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Misphits are Flying, People are dying (them)

New information comes in. The Haine Foundation "finest" pilots are in a nearby system in force. Numerous juicy battleships they fly. Wor gets together and assembles a fleet of about 15 ships, almost all Battleships except for a taranis and a maller. We are ready to engage them all. The plan is simple. Have a non-outlaw jump in and all the idiots flag themselves and we jump in and scram, jam, and waa baam. (only thing i can think of that rymes sorry.) To our amazement they all run off to different places scattering to a numerically equal force. The first to go is CEO Laura Sharp before the fleet even jumps to the gate they are at. Communication are horrible on their side. We are all at one gate and a thorax flags himself on me in my blasterthron, and xan in his apoc. He went down very quick. He obviously calls for help and three bs's come to gate to help. The Bs's flag themselves on outlaws and pop as we say what the hay we'll flag ourselves too. Very nice loot. core x things t2 cap chargers arb sieges etc.

The better part of an hour we scan probe them to no success. Friggin probes are broken half the time. Seems they refuse to fight unless they have overwhelming odds. Like when they bring 8 bs's to fight a my deimos and a buddy's cerb. Great loot, thanks for the cash guys.

A Couple of Things, one greater then the Other

Well, for the first thing, I must say I was not there, so I do not know the details. Butcher Kassidy (maybe misspelled) in his Navy Issue Megathron was blown up by Wor. This is the second Navy Issue Megathron that has been blown up by the likes of us. This ship was outfitted with the best gear available. It had a full rack of 425's prototypes and a Gist X-Type 100MN Afterburner which popped among other things, but what was recovered was Cap Recharger II, Dark Blood Kinetic Hardener, N-Type Explosive Hardener, Core X-type Large Rep, Shadow Serp Tracking Computer, 2x Local Hull Conversion Nanos, Arbalest heavy launcher, 4x 425mm Proto , Shadow Serp PDS. Oh, how can i forget this. The icing of the cake. Wor didnt do this on our own. Yes, we had the help of Arnold Swartzenegger! Oh that makes things all so juicy.

2nd, there was an unfriendly group of people in our home territory consisting of two ravens, an apoc, two caracals, and a claw. We get a cov ops on top of them (I cant believe they stayed at a planet so long not moving or anything). We warp in with a scorp, megathron, proph, two thoraxs, and an omen to counter this threat. Minutes later, One raven and the claw limps out of our territory. The raven had wcs, and the claw easily ran. The loot was divided up and we made an easy 11 mil a piece. No ship losses on our side.

Well, thats all for now, taa taa. :-P

Ravens Reborn

Well, yesterday I happened to have come accross a guy in a raven. It had tech II bcu's (~30 mil a pop atm) and siege II's. I have to say this encounter did not go to well for me. I was flying around in my deimos at this time. I decide to bump him to get him to attack me. He does so, and what heppened next, amazed me. He kills my deimos in two vollies! two! i popped in ten seconds. The raven is still a monster, no long can you underestimate it as I did. I would be unhappy if i didnt get it back, but I did! I petitioned it and got my precious back :-) . And to top it off, he said i had balls so he let me take my can back :-P .

Oh since last post I've killed lots of people in belts and haulers at gates. Nothing of value :-(.

Has Nothing to do with Piracy

So, Long time really. I've been busy with school again and when i've been playing its mostly been out in syndicate ratting. I've got a lot of "phat lewt" so far including a vigilant bpc and built it and tons of armor hardeners. Today while listening to eve-radio i won a contest too! bought a couple lotto tickets and won myself 50 million :-) . Atuf has war'd WOR but nothing has really happened so far. They are a small band of knowledgable pilots who havent been on much. Well, cya around :-P

Wings of Redemption Top Ten Notorious Corps According to E-ON

Well, here we are, shedding our carbear skins. We are number six on the list. We have pirated and plundered to get this far :-). Now we know, we have more work to do! WE shall be upping our operations do go further. Kill more. Make more cash. And what better for a Bannana phone! Yes it is in the works. Watch out, you wont wanna be on the other side of this little guy. Well, here's the proof.

