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Orca Solo'd

Hello All, I'm a four-month old player in a high-sec pirate/wardeccer/griefer corp. We mainly fight wars, but can-flip and annoy to keep up all our skills.

There I was in Unpas, sitting in my Nemesis bomber looking for some cans to flip because my corp's latest war just finished. I scan down a couple of cans, but the two I see are both Retrievers paired with a hauler, so little chance of any fighting from those two.

Finally, I see a Hulk and a can all alone in the last belt. I warp in cloaked, and see that the Hulk has a couple of mining drones out and a couple of Hammerheads. Deciding that I'm sure that I can outrun hammers if I need to, I sneak up to the can. Just my luck, a full can of ore! I flip the can, and wait about 20 klicks off it for the Hulk to react.

Six to seven minutes go by, and no reaction. I tell myself that he's hold is filling up and that he'll figure out the flip soon, since he must be AFK. Suddenly, the Hulk gathers his drones and warps to a station. Great, I say to myself, if he didn't see the flip I'll be getting another Badger II or if he did I'll watch him just mine and run for another ten minutes.

Looking at my scanner, I see his Hulk disappear, and start refreshing it to see whether or not his hauler comes out. I see a Drake pop up, and start cursing, cause my mates aren't around to help me with the Drake and I'm not taking on this baddy alone. Luckily the Drake warped somewhere to mission run, but then I see an Orca, and think that the Orca must be for another mining op in system.

Nay, the Orca drops into the belt, and my heart races. Please take the can, I think, I would be insanely happy to kill an Orca. He takes the can and I instantly uncloak and lock him up. Disruptor, and target painter start running while my first volley of torps impacts his shields. Three more volleys and he's into armor. Now comes the hard part, as he's armor and structure take about eighteen volleys of torps to finally pop him. He convos me later and says good kill, he really shouldn't mine when he's half asleep.

My corpmates congratulate me and curse me for my luck, and for a four month old character I feel great about this kill.