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Later Tonight

Sorry for the inactivity people. I've been busy with school etc. The 2nd part of my story will be posted either today or tommorow night.


Some fun

Ok were flying along happily when we get word of a domi mining in a nearby system we head in and mange to track it down to a belt. we warped in from the wrong side apparently and ended up further from him than supposed to and the domi got away. so now were sitting on his mining can sulking when a rax warps in and literaly lands 2k from me in a tackler rifter and my friend Enjoi in his apoc

I scrammed him as well as enjoi did and we blew hi mto shreds :-D hehe so sulking isnt always a bad thing. Oh and enjoi got some fanmail the guy convoed him said you cunt and left the convo lmao

Xen Goes Outlaw! Arr!

yarrr! Im finnally an outlaw. And i've officially moved up ship classes. i have a lovely geddon now ^^ Its been fun and id like to thank everyone who helped me gank to outlaw! wooo -5.6. but dont think it stops there! No one will be safe! NO ONE!! ;-) heh been a standard week or two. havent had much to post about as i have been corp hunting and am now in Wings Of Redemption <3!!! hope to see you all in future >:-) Gank ya later

Convo with a carebear

I convoed a guy who talked to me in local and i didnt notice so when i did i convoed him and we got into a heated discussion about pirates. Enjoy

[ 2005.09.03 19:02:52 ] Grimrebuke > yes?

[ 2005.09.03 19:02:53 ] Xenios Alfar > :-)

[ 2005.09.03 19:03:06 ] Xenios Alfar > im in a shuttle now anyway

[ 2005.09.03 19:03:13 ] Xenios Alfar > just the problem with concord ;-p

[ 2005.09.03 19:03:52 ] Grimrebuke > figured you were ship theiving again

[ 2005.09.03 19:03:58 ] Xenios Alfar > lol

[ 2005.09.03 19:04:05 ] Xenios Alfar > i never ship thieved? lol

[ 2005.09.03 19:04:16 ] Xenios Alfar > good ideai t

[ 2005.09.03 19:04:30 ] Xenios Alfar > end to stay cloaked and wait for miners to leave their ore to pick up thier hauler

[ 2005.09.03 19:04:52 ] Xenios Alfar > and then gank their hauler

[ 2005.09.03 19:04:52 ] Grimrebuke > ever think of, I don't know, actually doing something productive?

[ 2005.09.03 19:05:12 ] Xenios Alfar > im a pvp'er i dont like miners stealing my roids

[ 2005.09.03 19:05:40 ] Grimrebuke > a PvP'er goes after BS's of enemy corps

[ 2005.09.03 19:05:59 ] Grimrebuke > you're a weak opportunist

[ 2005.09.03 19:06:08 ] Grimrebuke > a parasite, don't pretend to be more

[ 2005.09.03 19:06:20 ] Xenios Alfar > yes tahts why our corp is in an alliance war

[ 2005.09.03 19:06:45 ] Xenios Alfar > i do whatever is neccesary to stay in the fight

[ 2005.09.03 19:06:54 ] Grimrebuke > ore theiving and attacking industrials is not PvP

[ 2005.09.03 19:06:56 ] Xenios Alfar > it does cost money to build BS's you know

[ 2005.09.03 19:07:03 ] Grimrebuke > and it's insulting to those who do PvP to call it that

[ 2005.09.03 19:07:05 ] Xenios Alfar > thats just money making

[ 2005.09.03 19:07:15 ] Xenios Alfar > I am often in 0.0 tackling in fleet ops

[ 2005.09.03 19:07:21 ] Xenios Alfar > i have to finance my ships somehow

[ 2005.09.03 19:08:17 ] Xenios Alfar > and how do you think alliances are beaten

[ 2005.09.03 19:08:34 ] Xenios Alfar > their systems are taken over by ganking thier industry and starving their POS's

[ 2005.09.03 19:08:42 ] Grimrebuke > you're excuses are entertaining

[ 2005.09.03 19:08:52 ] Xenios Alfar > its tactics mate.

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:02 ] Xenios Alfar > no use going hed on wit han aliance taht has dreads

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:09 ] Grimrebuke > oh, woah is me.. I can't figure out how to play.. I have to attack indys to make
a living

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:25 ] Grimrebuke > criminals are the same sad life in here as in RL

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:26 ] Xenios Alfar > lol looks to me liek i know exactly hwo to play

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:34 ] Xenios Alfar > yeah and fyi

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:41 ] Xenios Alfar > i havent ganked an indy in months

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:50 ] Grimrebuke > congrats on cutting back

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:58 ] Xenios Alfar > I just cba to raise sec

[ 2005.09.03 19:09:59 ] Grimrebuke > perhaps your skills will one day allow you to stop completely

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:09 ] Xenios Alfar > Why would i stop

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:18 ] Xenios Alfar > You dont get powerful by being kind and weak

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:23 ] Grimrebuke > emotional maturity?

