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BURN EDEN kills second Frighter

GOP-GE, Sunday.

Scouts report an ISS freighter moving towards empire, with only an incursus to scout. We wait at a gate 2 jumps out. As the scout reports the freighter jumping into the next system, myself (stabber) and a corpmate (geddon) jump in. I warp to the gate he is coming from and the geddon waits at the gate he would be going to. 4 ravens wait at the otherside.

As I come out of warp the Frighter is still at the gate doing 52m/s. I lock and scramble him. Then I notice he has already logged! Lame! As the rest of our battleships apprear he vanished. Guess he must have logged before I agressed him. So we all add him to our contacts list and wait for him to log back on. Sure enough, 5 minutes later he logs back on. He sees us in local and logs again. His ship is on scanner at 2 million km but it never appears at the gate. We probe him and find his spot. The agression timer from the first log off now comes into play and he stays there long enough for us to kill him and probe his pod and pod him (hope you had implants).

Unfortunatly nothing dropped from the freighter so I guess he was empty. This brings our total freighter kill count to 2.

It took 1 geddon, 4 ravens and a stabber about 1 minute to take him down.

Shin Ra

Getting around Warp Bubbles

I need to buy a new skill and test out this brilliant ship setup idea I had, so make my way from 37-S in stain to Agil. Its 40-50 jumps but I have instas all the way. As I Jump into WD-VTV, I see an unusual amount of ppl in local. Fearing a bubble, I warp to a planet and scan the gate. Sure enough, they have a small mobile warp disruptor out. USually not a big deal, but they did have quite a few assault frigs that could fry my little vigil. These were IRON. BURN EDEN had recently taken a contract against 3 northern alliances and had killed a lot of IRON ships. Our relationship was sour at best. What to do, what to do?

So I did what any gun ho, fearless pirate would do......... I held a quiz for them.

For the best part of half an hour I held an eve trivia quiz with small cash prizes.

Examples of questions were:
Which Alliance held tribute on the 10th of July 2005?
How many jumps from Agil to Torrinos?

They seemed to like it, and hate me slightly less, enough at least for them to agree to let me past.

Morale of the story: Not all problems can be solved by violence, sometimes even the most die hard pirate must talk his way around obstacles.

Machariel Fishing

R-ARKN, Esoteria.

I log in and immediatly check the map for people in space. With few targets around and the uninviting proespect of traveling 20 jumps to MP5 to get blobbled, I decide to head over to Period Basis. Its home of the legendary industrial alliance: ISS. Not knowing wheter or not to expect a blob or a deserted system, I set of on the journey. Having visted the edge of Period Basis earlier on in the week, I had instas for part of the journey. My corpmate, Heinky, was over in this area fighting by himself last night. Knowing the people in space around O8S would most likely go straight to a pos, I bypassed this system and headed towards G-Q in the far bottom left corner of the map. I jump into a RJ3H and start speeding up. Someone enters local, an ISS guy! They will know I'm coming now. I decide to approach the gate I just jumped through in hope of catching him. I see an Apoc enter scanner, and sure enough he has an insta. I'm still 7km from the gate. He wastes no time jumping through, not even worth chasing.

The day isn't looking good. Will they have a gatecamp setup for me?

I continue on my journey and reach G-Q where there is a conqourable station owned by BOB, but used primarly by ISS for mining purposes. No gate camp just yet! A quick scan reveals no targets besides a raven at a POS. I continue nextdoor into Z-M - no station and no pos here, 5 in local. Suddenly I realise there is a Megathron sitting 15k off the gate not up to speed. I'm 31k away from him. I approach, At 29k I start locking. He starts getting up to speed. I get within 28k and my Dark Blood Warp disruptor scrambles him. My 6 siege launchers open fire. Loaded with Kinetic and Explosive Torps (the Blood rats do EM+Thermal dmg). His shields take 2 or 3 volleys but his armour goes down fast. He is getting really close to the gate now. He must be in jump range any second and still has 1/3 armour. Suddenly, 2 cruise missles come and take me to 97% shields. He agressed! My torps quickly vaporise his remainin armour and structure. He goes pop.

