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To Steal a Hyperion

A brief moment from space:
Pleased with her theft of a Hyperion-class Gallente battleship, the shadowy capsuleer left the station, about to embark on the ship's maiden voyage.

The capsuleer groaned as she undocked to find a squadron of three Hurricane battlecruisers awaiting her. 
"Prepare to die, thief!" the message blipped in her local channel, giving her all the warning she needed.

She willed her damage control module to go online as well as her guns to start tracking the three 'canes. The battlecruisers, comparatively agile to the Hyperion, orbited her at a close range, their medium autocannons shredding through her shield's weak resistances. 

Her rack of eight electron blaster cannons began shooting the closest hurricane as a firing solution was formulated by the ship's onboard computer, firing with a shuddering *whomp*. The accelerated particles hit their mark perfectly, dealing a wrecking shot to the first assailant. Armour groaned under the force of the attack, another volley loading to be fired just a few second later. 

"Shit, drones!" the capsuleer thought to herself, forgetting all about her flight of mark II Hammerhead combat drones. She again willed her ship to release the remote vessels, directing them towered the second Hurricane with guns blazing.

She smiled as the first ship was shot to pieces, eventually exploding into an explosive ball of plasma. One down, two to go. The large guns rotated in their hardpoints, aiming towards the third battlecruiser, when a warning blared inside her pod. "Armour status critical." 

She had forgotten to power her armour repair modules! Swiftly willing the two nanite injectors to began reshaping her hull's thick plating. "The capacitor is empty." She swore in as many languages she knew, turning on the final modules: her capacitor boosters. A quick surge of power brought her ship back into the game, ensuring the battlecruisers' energy neutralizers did not cripple her chances.

Out of the corner of her vision, she watched the second 'cane explode under the fire of her drones.
"Attack the third, now!" she yelled, as if it would make a difference. She heard soft blips as each drone confirmed her vocal command. 

She could hear the scream as the third ship was destroyed, incinerating the capsule within. Well, she imagined she could hear it.

Taking a deep breath and recalling her drones, the capsuleer sat in utter silence as her heart beat at an astounding rate, adrenaline finally subsiding from the riveting five minutes of combat.

Foolishly, she closed her eyes for a minute, not thinking to check the list of pilots in the system, as three more battlecruisers warped to her location. She almost cried to herself, but bit her bottom lip and again aimed her guns, carefully remembering to activate all of her modules. She was just about to fire, when a warning sound clicked, her onboard AI speaking in a brash tone.
"The module has run out of charges." 
Ah, fuck.