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Oi. Let's try this again.

Yar. Character rebuilding time, refine the attributes. Making a second run because mining and missions are about as fun as shooting people in a closed cellar. ♥

Cheers to the future victims, my hat would be off to you but I don't have a hat. I killed it. O.o Anyway, expect a return of both OOC advice and RP stories soon.

The Ruins of Genesis - A once holy land

What is it that places the spark of courage in the heart of a hero? What great strength seperates the normal citizens from those with a glorious destiny? It is the courage to enter into the unknown with your head held high and your sword drawn, a goal in your heart and the will to see it through even if it means your life.

Six pilots of Suffoco Noctis entered the Genesis region of Amarrian space with that courage after their previous assault on the Placid region. With a few ships and even fewer supplies we began to settle in with the intention of rebuilding and reforming our strength after such a massive display of firepower. Of course, such dreams of peace and quiet are just that in our line of work... dreams. None the less after a brutal first engagement with the local antipirates we were invited to join the unofficial alliance in the hope of removing a few "threats" from the Genesis region. This granted us enough breathing room to mine, build, and refine our tactics even further so that when the time came we could execute a level of murder never before seen by the majority of Genesis locals. With our ships rebuilt and our spirits raised high, it was time to reform Genesis into a stronger region by removing the weaker corporations and individuals. A large goal, yes, but something that defines the very intent and goal of NOCTS. Having one of our pilots fall into a clone-stasis period of recovery for upcoming months we were short a pilot but remained as deadly as ever.

Genesis never saw it coming. The entrance of NOCTS into a system always led to the death of multiple pod-pilots and the claiming of cargoholds. Screams and anger filled the communication channels throughout the two weeks of our artwork and as our victims increased their level of tactics we adapted quickly to counter new manuvers. The complete destruction of multiple corporations occured along with large amounts of financial damage to the greater Amarr loyalist corporations, with individual pilots, preforming scouting missions to see the great relics of history found within the Genesis region, being quickly eliminated and sent back onto their path home. After two weeks of destruction, chaos, and bloodshed the total amount of destroyed ships reached 111 with an estimated 2.8 billion ISK worth of module and ship damage. The estimated module return from our victims reached over 450 million ISK, safely within our hangers. Below you can find the list of recorded ship losses from our many victims:

17 Pod-class Jovian wetgraves
1 Minmatar Shuttle
2 Rookie-class Frigates
5 Kestrel-class Caldari Frigates
1 Inquisitor-class Amarran Frigate
1 Merlin-class Caldari Frigate
2 Punisher-class Amarran Frigates
4 Tristan-class Gallente Frigates
1 Executioner-class Amarran Frigate
1 Rifter-class Minmatar Frigate
2 Retribution-class Amarran Assault Frigates
2 Enyo-class Gallente Assault Frigates
1 Purifier-class Amarrian Stealth Bomber
2 Thrasher-class Minmatar Destroyers
1 Catalyst-class Gallente Destroyer
4 Vexor-class Gallente Cruisers
1 Celestis-class Gallente Cruiser
7 Caracal-class Caldari Cruisers
7 Thorax-class Gallente Cruisers
3 Rupture-class Minmatar Cruisers
1 Arbitrator-class Amaran Cruiser
1 Osprey-class Caldari Cruiser
3 Maller-class Amarran Cruisers
1 Blackbird-class Caldari Cruiser
1 Omen-class Amarran Cruiser
1 Iteron III-class Gallente Industrial
1 Iteron V-class Gallente Industrial
1 Badger-class Caldari Industrial
2 Retriver-class ORE Barges
1 Hulk-class ORE Exhumer
6 Prophecy-class Amarran Battlecruisers
6 Brutix-class Gallente Battlecruisers
6 Ferox-class Caldari Battlecruisers
3 Cyclone-class Minmatar Battlecruisers
3 Tempest-class Minmatar Battleships
2 Dominix-class Gallente Battleships
2 Apocalypse-class Amarran Battleships
3 Armageddon-class Amarran Battleships
1 Scorpion-class Caldari Battleship
1 Megathron-class Gallente Battleship

The ruins of Genesis have allowed the smarter pilots to prosper and the stronger corporations to stand firm. Those that have survived retain my respect for their adaptability in the face of danger or learning the skills needed to push us away. I can give no other word but 'worthy' for those that can stand alongside the blood and murderer while keeping a logistical head on their shoulders, and respectfully request that you keep Genesis that way in the future. It is a sacred place to many and those who can not defend her do not deserve her beauty or resources. Again I am proud of all members of Suffoco noctis, for while we remain a very small corporation that does not dampen our works of art. Let it be know that we are not so quick to kill and succeed because of any one pilot, but because of the friendship and loyalty within NOCTS. The sharing of a similar goal and the will to see the toughest situations through together makes them heroes in my eyes, and I can only hope that other corporations remember the same when they see their own members. A corporation that embraces kindness and teaching amoungst each other, learning how to trust the actions of each pilot, will glow as brightly as the stars themselves.