Nothing else seems to be going on so I decide to make a safespot and log for a bit. I am using scanner to watch for probes as I wait for my 15 minute agression timer to end. Suddently I see a Machariel, Raven, 2 AFs and a tristan on scanner. These brave warriors had gone and refitted for pvp. I start warping in at spots around the gate to see what happens. Not that much I can do by myself. Then Heinky (raven) and Pheole (Vagabond) log in and they are 2 jumps out. A Plan is hatched.

I warp in at 100k to the gate and a tristan and an enyo make a b-line directly for me. The Machariel is moving at 500m/s directly towards me too. The raven has gone and is replaced by a cerebus. Heinky and Pheole are now on the otherside of the gate. After the Machariel is suffiecntly far off the gate, they both jump in. I dampen up the Machariel and Heinky dampens the Cerebus. Pheole's vagabond qucikly moves at over 4000 m/s towards the Machariel. He scambles and webs him. Great! All 3 of us start shooting the Machariel. At this point, I am 120k away, just outside of torp range. The enyo and tristan are now on top of me and web me. I pop out my drones and scramble and nos the tristan. He goes down fast. The enyo doesn't last much longer. I can now move at full speed towards the Machariel, who is at half armour but has a pretty decent tank. Just as he gets down to structue a volley of my torps hits him. That magical blue light fills my screen and he is dead. There are another couple of frigs in at this point. Pheole goes for the cerbebus now and scrabmles him. Unfortunatly he starts shooting FOF's. Pheole completly lags out and gets poped! That sucks. We kill some more tristans, but this Cerebus refuses to die. My torps do minimal damage he has a pretty solid shield tank going. I start nosing him, but his FOF's are tearing me up. The wolf next to him pops my drones too! Well, not much we can really do, so I warp back and we both collect the loot. In between all this, several frigs and an omen are killed too.

Victim: Khirion El'Laputa
Alliance: Interstellar Starbase Syndicate
Corporation: Rave Technologies Inc.
Destroyed Type: Machariel
Solar System: Z-M5A1
System Security Level: 0.0

Involved parties:

Name: Heinky (laid the final blow)
Security Status: -0.5
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: BURN EDEN
Ship Type: Raven
Weapon Type: Juggernaut Torpedo I

Name: Pheole
Security Status: 3.9
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: BURN EDEN
Ship Type: Vagabond
Weapon Type: Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I

Name: Ramuh <--------------------- my alt
Security Status: -1.0
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: BURN EDEN
Ship Type: Raven
Weapon Type: ZW-4100 Siege Missile Bay

Destroyed items:

Type: Armor Thermic Hardener II (Fitted - Low slot)

Type: Cap Recharger II (Fitted - Medium slot)

Type: Gyrostabilizer II (Fitted - Low slot)

Type: Tairei's Modified Large Armor Repairer (Fitted - Low slot)

Type: Tairei's Modified Large EMP Smartbomb (Fitted - High slot)

Type: 800mm Heavy 'Scout' Repeating Artillery I (Fitted - High slot)

Type: 800mm Heavy 'Scout' Repeating Artillery I (Fitted - High slot)

Type: Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II (Fitted - Low slot)

Type: Cap Recharger II (Fitted - Medium slot)

Type: Cap Recharger II (Fitted - Medium slot)

Type: Dark Blood Heavy Nosferatu (Fitted - High slot)

Type: Gyrostabilizer II (Fitted - Low slot)

Unfortunatly, all the goot stuff was destroyed. Looted from the can was, 4x 800mm Scouts, a cap recharger II and a 100mn AB II. Bit of a dissapointment, certainly not nearly as good as the previous 2 Machariel's we killed. However, its still a huge buzz to actually kill one and the t2 loot from the other ships more than made up for the Vagabond loss.

The frist time we came across a Machariel, nobody in my corp was quite sure how to pronounce it. We started pronouncing it "Makarel" as in the fish! From that point on we coined the term Machariel Fishing.

Another day in Paradise......before the servers crashed!