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Pirate Gone Null

Alliance Tournament IX recently ended and the united was not the victor. Looks like its time for our pilot to move on with her plan to conquer the infamous nullsec. Into Curse she goes...

Its 0500 Zulu and pretty quiet. INIT. controls the station during this hour so its all blued up right now. After having tried to catch a couple Cynabals and a Vaga in HLW with her Rapier and Widow combo she heads back to G-0.

"Guess I'll get back in the Malediction."

Sitting outside the station, our pilot spots a Crusader at a tactical and burns for it... Continue reading "Pirate Gone Null"

outnumbered, outgunned... f@#k it lets go

With the dissolving of the space police we are now left with the remnants of a once thriving pirate alliance now scrounging to put fleets together from what is left. what caused the disbanding is not even important as it had nothing to do with our efficiency in pirating. so we are left with this state of affairs...

Gunmen have increased their forces, lg has fled and united have been keeping to themselves. the former space police, gunmen and united are all at ends with one another and fighting daily. most of the united have respect for the space police systems and do not travel in them often. the gunmen on the other hand, look for every opportunity to camp out gates stopping high sec targets from entering and waiting for easy kills. this makes us angry.
we decided to take a trip to otou to harass the gunmen a little and see what else we could find. we took in a raptor, curse and drake. there are a few gunmen in system, maybe 5 or 6, but they appear to be afk for the most part. we see a rupture and merlin on scan, they appear to be ss'd. our drake pilot hops in his arazu and begins to probe...
Continue reading "outnumbered, outgunned... f@#k it lets go"

Gank gone wrong...

this evening started out like any other. we are at war with another corporation but they havnt been around to fight, so i decided it was a nice time to learn how to probe out ships. i started in otou, my new old stomping ground. its one of my favourites because of the arrangement of belts makes it pretty easy to find people on the directional scanner. so i start probing and after about 20 minutes of that and no positive results, i decided to give up and try my luck on some targets i saw on directional scanner. i dock up and grab my trusty arbitrator all t2 fitted with my array of drones. this may not seem like much to you, but with only 4.5mil sp, i think im doing pretty good to have a -10 sec status mainly from the use of my arby.

i head out to my scan spot to start looking through the belts. i can see them on 360 but cannot seem to find anything on 5. so i decide to sit in a belt and wait. nothing comes. i grow bored and tired and make one last attempt at 5 degree scans and i get a hit, a punisher on planet 6! this is too good to pass up and will be easy for me to pop if i can get a lock on him before he bolts. i warp into to planet 6 area at 0 and viola, there he is and ready to fight. Continue reading "Gank gone wrong..."