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Almost 7 years since the last post

The pirate known as Ander is still alive.
Somewhere out in space, on the run from the law and old foes.

IRL: 2012 was the year I took a step back from EVE. I begun working on a game called DayZmod which later spawned the standalone game DayZ.
It was a long wind-down until 2015 when I finally quit EVE entirely.

I still play games (a lot). You might catch me on discord as Ander#3900 . Go ahead, say hi! Don't be shy.

As for
I've finally gone ahead and updated the much outdated blog platform and applied many needed bugfixes. Brought up the compatibility with modern PHP and databases.

The design is still borked, but I'll try to fix it one of these days.

EON Issue #028


Deep in the bowels of CCP's experimental gameplay lab, the future of mining is being discussed - and EVE's official magazine has been granted security clearance to join the coversation. Their final report forms the basis of this issue, looking at EVE's oldest profession, taking in the history of Hulkageddon and profiles of some of New Eden's biggest industrial corps.

Also in EON #028:

• CSM7 Testflight - five members chose their favourite ships
• Two great new Chronicles - Flesh and The Soulless Pilgrim
• Guide to Stealth Bombing
• Guide to Slay
• How to find the Corp that's right for you
• The new War Dec and Allies system
• The Skyward Sphere story - how a Rifter took you into space
• The future of the EVE API
• The Rifter comes under the Hero Warship spotlight
• Profiles of RPS Holdings, Enlightened Industries and Taggart Transdimensional
• CSM7 reports on good early-season progress
• Interviews with CCP Veritas and CCP Loki
...and lots, lots more

Fanfest 2012!

This is my forth year at fanfest and Im liking it well enough so far! :-)
The dust514 presentation was quite nice but Im still a bit wary about the fact that it runs on Playstation 3.

Who knows, maybe after a year it'll be released on PC aswell?

One of the highlights of yesterday was when radiogaga of Sniggerdly told the mittani (CSM member) to shut the F up live on the panel :-D

Anyway, the day continues and Im about to head out to the fanfest venue.
Going to the scandinavian roundtables and then to other activities.

The big plan for the evening is eating sentient beings, namely whale!
Don't hate too hard, I'm a pirate - not a greenpeace activist!

EON Issue #025 - Published 7th October 2011

Dominion was the last time the foundations of null-sec were reformed and, while intentions were good, two years on things haven't turned out quite as hoped. Now CCP is preparing to set things right again, only this time with long-term vision that could impact not just 0.0 space, but every part of EVE Online. 's Brendan Drain explores the potential for EVE's long-term future and sees reason to be quietly optimistic.

If you weren't tempted into EVE by the boasts of an impending expansion, it may have been due to the exploits of the players - those that have stolen and scammed their way to become New Eden's most notorious characters. From Nightfreeze to Cally and from Remedial to Istvaan Shogaatsu, we look at the 10 biggest thefts and most notorious scams that dominated EVE's early years.

The Noble Exchange has probably been the most contentious addition to EVE since the game first went live, providing a means for characters to dress themselves up in specialist virtual clothing at a premium non-game-breaking price. We fired off a load of questions to CCP to see how business has been going and ask what's in store for the next iteration of NeX as a new expansion nears.

Six months on since they were introduced to New Eden, we evaluate and explore EVE's most recent gameplay addition, with a guide to joining and emerging victorious against the Sansha hordes. Also in our expanded 15-page Knowledge Base Guide section we dig behind the back story to bring you the definitive history of CONCORD.

In Crowd with CCP Zulu & CCP Tallest
0utbreak, Vuk Lau and Colossus Technologies profiled
The latest CSM and 0.0 Report
The CrazyKinux Story
All you need to know about hiring mercenaries
Alliance Tournament Testflight
The Rise & Fall of ATLAS
Apocalypse under the spotlight
Who's top of the BattleClinic Rankings?

EON issue #024

A new issue of the EON magazine is now available.
EVE-pirate is and has been a fan of EON from the start :-)

Ship crews have long been on the wish-list for players and developers
alike, yet it has taken CCP years just to release the numbers. We look
at how ideas for ship crews have been put forward, ask what the issues
have been that have stopped crews being a feature of EVE's combat
mechanic and ponder how, if ever, New Eden's silent NPC majority might
have a say as to how battles are played out in the future.

We go back to the dark days of bank bail-outs to see how impending
financial armageddon urged CCP to take a fearless attitude to EVE
expansions. The result was fan-favourite Apocrypha, the expansion that
opened EVE to wormholes, the persistent mystery and threat of the
Sleepers, and the future promise of Tech-III ships.

Continuing the wormhole theme this issue, Lex Starwalker brings us a
guide to living in w-space, we have the second instalment of Pottsey's
exhaustive compendium of Sleeper theories and in our regular Tesflight
round-up, Kirith Kodachi gathers together some of New Eden's most
successful wormholers, who reveal the ships and fittings they wouldn't
leave home without.

With a third EVE novel being readied for the autumn, we tackle
author Tony Gonzales to talk about his career as an EVE fan and a CCP
Developer. We ask how The Empyrean Age came about and how Templar One
will hopefully lead us into a universe where EVE capsuleer and DUST
mercenary must share the spoils of war.

