating and ceo'ing at the same time. Dont know a lot about being a pirate, and even less about a ceo! So every little bit of knowledge helps.



attila on :

i find communication is key: inform your corpies (as you said) about the corps goals, what you're about, your intentions with your personal time in space as well as your intentions with the corp. also what you expect from your corpies. i also find trusting your corpies increase their trust for you (tread softly though, there are always someone out to scam you :-P). oh yeah, be present! nothing drains the will of a corp quicker than lack of present leadership. if youre going away, tell 'em and make sure they will make do without you.

... and a bunch of other stuff.
you could probably extend your text but it gots the most fundamental basics allright.

Equium Duo on :

I wrote this some time ago, before trinity and i've learnt much since then. I might extend it one day, revise a few things and re-publish but atm i'll leave it at this, a few people say it helped them so i'm happy!

Zepticon on :

well i am supriced i didnt know this

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