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Word Games

Oresbain switched on the small astro-mapping terminal. His mission was important and he wanted to be sure his chosen route was accurate. Many pirates before him had lost valuable time and money because of bad navigation. The destination was some run of the mill Concord patrolled system called Halaima. However, the prize was anything but normal. An entire industrial fleet operating at a belt during the sanctioned corporate war his colleagues had so generously arranged not three days before. Latest intra-corporate comms had indicated as many as four Hulk class miners being supported by an Orca command ship.

He phased out the map by flipping the H.U.D. back online. The Ishtar Class HAC creaked and shook as its engines fired up and Oresbain entered the jump sequences. Frozen Miner had been with him a long time; often the only ship within multiple jumps of travel. He had been forced to make special adjustments this time and as a result her maneuvering was a bit more sluggish than his regular standard nano-enhanced setup.

Light and matter compounded in an explosion of transmitted velocity as the gate in Halaima received Frozen Miner from warp. Oresbain double check the local comm registry and set course for the Ninth planet's asteroid belt. His adrenaline surged when he came across their names still in the registry--the intel was still accurate! Bright blue afterburners kicked him back into his seat for the short system warp to the belt.

In the black of Halaima IX, shadows were being extinguished by the orange red glow of Ore industries strip mining lasers. A group of Ore's finest Hulk class mining vessels sat clustered around their command ship and mobile hangar. They sat motionless and proud; a space stonehenge in dedication to efficiency in industry.

Warp shed from his hull, he watched the targeting assist terminal tucked into the corner of his H.U.D. One red target was designated, then two, three, four; an industrial command ship sitting directly in the heart of the fleet! He kicked on the afterburner module to close the 12km between his ship and they prey. Targeting reticules sprang to life as his on board computer bracketed the slow-responding vessels. Frozen Miner slammed into the grouping of Hulks. Industrialist shields collided with assault ship armor and the resulting concussion countered emergency alignment thrusters. At the same moment, the Ishtar spewed Ogre II class combat drones into the already massed confusion of tritanium and energy. Mere moments passed before the first star explosion lit the night with fire and debris. The remaining Hulks continued to align as one managed to enter warp confusion. Oresbain cursed and continued to pulse his warp disruption computer at the remaining ships. Another starburst as his Ogres moved their angry teeth on to the final Hulk and his Ishtar spit hot antimatter plasma at the industrial command ship.

The final Hulk ignited in a flash of dust at nearly the moment Oresbain's comms flashed.

"Please, stop."

Oresbain let the Ogres chew away some of the Orca's remaining armor. "Would I do that? You're mining during a war'll get exactly what's coming."

"You're right. Just stop. We're just trying to mine in peace. We didn't want this war. Lets work something out!"

"Haha, ok, how about some isk? Two hundred million should do the trick," he laughed as he keyed up his account in the computer and waited for an indication of a deposit. Moments later his grin grew and his eyes sparkled when the 200 million joined his original balance. "Thanks. Now, did ya wanna work something out or not?"

"You son of a bitch."

Hand of God

-By Nojha Herrit, Journalist for Herald of EVE

All across the Heimatar region, a story has been passed down for years. It can be occasionally heard at a bar between friends or used to scare fresh pilots from the academy. I can even remember hearing it from my uncle as a kid, who added absurd details to frighten me. There have been many that question it and others who swear on its authenticity. No matter what you believe, though, you can’t escape the haunt that the story brings. For when you find yourself flying through quiet space, you will sometimes feel the tingle of your spine and the tremble of your hand.
This is the story that echoes across the cosmos...

In Illinfrik, there is said to be a mysterious ship with an even more mysterious pilot. Pilots have supposedly been killed in situations that border on fantasy, and those who are lucky enough to have clones describe the bizarre ordeal when they awaken.
One man said that he was attacked mid-warp when a ship that he had never seen before entered the warp tunnel right behind him and killed his battleship and his pod with a single shot. He claims that the ship was unlike anything he had seen before. He says that it changed shape and color and fired a weapon too small and powerful to even exist.
Another man claims to have been attacked from over 1000 KM away. According to him, the ship suddenly appeared on his local overview, but thought nothing of it until his warp drive malfunctioned and his ship was cut in half by some unknown energy beam.
But perhaps the strangest report is from Jouc Liage, a former cargo ship operator. I had to fly planet-side to get an interview with him, and he was reluctant to tell me his story. After a modest bribe, however, he cleared his throat and told me to take a seat. “I was flying my Fenrir, which was loaded with over 400 million ISK worth of cargo, and I was escorted by a dozen battlecruisers.” He seemed nervous as he tells his story, and kept his gaze fixed on something behind my head. “We were in mid-warp, with no indication of trouble.” He says. “Then we all suddenly drop out of warp, halfway to our destination. All the pilots were scrambling to figure out what happened, when a strange ship just appeared about 3 km in front of me. It was about the size of a cruiser, had no windows, and shone dark purple in the sunlight. But the strangest part was the hull; it bended and shifted and snaked constantly, like a psychedelic sculpture. My Security team could not target it, and my scanner was going insane. The readings fluctuated from 10 kg to over 700,000,000 kg several times a second, combat drones flew away from it, and my computer thought that it was a crate of turkey.” Jouc leaned forward and looked and the ground. “I received a message on my comm. Unit, but it an unintelligible string of letters and numbers. I responded, saying ‘We don’t mean no harm, just tell us what you want.’ But as soon as I sent it, all of my escort ships started shooting each other! Not only that, the ship hit me with a single blast and my entire ship was vaporized!” He lit up a cigarette. “It was the freakiest shit I had ever seen. I couldn’t even imagine it in my nightmares. When my clone awoke, the doctors said I was screaming violently, and I had to be restrained”. Jouc declined any further questions from my interview. Since the incident, Jouc got a job as a waiter and has not left his home planet.
The only thing that is known about this mysterious being is that it has never been seen at a stargate or station, only attacks targets bigger than itself, and supposedly will not attack a ship if an Amarrian is onboard. Even the elusive Jovian nation has denied the existence of such a ship, and nobody is sure if there is only the one or if there are others like it. Reports of the ship only occur in Illinfrik, and there haven’t been any sighting or attacks in the last 6 years. The safety of pilots in the system is not guaranteed, though. The entity may decide, for whatever reasons, to terrorize New Eden once more...

Lesson Learned

I am a pirate and I am the most ruthless kind. A true pirate through and through. I only care about getting a lot of good kills, loot, and ransom by any means. I play eve to blow stuff up. I don’t care about people’s feelings and I’m not bound by some higher moral code in this video game. My loyalty is to my friends, my corp, and my alliance and no one else. I think role players and carebears are generally weak and pathetic and most pirates agree with me. I think these mislead kinds of mentalities are something to be ashamed of, where as they would probably feel the same about pirating.

I’ve been in one of the most ruthless pirate corporations and alliances in eve and I have come to tell of one of the most hilarious pirating stories I can remember, because everyone loves a good laugh.
Our whole alliance existed in one low sec system that bordered a busy high sec area. Anything that came into the system that wasn’t blue died and most residents of the area steered clear of the system.

This fine evening I was waiting at a perch in my Megathron with some mates and ready to pounce on anything that came to the gate. Randomly, I got a convo from a neutral in system I had never met. Some pilots had been trying to locate him for about 15 minutes but he was nowhere to be found. I am not sure why he convoed me out of everyone in system… but I prefer to think it was fate.
Me - “How can I help you?”
Him -”I need some help”
Me - “Sure man, what can I do for you”
Him - “Well I am having trouble with this mission and I could really use some help. These ships are really kicking my butt.”
I’m thinking this guy can’t be serious. He comes into our system, a low sec system known for its pirate presence, to run a mission and then convo’s someone with a negative 8 security status to get help with it? I’m thinking this has to be Christmas.
Me - “Well what level mission is it and what are you flying so I know what to bring. Should I be tanked for sansha or guristas?”
Him - “It’s a level 4 and I’m in my raven. Its just my regular tank. I don’t know what you mean.”
Me - “Hold on a minute, let me grab my ship.”