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:39 ] Xenios Alfar > you have to show your enemies you are stronger than them by fighting them
on all fronts

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:42 ] Grimrebuke > dont' confuse honor and weakness

[ 2005.09.03 19:10:58 ] Grimrebuke > and you aren't fighting.. you're stealing

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:10 ] Xenios Alfar > like i say to all ore thief moaners

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:15 ] Xenios Alfar > use a seure can if u dont like it

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:20 ] Xenios Alfar > i dont ore thief much

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:28 ] Xenios Alfar > just ransom their haulers

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:29 ] Grimrebuke > why don't you mine?

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:46 ] Xenios Alfar > because mining is boring i dont liek sitting at a roid for hours

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:56 ] Grimrebuke > if you're so much smarter about mining than them?

[ 2005.09.03 19:11:58 ] Xenios Alfar > I mine with teh corp yes but not personally

[ 2005.09.03 19:12:22 ] Xenios Alfar > Plus i have better skills to train than mining..

[ 2005.09.03 19:12:25 ] Grimrebuke > yeah, once again, you're just another anti-social crybaby

[ 2005.09.03 19:12:35 ] Xenios Alfar > haha yeah ill bet..

[ 2005.09.03 19:12:40 ] Xenios Alfar > your just another carebear

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:00 ] Xenios Alfar > look carebear. why dont you go mine in 1.0

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:03 ] Grimrebuke > I understand the importance of following rules of engagement

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:21 ] Grimrebuke > why don't you stick to 0.0?

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:27 ] Xenios Alfar > i do.

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:27 ] Grimrebuke > if you are so couragous and mighty?

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:32 ] Grimrebuke > no, you don't

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:36 ] Xenios Alfar > im in and out of 0.0 every day

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:43 ] Xenios Alfar > im picking up a ship tyvm

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:45 ] Grimrebuke > no, I said stay

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:55 ] Grimrebuke > there are ships in 0.0

[ 2005.09.03 19:13:58 ] Xenios Alfar > because you have to buy stuff in empire...

[ 2005.09.03 19:14:09 ] Xenios Alfar > more expensive ships..

[ 2005.09.03 19:14:42 ] Grimrebuke > yeah, so you want carebear prices and rules to protect you, and to get to be a
criminal only on your terms..

[ 2005.09.03 19:14:44 ] Xenios Alfar > just because i enjoy doing what i do doesnt make you OR me right

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:00 ] Xenios Alfar > no i just dont liek ot pay 1mil for a shuttle.

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:01 ] Grimrebuke > you don't like danger.. you like getting one over on people.. that's sad

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:08 ] Xenios Alfar > yes i dont liek danger.

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:11 ] Xenios Alfar > whatever

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:20 ] Xenios Alfar > you are a small sad little man

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:31 ] Xenios Alfar > you are exactly what makes everyone think pirates are evil

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:39 ] Xenios Alfar > if we were evil we wouldnt let people go after paying

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:41 ] Grimrebuke > yes, I'm the one that can't play without figuring some way to take from
everyone else

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:46 ] Xenios Alfar > and they win anyway cus they dont lose out on money

[ 2005.09.03 19:15:56 ] Xenios Alfar > dont liek it? go find some otehr game

[ 2005.09.03 19:16:09 ] Grimrebuke > go stick to 0 space.

[ 2005.09.03 19:16:12 ] Xenios Alfar > Piracy is a perfectly acceptible profession whether you like it or not

[ 2005.09.03 19:16:14 ] Grimrebuke > stop being the carebears you whine about

[ 2005.09.03 19:16:28 ] Xenios Alfar > im a carebear? at least i dont stare at roids all day

[ 2005.09.03 19:16:40 ] Xenios Alfar > and im not whining im illustrating my point that piracy isnt carebearing

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:12 ] Grimrebuke > sure it is

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:12 ] Xenios Alfar > if piracy was such a BAD AWFUL THING then CCP would find a way to disable it

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:19 ] Grimrebuke > it's the worst kind

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:19 ] Grimrebuke > you dont' compete in battle and you don't compete in the market.. you just

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:26 ] Xenios Alfar > battle?

