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Shh be wevvy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits.

So it's been almost two day since I last posted.
Reason being that I'm on a corporation op which I'm not allowed to reveal much info on.

Rest assured I'll be reporting on this once the classification rules has been lift.

Some guy got popped near a gate and I investigate the can..

Looks like somebody considered public death-cans his private property.
Best not take wars to highly populated systems anymore if you want the war-loot for yourself.

Ander > Yes?
Julien Derida > i find your attitude dissapointing
Ander > Im not very talkative at the moment, we're camping out our pray.
Julien Derida > this matter will be investigate, and if it is established that something was taken. you will be set to -10. You just need to be aware of that fact
Ander > And I missed that can anyhow. But know that I would have looted it at any chane.
Julien Derida > *investigated
Julien Derida > thats fine, i have no problem with that
Julien Derida > but be aware that there are consequences :-)
Ander > Heh. This li'l chat log will be published on . Hope that's okay with you?
Julien Derida > if you find it entertaining, go ahead
Ander > Your corp is FRICK was it?
Julien Derida > It just may be a better idea to steal from less militant corps
Julien Derida > FRICK, yes
Julien Derida > haha, is this convo really interesting enough to go on your blog?
Ander > Yeah. Anything goes.

Neutral bystander

Requesting a permission to be a neutral bystander.
Recording fraps and reporting.

Request to T-R-S

Request granted.

Took a few good fraps in PF-346. Will be posted later on.
Thanks everyone!

Day 29 - Lifesigns!

Tonight we chased Mansku's Ishkur around Ladistier and Villore space. Finally nailed him at a planet where we took him down.
Minor victory, but the first lifesign of OMNI in several days.

Day 17 - Slackers slacking off

I've been gone for a few days, shooting random pilots in space.
Caught a battlecruiser today a short while after I recieved this letter:

2005.06.13 21:39:00
CONCORD has declared this war invalid as it breaches one or more articles in the Yulai Convention.

Yeah, it seems Slackers forgot to pay the war-bill.
Now we'll go full out on Omni-core freedom fighters.
This is going to be enjoyable.

I heard something from some fellow members of WOR that they managed to catch Greme in a ceptor in Old Man Star today. At least we got to kill the last ship in this war with Slackers.
Hopefully we wont be war-declared once more. 50 people is a lot to fight, but the double is a bit too much...

Anyhow, Im just hoping for a lot of action.
Cause now is when the fun begins!

Day 10 - The art of War

I'm thinking back on the times I used to hunt miners and other locals. It's not too different from war, you usually sit and wait for people or actively look for them. It's still lots of time which passes between each fight.

Another slow day waiting for action. Our enemies has not been spotted for all day, except for Grendel Warchild who jumped in to fetch something he had bought. It turned out he had actually bought it from me, which in turn had been looted from Artemis when we took out his Tempest. Oh, The irony..

I can honestly say, that the art of war is most of the times not about battle. It's about waiting. Some grow tired at it, others dont. It's just a matter of time, losing or winning. Eventually it happens.

I'm not looking forward to losing another ship, but I wont be hesitating to jump in to help my friends when the time comes.

[-] See my first attempt at a fraps movie, from the time we took out Enne's Tempest.