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Seeds of Darkness pt. II

Time. Too much is a bad thing. Time to think, time to doubt, time to regret. Since the day I left my old life behind I’ve had time to do all three. As I make the jumps from system to system, steadily heading away from the regular space-lanes deeper into unsafe regions, I’ve had plenty of time to question my resolve. From the day I was commissioned as a pod pilot my life has been one of duty, rigid discipline and service to my clan. Such habits are indeed hard to break. I find myself wondering if I am truly capable of turning my back on those principles I once held dear. Whether I am able to place myself outside the law and live the life of an outcast, preying on those weaker than myself. Hunting, killing. Murdering?

Cleared for publication by: Ander
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Seeds of Darkness

Once again I find myself waiting for the agent to acknowledge me as I wait in front of her desk. It seems as if I spend half my life standing in one office or another, listening to the hum of air purifiers and the tapping of fingers on a keyboard. Finally she looks up. “ Captain Torax, I am very disappointed in you” That’s it? My crew are dead, scattered though the void as my ship the Hurricane-class battle cruiser “Vengeance” was torn apart by unknown assailants while on a simple search and destroy mission. And all she can say is “Disappointed”?

Cleared for publication by: Freaky

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