Guest submission from Suuji Praath

Guest submission from Suuji Praath of Suffoco Noctis

Sicex and I rolled out of headquarters, unaware of the day that would unfold. We began on a usual patrol route, up through the main mining corridor, trying to find loose targets. The route was fairly quiet until we entered the main hub, her "Vanguard" Prophecy popped into the next system and my Megathron followed.

We scanned around the belts, finding a Prophecy on scanners but had no luck tracking him down. Sitting on one of the belts, I laughed at my luck as the Prophecy warped right on top of me. After locking him down I called for Sicex to warp to me. My blasters were tearing through his tank and Sicex returned in time to get in a few rounds of her lasers to carve open his hull. His pod jumped away and the can revealed a nice drop of named goods.

Content in our quick victory we took a break and I switched into my Crusader. Running up the corridor again Sicex jumped ahead as we were scanning a system and promptly asked for me to warp to her. She was engaging an outlaw in a Kestrel at a gate and my Crusader quickly finished him off. We missed the pod, but were happy enough to have sent him running. We took another break, resting at our headquarters.

We returned to our original fleet later, Sicex in her beast of a Prophecy and my standard blaster Megathron. Passing through the popular systems we found that same outlaw from earlier in local and his CEO with him. Sicex, using her unbelievably quick scanning, jumped right on top of them and their Retribution and Vengeance engaged her, thinking they had the upper hand. An ironic smack of "Revenge being a bitch" was sputtered in local by them as they underestimated Sicex's tank. Once my Megathron entered the fight, the Vengeance that Sicex had taken into structure on her own quickly got out of scrambler range and warped. The CEO's Retribution that I jumped on was not to so fortunate, popping in a matter of seconds.

Continuing to the next system we scanned a lone Enyo sitting at a station. Warping on top of him we invited him to our gang and proceeded to sling him towards the nearest planet. Once at the planet his stationary ship was wrecked in the first few volleys from us. After cleaning up the loot we returned to the system and found a cluster of ships at a single belt. We pounced on the belt, unaware of the volume of targets that would be presented.

I must admit at this point that the details are slightly blurry. The fight was fast so I couldn't always keep track of who was there and in what ship. When Sicex and I arrived at the belt there was at least a Brutix and three cruisers: a Vexor, a Celestis and a Thorax. Despite the Celestis, my lock was quick against the Brutix. Sicex engaged the Vexor, having a personal reason to engage the pilot and some of my drones joined her. The Vexor was the first to explode under her Prophecy's lasers, followed quickly by the Brutix which didn't last long against our concentrated fire. The Celestis was next and I watched at least one Thorax warp out from our attack (I think another warped in then warped out). Enjoying our quick victory, we both smiled as yet another Brutix warped in right on top of us. The final Brutix fell fast and we began collecting the bounty from only three minutes of work.

At the end of the day, we had downed three Battlecruisers, three Cruisers and three Frigates (two of which were Tech II). Our only expense: a few dozen rounds of Large Antimatter Charges. This is only our first two weeks of this, I can only wonder how we'll improve.

The Massacre of Placid

Suffoco Noctis entered the Placid region of Gallente space little over a month ago with the idea of relaxing after many guerilla wars spread across multiple other corners of the galaxy. A trail of blood followed the original three corporation members of NOCTS and it gave off a uneasy scent to the anti-pirate coalitions that commonly patrolled the Placid borders. With the defense of Placid Reborn and the unofficial alliance designated Placid Defense coalition, we were certain that the borders would be well guarded enough for our brief retirement so long as we stayed quiet about our activities.