(click the thumbnail for larger image)

Kudos for all the pirate corps out there on the list, most off all the one's we have crossed paths with. Snigg and TSBS in particular for being good sports.

Edit: Oh, and how can i forget. A big thanks to Cord for scanning and sending me this page :-).

Damn C**k Tease.

So theres ALWAYS this one guy who always pops by. His name is Guks and he is a c**k tease. He will warp all around, use wcs, shoot at you with sniper cruise raven etc. He always just slips through our fingers but we have gotton him numerous times. This time, I made sure he wasnt gonna go anywhere. I flew my ishtar with 3x 7.5k scrams. 6 warp str, no way he's getting away. He warps from SS to a gate, then back,. Numerous times as different SS's. We finally get to a position where we can warp on him. I warp to Alarik Semler at 80km. BLAM! almost on him, 16km away! I truck towards him as fast as i can... I get within 9km and he warps off to gate. I follow! warp to gate at 15km. Everyone follows He's gonna go down! I land on him, lock and scram. My Ishtar has a nice tank, but not nice enough to tank two sentries and a raven. (Everyone else he shot at with his cruise misiles heh). Scrams on, hardeners on. 14 heavy drones attack, armor rep on. He's going down, but so am I. He gets into armor! I'm at 1/3 armor. Slowly I am kreeping towards structure. He Finally pops by the time I just get into 99% structure. A good day, we got that cock tease. Unfortunately for me, i lost money. All 14 of my heavy drones were killed by gate guns, and Guks had a crappy t1 fitting :-( .

A Navy Megathron Bites the Dust

Well, I wasn't there, but since no one has posted this yet (xan and xenios was there) I shall. The story begins when a Gallente Navy Megathron was doing a lvl 4 mordus mission. As all mission runers know by now, they changed the mission spot for these to about 200km or so from a belt. Leet Al gets in his cov ops and waits for the Navy Megathron to warp back to the mission spot while support is waiting on the gates of the system. It was said, "This isn't pirating. It's a gank." It warps back, the signal was called to warp in immediately. It didnt last long.

2005.10.01 19:00:00

Victim: XXXXX
Corporation: XXXXXXX
Destroyed Type: Megathron Navy Issue
Solar System: XXXXXX
System Security Level: XXX

Involved parties:

Name: Unknown

Name: Tanthius
Security Status: -0.7
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Wings of Redemption
Ship Type: Tempest
Weapon Type: Tempest

Name: Xanataures (laid the final blow)
Security Status: -9.5
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Wings of Redemption
Ship Type: Berserker I
Weapon Type: Berserker I

Name: Kosher Loke
Security Status: -0.3
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Wings of Redemption
Ship Type: Megathron
Weapon Type: Megathron

Name: Serpentis Corporation

Name: Xenios Alfar
Security Status: -4.8
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Wings of Redemption
Ship Type: Caracal
Weapon Type: Sabretooth Light Missile I

Name: Leet Al
Security Status: -1.7
Alliance: Unknown
Corporation: Wings of Redemption
Ship Type: Anathema
Weapon Type: Indirect Scanning Dampening Unit I

Destroyed items:

Lots of t2 stuff.

Rawr, should be like 10000 points on a killboard:P

As for what I have done, Nothing much. A good buddy of mine just got back from school. I ruined a mining op here and there, I killed a scorp and a Dom. Nothing too extravagant. No funny chat logs. :-(

What not to do

The servers are peaking up around 15,000 or so. I am gate camping a crowded system with some buddies. Scorp warps to gate within 15 km...