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:30 ] Grimrebuke > you don't take risks

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:34 ] Xenios Alfar > yo uact like no one fighst back and we only go after indies

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:39 ] Grimrebuke > you have absurd rewards for no risks

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:42 ] Xenios Alfar > ok yes 3 HAC's isnt a risk

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:53 ] Grimrebuke > you run from those.. I've seen

[ 2005.09.03 19:17:59 ] Xenios Alfar > look try reading

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:16 ] Xenios Alfar > we post articles on ganks of all types

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:17 ] Grimrebuke > make all the excuses for being a theif that you want

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:21 ] Xenios Alfar > a lot of them big shisp who figt back

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:26 ] Grimrebuke > you're still just theives

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:27 ] Xenios Alfar > heck.. we gank other pirates

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:30 ] Xenios Alfar > yes i ma thief

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:39 ] Xenios Alfar > you say i dont fight in pvp properly

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:43 ] Grimrebuke > that's nothing to be proud of.. there is nothing lower

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:46 ] Xenios Alfar > i call shooting up battleships fighting

[ 2005.09.03 19:18:58 ] Grimrebuke > a theif is the lowest lifeform in a society

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:09 ] Xenios Alfar > Ok mate i am posting this convo on eve-pirate so everyoen can see what a
small weak misguided man you are

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:17 ] Grimrebuke > there is nothing worse than something that takes and gives nothing back

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:28 ] Xenios Alfar > hahaha. you dont have a clue

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:35 ] Xenios Alfar > we lose more than we gain a lot of the time

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:49 ] Grimrebuke > if you were in New Orleans, you'd be the guy shooting at first aid boats

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:50 ] Xenios Alfar > you say it like no one ever fights back

[ 2005.09.03 19:19:53 ] Xenios Alfar > we enjoy it!

[ 2005.09.03 19:20:05 ] Xenios Alfar > i would much rather someone fight back than pay a ransom

[ 2005.09.03 19:20:09 ] Xenios Alfar > shows spirit

[ 2005.09.03 19:20:19 ] Xenios Alfar > i never pay ransoms no matter the cost

[ 2005.09.03 19:20:28 ] Grimrebuke > I've never been asked for one

[ 2005.09.03 19:20:51 ] Xenios Alfar > depends on the situatuon

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:03 ] Grimrebuke > and I've never seen a pirate shoot at anything that had guns and armor

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:07 ] Xenios Alfar > if they are losing and the ship is valuable they will be asked for money i
nexchange for walking away

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:07 ] Grimrebuke > only indys

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:19 ] Xenios Alfar > well you are misconceptedre

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:25 ] Xenios Alfar > ad the latest post on eve-piratea

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:35 ] Xenios Alfar > friend lost a cruiser and ganked a battleship tacticly

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:41 ] Xenios Alfar > HAC i might add it was

[ 2005.09.03 19:21:50 ] Xenios Alfar > and this was fighting big ships

[ 2005.09.03 19:22:23 ] Grimrebuke > I've been in BCs and pirates run

[ 2005.09.03 19:22:36 ] Xenios Alfar > lol?

[ 2005.09.03 19:22:50 ] Xenios Alfar > look just read it. we rarely run just cus a BC comes along mate

[ 2005.09.03 19:22:52 ] Grimrebuke > the only time they ever engage is when they have no fear of a fight

[ 2005.09.03 19:23:05 ] Xenios Alfar > tbh BC are easy ganks

[ 2005.09.03 19:23:09 ] Grimrebuke > I don't have to read, I play and I watch

[ 2005.09.03 19:23:21 ] Xenios Alfar > all id have to to was target jam u

[ 2005.09.03 19:23:25 ] Xenios Alfar > u wudnt get a shot off

[ 2005.09.03 19:24:19 ] Xenios Alfar > just because its a battleship / battlecruiser it doesnt mean yoiu are invincible

[ 2005.09.03 19:24:41 ] Xenios Alfar > i took a thorax with a punisher on my own purely because he was unskilled
and didnt even launch drones

[ 2005.09.03 19:25:03 ] Xenios Alfar > now ive had enough of this you wont accept that we fight so have a nice day

[ 2005.09.03 19:25:03 ] Grimrebuke > nope, but it does mean you don't have to worry about ankle-biting theives as much.. cause their very nature is cowardice

[ 2005.09.03 19:25:11 ] Xenios Alfar > good bye now!

Dont under-estimate miners

Now this happened yesterday and i was a bit reckless not to discover this before but ill get to that in a minute.