But the memories and horror others have witnessed firsthand quickly followed our paths and our names became quickly recognized within even the smallest nooks of Placid. It was time to leave... but like hell we were going to just walk out of here. If we took the first step to leave then the bodies of those who defended Placid would litter the nebulas like sand upon a beach. Speaking with trusted friends we began a brief and unnoticed recruitment period, bringing to the ranks of NOCTS three new members. All previously within the Placid Reborn corporation, their knowledge of EVE and tactical capability were unrivaled by others we had considered and quickly they adapted to the change from prey to hunter. Suffoco Noctis had taken a deep breath of life, and it was time to remind Placid that their saftey was not in the hands of those who protected it. Their saftey existed only because we, and many other pirate corporations around us, allowed them that small comfort.

The knife was inserted deep within the heart of placid and all six members of NOCTS began a brutal spree of ransomless murders. No questions. No hesitation. The souls of our victims never made it beyond their mortal corpses for our blades cut deep enough to destroy their defensive spirit. By the cunning tactics and determaination, Suffoco Noctis was able to eliminate the following ships in outright combat/counterassaults and belt piracy within a two-day timeframe:

4 Pod-class Jovian wetgraves
1 Wolf-class Minmatar Assault Frigate
3 enyo-class Gallente Assault Frigates
5 Thorax-class Gallente Cruisers
1 Celestis-class Gallente Cruiser
2 Vexor-class Gallente Cruisers
2 Brutix-class Gallente Battlecruisers
1 Iteron Mark IV-class Gallente Industrial
1 Iteron Mark V-class Gallente Industrial
1 Retriever-class ORE Barge
1 Typhoon-class Minmatar Battleship
1 Dominix-class Gallente Battleship
3 Megathron-class Gallente Battleships

While the numbers may seem miniscual to the older piracy corporations, the list above is something I am incredibly proud to display. It isn't just myself or any other singular person in NOCTS, but everyone's combined dedication and loyalty to friendship and bloodshed. I am proud of each and every member of NOCTS and couldn't imagine flying with a better crew. To the new recruits: Sicex, Aria Sky, and Suuji Praath, welcome aboard. You've certainly earned your place here. What we've accomplished in the past two days will leave a mark on Placid for many months to come. And as we pull away from Placid and move onto a new area, let the galaxy know one thing clearly.

Suffoco Noctis is alive... and the souls of the damned follow behind us.

The CCCCFK (Crispy, Crunchy, Chocolaty, Corp Founder Kill)

Placid has seen a large growth of both pirates and anti-pirates in the past few months and the Suffoco Noctis corporation is certainly not going to miss out on the newly-created hunting grounds. Unfortunatally the larger corporations and alliances that consider relocating into Placid deem it nessessary to sent only a few players to "test the water", so to speak. While normally well equipped, these pilots lack the tactical experience needed for the guerilla warfare style of engagements commonly found in just about any low-sec area. One thing leads to another and you end up in a region with kills as simple as walking into a Daycare for the Deaf and opening fire with an M-16 assault rifle.

Of course there is always the occassional pilot or two who attempt to turn the pirating tables around on us, pulling various cookie-cutter tactics against a group of experienced murderers. Killarity ensues.

Tyeke, founder and fleet admiral of 'Lighten Your Load Industries' and memeber of the 'Knights of the Southerncross' alliance, felt the need to explore this area of Placid and its opprotunities for their pirate corporation. Monitoring his activities across a few private communication channels of my own, it should be marked that his initial tests earned him quite a few kills before the local systems realised what was going on. Unfortunatally, he made a mistake. He attacked a corporation I deeply respect and admire: Sniggerdly

That was it. The bitch had to die. After gathering more intel and discovering that he brought a friend into the system, it was time to hunt. Gathering my corpmates and their gear, it was time to reclaim Aulbres from these insulters of Snigg. Desolatus in a scout/tackler Executioner, myself in an experimental duramaller, and Fade Routha in a ganking Ferox; it was time for a slaughter. We began the usual system scans to narrow down the Ishkur we knew Tyeke was flying, and noticed a Cyclone nearbye bearing the name of his corpmate: darkdecyple's Cyclone (didn't even change your name??). None the less, it was an obvious trap. Once the Ishkur engaged someone the Cyclone would warp straight on top of the intended target. Novice-level tactics, but doable. In fact, let's give them a taste of it done proper-like.