He actually told me what he was flying and I confirmed it by d-scan. All the intel I could ever hope for. I get on voice coms and I tell everyone in system whats going on. We all meet at the perch and I tell everyone to hold and not say anything in local. After all, we were hoping it was a trap.

Me - “Well I’m ready. Why don’t you join our fleet so I can warp to you.”
Him - “Join your fleet? Ok sure”
HAHAHA! He actually joined the fleet with my entire alliance in it! We all warped to the mission gate and warped into the mission grid at the same time. He was 50k from the warp in point and he freaked out when he saw all the ships we brought and immediately warped off. Aww, crap. I tell everyone to start shooting the rats and stay at the warp in.
Me - “Where did you go? We all came in to help you with your mission? Come back dude we need your help with this. We are taking a lot of damage and some of us have to warp out.”
Him - “Sorry, I saw a bunch of flashy red guys and I ran. I’ll come back.”
Me - “Hurry up we need your help.”
Him – “I’m coming.”

I told everyone in voice coms he was coming back and they kept pretending to help with the mission. He warped back in. He was immediately tackled and my alliance opened fire. I shouted in local “Hey guys what are you doing?” (pause) “No don’t shoot him he is the friendly we are helping! Shoot the rats not him!” Meanwhile we are all laughing so hard in voice coms we can barely breathe. Tears streaming down my face I am laughing so hard. His ship pops fast under the hail storm of dps and he warps out of system in his pod. The walk of shame.

Him - “What the hell man?? You blew me up?”
Me - “Im so sorry dude it was a mistake. I didn’t shoot you at all, check your killmail. They thought you were neutral and panicked. Bunch of morons. I told them not to shoot you. I can’t believe I asked them to help. They killed most of the ships in this mission for you though. I can help you finish your mission if you want. I won’t ask for their help this time. I just thought they would get it done faster. Do you have any other ships?”
Him – “Its ok man I understand I guess. Yea I have a brutix I just bought in Dodixie and I need to fit it. Let me go get it.”

Im thinking, he cant be serious can he? Is he really going to go get another ship for us to kill? All my alliance mates let the GCC wear off and they go wait on gate. About 20 minutes pass go by and I hear a roar of laughter in voice coms.

Him – “They blew me up.”
Me – “Huh?”
Him –“They just blew up my brutix when I jumped into system”
Me – “You gotta be kidding me. I told them you were coming and not to shoot you. I am so sorry dude. I should have linked your name and stuff. They just said they didn’t realize it was you. What a bunch of idiots. We have had a lot of ships come through here in the last few minutes and they thought you were with them.”
Him – “I thought you told them not to shoot me.”
Me – “I did I swear! Do you still want to finish this mission? I can’t do it alone.”
Him – “I guess. The only ship I have left is my merlin and I don’t have any money left. Fitting that brutix was all I had”
Me – “That merlin should be enough.”

Sure enough he comes back into system and gets insta-popped on gate by everyone waiting for him, haha. This was back when there were only one size of rig and they were expensive as hell. We found out when we posted the killmail that he had rigged his frigate and it was worth 20-30 million isk, lol!
He finally realized he had been had.

Me – “What did you learn? Never trust a pirate.”

We blew up every last asset he had and he kept coming back again and again. Stupidity is the only constant in the eve universe and my ship is fueled by carebear tears. The odd thing is I didn’t get on any of the killmails because if I had, he wouldn’t have believed I was on his side. It was still some of the most fun I’ve had in the game and one of my finest displays of my talent as a scammer. I did take the time afterward to tell him every stupid mistake he had made and try to make sure he learned his lesson well. I normally don’t do that but I thought after all he had lost, he should walk away with something priceless – how to make sure it never happens again.

I am not with that corp anymore, but I have to admit I will always miss it.

Ratting license – Revoked

    This story is not set within Empire space so it may not find it's place on this website but with my Internet connection not working I find myself with little to do at this time so I thought why not write a story? I guess I'll post it in short intervals of it deciding to work or when it gets fixed...

    Little background – I have spent more than half of my EVE life in 0.0. If you didn't venture there yourselves I can tell you that most of the stories about 0.0 being mostly “blobs” are true. Well, you will find a small gang of 2-3 people here and there but they will usually be a group of people in T2 ships with a very specific setup. Going solo against those will either get you killed or scoring you no kills since they will run and hide if they can't take you. Combine that with a fact my character is a Caldari missile user and you see how my chances of scoring a nice 1v1 kill (or, in lots of cases, even a fight of any kind) is hard. Missing out on highsec or lowsec pirating in my early days has left me itching for such a fight though. All I got up until this point was one close escape from a solo Damnation or people running in fear from my Drake due to it being a popular bait ship. So I turned my attention to only form of 1v1 I can easily find, hunting ninja ratters.

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept, ninja ratters are people usually from small corps or even NPC corps without access to 0.0 who still want a piece of bounties you get from rats in 0.0. Thought of a single BS kill bringing you up to 1.85mil ISK is a tempting one for sure. So they crawl their way into someone else's 0.0 space in a ratting ship, find a quiet system where there's not much traffic and rat away. Of course, anyone entering local means they will warp to a safe and cloak up until whoever is pursuing them just gets bored and moves on. They don't offer a challenge in combat but none the less they are a sort of people who you could do without in your space you bled for to conquer.
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Lions and Lambs

This story unfolds from the perspectives of two different people- a jaded pirate named Schaa and her prey, a desperate pilot named Khis

Schaa sat on the edge of the bed, her forehead resting on her palms. Her breathing came in short and labored bursts as the nightmare she had just woken from echoed in her mind. She fumbled around her pockets and withdrew a pack of cigarettes. Deep breath, the smoke feels good in my lungs. Much better. She glanced up at the mirror in front of her. She looked at the dark circles under her eyes and the wrinkles that crawled over her face. She blew out her smoke and inhaled some more. What’s wrong with me- am I questioning myself? She thought. Am I ashamed of what I have become? Why this guilt after all these years. She gazed deeper into her own reflection. I have survived when countless others had failed. I have amassed fortunes after the rest of my family died in poverty. I have done many bad things, and thrived in a galaxy of greed, despair and opportunity. I am a survivor, and that matters above all. I have killed so that I may live. I am only doing as nature programmed me. She kept staring, but wanted to turn away. Could barely stomach that disappointment when she looked at her reflection. The self-assurance didn’t help much, because all she could see in herself were the things she hated most: desperation and weakness. The years of piracy and killing had taken its toll on Schaa, and now the dead that used to haunt her conscious now haunt her dreams, too. The cigarette glowed as she inhaled more smoke, and by now the cloud had filled her small room. I wonder if other pirates feel this way too... if they do, it doesn’t stop them. Why should it stop me? There is no time in this world for self-pity. She mashed the cig in the ashtray and stood up. No time to mourn the dead. She put on a fresh set of clothes and turned on the air vent fan. No time to feel remorse for the stupid, slow, naive, or unfortunate. She proudly put on her old dog tags, the one thing besides her ship that had any value to her, and took another look in the mirror, This time there was no pity, there was only the face of a killer looking back, the dark eyes of a hunter gazing into your soul. She left her room and began the long walk through the station, back to the hanger. Just another day for a pirate. Just another fortune to be made.