I Have recently been with my corp down in 0.0 space with a corp mining op... i did a little mining for profit ::shudder:: and a little guard duty whenever i could. now as i have been away from our normal hunting ground im out on my own as Ander and all of our rag tag crew are 20+ jumps away and 40+ jumps if you take teh low sec route which i was having to do untl i got EVE-Map but this isnt about eve map so lest carry on. anyway there are a few low sec systems with a lot of belts in leading into 0.0 right next to our corp home system. The system i was in and will remain un-named has 25 odd belts in it surrounding primarily the VIII and X planets with a few exceptions. now i enter the system and see a mining corp Apocalypse battleship sitting at the gate and i should of twigged then thats a bit suspicous but i didnt. and carried on to my optimal scanning point.
Once i reached my scanning point i pick up a Catalyst destroyer on scanners and decide to check it out... 180. still there... 90.. still there.. 60.. stil there... 30 still there.. 15... still there. i have it nailed to the VI planet with only 2 belts and i warp to the planet and start scanning at 5 degrees. the first belt comes up clean and i scan the next one and Hello. theres a catalyst in it. now i d a quick EQ check to see i have everything i need.. scrammer.. shiled booster AB.. NOS etc and i warp in now as soon as i get in teh target is already warping and im a little dissapointed and warp out to start scanning again.

About 5 minutes after that i pick it up on scanner and i think to myself.. he cant be that stupid. so i warp back to VI and scan the same belt he was in last time and hes there again. i decide to give it another shot. and warp in.. once again the target is already warping out which ticks me off. just then a new ship enters the belt and my heart sinks its the Apoc and he is in teh same corp as the miner.. nwo i figure the guy had been keeping a watch on his buddy and telling him when i came close.. now im already partially aligned for a different asteroid belt and begin accelerating for warp the apoc sees this and is already warping to the same location so i wait til a few micoseconds before i warp and kill the engines.. sure enouygh the apoc pilot doesnt notice fast enough and warps off into the belt. now im sitting here laughing as i warp to another belt when teh apoc pilot comes out behind me and locks target now i was a bit shocked here and i was dazed ofr a few seconds and the apoc started firing just as i warped.. he didnt have time to do any damage but i was already safespotted now and waiting my flag out after shooting at the catalyst. I shoudl have seen teh 2 corpmates sooner and realised they were together but i didnt and it nearly cost me my ship. rememebr folks - Local is very importanr :-)

Sorry For inactivity

Hi guys. I know i've been a bit inactive but i got WoW recently and have been hammering it. But today (Tuesday) I had a major computer scare. i put some new RAM in 3 256 ones that had been my brothers but his comp PSU went pop. I then encountered massive problems with my normal running.

A) When i first loaded world of warcraft i got an error and i thought nothing of it and tried again and WoW started loading. I entered the queue to join the server i am on atm and went ofr a shower i returned to go on and in the middle of loading my character WoW Crashed out and got another error. i tried to load WoW up again and got lots of errors of the same sort each time.

B) I Then absolutely shit myself thinking i had done something earlier and buggered it and wanted to be sure. So i immediately headed to load up EVE and 'Lo and behold it crashes on login repeatedly now im sitting there thinking what it could be because the problems started AFTER i put the RAM in and i naturally assumed it was but wanted a second opinion. i called my brother in and said im having problems since i put those RAM Sticks in and he was adamant that it wasnt that so i did a few other things. i used scandisk on all my harddrives and foudn no problem only had to defrag one drive because the other was absolutely clean. So i proceeded to remove the ram sticks one by one. now one of the ram sticks in there was orignally in there from me so it was fine but the trouble is i had 6 ram sticks that i had been playing around with and all of them except one was unmarked in terms of showing the RAM it provides. so i had to a bit fo trial and error one by one loading up one RAM stick at a time. and when i was about to call it quits the last two sticks turned out to work fine.. now i got my PC working properly again and am re-installing WoW but am reduced to 256 RAM for about a week until i get some replacements.

C) I am currently writing another story for EVE-Pirate and i am going to write up a small encounter i had yesterday.


"Ugh!!!" Xenios said to no one in particular. "God damn Three hundred and forty-five systems and not one piece of salvage! Doesnt anyone die around here???" His crewmate Katamarino looked over and replied.
"Chill! We'll find something soon. its at least nice to be out of that heck-hole of a Detention center."
"True.. True... But its so god damn boorriinngg!. But i suppose until we get off from parole then we better stick to it."