I truck towards him , locking, MWD on.. almost locked.. he's about to warp away.. and he gets out!. He goes to a planet! not a ss or anything! Once you get a Dom going at mwd, theres no stoppin it. takes forever to turn and etc. Little did i know out of about 7 or 8 people, no one is paying attention. By the time i get to the planet, he is long gone. With myself being great with scanner, i try and find him again. I expect him to just leave system while we just try and narrow down the scanner on him. He doesn't! He's a planet 10! warp there. Nop sight. I individually scan all belts. Nope not there! Ugh.. ill have to do a 360 and narrow it down now! i do so and it facing away from everything! He could be at a moon! Narrow it down further, hes at a moon! no pos! i command everyone to go in NOW. (now xenios wakes up) I'm screaming at people to get to the moon! Crap he's 100 km away! (this is where i truck 100km in a friggin dom) another person wakes up now... come to this moon now! frigging scram the guy.. he's not moving from some reason! reply: wHAT! i'm not going to a moon! (ugh, gotta hate workin in the new pilots sometimes) Well, he's afk. i finally get there the same time as other's do to scram him. Attempt to ransom and when he gets back he immediately logs. Scorp had nothing of value :-(

I can't believe what a flop it was on both sides. go AFK at an undefended moon not moving, and most friendly pilots not paying attention. Annoying.

Wow, It's been a While.

This Will not have a catagory because theres so much to write about. First off, I am SO goddamn busy with school. Big mistake to take calc. as an online course.. Don't do it.. believe me. My english teach is cool, but within two weeks, there have been two writing assignments. OUCH! Note: first two weeks of school, and we don't meet every day. Well, enough about me.

Next, Ander has left WOR. He was unhappy about our status as a corp. To the people who don't know about WOR, we are a group of friends playing together. We have people from europe, canada, USA, Estonia among places. We are in the game to have fun together and make some cash on the side. I am sorry to see Ander leave, we had a lot of good times. One of which during one of our wars he went afk at a gate and didnt tell us o_O. Ander is currently in the pirate corp, Sniggardley (sorry if i misspelled). I think he will fit right on in there. P.S. Ander, ask Verone how much he would want for his corpse :-P is no more! Why? I have no idea. They have teken it down and created which to my knowledge is not up yet. Other killboards include and is also down. They have taken the site down and are changing servers or something.

Next Onto some misc. ventures i have been in in the past two weeks inbetween studying, writing papers, and homework.

System next door, Domonix class battleship ratting. Scanned for him and procede to ransom. He doesn't have the cash to pay, so we buy the domonix off of him! 35 million iskies for a Dom, not a bad deal.

A different system close by, we camped the hell out of. about 6 Battleships at it's peak. Well, pretty much killed anyone passing by except for friendlies of course, and new players to eve. Our kills include Note, this is only the kills we had when I was there. There was more, I wan't there the whole time. Furthermore, StoneDog estimates the kills in isk to be about 1 billion

-3 megathrons
-3 Industrials
-One hauling POS fuels w/ lots of ~24% expanders
-One had a havoc missile BPO slightly researched
-Rifter x2
-3 or so pods

Also, there has been some pirate activity that has not been us. They started steppin on our turf and have been booted off for the most part. (I will not say names here, but neither corp are well known to my knowledge.) There were losses on both sides, (mostly their's). The first, we have expelled from our land. Their losses include:
-2 ravens
-Numerous Indutrials (at least three, might be more)
-And almost the same deimos three times. Every single one of these times he was in structure.

The other Corp actually put up a real fight. Our losses include:
-1 scorp
-1 raven

Their losses:
-2 scorps
-1 vagabond
-1 industrial (a suspected alt of theirs)

I respect these guys, you know who you are.

edit: Oh, by the way, I have started to train up the ladder to use a carrier. They are not out yet, but will be with Kali. Even if they aren't out for a while, I would be able to hop into a Moros, and with the moros with lvl 5 dread skills can use 35 drones. Combine that with ogre ii's, heavy drone op. 5, gallente drone spec. 4-5 and that sucker can take ANYTHING. Im a long way away, but when i have the skills to use it, I should have enough cash with some help. Also, along with kali i expect t2 destroyersand battlecruisers. If you go into overview settings, you can see that they are in there.