Men in desperation make choices that make or break their life. Lasers seared away Khis’s repair drones. I needed the money, so what did I do? I borrowed from a shady criminal. Stupid, Khis, stupid stupid stupid. He panicked as the warp drive wouldn’t respond and his shield tank was quickly melting away “As soon as Eilyin gets the money, we leave you alone.” Khis heard over the comm., but he doubted the people shooting him would really stop even if he did wire the money over. Now missiles pounded his armor. “Tell your boss that I gave him everything! Tell him I can work for him, my death isn’t necessary!” Khis was screaming into the comm. now, but he doubt it would do any good. He heard a chuckle and a cold-hearted reply. “I’m not your messenger, I’m your killer...” The last of Khis’s armor was blown apart, and now his hull was being blasted. He knew this was the end. This was how he was going to die; an unpaid loan. My life is about to end over a fifteen million ISK, chump change to a criminal like Eiylin. He closed his eyes and bowed his head and prepared for the eternal cold of space, prayed that his crew perish in peace. But instead he was greeted by the most beautiful sound he had ever heard; “Warp drive online”. He looked up at the mercenary ships, and saw that they were under attack! What the HELL? A roaming pirate gang had warped in, seconds from his destruction and engaged his killers- Wide-eyed with disbelief, Khis immediately entered warp towards the nearest stargate and prayed that they wouldn’t catch up. Thank god for those pirates. Let their deaths be swift and peaceful. Khis knew how good these mercs were; he knew the battle wouldn’t last long.

“It’s all I have!” Schaa had heard that one countless times. Even when they’re trapped in a burning ship with a broken tank, they still think they can bluff their way out of destruction. It’s all I have... please, pity doesn’t work with pirates. The measly ransom probably isn’t worth half the cargo, anyway. So Schaa blew the ship out of the sky. No pod, strange, usually they hire capsuleers to pilot these ships. That means lots of dead crew members. But she never worried about those. A lot of them are secretly slaves anyway. The loot revealed nothing special, so it was left to drift in space. Schaa was starting to get restless- hours of waiting in my usual hunting grounds, and all I managed to kill was this worthless ship and a few foolish Gurista recruits- and they practically begged me to kill them with the crap formations they had. Screw Gurista. Real pirates don’t send fresh pilots to do their dirty work. I used make a living killing those wannabes, but there’s no good pay in law enforcement. Schaa fiddled with the dog tags around her neck. Then the militia- now that was a job I should have kept- wiping the galaxy clean of those religious freaks. But they’d never take me back, not with my record. She grinned as she remembered her days as a warrior for the republic. Rewards were shit, and I lost plenty of ships, but nothing else was more satisfying. I wish more of those pious fuckers would come in my system; I love to pop their pretty little ships-
She was getting impatient. If there is one thing a pirate can’t stand, it’s inactivity. Ships aren’t gonna blow themselves up. She thought. That’s my job, so I better start hunting. She began her patrol of the local asteroid belts and stargates, hoping for the usual sucker to forget to check the scanners...

Khis’s hands were clammy as he gripped the controls, while the sweat from his forehead dripped down his nose. He would drop out of warp any second now, and he had no idea if there were reinforcements at the gate. He said a silent prayer, and stopped in front of the warp gate. A quick look revealed no enemies- no, the mercs ambushed me, they wouldn’t need to set a trap here... Khis jumped through the gate the moment the wormhole opened, not caring where it led. Anywhere would be safer than here.
His ship sat in a small asteroid field, with nothing but omber rocks to keep him company. As the camera drone circled his ship, he became more and more awestruck that his ship survived- Shield, 3% and rising. Armor, completely gone, and the cracked hull was leaking debris and plasma into space. It would take hours to fix this damage, and trying to dock in an unknown station in nullsec would be suicide, especially when I would be such an easy target. My rep drones are gone, so it looks like this will take a while... His single armor repair unit activated and nanobots swarmed his ship, all the while he kept his attention on the local overview and prayed his unbelievable luck would stay with him.

“These People are getting to smart” Schaa became angry at her incredible misfortune. Every spot she jumped to was either totally empty or packed with miners and a security squad. I can wait until they separate. But Miners tend to take all day and don’t like to stray from the pack. She didn’t dare jump into neighboring systems, because she would be shot on sight in highsec and all the other systems have bounties on her head. So she stayed in her hunting grounds and didn’t look for new territory. Maybe one of these smaller belts will hold some treasure, she thought. She began to check around the isolated pockets of asteroids, and after she dropped out of warp, she gasped with surprise. A single ship was floating motionless; its hull shot to hell and a repair module running. And it sat less than 10 km away!. This could be bait, but it’s just too easy! She grinned ear to ear at her prize catch, and she locked and scrambled it without hesitation. “You made a mistake coming here. Don’t worry though, you’ll learn your lesson”. She laughed into her comm. unit. Her guns were primed and she waited for a response.
“You made a mistake coming here. Don’t worry though, you’ll learn your lesson”. The words rang in his ears and made his skin crawl. He had narrowly escaped death from his enemies, only to be killed by a stranger. I knew my luck would run short- I knew my situation was just too good to be true. Now I have no second option, no escape, and I will pay for my stupidity. Hoping the pirate was a fool, he began to bargain for his life. “You haven’t killed me yet. Maybe because it would be too easy and you want sport. Or maybe you want a ransom, to which I would be happy to give you all that I have.” What money he had left would do no good to a dead man, so he waited for her response “Transfer it to my account. I’ll decide if you are worth it.” He quickly sent her his entire fortune- 10,280,965 ISK. She chuckled when she saw the amount- His ship wasn’t even worth half that- that offers only one conclusion- He isn’t a capsuleer, so killing his ship would end his life- permanently- no clone, no reawakening to start over again- just space and asteroids for all of time. She often pondered what it would be like to die forever, and she wondered why people who couldn’t afford clones would risk their life in space at all. Still, this man must fear death above all else if he will part with his entire life savings- no inheritance for his family, I suppose. It all disappears so he can live. “Well it’s not enough.” She felt an unexpected pang of guilt. Was that too cruel? “Then kill me. When I say it’s all I have got, I not lying. And it wasn’t even mine, it was borrowed from Eilyin Sicha. I narrowly escaped death by his hands, so death by yours will not scare me”. Khis closed his eyes and thought of his younger brothers and sisters, hoped they never became the kind of scum that would kill a man for the worthless salvage his ship would bring. But the guns still didn’t fire and the comm. channel opened again. “I see that you are Gallentian, and that all of your family fought against the Amarr.” Khis couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did she really research me? Do all pirates do this to their victims? Or maybe she was trying to see if my family had more money...
Schaa continued. “I fought many years ago, and am proud of every one of them I killed.” She held the dirty tags in her hands- ran her fingers over the names of her fallen friends. What is this moment? I am hesitating, holding back- I am becoming WEAK! Be a KILLER, Schaa! Her finger hovered over the trigger, and for the first time in her life, she didn’t want to be a killer. At that moment, 3 ships warped into the belt, and Khis recognized them immediately- the mercs he escaped from earlier.
Oh how luck can turn.

“Thanks for capturing him- I’m surprised you didn’t shoot him on sight, considering your security status.” The merc chuckled and Schaa felt disgusted. “You will be rewarded for your assistance. You can leave now, the rest is up to us.” Schaa signed. This is the biggest mistake of my life... She reopened the comm. channel with Khis. “Eilyin is the scum of this universe. I am about to do something I have never done. I am going to help you escape, because for some reason, I feel that we are not so different.” Schaa couldn’t believe what she was doing “When I release the warp scramble, make a run for the nearest gate and don’t stop until you reach highsec”. Maybe there is a God, Khis thought to himself. “I.. I don’t know what to-”. “Don’t. Go, just go. Pay off Eilyin Sicht, and stay out of trouble” Schaa transferred the money back into Khis’s account and aligned her ship toward the mercs. To their surprise, she targeted one of them and opened fire. “What is this bitch DOING!” As they struggled to realign their guns, Khis warped away. The last thing he saw was the pirate who saved his life, his guardian angel locked in battle with the demons.


