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Reminder from Stora ( Source:

Where else will you get a fully equipped Cerberus?

Or one of many other booty bags containing: a Zealot, an Ishtar, an Eagle, a Tempest, a Raven, a Navy Slicer, a Navy Comet, a Skiff, a Flycatcher, a Ferox, an Oneiros or - our amazing BOOBIE PRIZE (!) a Cormorant

Well, you can - on SATURDAY 6th MAY @ 19:00 EGT (Eve Game Time) if you arrive on time for DJ stora's 2nd DJ Birthday Party. Everyone is warmly welcome to take part.

ps: We can now add an eris and a hound to the booty bags!

EVE-Radio with DJ Stora <3 Be sure to tune in to EVE-Radio!

On the 6th of May (19:00 GMT) one of my favourite DJ's will be having her 2nd anniversary show for being a DJ at
The following day at the same time she'll also be the host of the monthly Lemming Leap event. That means there'll be lots of newbie ships to kill for you pirates out there!

6th May 19:00 GMT - DJ Stora's 2nd anniversary show
7th May 19:00 GMT - Lemming Leap hosted by DJ Stora