Bleep! Bleep! "Whoa! hold on we've got something. seems to be a derelict Megathron. Heavy signs of weapon damage. the signature is caldari?!?! what the hell are caldari doing so far out here." Xenios asked increduously.
"Heck if i know... but still. the ship is intact which means we just hit jackpot." Kat said cheerfully
"Yeah, we better haul this off fast before the people who did this come back." Xenios said. "Attaching tow cables now."
There was a loud CLUNK and the ship shook slightly as they began to pull the derelict. "Kat, extend the data transfer pods to the ship and download all of the logs and ship records you can. "Already on it!" She replied.
"excellent at least we'll hopefully find out what happened here". Xenios stated. A few minutes passed and kat called over "Data transfer complete, do you want to view the logs now xenios?" She said
"uhh... We got other things to worry about now kat, maybe later." He replied.
"Awww c'mon it'll pass the time. this hunk 'o junks computer can handle the rest." She pressed
"Ok then, you persuaded me, im intrested in what happened. play the logs you think are relevant." He ordered
"well in that case i need to have a quick sift to find the relevant ones give me five minutes." Kat said.
"sure thing, gimme a call when ya done." Xenios replied. Kat turned aroudn and got to work straight away and sure enough in five minutes she had all the logs they needed.
"Xen, seems this ship was waiting for a larger force to come through and regroup from thier homeworld. also i have the relevant logs come over and lets watch!" She said
"Great! that was fast kat, your a real help around here!" He said happily. "Computer play entries in order leading from earliest to latest entries."
"Stand By" The disembodied voice answered. "Playing"

STARDATE 1571.143.21
SYSTEM: Aeschee

"Helm. Set destination for Old Man Star and whenever your ready take us out."
"Aye Sir. Co-Ordinates locked in. Pre launch checks are green across the board. Engaging at half burn."
"Warp drive is active sir. we'll be at Old Man Star within the hour"
"Understood. I'll be in my quarters. Mister reidinger you have the bridge"
"Aye sir."

"Skip ahead kat theres nothing happening" Xenios said
"Right!" She replied


STARDATE 1571.144.01
SYSTEM: Old Man Star

"Captain on deck!"
"At ease.. i've told you many times i dont care for the formalities. by all means when we have guests or more important people but you all know me well now cut it out! Jeez your getting me all embarassed"
"Uhh Sir, i have a warp signature in close proximity"
"what do you mean you have a warp signature... the fleet isn't due for another..."
"Sir, Check.. multiple contacts on closing vector. Unknown profile. Uhhh theyre not ours."
"Well if their not ours. Who the hell are they"
"Sir! Incoming weapons fire! They're getting through! Breaches across all decks!"
"This is the Aurora calling all fleet members" if you recieve abort the mission. I repeat abort the mission"

Loud static began emitting from the speakers. "Shut it off kat we know what happened and its obvious there wont be any more logs. Whoever did this did a damned good job. taking down a megathron so fast without them firing a shot... I sure hope we dont run into them.."
"That may be too late Xen. Im picking up a signal emitting from the mega. looks liek whoever did this wanted to know if someoen was moving the mega. its been broadcasting for approximately one standard hour. and we didnt notice it.. this could be very bad."
"Oh.... Crap. Kat! Detatch the tow cables and get us out of here now!" Xenios shouted
"Dont have to tell me twice" the ship rocked as the cables detatched and retracted. "Punch it!" xenios said and there was a moment of silence as kat pressed the warp drive button... and nothing happened.
"Odd. We should be accelerating by now." Xenios could feel his heart sink as he realised what was happening. "kat run an iridium sweep around the ship. it shout get a sensor ping off of a cloaked ship."
"Your right! theres 6 of them and they are surrounding are ship."
"God damn. we've been had. Big time!"
"they are de-cloaking xen. the lead ship is locking target.. in this barge we've got no chance." kat said gloomily.
"Kat.. you know i said i made some uhhh.. modifications to my ship.."
"Yeah.. what are you getting at?" She inquired.
"Well i fitted a very large Proton bomb to the engine core in cases like this so i can fullfil my ideal of 'If im going down im taking some of you bastards with me'. think we should give it a whirl?" Xenios said with a smile
"Hell yeah! At least we can take some of them." Kat replied smiling.
"Computer" Xenios Said "Activate Self Destruction Sequence. Code WOR-197"
"WARNING. Self destruct is now active. Twenty Seconds Until Core Detonation."
"Its been fun kat." Xen said
"Likewise" Kat replied
"Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.." Outside the ships were closing in and were all but blocking view of the barge.
"Five. Four. Three. Two. One."
"See you in hell." Xenios said
Time seemed to stop and suddenly FwoooooooooMMMMM An explosion rocked space and obliterated everything within a 40KM Radius. The megathron derelict was left with a large rounded chunk vapourised out of its hull and left drifting...

Only one piece of the Ralek River remained.. and it was its name tag on a piece of hull drifting away from the scene.

Megathron in ice belt.

A few people including me were hunting around in Hulmate and discovered a megathron at an ice belt.. we warped in hoping to catch it and found it 300km out h3xta managed to warp to it but when we tried to warp to h3x it said he was not in out gang but h3x was easily holding this mega down and we made it eventually.. we went to ransom for 50 mil and he did not pay fast enough and we were afraid hed call in backup so we destroyed the thron.. i hear some ok loot dropped for one a heavy named nosferatu.