Two Of a Kind

I will be posting a few different stories over the next couple weeks pertaining to the rise and fall of a fledgling Hi-Sec alliance. It follows the corporation SSC (Securities and Strategy Commission) and my time spent with them.

Flying with SSC (Securities and Strategy Commission) at the time and having just wrapped up a month of wormhole space (W-Space) colonizing we decided it was time for war. After defending a mining corporation from some griefers we decided to declare war (wardec) on a group called the Black Water-Mercenaries or something like that. Their CEO would sit on our home station in his Navy Raven and after a few attempts with jetcan baiting he would just dock up, so up went the wardec and as we prepped for battle.

First and Last

The first day of the war we mustered up at our home station in Caldari space, a few jumps out of Jita. Knowing our foe was stationed in Paara, we had 2 Drakes, a Navy Megathron and myself, as well as our CEO, in Ravens. The command “Move Out!” was given and we headed out to Para, no intel on enemy numbers or anything like that. Zoltan jumps in piloting his navy mega and reports 8 enemy contacts in system. Now Zoltan had far more experience with this kind of stuff than the rest of us and believed we could take them. While still we had no idea about present ship classes, just numbers, he decided to sit on their base’s undock point while the four of us remained on standby at the gate ready to pounce.

Zoltan reported enemy strength at 3 Drakes, 2 Ravens, and a Scorpion. Guess all the pilots in system didn’t feel like fighin it out. Then over comms I hear “Jump in! Warp to me, get the hell in here now!” We arrived at Paara and the enemy Scorpion was designated as the primary target. The scorp had Zoltan jammed as well as neutralized to hell and back. Next came the report that he was out of armor and going down just as we all came out of warp. I proceeded to lock Zoltan’s ship first and then Oblivion Maximus, the Scorpion pilot. As soon as the lock was established on Zoltan I hit him with my remote armor repair systems then carefully proceeded to unload all torpedo tubes onto the Scorpion. Needless to say the Scorpion crumbled like a tin can and popped.

At that point Omega could be heard over the comms saying that they have broken, warp scramble (scram) what you can. He was right. As soon as their CEO, who was Fleet Commander (FC) for this skirmish, went down they spread the focus of their fire out between three or four of us. Sadly all of us, or luckily for them, we all had scrammed the same Raven, piloted by Seal Sniper, so the rest just warped off. To say the least he lasted a bit longer than Oblivion but not by much.

In all 2 enemy Battleships (BS) were destroyed with no casualties taken however we just nearly lost Zoltan’s mega who was admittedly surprised to find that I had fitted myself with the remote rep when I did. We may have gotten the other Raven or maybe a Drake but I can’t find it on my kill board so didn’t want to write about it with out the stats to back it up. Thus began and ended my first war a peace agreement was struck just after the battle. Both corps would team up to take down a more powerful group yet to come.

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The Makings of Pirates!

There we were Mac “MaceZero” Ezero and I, sitting at the local pub enjoying a fresh brew, both of us fresh from flight training when we overheard this pair of older gents making a ruckus about how they were the toughest pair in the galaxy. Mac decides to get up and invite them over to talk about pirates and battle stories. Well this went on for a bit until they had to leave. Said they were heading out to the Erila system for a bit of pirate hunting, which piqued our interests since we were a bit on the wrong side of the lay when it came to heists and all. It wasn’t before long that the two of us found our selves running pre-checks on our rusty old rifters and rocketing out the hangar, headed for Erila.

Upon arrival I ran up the ship scanner as Mace warped to the systems only star. I tracked them down with my onboard scanner to the system’s second asteroid belt. Establishing a comm link with Mace, I let him know that we had a Dominix and a Megthron together in belt 2. We discussed our chances of taking out both of them, coming to the same conclusion that we’d kill off their drones and try a double ransom. Instantaneously, Mace swoops in and snags the Domi while I grabbed the Mega. Both ships were roughly 60Km apart and proceeded to drop Ogre II’s. Not the best choice to take out frigs but they made good target practice. The pair of battleships closed with each other to roughly 15Km when I took a lucky hit from an ogre and dropped to 25% armor. Deciding to bug out and run a few cycles of my armor rep, Mace kept them both busy. Just as I land back in the fight Mace over comms asking “This is starting to get tough you got one jammed?” to which I responded “Of course what do you think this is my first time in the ring”. This was ironic because it actually was. Turned out he had to cut and rep. This cycle continued until we killed off every last Ogre II. Mace and I agreed that it was now or never while they had no drones and their rails kept missing. “150mil and we let you sports go, or we wait for the cavalry to get here and you both die” I said. “The choice is yours, they’re two jumps out” added Mace. This was shortly followed by my blinking wallet, and us dropping our points on them.

Mace and I flew back home, popped open our beers and Quafes, and began planning on what we would be purchasing with the money from our new anti-pirate friends.

-V- o_x

Becoming an Outlaw

I originally wrote this as a contest entry today, 2010-07-02. Until I actually READ instead of skimmed over this text "Announcing this springs author competition in celebration of the new upcoming free expansion named "Tyrannis" to EVE Online! " Haha. oh well. Enjoy.

"He was... everything I had... My love, gone in an instant... I must get revenge" Such are the words of one of the journal's sitting on top of my navigation system. It's my hobby; I collect the data logs from downed enemy ships. Its possible that I just don't like to see people lose their life, so I hoard parts of them in remembrance. Perhaps I Just don't like killing, but I must. I must scrape for a living, doing anything I can, no matter how evil. For that is the life of an outlaw. It is a sad, pathetic existence, and something I am ashamed of. The worst part is I'm innocent.

The fateful day began just as any other would. I woke up, grabbed some breakfast and a bottle of Quafe to satisfy my never ending addiction. It jump starts my day, so I can do what is most important, making a living as a trader. I have recently finished a few classes on piloting the Pilgrim. I thought it would be nice to take a break from the Obelisk, that slow moving piece of garbage. The Pilgrim has a fearsome reputation because of a few not so appreciated people in Lonetrek. So I walk towards it, excited to take it out for a test run before I try any combat. Unfortunately, that was not my fate for this day. A Concord General is standing next to my ship with a pamphlet and pen in his hands, writing. "What are you doing general?" He didn't answer. Instead he pointed at my ship, then proceeded to write. apparently I was parking in his spot. This is not a good thing in New Eden. He was writing a ticket.

General's can do anything they want, but get frowned upon by the public. Maybe that is the reason so many people just wish to be just officers. The general asked if he could search my ship. I strictly told him that I do not consent to any searches. He simply grinned at me and had his way. He stole my holo-key and opened the loading ramp. At this point, I was panicking. Because I noticed a suspicious looking brown package sitting in the middle of my cargo hold. He proceeded towards it, and picked it up and looked at me. "Do you know what this is, son?" "No sir, its not mine." I am pretty sure we both knew that it was a smuggling pack for boosters. He opened it up and confirmed his suspicions. I looked at him, and he looked at me. I knew I was in HUGE trouble. So, as quick as lightning I whipped out my blaster and shot him 3 times dead in the chest. He falls to the floor with plasma burns around the holes in his chest. Swiftly, I kick him out of my hold back into the station floor and jump start my engines. I am officially a fugitive now, and I need to make a quick escape or I am doomed. I flip on my afterburners and whiz out of the station. I'm only 15 kilometers away from it when i notice Concord ships hot on my tail. Now since by profession I am a trader, I supply the nearby low-sec systems for outlaws. So I know there is a .4 security system 1 jump away. Safety... At least from the police. I'm searching through the solar system map, "It's not fast enough! Hurry up dammit!" Pissed off, I align my ship to a random stargate without the help of my NAV, hoping to have the right coordinates for the stargate. I pound the warp button just in time to escape a flurry of torpedoes from Concord!

