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The truer side of the story :P

Well its been a hectic last month for us and a hell of a new year activity. We have had a vivid introduction to the world of pvp. Prior to all of this action we were a peacable mission running corp under the name of HelpMyMissioners, led by Borishotch, founder of HMM channel. Due to an unfortunate circumstance in the channel, we were war-decced by The Really Awesome Players(TRAPS). It was a rude awakening to many of us of the harsher side of Eve. But all of us to a man have risen to the occasion and have quickly grasped the basics of organised fleet warfare. We didnt have a choice on the matter! It has been a very positive experience for all of us and we have all learned a vast amount in the last month. We have all had a truly enjoyable time of it and full details of our campaign with TRAPS can be found at
Because of circumstances in the corp (CEO taking sabbatical), we decided to leave corp and set up on our own rather than bring the good name of HelpMyMissioners and Borishotch into disrepute. They are after all, mission orientated premises. The bulk of our 14 active members joined a corp called KrayZ Dams Inc. No sooner had we settled in we were paid the enormous compliment of being war-decced by R.E.P.O. , one of the biggest merc alliances in the game. Whether they were hired or not, somebody deemed it worth it to have our small band of players under attack by a 150 member strong alliance. (Details of this war can be found at, or at R.E.P.O.'s griefwatch site) . We are not complaining though. We are long past the pain of losing ships in battle and have become better players for it. We hope to continue gaining much needed PvP experience and hope to meet our worthy opponents on the battlefield, regardless of these seemingly overwhelming odds!
On behalf of myself and the corp, thanks are due to both TRAPS and R.E.P.O. for giving us this oppurtunity to learn the pvp side of Eve. We salute you!
(On a side note, we have also been re-wardecced by TRAPS recently, we hope to continue the good fight against these respected adversaries! Again, details of this war can be found on the above mentioned TRAPS killboard)

The smell of death...

‘so guys, scared now are we?’ came the voice of their CEO over the local comms.

Me, vo1d, steve and spec are sitting 120km away from the M Corp blob of abaaddons. Apoc’s and another 10-15 assorted BC’s, cruisers and frigs. I am in my vaga and I’m annoyed as I had engaged a harbinger and got him down to 30% structure when the blob warped in and got a bit too close, those apoc’s were packing plenty of heavy neuts. Death to my vagabond. Yet, still I knew I could outsmart these rabid pack of corp drones. There was death in the air, and it would belong to me.

My scanners are going crazy trying to filter out the ships and designate easy targets. I get a return that sticks out from the crowd, it’s their CEO and he is outside in his retriever. Like any other self respecting corp. podding the CEO of an enemy corp is very much top of the pile. The honour and the glory are too great to ignore! I had a target, it was time to dance.

I engaged the MWD and decided to aim It straight through the heart of the blob, it was very risky but I knew it was the only to draw them out. I hit 6km/s and my vagabond tore through space, my computer warned me of ships aquiring lock but I didn’t care!! I glanced the shield of a myrmidon and shot off at a tangent, webifiers desperate to slow me down, but it was too late my momentum was far superior. My console lit up as an enemy heavy neutralizer destabilised my capacitor forcing the ship computer to vent the stored up energy. My overview registered tackle class ships vectoring in on my position, I was in trouble…

‘Fools’ I snigger.

The vagabonds advanced weapon system:
-Can fire at great ranges and do incredible damage.
-Can track frigates that get to cocky
And importantly...
-Can fire with zero capacitor.

I pick off several tacklers trying to engage me and just manage to keep the cruisers out of range. I’m winning, they are doing exactly what I want and I’m pulling them off the station and away from their CEO. I triangulate the position of the retriever and the battleship closest to him. I see a window of opportunity and pounce.

‘Warp drive engaging’

Notify: Equium Duo begins to warp scramble Amathiu M (M Corp)’

Victim: Amathius M
Ship: Retriever

Victim: Amathius M
Ship: POD

‘Duo how the fuck did you do that?’

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Watching a Misadventure Unfold

Even as I gave a confirming nod to the operator I doubted the wisdom of the decision. I had business to see to here, and displacing my consciousness halfway across the galaxy just to risk my most valuable asset to a night of gallivanting through enemy territory hardly seemed a worthy alternative. My thoughts of protest were cut off abruptly by the now familiar nothingness of death.