Xenios Alfar
> perhaps next
time you would have
payed the ransom

Gibbs > indeed

ingalenea >
only got 40000

Xenios Alfar
> if you said we
would have negotiated
on a price

ingalenea >

ingalenea >
but it was nice to
se the light show

Xenios Alfar
> indeed

ingalenea >
what did u use torp
or cruise

Xenios Alfar
> do you mind if
we post this log on

Xenios Alfar
> do you mind
being named

ingalenea >
nope mind if i read

Xenios Alfar
> nope

Xenios Alfar
> go for it :-)

The guy began talking to us and was asking if pirating is profitable etc so we gave him the 411 on pirating.

First Attempt.

Ok i was just wandering around in hevrice when a guy called Alen Hanwe logs on. Now i cam across him before mining and when i attacked him he launched drones and my poor kestrel was ripped to shreds so me being in a caracal now thought i want another go. so i happen to know he likes to mine at the VII belts so i start scanning sure enough i find his thorax on scanner so i ask Katamarino to come and help. She comes to the system and with a help of an unamed person you know who you are :-) who went and sat next to him in a shuttle and as this person does not have neg sec status the guy doesnt even bother moving. BIG mistake. kat and i both jump in. Katamarino target jams him and i warp scram. we knock him down a bit and tried to ransom him for 3 million ISK. he logs off. but as he was in a PVP battle his ship stayed. so we destroyed his ship. nothing good dropped but we looked at the kill mail and loads of decent named stuff was destroyed. He lost more by logging off than he would have by paying us the 3 mil.

Gang members involved

Xenios Alfar

I spoke to him after and he had this to say

Xenios Alfar > just tell me why
did you log out?
Xenios Alfar > it cost you so much more
Alen Hanwe > no loss to me
Alen Hanwe > and you don't get any
Alen Hanwe > sorry

he then left the convo... so no loss? thorax + all the named stuff on it compared to 3 mil ransom.. oook.

I had fun still. i got revenge!!!

More Users

Heh i tuned into EVE-Radio for the first time yesterday and was in the irc channel and i requested eve-pirate to be mentioned on the radio. And it did! it was intresting.. apparently the DJ knows ander because his corp went to war on a corp ander was in before and that turned ander into a pirate :-) intresting facts but we all love our ebil ander and know hes always been ebil and these accusations are totally wrong :-D hopefully we get some more visitors to now. I would reccomend eve-radio its mainly a talk show about eve with some music and its intresting to listen to when server is down or whatnot. Check it out!

A Pirate Falls..