All you need to know about the Guristas
In Crowd with CCP Sreegs and CCP Explorer
Profiles of Red vs Blue, Phoenix Propulsion Labs and Masuat'aa Matari
The rise and fall of Dusk and Dawn
How to get your mates playing and loving EVE
CSM6 - the first weeks in office
* The 0.0 Report…and all the latest news and events

News from CCP

Greetings from CCP,

CCP Games is pleased to announce a Live Dev Blog on the topics of Customer Support and Security. The Live Dev Blog will take place on Thursday, May 26th at 22:00 UTC.

Live Dev Blogs are audio broadcasts from CCP heard in-game through our Vivox-provided EVE Voice service. These broadcasts will provide an opportunity for the EVE Online player community to get to know the CCP devs and our work a bit better, and we’re also looking forward to answering questions that the EVE player community has for CCP.


CCP Soundwave will host the Live Dev Blog and will be joined by seasoned Senior Game Masters, Nythanos and Nova, along with CCP‘s very own security expert CCP Sreegs.

Alexey Rybak (CCP Spitfire)
Russian Community Coordinator
EVE Online

Pictures from EVE Fanfest 2011

Here are my pics from fanfest this year :-) enjoy!
Get the flash player here:

ISK Guide 3.0

A friendly message from our friends over at MMMpublishing:

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! The ultimate guide to EVE Online and it's all yours, for FREE. Whether your a new or old player, there is something useful for everyone.

So for your free download, yes free, please visit from 1st February.


EON Thanksgiving offer

Our friends over at EON has been working hard with CCP over the weekend and are pleased to announce that all back issues of EON are less than half price each. Use code EONT50 at checkout. :-)

Head on over to EVE Online - EON or click the banner on the left. getting an overhaul!

Changes to come, more activity ahead.
We're migrating our blogsystem over to wordpress like the rest of the world. We cant live in the past and not move ahead due old layout and design - we have to adapt. You might notice bugs or weird changes - we will try to migrate everything, even our forums.

Sponsored article - E-ON Issue #021 – Published 1st October (now shipping)

E-ON 21

E-ON Issue #021 – Published 1st October (now shipping)

It’s always been there, but EVE’s storyline has never been the most overt aspect of the New Eden universe. All that’s set to change with Incursion, as CCP is looking to bring the back-story firmly to the front. With player events back on the agenda and everyone from the mightiest 0.0 alliance to the lowliest high-sec miner invited to take part, it looks as if your reasons for doing what you do are about to get ever more dramatic.

As we wait patiently for 2011’s extravaganza on the roof of the planet, we take a trip back in time through Fanfests of old to discover how they came to be, why they came to be and who came to... uh, be them. Whatever. The moments that made CCP realize getting a large group of its players together under one darkened roof was all worthwhile, the lessons learnt, and what we can expect from future trips to the sunny shores of, er, Iceland.

Of course we love EVE more than life itself, but that doesn’t mean that life should be neglected in the pursuit of one more can-flip or podkill. We take time out from staring at the monitor to examine ways to step back, smell the flowers and still appreciate our beloved game for all its worth but without becoming totally burnt out in the process. Remember traveller, a healthy capsuleer is a happy capsuleer and vice versa.

Give a bunch of pilots a (relatively) small lump of cash, tell them to spend it on whatever ship and fittings they think are best and record the results. Following Issue #019’s 200 million ISK ship-building challenge, we thought we’d try it again but with a more modest amount. You’ll be surprised just how far a tiny budget goes in New Eden’s chop-shops these days.

The Mod Delusion – how EVE’s greatest fans are taking New Eden into other game engines
‘Condemned To Repeat’ – an all-new, exclusive Chronicle of espionage and deceit from Danny Schalit
In depth ‘Insider’s Guides’ to Militia Fleets, getting the most from EVE’s communication tools and the first of a multi-part look at Drones
Interviews with EVE TV veteran and CCP Video Producer Stevie Ward and Technical Director and ‘Lag Warrior’ CCP Yokai
Behind the characters of Silentbrick, Niccolado Starwalker and Sakura Nihil
Profiles of Art Of War Alliance and Veneratio Venator Alliance
The latest news from CCP and the latest reports from 0.0 space
Postcards, Funnies, My Two ISK and much more

Oh, and there’s one more thing... E-ON is going digital, but we’re not abandoning the hard-copy magazine – far from it. And as a special incentive, ALL subscribers to the hard-copy edition will receive FREE access to the coming-soon E-ON Digital, which will be able to be viewed online or offline on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android device. The print edition will still retain its glossy-page collectability, but the digital version will enable us to bring new features such as full archive searching, lower cost and instant availability. Go tell the world, E-ON Digital is coming soon...

End of summer! New EVE-Pirate CCP sponsored competition “ You can have our stuff “!

Start by registering for an account here at .
Then grab your pens or more accurately, your keyboards!

We want YOU to submit your best stories to .
Any story published from the time which our last competition ended are contestant entries.

The competition will run until September 5th!
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Your favourite story didnt win the Tyrannis competition?

Don't worry!
Thanks to CCP games hf. we'll be able to run a new competition where we will hand out EVE store coupons for a total of $200!

Post your stories, comment on stories - this time I will be the judge and will select my favourite story submissions to hand out EVE store coupons. I can't promise not to be a bit biased but I'll do my best!

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