"God is in my favor today", I say as I approach the stargate to low sec. As soon as I jump through I am blinded by the Sun. It is so close to the gate that I can feel the heat resonating from it! My sensors say 134,556km. I feel as if I am melting, so I close the observation window, relying on the structure of my ship to bear it until I can get to safety. Hah, safety.. in low sec? Well, as a fugitive, it is safer than high sec. I load up the bounty board on my computer and notice I moved from the capsuleer list, to the outlaw list. "Hmph, figures..." Then I almost do a double take as I look at the bounty on my corpse. 1,034,864,009 ISK! Normally I am not one prone to feinting. But believe me, I almost did. I look at the records and see it was posted by the general's immediate family. I thought to myself, "They posted it so quick its as if they knew it would happen!"I forgot to re-cloak as I jumped through the system, so when I naturally de-cloaked from jumping, I was greeted by a friendly Dominix Pilot. I pop open my observation window, willing to get a view of his actions while ignoring the pain from the sun. I see what appears to be a swarm of drones heading for my direction. He is not so friendly after all.

Instinctively, I start to approach him at an angle in order reduce my transversial. While at the same time, I pop my drones out in order to kill his. I'm into armor by the time I get into optimal of him. I flicked on my neutralizers in order to take his cap out, because for some reason, I knew he was running an active tank. Sooner than later, His tank starts to break as his capacitor is struggling to repair his armor faster than my drones can chew. My tank is holding, because he has no more drones, and no energy to fire his blasters. Predator is now the prey, or should I say... a sitting duck.

With him at my mercy, I decided that since I am an outlaw, I might as well finish him off. Besides, he attacked me first! His armor is gone, now going into structure! The heat seems to magnify by 10 times as his Dominix blows up. The heat from the explosion and the heat from the sun start to melt my fragile communication antenna. I must leave quick. Should I pod him or not? A few seconds pass, and my decision is made. He is going down. I start up my sensor booster and begin to target him. I lock onto him and engage. A quick 2 seconds it took for my drones to rip through the fragile shell of a life pod and end the life of a..... Woman? I accelerate towards the corpse and my horrors are confirmed. I don't kill women. I feel terrible and helpless about the event. I loot the wreck without looking what it holds, and put it all in my cargo hold. But nevertheless, I head back to a planet, cloaked, to absorb what just occurred.

In warp, I feel a wetness on my cheek.. A tear.. "Dammit! My first kill just had to be a woman!"
I do come to realize that had I stopped shooting her, I would be dead, and not her. The roles would be reversed.
Later that night, I pass out in the cargo hold, drunk. When I wake in the morning. I notice a strange book laying on the floor.
I began to read it... "He was... everything I had... My love, gone in an instant... I must get revenge". At this statement, I realize that behind the fury of those drones, she was a person too. A mother, a Wife, to... someone. This makes me feel worse...

A few months go by, and I've learned a few tricks of the trade. I allied myself with an outlaw corporation nearby. We do gate camps, ransoming, stealing... The whole 9 yards. Now I feel no pain when I kill. Now I feel no mercy. But I do not like it. Such emotions are acquired traits. Outlaws are made, not born. But still, the journal sits on my Nav, as a constant reminder of the person who I used to be, and the woman who used to be. I sit back and relax, as I drink a bottle of Quafe, to relieve my addiction, and continue reading the journal...

Can flippers be-ware

Inspired by entries in this site, and the deplorable yet entertaining antics at mylootyourtears. I resolved yet again to try strike out at can flippers and griefers. I have spent quite a few hours, with my main - mining away in a Vexor or an Exequror, but something about a 2006 toon mining in a cruiser in a belt doesn't encourage the locals.
So to this end I brought forth Saint Juliana, to strike righteous revenge on the piratical denzins of high sec.
I thought I would give some newbie pirates a surprise, and loaded a Bellicose with ancillary current routers. I wanted 4 midslots, so that I could fit a propulsion mod, dual webs, and a scrambler. To ensure nothing could escape my grasp. I fitted a Medium neut so that the helpless frigate would be capless - to let my 8 warrior 1 (some spare incase of getting webbed and killed), 2x dual 180mm autocannons and launcher chip away at them.
The extra grid rigs let me fit a 1600mm plate for my tank. A formidable opponent for any can-flipping frig. Well, I mined, and mined, a couple of days without response.
When this evening I decided to actively seek out the flippers myself, rather than let them come to me.

Saint undocked the Bellicose in Amarr, a bustling market hub, and scanned the nearby belts. A a few cans, hulk, arbitrator and a punisher (a notorious can flipper) on scan. Narrowing them down to a particular belt I warped in to assess the situation.
There was an arbitrator mining away with two mining lasers, and a can sitting along side. The punisher was lurking nearby, and the hulk rapidly left the area. I checked the corp details of the two pilots, while I began my own excavation of an asteriod. Nothing untoward, and no obvious friends in system.
The arbitrator locked me right away, and began some rather unsocial behaviour, bumping the Bellicose, mining my asteriod. And generally being a bastard.
My initial thought was that the punisher might be his pal, and that the arbitrator might act as a remote repair station for the formidable tank of the punisher if I engaged it.
So I thought I best even up the odds.

I quickly fitted a couple of T1 remote reps to my main Sanguine in his Arbitrator, and some medium repair drones. The Bellicose was made to kill frigs, not go toe to toe with an arbitrator, which doesn't need cap to do damage, and which has a much better tank.

By the time I had done this, and returned to Saint, I saw that the punisher had gamely tried to can flip the aggressive arbitrator, and had very rapidly been vaporised.

Well, with Sanguine entering system, I suppose I'll take a crack at it. I jettison a can, and sure enough the arbitrator flips it right away - and a hauler alt arrives and whisks my ore away almost instantly. Lock and engage. Hammerhead II's descend on Saint and rip through the shields of the basically stationary cruiser. I scurry to warp in Sanguine and get the reps on, but in the heat of the moment, the fleet menu is rather tricky to navigate. By the time he arrives, Saint is down to 50% armour, and the meager DPS of the Bellicose has just cracked the Arbitrators shields. Overload Reps, and armour repair bots are engaged.
Saints tank now holding, she continues to chip away at the arbitrator, now webbing his drones, and sending 4xwarrior 1's to ping away at them. He is too smart for that and recalls them, and considering he is at 200m from Saint, they are instantly deployed again. Saints Bellicose tank is holding barely, perhaps she can hold long enough to chip away at him? But the cunning arbitrator has neuts fitted, and the Bellicose's meager cap is now gone. As the damage control goes offline, and Sanguine too runs out of cap, she drops into structure. Damage control back online, another cycle of the remote armor repairer, but its too late. Pop goes the Bellicose.

The arbitrator by this time is at about 60% armour of what is clearly a buffer tank, and without hesitation he aggresses Sanguine.
Although it was a quick fit, Sanguine has a medium nos fitted, and 3 Cap rechargers. As well as a medium armor repper. So cap shouldn't be a problem this time around. I launch my own flight of Hammerhead II's and we go toe to toe. Sanguines armour is dropping, unable to quite tank the damage from the Hammerheads, but I have yet to overload. We slug away at each other, but I can see I have the upper hand. The aggressor hits structure first, I begin to overload at about 10% armour remaining. He pops with a satisfying explosion.

I give him a GF in local, but he is out of there, Amarr is full of spam anyhow.

An enjoying skirmish, I came out slightly ahead isk-wise due his collection of drones. My Bellicose was tripple rigged, which was a little excessive, and his arbi was tripple tri-marked. If I were to make a crime fighting Duo between Saint and Sanguine I would do away with the 1600mm plate and rigs, and add 2 x EAN and a damage control instead. And put t2 remote repps on Sanguine, as well as repping rigs so I could perma-run the cap. But it was a split second rapid fit with what I had in the hanger. I mean I COULD bring Sanguine in a RR Dominix, but where is the fun in that?