Consciousness was returned to me in the transparent embryonic fluid of a clone preservation vat. This vat, unlike the one I’d just died in, was sheltered in a station of merciless outlaw space. No going back now…

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An Introduction and Fun with Miners

Eve is taking its nightly hour nap, so I'm going to try telling a story of the night's events as well as a short introduction. See, a friend that I used to work with suggested that I play his game of choice and after many start and stop attempts at giving Eve a shot, I finally made the plunge. I made a character and got some advice and a ship from my friend and before long there I was... munching rocks. Refining rocks. Hauling rocks. When I realized I had started naming my drones to alleviate the boredom, I knew the mining career was not for me,. Determined to make the best of my new start, I scrapped that character and went in search of some excitement.

And with that, Natasha Sterling and Slag Hags was born.

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game on

Woot first time post on eve pirate. My story starts out with me sitting in a system talking to someone in local when a corp comes in and this guy for what ever reason tells me to suck his co*k in local. So rather then petion it I put the vote in for a war dec

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You ransoming me???

Ok so there I am happily minding my own business as our little incursus gang chalks up another battlecruiser to the kill boards. I then receive a mail, ‘ooh what’s this? ‘I think.
‘Dear Equium
I demand 5m in compensation for the recent theft of one of our jet cans full of ore, and the destruction of one of our miners! If you don not, we will declare war on you!!

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Alt War vs Farmers

Hey all again..

I have had alot of fun out in 0.0, and Privateers have been a pain to get stuff down to 0.0 from empire.. but that isn't the point of my story this time around.

This time, it was me on one of my alts... My alt Imma Trit and the corp he had joined that fights against macroers.

We were hunting some targets and someone had reported a full CNR (Caldari Navy Raven) with a full Dread Guristas setup. So I headed to Motsu to play bait.

Well. one of the people in a CNC undocked and I aggroed, almost blew so I ran. I did not have any stabs or anything. no scrambs and the what not. I led him on a chase through out the system to wait for a domi friend. I had a drake friend but he wasn't aggroed or was wardecced against him.

After my Domi friend got there, he scrambed, nossed and pulled out the holy drones to help with my puny Punisher and my T2 Pulse lasers. Well, he popped after a min or 2, and we didn't get the pod. But we were happy with our kill when we pulled off loot of a Dread Guristas Heat Dissipation Field, Beta Reactor Control: Diagnostic System, and an XR-3200 Heavy Missile Launcher.

Then his buddy undocked and aggroed me, with my job as bait, he aggroed me second after hitting my drake friend. So he had a Drake, Punisher and Domi on him and he went down faster then the first CNC.

After which I grabbed the loot in a hurry after someone MWD'd to the can to check it. I docked and put the loot in the station, thus ending my station camping spree. I used my experience in PVP to help with the kills. :-P

well. I didn't get any final blows, but I did get the kill assists, all in all, it was fun and the corp we dec'ed is out maybe 500 mil+ and waiting on the response of the 2 Bil Ransom after scanning the CNR with the full Dread Guristas/Pith setup... Also note, he had a Pith X-Type XL Shield Booster, so that was a massive factor in the ransom.

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Skills dont always equal kills

I like to steal ore. I steal from everyone from macroers to large player corps. I even war dec some corps I think are ripe for the picking. This time however the tables were turned on me.

I awoke earlier in the week and logged into Nexa for a bit. I see my mailbox is flashing. Hmm...hopefully more hatemail from admirers. It was not to be so. It was a letter from Concord informing me I had been war dec'd by Trade and Research Technology, call sign TAART.

I search through my killmails as they don't ring a bell. I see no kills to their corp. Hmmm...they're based in Baviasi though. I remember them now. There was one of their members mining and I stole ore from them. They never said a word, they just kept mining. I even sat and waited out the timer each time I stole and no one came to defend and still, not a word was spoken. Usually I get an evemail from the person or their CEO calling me names and offering plenty of threats. Not this time. They mean business.

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Station Games

Lady Ariness smashed her Incursus into the side of the Arcana Imperii Raven again, in an attempt to push it outside the docking range of the station. The pilot inside must've been laughing at the few meters it was pushed before deciding enough was enough and docking.

Speeding as fast as her Microwarpdrive would carry her, she approached the Megathron 50km away, who was also playing these docking games. It was boring work but maybe she'd get lucky. After a couple of bumps she noticed something. The Megathron was 5000m from the station's docking perimeter. Shouting for backup on voice comms, her Sniggerdly corpmates jumped into system. Sensing danger, the Megathron pilot tried to makie it to the station, but he was already webbed and near-stationary.

Due to his attempts to play games and thoroughly annoy us, and of mlore consequence his lack of concentration, he lost a fully fitted T2 Blasterthron including T2 Neutron Blaster Cannons, T2 ammo, T2 Armour Repairers and a T2 cap recharger.

