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Snip Snipe

I kick my feet up in my pod, taking a break from the pirate-life. My Maelstrom is at a safe spot, my mate's Apoc is floating idle next to mine.
"You there Wash?" I hear him say.
"Yea man. What's up?" I reply, deep in relaxation, coming off the high of various boosters.
"There's no activity here man it's too late. I sat we call it a nigh-" He says, getting cut off.
We both quickly scramble to get back in our chairs, and jump back into the neuro-interface, struggling against time to get our ships alligned to our sniper safe.
"GO GO!" I yell to the Apoc. He warps, and i am right behind him. We land, and both activate our Sensor Boosters. Our fingers are twitching, we both pop more boosters, ready for the lock and kill.
"Okay guys he's jumping... NOW! You better 1 volley him guys this is our only chance. Good luck ill be there to collect the loot. Happy hunting!" Our scout tells us though comms."
"Here we go, get ready.." i whisper into comms, anxious to see local jump +1. There we are, in the vast void of empty space. The prospect of a 2.5bill kill making us both edgy. We sit and wait. Feeling the booster kick in, i feel ready, My heart is pumping adrenaline through my whole body, my hands twitching on the "Fire Salvo" button of my ship.
"GATE FLASH!" My mate yells.
"Here we go." i say back. We both activate our guns, waiting to lock and instantly destroy the awaiting prey. He doesn't de-cloak, he is scared, checking to see where he is aligned so he can insta-warp to safety. it won't matter, our battleships lock easy targets like him in 1.5 seconds, not near enough time for his hunk of metal to align and warp.
Our sensors scream, "Ship detected. Ship detected."
"I KNOW I KNOW!" i yell at my ship, hastily targeting the ship. My salvo fires, the wreathe stops in 1/2 structure.
"FIRE NOW! FIRE!" I yell at my mate, waiting to see his lasers turn the wreath into a pile of space junk. The lasers fire, beams of light head towards the wreathe, but all is see is blue. The blue explosion of the ship.
"YYESS!" We both yell into our pods. We then see a rookie frig jump in to system. It's our mate, here to collect our loot. He scoops up the 1.95billion isk worth of BPOs, and warps to the closest station. We follow, and dock. We exit our ships and head to the bar, to meet up and have a couple of Quafes, and the look over our almost 2 billion isk worth of stolen goods.