Well, hope you have a good read, I'll start posting again ^_^

A Gate Gank Melody

First off, I would like to wish a HAPPY JUDGEMENT DAY to everyone. If you don't know what judgement day is, take a look at terminator two. How do I know this? Am I a freak of nature? Am I a nerd? Well, those two questions may result in a yes, but it is my birthday today. That's why I know that Judgement Day is today. It's awesome to be able to tell people that my birthday is judgement day. Well, onward to the juicy stuff.

Today, there was enough people on to do some constant gate camping. Not just one gate, but enough people to cover whole select systems. Eight people at different gates and stationg depending on system and moments caused chaos. The total kills approx. i dont know exactly, i didnt tally troughout the two hours or so we were doing this. Well then, here it goes:

-1 Raven
-4 indy's
-2 exeqs
-2 daredevils(I dont know how many rich noobs there can be to get two daredevils in a couple hours)
-1 vigil
-1 celestis

The only outrageous loot there was, was an INSANE ammount of holoreels totaling about 50,000. Also screwed over some mission runners with mission items. Not so great, but we made many people think twice about coming back :-P

Two last thing's. I am accepting isk for my birthday. Nothing in return
Next, hopefully i'll get to write another post abut tonight, unless it's another boring one :-( .

Nothing Worth Mentioning

Well, it's true. I've been back and there has been no real scores due to wcs and lack of people coming into our territory anymore. I've podded some people in cruisers three or four. Thats how you get to -10 hehe. I am learning how to use scan probes because it cant be done right unless you do it yourself. Too many stupid mission runners i cannot get to due to them being 1au away from me. Well, hope to score something big soon so i can gloat about it.

Gone for a 'Lil Bit

Well, I'm being forced to go to florida as a trip to catch up with some family. It isn't the legnth I've been told either. It has magically went up from a weekend to Five days. This makes me a saaAd panda. As for Why I have not posted in a couple of days, there has been nothing worthy. If you wanna see what I've killed (minus ransoms) go to My Data at Eve-Kills. Catch up with you then, may you kill many eve souls, Cya.

Back from the dark ages

As some of you may have heard, there was a terrible storm on the east coast of the US. Well, i happened to have been hit the hardest. A tree branch fell on brother's car, half a tree in my backyard, and another branch fell off a tree, broke the power line, then hit a neighbor's car. After the storm, the friendly energy company didnt repair the line for a whole 30 hours. In this time i was sweating my ass ass trying to sleep. When im out, taking the extra long way home for the extra minute of AC and music. The goddamn PSE&G (electricity company) repaired dumbass places like the richer parts of the town, or area's with less people in it. Where as our problem was a simple replace one legnth of wire. It took a whole 25 minutes to repair once they finally got here. GOOD JOB FELLAS. enough of my ranting.

I have decided to go full -10 pirate. YAAR! i dont care anymore. I hope to have a nice story soon.

As for Ander, i have not seen him lately. Maybe he died, who knows. I know some people may be happy.

The Mega that Got Away

Upon entering system X, i find a Megathron that is belt hopping. I am in my neEw deimos (which kicks ass btw) and i am stalking him waiting for backup to arive. Kiling him wouldn't be a big risk as i can run easily, but killing him solo will be hard if he has a combo of webbers, scram, mwd, nos ect. After waiting about 15 min i say, "Fuck it." I go off into his belt. Megathron sighted 80km off the port side! (i think port is left, i have no idea). Well, mwd'ing up to him would make me too much of a target and i will lose my cap. So i decide to warp out and back. By the time I get back, he is gone. He has docked in one station. About ten or so min. pass by when i'm about to leave when i see him on a gate on scanner. I approach him, deciding to bump him until he starts shooting me. (people have done dumber things in front of my eyes). He warps to Another gate, I follow with insta. He warps to a planet. I can't believe it! i warp to 100km because i thought thats what he would to. (at the belt i initially pounced upon him he was at this distance). I land 80km from him. He warped in at 20. He turns, and makes a Run for the gate again. I follow him. At this point Ander is deployed in his megathron at the other side of the gate. Target megathron jump and so do I. Ander locks, scrams, and opens up on him, I am about to do the same when he warps off (stupid wcs's). Again, he warps to another stargate, i pursue. Then he warps to the station and docks. :-( . Soon after he logs. LAME!