Des sent his Executioner into the belt holding the Ishkur while Fade and myself waited, aligned for warp, not far off. Tyeke took the bait, and Des notified us of the engagement with the Ferox warping in. We were already on our way. Landing on top of the Ishkur I dual-nossed it and began pounding away at it's armor. The drones eliminated Des and he quickly left the battle, for his sacraficial job was done. The Cyclone opened fire on Fade's Ferox and the battle had begun. The focused fire of the Ishkur and Cyclone proved too much for Fade's tank and he quickly warped out, but realigned and waited for my command.

It was time to put my maller to the test against the Cyclone and Ishkur, solo. The Ishkur's destruction was an afterthought, he didn't stand a chance against my frigate-class weaponry. Engaging the Cyclone I made sure he was opening fire on me with his missiles and quickly called Fade onto my position. The three nosses hit my Maller and she flinched, but tanked on. Due to the combined firepower of myself and Fade, the overwhealming tanking capability of the Maller, the tech 2-fitted Cyclone's shield tank was demolished and within moments the Cyclone switched fire to the Ferox. Although it had enough time to remove Fade's shields, darkdecyple's Cyclone melted before our eyes. Pod was locked, scrambled, and destroyed. Local was clear and Snigg was avenged.

Suffoco Noctis is back... and the bodies are only just beginning to litter the galaxy.

The end of my story.

I started in piracy, many moons ago, because I wanted to understand the darker side of EVE. I wanted to embrace it, learn it, and then show it to the public view. Such cruelty displayed with such cunning was never something I could ignore, and thus I dove into it headfirst. It began with killmails, ship loadout testing, and eventually joining EVE-pirate. From there I became friends with some of the players I consider to be the most brilliant pilots in EVE, from Verone, to Trey, and even Siddy. Life was fun, hunting was good, and then came the part where I return what I've gained back to the EVE community.

Posting ship setups suddenly brought flames because of their unsual setup. Posting pirate philosophy brought even more flames because of the nature of my piracy (hunt, murder, then teach). Flame after flame has filled my posts in EVE, eve-mail after insulting eve-mail has filled my EVE inbox. Yesterday someone managed to obtain my phone number through a "whois" command ran on my hosted website, calling me with a flurry of insults and threats. Over a -game-. No more, I won't take it.

I greatly enjoyed my time here, learning from everyone and accepting the sides of EVE that most people simple view as "childish and dishonorable". The pirate community is not only the most mature aspect of EVE I've ever seen, but also the most intelligent. I hope to return in the future, if the game allows, to continue furthering my tutorials and ship-ideas for others to read and grow upon. For now, I simply don't feel 1.) Safe continuing to piss people off with out-of-the-box ship ideas and 2.) I see no reason to continue helping a community that turns a game into something far beyond personal insults.

I wish you all well, and good hunting. Remember that modules and ships do not a pirate make, but your intelligence and reputation. Expand your ideas, run the mathamatics, and enjoy the game for what it is.

The forgotten attribute, Fear.

Smart pirates run mathamatical calculations on their setup to squeeze the best out of every aspect of their ship. Capacitor recharge rate, shield regeneration rate, damage per second compared to burst damage per minute. Module comparisons, out-of-box planning, instincts, and continual testing eventualy mold soft pilots into ruthless pirates. However far too many pirates forget a common and important attribute of their trade: Fear.

Fear is what makes the victim's heart skip a beat, hesitating slightly.

Fear is what brings the victim's mind to a sudden sprint, frantically processing the information in a blur of confusion.

Fear is what buys a pirate a second here, a second there, in order to turn a close-call fight into an overwhealming display of tactical superiority.

Take for example this situation I experienced a few days ago with my friends:

Fly in the Daran system we noticed multiple targets on the scanner, quickly pinpointing an Omen and proceeding to warp on top of it. Fade Routha (maller), Desolatus(punisher), Sicex(punisher), and myself(rifter) melted his shields and armor before he even remembered to enable his guns. A thorax and caracal warped in, obviously responding to a gang help request, but only exited warp as soon as the omen's pod was popped. A system of flashing red pirates, and one dead comrade on their end. The Caracal warps off to a safespot and the thorax makes a lazy warp to a planet. I note the heading and order an immediate gang warp to his planet. We plant right on top of him and the order to engage and scramble flows naturally.

He wasn't expecting this. The speed of our counter-attack, the sudden flashing of red on his overview, stopped him cold. It took three or four seconds for him to even realise what had happened and to return fire, giving us plenty of time to ensure multiple locks and scrambles to prevent his escape. A clumsy align for warp and only one weapon firing showed that he was far too nervous to figure out exactally what path of action he should take. Ten seconds into the battle his armor was eliminated and we noticed that his shield booster was finally active (not armor repair) and his quad beam lasers (not hybrid weaponry) was finally active and returning fire on the frigates, which he was unable to hit.