I would still pit the solo Bellicose against any frigs, probably even 2 frigs at once - with the fitting. But if people are game to can flip an arbi, maybe I should switch to them. Sure would make it easier.
Fun and games, I hope for many more.

It's over 9000!

So, life goes on. I recently moved corp and I've never been happier, a small team of awesome people who basically specialise in bringing the hurt. And with this corp move has come a good few kills, standard can flipping affair mostly although one was a kill made through my setting a can flipping trap by can mining with a Navitas then coming back with a Small Neutron fit Thorax, the fight lasted about 5 seconds and I fired about 4 shots before the Inquisitor was vapour. And it is through this can flipping trapping that I came onto my latest and undoubtedly greatest kill.

There I was, sitting mining into my can, browsing the web, waiting for a chancer to try his luck; nothing was going though. I was just thinking about giving up when a Megathron warps into the belt. Odd, I think, but what the hey, maybe he's chasing someone. I carry on mining. Shortly after, I notice that another can has been put out in the belt and rub my hands together. I'm not above changing from flip trapper to just flipper if the opportunity presents itself. So I check who the can belongs to, assuming it's one of the 3 n00bs who are in the belt with me, but it's not them, it's the Mega pilot. He's mining into a can right beside me. I feel my heart speed up already, this could be a big one. I check out the pilot, he's less than a month old, so either he's an alt or he's bought, and he's in his own corp, on his own. No risk of corpies warping in and no real skills to be worried about, excellent. But, a Mega can still easily tank my little Incursis, so I decide to call in some back-up from my corp. I warp out of the belt to grab my Incursis and some extra ammo just in case, and wait for them to turn up, keeping an eye on my scanner to make sure the Mega's still there. They turn up soon after, but the Mega's left the belt, and apparently, the system. We decide to see what happens if we flip the can anyways, which I do promptly. We wile away the minutes, scanning for him in system. With 3 mins to go, he turns up again in local. With that comes a frantic search around the system, seeing if we can't track him down. With 1 min left, one of my corpies yells that the Mega's back in the belt. We all warp to him and I begin orbiting him, hoping he'll do something stupid in the final 30 seconds on the clock. He locks me and my heart skips a beat, could I be true? Will he do it?

He doesn't, instead he just starts mining again. Damn.

I try dropping a can to see if he'll bite, but no dice. We decide to leave him be for the moment and come back later to see if he'll perhaps drop a can again as he's obviously not playing at the moment. But, just as I'm about to warp out, he drops a can right in front of me. I immediately move to it and flip it, more to be a pest rather than actually expecting him to attack me. I move away from him to my dropped can to pick up the 1 ammo I put in it and suddenly, he turns red and my shield drops a little. He's fired on me, I think, Holy fuck he's actually fired on me! And, with a medium blaster, which is doing about the same damage as high sec belt rats. I rush to orbiting him and open up, deploying my drone as well. I call on my corpies to help, but he's not shot at any of them, just me. I must've pissed him off just that bit more. What's better is my T2 Ions are slowly, but happily, chewing through his shield, and then his armour. All my corpies can do is sit and laugh as they watch a lone frigate beat down a Mega. As he's reaching half armour, I swither on whether I want a ransom or the killmail. Whilst the kill would be an awesome thing to have on my sheet, the ransom would pay for my PvP for the next 2 months or more. I decide to ransom him, so I try to open up a convo, but all I get is that he's offline or otherwise unreachable.

Psh, oh well, kill it is. ^^

A couple of minutes later, his Mega goes up in a magnificent explosion and I have one Battleship kill under my belt. After surveying the wreck and the mail however, I see just how badly fit he was, and how lucky I was. He had Mim light and Med Tech 1 drones along with a missile launcher. Even with his very limited skills, he still could have beaten me, but he didn't use any of them and now I have this mail to always prove that just when you think you've seen every stupid thing a n00b will do, they'll do one more.

2010.06.28 18:00:00

Victim: lichnost
Corp: Russian Mens
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Megathron
System: Alentene
Security: 0.9
Damage Taken: 30702

Involved parties:

Name: Bern (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.2
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II
Damage Done: 30702

Destroyed items:

XeCl Drilling Beam I, Qty: 2
Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 4 (Cargo)
Warrior I (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 52
Anode Ion Particle Cannon I
Large Automated I Carapace Restoration
Dual Diode Mining Laser I
10MN MicroWarpdrive I
'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher I
Concentrated Veldspar, Qty: 6086 (Cargo)
Valkyrie I, Qty: 3 (Drone Bay)
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 2650 (Cargo)

Dropped items:

Warrior I, Qty: 5 (Drone Bay)
Small Hull Repairer I
Dual Diode Mining Laser I, Qty: 2
EP-S Gaussian I Excavation Pulse
Valkyrie I (Drone Bay)
10MN Afterburner I

Fly safe guys, or unsafe if that's your deal. ;-)

Short hunt:Adrenaline Junkie

Okay. First entry. Please send me some feedback!

I jumped in a Rifter, outfitted it with the basics, 3 200m ACs, a nosferatu, and a speed build. I jumped into a couple systems, checking the belts and stations. I wasn't going to waste time scanning. I wanted to kill. I needed to feel the adrenaline pounding through my veins.

I warped into a new belt. Another Rifter about 40 km distant. Ratting...was he alone? Was he waiting for someone? I decided it didn't matter. If they came...I could deal with them. I decided to take him down.

Already i could feel the adrenaline coursing through me. My heart pounding, i raced towards him at over a kilometer a second. I crouched low in the cramped frigate's captain's seat, hoping and praying he would be too busy killing the Destroyer rat he was firing at. I streaked like a bolt of lightning across the void that separated us.

15km! I targeted the Rifter and engaged the warp disruptor as i flew past the 10km mark and flicked on the webifier. Flying in tight circles from 1km around his ship i pounded his shields to nothing in seconds, ripped through his armor and tore at the fragile support struts. Before he even locked onto me, before he even knew my tiny ship was in the same belt, his pod flew from the fiery wreck of his frigate. Nearly instantly, he flew to warp. Bastard!

I didn't bother tracking him down. I saw where he flew off. I took the pathetic loot, and warped to a new system, my appetite not sated, merely whetted. Time to kill.

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I had just woken up and boarded my ship. My back ached; a bad nights rest on a lumpy bed. With all the taxes the companies are getting, they should seriously consider afford better beds for the wandering pirate. As i checked my fittings and started my ship I thought about a couple of nights ago, when I destroyed a destroyer with my frigate. There was something about flying frigates that was just plain exciting, especially in a small gang. I exited the station and instantly warped to a safespot. It had become a habit of mine ever since I became a wanted man. My partners in crime weren't awake yet and so I sat there alone scanning the nearby asteroid belts for some unsuspecting prey.

As I picked up bait ships on my scanner I realized that I have plundered quite a bit from this system. Having become so familiar with the locals, I began to think if it was time to move to more abundant hunting grounds. Because if I have become so familiar with the inhabitants of this system, then it must mean I would be recognized as well. My thoughts were cut short as I picked up an incursus at a nearby moon. After recalibrating my scan once again to make sure it wasn't a mistake I started my warp drive.

As I hurtled towards my prey I doubled checked my modules to make sure they were ready to activate at a moments notice. Although it is a habit of my partners to usually overheat their guns at the start of a fight, I had learned that being a pirate means you need to save that trump card for when you land on a trap. As i landed on grid the incursus was only a few kilometers away from me. I instantly targeted and activated my scram. He must have realized he couldn't run away from me due to the fact I was afterburner fit, because he began to fly towards me to engage. We activated our guns and began pummeling each other with autocannons and blasters.

