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My first solo

I was cruising through my home system getting used to my new ship. I can't believe I forgot about the station guns.

"Oh well, gotta learn somehow" I keep telling myself.

The system has been dead most of the night and I'm about to set my nav to the station and call it when I see a blip appear on my scanner. It's one I remember seeing earlier but was too busy tweaking my targetting computer to track it down. I do a quick scan and don't see any 'buddies' hiding in the system so I decide to go take a look.

"Hmmm, a Merlin."

I track him from cluster to cluster, looks like he's ratting.

My hands are shaking from the adrenaline rush. This is my first try at this with no corp backup.

I punch in the coordinates for the cluster's planet and scan each belt.

"Got him!"

He's sitting in a belt face to face with one of the local rats...I'm not sure he even saw me warp in behind him. I quickly throw the nose of my ship toward him and punch the MWD on full. Gotta close this distance fast.

My targetting computer screams as positive lock is established and I scramble his computer.

"No where to run now my friend"

I feel the slight shudder of my ship as my weapons toss their deadly payload toward him. Explosions all around him as his shields and armor melt away. It all happens much faster than I expected as the void of space explodes in a brilliant light in front of me. I lock down the pod and send the pilot on a quick trip back to the cloning facility.

Quickly securing the leftovers from the wreck, I zip off to a safespot to wait out the timer...those station guns are cruel mistresses.

I constantly watch my scanner for 'friends' to jump in and start hunting me. My heartrate finally slowing down I realize in my haste I had forgotten to turn on my defenses! 'Good thing he went down quick or I would've looked REALLY stupid' I think to myself.

A comm flickers from my CEO:


I smile to myself, "So this is it...this is what I've been searching for..."

I hear my warp drives powering up as I turn toward home...


Cleared for publication by: Ander