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And so we live

First time writting -_-, hope you enjoy =D, critisim encouraged

And so I awoke after a long nights slumber in my pod. Not having seen action for over a good month I was itching for a fight. The last thing i fought was a Megathron in my Brutix. What a one sided fight that was. After a quick diagnostics check my pod was in working order. All i had to do now is wait for my twin to arrive in my Griffin. I was rallying the troops taking them out on the hunt. Both of them have never tasted the adrenaline rush from killing an unsuspecting victim before. i sat impatiently in Oisio awaiting my allies and twin. Wolf was the first to arrive eager for battle in his Merlin. Zullo came shortly after snoozing away in his Kestral, the words "Autopilot disabled, Destination reached," jolting him awake. Last to arrive was my twin carrying my Griffin. So with his arrival we set of to the system over. Rendevous at the center station and thats where i got back into a ship. The feel of the metal around me felt good once again, Another quick diagnostics and checking what i had fit revealed all was green. While I was checking my twin arrived in system in his Heron and cloaked in a safe spot.

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