My shield went down in a flash, as it does with every battle but my real strength laid within the amazing armor capabilities. As I slowly tore away his defenses it became apparent he would be unable to break my tank. Not only that but my neut had begun to work its magic and he soon stopped firing. As he was halfway through his armor another ship warped in. Another incursus! Fortunately for me he was still far enough from me to not have to worry about his blasters. As I finished off my original target I locked onto my new target and began to neut him. As the first incursus went up in a blue explosion I began to fire at the second incursus.

Although the first incursus was nowhere near breaking my tank it had done sufficient damage for me to start worrying about the second ship. Time for my trump card. I overheated my guns and began firing off volleys after volleys of fusion bullets. I had forgotten to put in other ammo and was praying that my fusion rounds would not run out. The overheating was just what I needed. Just as I was a sliver away from my armor being totally obliterated I had broken both his shield and armor and was whittling away at his structure. As he too went up in blue flames like his friend I let out a silent cheer and proceeded to collect the spoils.

As I started my warp to a nearby safespot to wait out my GCC I smiled to myself. There is no dull day whenever you are flying a frigate!


Bern's Piratey Travels

Well, my first post got a good response, something I'm rather happy about. I haven't posted in a while, and a few thing things have happened between then and now, so I'm going to lump them together in a happy post of my greatest and not all latest exploits.

Casting back in time a bit to maybe two weeks after my first kill, I was once again out cruising for someone to flip, and there are always targets for those who are willing to search. I'd already found that, for that day at least, my home system was dead to can miners (and I think I'd started becoming known to a few of the regulars), so I'd gone further afield in my hunting. I trawled through system after system and found no one who I could flip, that was, until I landed in a near-dead system on my way back home. I had my scanner open and out of habit, hit the scan button and on the results was a cruiser and a LOT of cans. I quickly narrowed the search field and tracked them down to a deserted belt, which I promptly warped into. There, in front of me, was a Vexor can mining; but he wasn't just mining into one can, he had been filling his cargo bay and then jettisoning each time, I was spoiled for choice. I sidled up to the nearest can and promptly flipped it then took myself into a close orbit around the cruiser, waiting for the response. I knew flipping a Vexor might be a bad idea as they could deploy a whole world of drone based hurt on my ass if flown by a good pilot, but the pilot was young, only a couple of months old, same as me, so I figured that I'd chance it.

Anyways, sure enough drones were launched from the Vexor, 1 Ogre I. I couldn't suppress a gleeful chuckle; the drone wouldn't even be able to hit me, let alone kill me. I locked them up and almost instantly, they flashed red as the Ogre began lumbering towards me. I hit my scrammer, then began the task of quickly webbing and annihilating his drone. That done, I proceeded to cut through his shields and armour and got him into structure. It was at this point I remembered ransoming. I opened a convo with the pilot and offered him a deal of 1 mil to let him go. As he had a Vexor, I figured he could afford it. He said he couldn't afford it and exited the convo; so I promptly returned his ship to the star dust it once was. He asked me why I had shot at him, I replied that he shot first and then left to go get my indy collect the ore and the loot. It was when I picked up said loot that I found that they'd had a few Hammerheads in their drone bay the whole time, but never launched them. Wonders never cease.

After that little encounter, I was flush with my victory, but also disappointed. It had been stupidly easy to down the Vexor, I wanted more of a challenge. So, even though it was getting late, I set out hunting again. I found a target one system over from my home, an Exqueror mining into a can. I checked out the pilot, roughly 3-4 months old, a good bet that unless he had set a trap, I could take him. I moved in and flipped the can before moving in to orbit him and lock him up. What happened next I didn't expect.

He stole his ore back.

Instantly I unleashed all of my guns on him and soon after the ship turned into a fireball. The pod warped off without a word and I set about stealing the ore back to my can, already thinking about logging off after 2 successful, if lackluster kills. It was then that he came back, in a Thorax. My pulse went into overdrive. I knew the Rax's reputation, in good hands it could melt a Frig in seconds, and even in average hands it was a serious threat. But even so, I hadn't had a decent fight, and the adrenaline in my veins told me that I only had one option; I burned straight for him.

Immediately, he opened up and I saw my shield drop horribly as his medium blasters caught a glancing blow on me, and he quickly followed by releasing a swarm of Hammerhead Is. I was in entirely unknown territory, and only a sliver of advice on this site stopped me from disengaging and bugging out. Med drones can't land good hits on a fast moving Frig, especially Tech 1 drones. With that in mind, I maintained my burn and quickly established a close, fast orbit around him. His guns ceased to be a threat as I flew rings around their tracking, but the drones were eating into my armour fast. I scrammed him, then began the process of webbing and destroying his drones. It was touch and go at first, I was killing the drones, but they were landing hit after hit, and they were mounting up. Soon enough however, the skies were clear of any drones but mine, and I set to work chipping away at his shields. They went down in a prompt fashion, but then I hit his armour and found he had a semi-decent tank going. I kept on hitting him, but I was making small headway, if any, and my ammo was depleting fast. And then, all of a sudden, his tank broke as he ran out of cap to support it. My blasters melted through his armour and then punched holes into his structure to finally end the fight in a glorious explosion. I convoed the pilot after the fight to wish him a GF, as should always be the case, and we got talking, with me giving him a few pointers on how to avoid a similar situation happening again and how to improve his fit, although he definitely had the right idea. In the end we parted on good terms.

Overall, it was a good night.

2010.04.19 22:05:00

Victim: SpacyCasey
Corp: Black Dawn Industries
Alliance: Unknown
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Vexor
Security: 0.8
Damage Taken: 3736

Involved parties:

Name: Bern (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.2
Corp: Evil Hunters
Alliance: The G0dfathers
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II
Damage Done: 3736

Destroyed items:

Salvager I
Miner I, Qty: 3
Cap Recharger I
Mining Drone I, Qty: 3 (Drone Bay)
Expanded Cargohold I, Qty: 3
10MN Afterburner I
Hammerhead I (Drone Bay)

Dropped items:

Scordite, Qty: 181 (Cargo)
Miner I
Mining Drone I (Drone Bay)
Expanded Cargohold I
Ogre I (Drone Bay)
Hammerhead I, Qty: 3 (Drone Bay)

2010.04.19 22:33:00

Victim: Estha'r
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Exequror
Security: 0.9
Damage Taken: 3013

Involved parties:

Name: Bern (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.2
Corp: Evil Hunters
Alliance: The G0dfathers
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II
Damage Done: 3013

Destroyed items:

Miner I
1MN Afterburner I
Expanded Cargohold I
Survey Scanner I
Mining Drone I, Qty: 2 (Drone Bay)

Dropped items:

Basic Expanded Cargohold
Plagioclase, Qty: 3538 (Cargo)
Miner I, Qty: 3
Expanded Cargohold I

2010.04.19 22:51:00

Victim: Estha'r
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Thorax
Security: 0.9
Damage Taken: 8350

Involved parties:

Name: Bern (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.2
Corp: Evil Hunters
Alliance: The G0dfathers
Faction: NONE
Ship: Incursus
Weapon: Light Ion Blaster II
Damage Done: 8350

Destroyed items:

10MN Afterburner I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Medium Armor Repairer I
Device (Cargo)
Heavy Neutron Blaster I
Heavy Electron Blaster I
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 7

Dropped items:

Damage Control I
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Cap Recharger I, Qty: 2
Capacitor Power Relay I
Heavy Electron Blaster I, Qty: 3
Uranium Charge M, Qty: 161

Now the tale, everyone, is not quite over. I have one more story to regail you with, and one I think is a great deal funnier than my previous encounters.

We're fast forwarding to the present day now, and after a spell of inactivity, I was back hunting again. I had been training ship support and combat skills during my inactivity and I was itching to test them on some unsuspecting carebear. Well, I found one, oh boy did I find one.