A caracal warped in on top of us, only to see his friend explode and his pod destroyed. The caracal, now having witnessed two of his friends destroyed in front of him and landing so close to us, paniced. It took a whole five seconds before he decided to align for warp and head back to his safe spot. Why was he not taken out? I honestly can't remember why, so don't ask again. The fight ended with a single sentance in local:

"Stay docked if you value your life, or rejoin your friends in the cloning station."

He didn't undock the rest of the time we were in system.

Fear of a flashing overview. Fear of quick actions. The inability to think clearly. Use the psychological tools to your advantage to compliment your already powerful tactical setups. Become more than a ship. Become the dark figure that everyone remembers, not out of anger, but out of terror.

Solo punisher hunting loadout

Ship-type: Punisher
Role: Tackler/Bleeder
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: Amarr Frigate III, Decent Mechanic class skills, Decent Gunnery Skills
High-slots: 2xDual Light Pulse Laser, 1xMedium Pulse Laser, 1xSmall Nos, 3xgamma crystals, 3x microwave crystals
Med-slots: 1x1MN Afterburner, 1xWarp Scrambler
Low-slots: 1xSmall Armor Repairer, 3x Capacitor Power Relay
Cost: 500-700k including ship and modules
Comment: The purpose of a bleeder-class pirate is to do enough damage over time to make them 'bleed' to death. Just enough that it will break their tank and they are forced to watch themselves die slowly. The high-slots are obvious. Dual lights help eliminate drones and have a decent RoF against your target while the medium pulse laser is a nice extra 'umph' of damage. The small nos helps sustain all of your modules, along with the three cap relays, literally. Even with all modules running and the repairer I can keep a sustained 45-55% cap (depending upon crystal usage). The amazing amount of capacitor recharge also allows for a decent fight against a medium nos. It won't break the medium nos but it will allow you a few more cycles of survivability. The gamma crystals are for normal engagement that way you can fly under the guns of cruisers and battlecruisers, while the microwave crystals are for anti-drone work.

Afterburner is used instead of a MWD because I rarely have a cruiser or larger warp out in the time it takes for me to cross the 15k to 7.5k. No reason to waste capacitor. Scrambler is obvious. And the armor repair is obvious. The entire setup, as a matter of fact, is both cheap and obvious. But effective. The philosophy behind this ship is to keep a continual, never ending tank and shrug off even caracal-class damage (ransomed 3 in this, not all at once of course) but remain fast enough to destroy cruiser-class weaponry tracking. To kill them off slowly while they remain awed that you are still intact. It's a cheap setup that allows you to not only ransom ships much larger than yourself, solo, but also leaves them wonder "I jst got owned.. by a solo tech 1 frigate.". Keep in mind that this setup alone won't make you uber, but it will make apparent who is already a brilliant pirate. Total ISK made from this setup: 183 million isk in one month.

Orbit at 1,000 meters. Serves one. Enjoy.

An unexpected wave of tactics

Piracy in numbers. Something I am greatly new to due to my tactics that rely on speed, stealth, and individual piloting philosophy. But yet I took the step foward and allied with others last night, under the names of Cerberal, Kumq uat, and Desolatus. The four of us made a trip to meet within the Sagain system and raise hell. The locals were not let down.

During a system scanning, we spotted a few anti-pirate/looking for a fight pilots that posed trouble, possible, for our small ships. Myself in the usual punisher, Cerberal in a Wolf, Kumq uat in a Taranis, and Desolatus also in a punisher. The targets? An arbitrator, stabber, and thrasher. Both the stabber and thrasher spelled trouble for our frigates, but that didn't stop us. No, in fact we had no idea that we were going to engage them in the first place.

Waiting for the group to reform within one of the system belts, the arbitrator warped right in on top of us, along with the thrasher. It had begun. Cerberal's wolf and my punisher immediatally locked and scrambled the thrasher, quickly wiping him off the map before he posed a threat to either of us. However during the fight the arbitrator warped in as well, 15k away from our frigates. I disengaged and refocused on the arbitrator after a quick visual ID proved that he did not have guns fitted, meaning medium noses were about to hit us hard while we waited for our backup. I screamed off in his direction, quickly webbing the arbitrator in hopes of slowing him down before he got in nos range for the wolf.