I Wandered through the dark alleyways of the station, i wanted to look around and scout out the area. I planned to catch a few Freighter pilots leaving the system and ransom them but it seems this region of space has been pretty quiet for a while.. thats exactly why i'm here, its usually the systems that have been in-active for a while that get all the traffic come to them but not entirely true. A lot of people stick to secure space running errands for their agents.. ugh it disgusts me id rather get out there in the action than sit arround ferrying ammo and some mining equipment for some carebear scum. Not the life for me.
I'd been wandering aroudn the station for an hour and had'nt seen anything yet but i turned the corner and there my heart leaped. A Mammoth Industrial ship being loaded with what appeared to be parts for a new station and cargo containers marked for carrying cybenetic implants which were of particular intrest to me.
I collected my wits and ran back to my ship. Once aboard i made plans to seize the cargo.
"Computer, open the cargo manifest for Freighter Registration... IF-67BG9"
"Access Denied. Password Required"
"Computer run program 'Avenger' and try again."
"Cargo Manifest located. Downloading, Stand By." I waited for the cargo manifest to finish transfering to my ship and then opened the file. I Whistled appreciatively at the contents and i un-conciously read the list out to my self.
"Hangar module... Mk VI Sentry Turrets.. Large portable warp scrambler. Ah here we go One hundred +7 cybernetic implants.. Nice.." I grinned, this looked like it could be the easiet half a billion he ever made.
"Computer Run program 'Smooth Log' and retrieve the flight plan for Freighter IF-67BG9 from the station computer." I said.
"Stand By." I waited several seconds. "Operation Complete. Flight Plan for freighter IF-67BG9 Aqquired. Display now?"
"Affirmative. Display on primary navigation display. Change map filter to security status." I ordered the computer. From the looks of this flight plan the system it was en-route to was 11 jumps from here so not far but passed through 3 different Un-policed systems meaning i might have competition for this frieghter. It suddenly dawned on me the frieghters departure date was in 15 minutes. I jumped into the pilots seat and strapped in. I opened a comm channel to docking control
"This is the frigate Auror requesting permission to leave the station" I asked the dock manager.
"Affirmative Auror. Request granted." Came the tinny reply from my comm system which i swear if i traced it id probably find out its been in several different ships and salvaged from wrecks. i personally had slavaged it from a freighter wreck.
I released the docking clamps on my ship and proceeded to launch from the station. within seconds i was facing the docking bay doors. I transmitted the code to open them and waited for the slow mechanism to haul the doors wide. Strictly speaking i could have squeezed through but i didnt want to draw any unwanted attention from CONCORD to myself.
The bay doors after what seemed like an eon opened fully and i was ready to take the ship out.
"Computer. Full Burn." FWOOOOSSHHH It was like a kick in the chest as my ship blew out from the station. Soon enough my warp drive kicked in and i was off to my ambush point in sector 6-CZ49. I had set up a memo that would alert me when the frieghter was due to be leaving the station. It wasnt for another 10 minutes so i ran routine system checks, tweaked my drive systems and re-arranged my power converter to give me a 10% boost to weapons and a 5% to engines. I was about to start another diagnostic when the bleeping from my computer signalled the frieghter had left the station. It shouldnt be long now until the freighter gets here. I had time to take a stimulant before the encounter. I had long since lost any inhibition to using stimulants and enhancers, i take enough to keep me alert and ready but not enough to get me hooked. I was rather pleased with myself because this was a chance to test out the cloak i had bought for my ship.
"Computer. Engage Cloak" There was a faint humming and i visibly saw through my vewiscreen my ship shimmer and dissapear. I smiled. This was going to be fun. BEEP BEEP. I frowned and looked around, BEEP BEEP, i located the source of the sound and it was my scanner. Not only had the freighter entered the system from harroule but several Battleships had at the other end and Lo and behold they all belonged to the same corporation... looks like our carebear friend has some escorts. I would have to act fast.
"Computer! Warp directly to the freighter with registration IF-67BG9" There was a load buzz and the warp drive kicked in and i warped straight in on top of the freighter. As soon as i had left warp the freighter launched drones and began emitting a distress call. i had mere minutes before the battlefleet was on top of me. I Opened fire immediately. Barrage after barrage of missiles and projectiles struck the frieghter and the minimal shielding it had failed and i began ripping into its hull. chunks of metal were flying off into space and i imagined most of the crew were dead. or i could only hope rather. A few more seconds of fire and the ship blew apart.. the fools didnt even have time to get to an escape pod. I quickly scoopped up as many containers of implants as possible and attempted to warp out. Just as my warp drive kicked in i saw a total of Thirteen Battleships. Seven Battlecruisers and Thirty Three Frigates emerge from warp. These people wanted these implants badly and understandable. they were worth half a billion at the very least but it was too late. I was away and they had no idea of knowing where i went. all of the magnetic interference from the surrounding ships would interefere with thier scanners. in effect they were temporarily blind. I was gripped with giddy laughter at having survived that i made a fatal error. I had not noticed the two pirate cruisers at the gate i had warped too and they made a quick scan of my ship and discovered what i had on board. My proximity alarm went off as the ships locked onto me and began firing.
"hahahaha- What! NO!" BOOOOM The missile impacts shook my ship and fried my computer systems. entire consoles exploded and i was thrown backwards into a bulkhead. My head was spinning and i struggled to see what was going on. It seems they had stopped firing and were cautiously approaching my ship un-sure as i had made no attempt to fight back. But of course i never had a chance to but they didn't know that. I lurched to my feet and punched the control for my Large energy pulse weapon commonly know as a smartbomb. FwooooooMMM!!!! A shockwave of plasma raced out from my ship and struck teh onrushing pirates but didnt stop them. If anything it made them even more mad and they resumed firing. within seconds all of my weapons were disabled. I stumbled forwards and activated my self destruct and then rushed to an escape pod and ejected from my ship. I could almost hear the pirates cry of triumph as he saw my pod eject. they quickly raced forward to my ship but it was to late. there was a blinding flash of red light as my ship exploded taking the implants with them. The Pirates opened up a comm channel to my pod. The pirate captains face was a mask of fury and hate as he said
"Youll Regret That You Fool! Ill Kill You!!"
"haha.. If i couldnt have those implants then neither with you. Scum." I Replied trying to sound strong.
"Hahahaahaha Brave words little man. Lets see how your fare against this my Friend. The comm channel closed and i stumbled forward to look out of the viewport and to my horror i saw the pirate battlecruiser turn and fire one single missile.. It seemed to take an eon to reach me.... slowly circling around towards me when FLASH!
"Wha!!!... Just A dream..." I Sat up in my cabin and the sheets were soaked with sweat. The comm was bleeping. it was a message from my friend Ander. "Computer, play message." i said groggily
"Hey Man! Guess what i found out. Theres a freighter docked at harroule with some station parts and guess what.. one hundred +7 cybernetic implants. sounds like we could make piece from it. Get back to me as soon as possible. Ander out." My Heart stopped. And i decided this is one trip i wont be making...