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Total mayhem!

Tonight CCP ran a public stresstest on the new cluster. Some issues were found but after a while the cluster seemed to run very good.

It was total mayhem in oursalert, rens and jita which in total had more than 1600 players at peak!

I think it's mostly clientside lag left now.

My mega did get a dent.. (it actually survived this strike and I warped out but with 50% structure)
2006.02.20 02:24:52combatKurenin [EVOL]<BOB>(Revelation) strikes you perfectly, wrecking for 8222.8 damage.

R.I.S.K disbanded!

The whole R.I.S.K alliance was a mercenary contract which duration was to expire once the job or money-flow was over.

The stage was all set for a final strike which would surely have set things in motion, but the money-flow from our contractor ceased. Due to miscommunication and a bad decision taken by our contractor the contract was deemed null and void.

So it's time once again for me and SNIGG to return to honourable normal piracy until next time we are called for a mercenary job.

Some notable events during the event previously reported about here at in chronological order:
Invasion of BKG
Theft of enemy dreadnaught
Tactical retreat

Phoenix Alliance declares war on R.I.S.K!

Just in!
PA declares war on RISK. Wewt. More targets to kill in empire ;-)

I feel sorry for PA whose main fleet is in 0.0 at most of the time hugging their roids. Now we can attack their people in highsec and without losing sec-rating!

mad evil laughter

Logging in space == Bad idea!

I was notified by a mate that he had just killed a hauler carrying tons of goodies from the PA which had just undocked. I undocked and picked up most of the expensive items in the can and left tons of drones
Since I had an alt in the system with a hauler I went to undock but found myself seeing a muninn popping the can and rushing off to a safespot.

On coms I hear my mate shouting he logged off, and it's the same guy that just had had his hauler popped. It seems he had another ship inside the station so he must've undocked to pop the can before we got all of it.

I redocked and refitted myship with a scanprobe-launcher and headed out.
To my relief his ship was still in space, and would continue being there for a while more while we scanned him out.

220... 180... 50... wow! I got him on the scanner.
Hastily we warped in and found the silent muninn just sitting there.

Down it went in a hurry and the capsule pops out and warpsout before I can scramble it.
I clicked on my scanprobes again and found him a second time.

Conclusion? Dont log-off in space even if it's your own can that you kill!

(Note: If you agress something and logoff in space your ship will warp off 1au to a random spot within a radius of the place you logout. The ship will stay there for (I think) 30minutes till this agression flag wears off and then disappear from the system. This also happens if someone attacks you, you wont be able to "disappear" from the system for 30 minutes.)

Phoenix Alliance fleet-commander resorts to personal-attacks

[01:06:10] Anihilus > Ander your mother cry when we jigi jigi bang her and scream

Says all of how mature the Phoenix Alliance bunch are when their "supreme" fleet-commander goes to personal-attacks when he fails ingame..

And then a while later just as the GameMaster bids his farwell in local.

[01:25:20] GM Novalue > not quoted, but he's bidding his farwell in local
[01:25:38] TheRelic Ash > ok..bye
[01:25:47] Anihilus > I will with ander's mom

Boredomgriefers!! I'm so bored.

Yesterday we headed down to y-4c to find some miners. Turns out this was a dead-end system and on the other side in the neighboursystem a fleet of PA had built up.
They later proceeded to set up warp-bubbles and just sit there waiting for us to come.

I went to sleep and logged-off at a safespot with my deimos.
Then I awoke around 40 minutes ago and headed out of the system, docked in the station racing past two ravens belonging to Anihilus and Geamanu. I bet they were surprised to see me come to them.

I undocked and then headed back to homesystem with them on my tail picking up further PA along the way.
Not even using instas I went along my path, seeing the enemy insta to the gate just as I jump. It's pretty fun getting chased but once you safespot the endless boredom starts.
At the time of writing I'm sitting at a safespot, just idling.

Enemies have... four ravens one megathron and one crow. Numbers are decreasing as we near downtime though.
Their tactics seems to be just boring me to death.
I think that should be counted as griefing or harassment. Yeah.. or something.

It's now downtime and I'm logged-off.
But It's funny :-) after I sent Anihilus the link to this post he started talking in Romanian in local. Telling me "You're a wannabe pirate" hehe.
Oh well, some people cant take irony. But taking it as Anihilus in the past even falsely told an ISD interviewer that we stole their dread by exploits I'm not surprised..