Even with his 400mm steel plate, he did not last long. Kumq uat and Desolatus warped in for assistance and the arbitrator was quickly melting. Until the stabber warped on top of us. Knowing the arb was close to death I again disengaged and refocused on the stabber, determined to not allow his ACs to reach the rest of the team. Webbed, nossed, and damaged. While they were organizing themselves for after the suprise events, I lured the stabber further away, buying them time to reengage on TeamSpeak. Alas, my tank broke and I was left in a pod. But the cost of a cheap punisher in comparison to the terror that the stabber pilot was feeling... he did not last long. The actions of the crew I flew with tonight and the quick tactical thinking in unexpected situations kept us all alive. Three ships down for the price of one frigate.

It was good to fly with them, and it reaffirmed my belief in tactics over ganking. You can outdamage your opponent all you wish, but without planning and manual navigation to control your enemies trajectory, you risk losing many ships in the process.

A counter to actions of piracy

What is the key to countering piracy as a non-pirate? Fitting modules to plug in the weakness of your own ship. Take for example the maller I just engaged. While normally a simple battle due to the larger turrets being unable to track fast enough for laser contact, this gem of a ship was prepared for me to exploit that weakness. A webber and a medium Nos eliminated my offence almost instantly, forcing me to pull back and wish her my best in local.

That's it. The key is to fill in your weaknesses versus fit up for a singular goal. I've always recommended spending no more than two modules for these counter tactics. In this case, a long-range maller with cruiser-class weaponry has the weakness of a close-range attack. She could have used a frigate-class laser, but the choice to destroy the attackers capacitor and speed negates the need to worry about tracking.

My thanks to Eastern Wind of Viziam for an interesting battle, and my thanks again for her do what most PvE pilots never do: Think.

Stupid hotkey Settings folder...

Engaging a helpless moa who's heavy missiles were not doing a single threatening thing to my punisher, excited for a decent ransom. I alt+f1 to realign for a better orbit and temporarily kill my AB. Wait... I hit alt+a which is my autopilot hot key. Tried to cancel with ctrl+space but it was too late. I was greeted by two sentry guns and my pod crying for a binky. I kri

The cost of retaliation

Rorsins seemed to be a quiet enough system. Only a few empire citizens on the system records and long range scanners detected minor defensive ship classes. And then the scanner blinked slightly, displaying a nearby Covetor. Slight adjustments to the scanner pinpointed his location and my Punisher-class frigate made the jump into warp-drive. Screaming into the belt I slammed on my afterburner, hitting orbital calculations as my ship recalibrated it's electronic frequencies. Even going full steam I was only barely able to obtain a targeting-lock and punch my warp scrambler.

He was mine. A shield tanker against EM/Thermal damage stands little chance when properly approached. Reaching armor, a corp mate of his warped in to put a halt to my 'liberation' flying a mean looking ferox. Determained, I continued to focus all weaponry onto the Covetor before the ferox arrived, as it was still a ways out. Bringing it to structure I opened a communication's channel with the Covetor pilot, Jet Sunsoar. An offering of 2 million isk for the release of his ship and modules was offered, small enough generally for them to quickly accept... something which would be needed in the current situation.

He laughed. Said he could always replace it and made over 100 million isk a day. By this time the ferox was unloading it's missile vollies and it was now time to test my frigate's setup. It held? Heavy missile after heavy missile was being launched from his teammate but my frigate held up against it perfectly. (aside from the violent shakes and hull creaking). I finished off the Covetor just as he initiated the beginning self-destruct sequence and made a turn for the Ferox. I watched it align for warp, far out of my range, and sped off leaving his friend's pod attempting to warp out. I smirked but quickly remembered a few cargo cans named after their corp, Eye of God, and headed to the other belts. Spotting their mining cans unguarded (hunting for me I assume) I quickly opened fire knowing they were nothing more than jettisoned cans and thus had little armor to defend against open attacks. Nearly 400k m3 of ore destroyed destroyed, primarily rares.

The local communication channel was a blur of insults and belittling. Threats came from everyside of me, assurances that I would pay and I would never be able to fly in space again. I smirked, notified them that I had destroyed all of their cargo containers in retaliation for opening fire on my ship. Again the local communication channel exploded into a roar of anger and insults as my ship made it's way into a quickly constructed safe spot.