The Chase

A friend and i were gate camping at an entrance to 0.0 yesterday when someone jumped in. We waited to see who it was, turns out it was a gallentean firgate and he was running - we got a few hits in before he could jump but didnt make into scram range we quickly pursued him to the next gate and opened fire again but he had the advantage but we were still keeping up.
We jumped into the next system and sure enough he was still here i managed to get a few hits on him again but no scram.
Our luck kinda ran out here because he had an insta-jump and was already sitting on the gate waiting for me when i warped to the stargate. he jumped as soon as i arrived and i followed as fast as possible. I jumped in and caught his trail going towards the station. We waited around to see if he would leave but no such luck so we headed back to our camp empty handed but still i had fun :-)

Sensor echoes

Nothing but sensor echoes.. Over 5000 charted systems and not a soul
in sight, it's been like this for a while now. Ever since the amarrian
emperor was assasinated looks like people are staying out of
un-policed areas which is not good news for certified pirates like me
and my squad.

My ship has been sitting here for 3 days now and not one person has
entered this system. I give it 2 days before we head out and move on
to another system. I wish something good would happen.. just once..
The comm system crackled to life and our covert ops scout unit
reported seeing a badger industrial jumping into the system. For once
it looks like my wish came true.
My squad and i eagerly awaited the cargo scans from the covert ops team.
A few seconds later the readouts were buzzing with information about
the ship. i skipped the boring drivel about hull composition and went
to cargo.

I almost choked on my drink as i saw the cargo hold was filled with
several hundred m3 of precious minerals and more importantly a whole
container of Cybernetic implants. I punched in the comm to my squad
"Boys.. this could be our lucky day! Form up on my wing and warp in.
leave none alive" I said in my most commanding tones.
"Yes, Sir!" was the crisp reply. I punched in the co-ordinates and
felt the kick in the chest as the warp drive fired up. If the covert
team had these co-ordinates correct we'd be within one thousand meters
of the industrial.
I could feel the ship slow as we came out of warp directly above
below and in front of the industrial. The covert ops team decloaked so
the industrial was surrounded from all sides.
Our crack team of pirates already had scrammed and webbed the
industrial and it panicked and began launching drones.
I targeted the docking bay doors for the drone bay and fired a volley
of missiles. The explosion ripped through the outer hull and disabled
the launching mechanism so no more drones could be launched but in the
time it took do destroy the bay mechanism several drones had launched
and began firing at us.

I Hit the comm button again.
"Covert Ops team. break off and destroy those drones. Assualt team keep firing"
The covert team responded with startling efficiency and within
minutes the drones were obliterated.
All this time we had been pounding the shields of the industrial
which had obviously been tuned if it had taken so long to get through
them. as soon as the shields were down the ship seemed to give up and
just fall apart. The shcokwave from the ship sent fragments of metal
spinning off in all directions. If my shields had not of been intact
they might of caused some damage. There sitting in the middle of the
wreckage was an escape pod which was firing its engines to run. I
targetted his engines and fired, the entire drive section was
destroyed and crumbled off the ship like old bread. i sidled up to the
viewport on the pod and opened my view screen and looked right into
the eyes of the pilot. His eyes burned with hatred and i could not
resist opening a comm channel.

"Well... Well... Well... what do we have here an ickle freighter
captain" i said in the most patronizing tones i could muster " Let me
show you what happens to people who trespass in Wings Of Redemption
territory.." I closed the turned my ship upwards slightly so my main
artillery cannon was facing his viewport. I grinned nastily at him and
waved. He began shouting as though i could hear him i let him continue
for a while and hit the fire control. The shell ripped through the
viewport and the pilot was sucked out into space. He flew forwards and
bounced of from my viewport and then off into the blackness of space.
I laughed manically and opened a comm channel to my squad mates.
"Excellent work guys and it seems all of the cargo is intact.. Im
calling in the salvage team. Secure the area.. we dont want any
un-invited... guests".

I turned the comm off and leaned back in my chair and grinned. This
wait had paid off more than i could of imagined.. maybe this freighter
is the first of many and by the end of this month were going to be
filthy rich.