[ 2005.08.12 02:22:31 ] EVE System > Channel changed to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Channel
[ 2005.08.12 02:33:29 ] Garth Skytrader > Hiya Teh <-------- when i jump in at first
[ 2005.08.12 02:34:21 ] Garth Skytrader > what's news?
[ 2005.08.12 02:36:51 ] Garth Skytrader > howdy all
[ 2005.08.12 02:37:36 ] Telal >
[ 2005.08.12 02:45:22 ] Garth Skytrader > Not looking for a fight Teh Shaz <------ when he jumps
[ 2005.08.12 02:46:38 ] EVE System > Channel changed to XXXXXXXXX Local Channel
[ 2005.08.12 02:48:04 ] Garth Skytrader > not today, my friend
[ 2005.08.12 02:48:20 ] Garth Skytrader > backj the way I came
[ 2005.08.12 02:50:03 ] Garth Skytrader > nice try tho, I'll give you credit for that. :-)
[ 2005.08.12 02:50:11 ] Ander > stabs?
[ 2005.08.12 02:50:22 ] Garth Skytrader > hehehe :-)
[ 2005.08.12 02:50:29 ] Ander > that is just awful
[ 2005.08.12 02:50:43 ] Garth Skytrader > Be prepared -- ol' Boy Scout motto <------ when he docks at station
[ 2005.08.12 02:51:03 ] Garth Skytrader > so what are you 2 up to?
[ 2005.08.12 02:51:11 ] Garth Skytrader > besides picking on poor lil ol me
[ 2005.08.12 02:51:14 ] Garth Skytrader > :-)
[ 2005.08.12 02:52:12 ] Garth Skytrader > there's Ncktnnr. Go pick on him
[ 2005.08.12 02:52:15 ] Garth Skytrader > :-D
[ 2005.08.12 02:52:46 ] Teh Shaz > mmM waste time on a 10 day old
[ 2005.08.12 02:56:15 ] Teh Shaz > we are trapper keeper
[ 2005.08.12 02:57:04 ] Garth Skytrader > s'ok. I got quite a bit of marketing business to take care of anyway.
[ 2005.08.12 02:57:17 ] Garth Skytrader > Hope you brought plenty of donuts for your stake out. :-)
[ 2005.08.12 02:57:41 ] Teh Shaz > yeah, but i dont eat donuts
[ 2005.08.12 02:58:01 ] Garth Skytrader > do-o-nuts! m-m-m-m-m
[ 2005.08.12 02:58:01 ] Teh Shaz > i get some petroleum jelly, and have a little bit of fun
[ 2005.08.12 02:58:13 ] Teh Shaz > and bring out my O-Face
[ 2005.08.12 02:58:19 ] Garth Skytrader > ewwwww. thatsa bad on donuts
[ 2005.08.12 03:00:33 ] Garth Skytrader > anywho, I'm getting bored, so I'm gonna come on out, ..... and we can **part-ay**
[ 2005.08.12 03:00:42 ] Teh Shaz > sounds fun

Seconds later he logs. Just when ander's flag is about up and another buddy come in a tanked BS to station gank him.

Gank and Screenies

What a great combo! It's like porn and chocolate, they just go so well together! Today, i got back into a BS (Dom to be exact). I had to kill something so badly! We were in a nearby system waiting for something to come through and take out. The small force consisted of Myself, Ander, and Spinal. All three of us happened to be BS's and heading back to a gate when we get a report of a Dom coming through. A geddon, megathron, and dom shredded it to bits; and thus my new dom has tasted blood.

As for the screenies, these have been taken in the past few days or so.

First we have the long road to recovery. Notice the .16 increases. Thats what you gotta do, kill bs's in 0.0 for sec.

Next we have a Blaah-whatever faction geddon doing a mission in high sec space.

This last picture is of a Serpentis Station while helping a buddy of mine with a lvl 4 mission.

Business has been slow lately for me, hope to find a nice catch here or there soon:)