I had been cruising around for a little while, not finding much of interest. Or when it was interesting it was a blatant pirate trap that only an imbecile would fall into. An example of both was an AF, flown by a year old pilot, with a string of combat Corps in their history, sitting apparently mining into 2 jettisoned cans. The imbecile was a month old pilot in a Catalyst who took the bait only to be vapourised in roughly 30 seconds. That one gave me a chuckle, but I wasn't any closer to finding my own target. Until I managed to scan down a Retriever mining into a can. I sent a quick prayer of thanks to whatever might be listening to the prayers of a pirate and moved in to flip the can. No sooner had I done so than the pilot convoed me;
?[ 2010.06.15 16:50:18 ] Him > im getting my bs and im gona blow your ass to peices
?[ 2010.06.15 16:50:33 ] Me > No problem here
?[ 2010.06.15 16:52:56 ] Him > so tell your buddies to warp in
?[ 2010.06.15 16:53:13 ] Him > cuz i knowhat your trying to do noob

He warped off to station, leaving me sitting in the belt pondering whether I should, indeed, call for a little help from my corp. He was roughly 7 months old so, if he had a BS as he said, I wasn't too worried about him being able to fly it well, or even hit me with the unwieldy heavy guns most likely attached to it. It was more from the aspect that I was pretty sure even a badly fitted BS could tank my lone Incursis and his generally asshattish comments had made me want to take him down no matter what. I put in an inquiry into my corp asking if anyone was nearby, but sadly, no one was. After a moment of deliberation, I decided to see what he showed up in before finalising my plan of action. It was lucky I did, as he didn't turn up in a BS at all, but a Brutix. I couldn't help but grin, this situation was quickly looking up. I immediately closed the distance between him and me, making sure that if he opened up, he'd have a damn hard time hitting me. I still wasn't sure if I could break a tank on a Brute, but I figured that I wouldn't know until I tried. He launched his drones, and my grin only got wider; they were Tech 1 Hammerheads. If there's something I've noticed about EvE, it's that, for Gallente territory anyways, you can tell a lot about a pilot's combat ability by their drones. A good Galent combat pilot with have T2, even if they don't specialise in them. It's silly not to want the added damage and resilience they bring. He, however, had T1, and I was pretty much convinced by this point that I was in the far superior position. He continued to sit with his drones out, but didn't open up. After a minute, and watching the aggression timer tick down, I decided to try to push him into combat.

[ 2010.06.15 16:56:26 ] Me > So're we doing this or not?
?[ 2010.06.15 16:57:27 ] Him > yup
?[ 2010.06.15 16:57:31 ] Him > just us
?[ 2010.06.15 16:57:34 ] Him > no friends
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:05 ] Me > That's correct yes. I was going to ask for help if you brought a BS, but a BC is usually a solo affair

I'd come across similar suspicion before, I once sat and stole millions worth of ore on my own from a corp mining op because they were utterly convinced I had corpies waiting to jump in and buttseks them all when they opened up on me. I knew I had to convince him it was safe to combat me, and that I was just a stupid combat junkie with too much free time. This is how it went down:

?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:18 ] Him > ire when your ready to die
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:25 ] Him > wait 1 sec
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:36 ] Him > y the fuck r u even doing this?
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:43 ] Me > For the thrill of it
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:51 ] Me > Plus any ore I can grab on the side
?[ 2010.06.15 16:58:54 ] Him > to die?or lose a ship
?[ 2010.06.15 16:59:02 ] Me > Done both numerous times
?[ 2010.06.15 16:59:22 ] Him > well lets settle this then i ant my ore back
?[ 2010.06.15 16:59:35 ] Me > Whenever you're ready
?[ 2010.06.15 16:59:40 ] Him > fire when your ready to die
?[ 2010.06.15 16:59:53 ] Me > Er, you think I want Concorded? I ain't that stupid
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:08 ] Me > If you fire though, we get to duel as I stole from you
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:22 ] Him > well thats to bad cuz i kno your going to tell your buddies to hop in when i fire
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:28 ] Me > Oh please
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:39 ] Me > A BC isn't worth that
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:45 ] Him > sure
?[ 2010.06.15 17:00:54 ] Me > Plus, they're all away in 0.0
?[ 2010.06.15 17:01:02 ] Him > your 200k ship isnt worth my 20 mil ship
?[ 2010.06.15 17:01:32 ] Him > i dont trust liers and thifes
?[ 2010.06.15 17:01:59 ] Me > You think? Look mate, if I wanted to gank a miner's combat ship with my buddies, I'd go to low sec
?[ 2010.06.15 17:02:17 ] Me > This is just us, alone, with you in a much bigger ship

He went quiet for a moment, what I'd said seemed to have struck a chord with him. I waited with baited breath and suddenly, with less than a goddamn minute on the aggression timer, he opened up with Railguns. His drones also started knocking away at my shields, and he seemed to think that he was winning (even though he couldn't land a single turret hit) as he commented:

?[ 2010.06.15 17:04:36 ] Him > just run

As per standard procedure for me, I knocked out his drones first. They fell like flies to my upgraded skills and now T2 Hobgoblin I had along as additional DPS and soon I was hacking into his shields. It was then I found his tank, a shield tank. It was almost laughable, but annoyingly, it was holding up relatively well against my onslaught, I was only making progress in fits and starts; something he noticed.

?[ 2010.06.15 17:05:24 ] Him > i can rep you damage all day noob

What he didn't seem to realise was that I was still making head-way, and soon after, his cap gave out. My blasters started to chew hungrily through his armour, much to my glee, and his death was all but assured. But even better, was the turn the conversation took next.

?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:04 ] Him > ill give u 1 mil to leave me alone
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:14 ] Him > ok?
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:30 ] Him > ok 5 mil
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:37 ] Him > how much?
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:39 ] Me > 10 If you can afford a 20 mil ship yu can afford that
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:44 ] Him > just stop plz
?[ 2010.06.15 17:06:54 ] Him > ok 10 nil stop
?[ 2010.06.15 17:07:01 ] Me > Send the cash, then I stop
?[ 2010.06.15 17:07:08 ] Him > stop plz
?[ 2010.06.15 17:07:22 ] Him > i only got 1 mil cash ill sell the ship plz stop
?[ 2010.06.15 17:07:52 ] Me > And how do I know that you won't skip out on the deal?
?[ 2010.06.15 17:07:57 ] Him > plz negoiate
?[ 2010.06.15 17:08:30 ] Me > Stop repping
?[ 2010.06.15 17:08:41 ] Him > ill give you 500k now and 500k when u stop web
?[ 2010.06.15 17:09:06 ] Him > i just sent u 900k
?[ 2010.06.15 17:09:15 ] Him > so plz stop
?[ 2010.06.15 17:09:35 ] Him > ill give u the rest when i dock plz i just want not to lose this ship
?[ 2010.06.15 17:10:33 ] Him > please just et me go
?[ 2010.06.15 17:10:41 ] Him > i wont mess with u again
?[ 2010.06.15 17:10:48 ] Me > To be fair, I messed with you

Well, eventually, he paid up a couple of mil, and I decided to let him go as I was getting bored with the whole affair and am, perpetually, too soft on my targets. His grovelling was my payment, and I watched him go, contented to have taught the moron a lesson he wasn't likely to forget.

And so we come to the end of my exploits for now. I hope that I've kept you entertained. I think that overall, I need to stop being so soft on my targets, as it occured to me later that I should've just told him to either eject or lose the ship, but c'est la vie and hindsight is a bitch. I'm still pretty much a n00b in a world that takes time to get any good at, and next time, my targets won't be getting off with a slap on the wrist and a humiliating defeat for being insulting little bastards.

Fly safe, or unsafe if that's your thing,