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UPDATED: Battle of F-TE1T - epic capital ship battle (With CCP screwing up again - put your tinfoil hats on!)

A few days ago a player owned station with a running production job which was so long that there was no doubt what they were trying to build there. A TITAN. The POS itself was owned by Band of Brothers.

It was set to come out of reinforced 20:41 EVE-TIME and both fleets had assembled massive capitalship numbers and support-fleets.

The stage was set, the BoB allied side had most of their numbers already in system when the first waves entered system.

What could only be described as chaos at first was a great deal of lag that was threatening to ruin this battle when over 100 capital ships faced off in an epic battle.

The anti-BoB coalition jumped into the system and started pounding on the POS. It's only mission was to kill the baby infant of a titan being built.
BoB was waiting with an equally sized (if not bigger) fleet of capital ships and support. But a steady stream of coalition ships kept jumping in. Many more unable to jump in to the system caused by apparant lag and jumpqueues.

A battle ensued which was won at the end by the coalition who achieved their goal to bring down the POS of the titan.
The Titan and the material used in construction was blown up. The goal was achieved but in the process 37 capital ships of the coalition went down to massive BoB gunfires. These consisted of 32 dreadnaughts and 5 carriers.

(These numbers are still being updated as of the posting of this article.)

The capital ships were appearently all insured while the BoB titan being built could not have been. (It simply cant be insured while building)

A massive amount support ships also went down in the line of fire. Inside the system and the surrounding.

Each capital ship will yield 100% mineral cost in return for the cost of 500mill and the t1 capital ship setups. It remains to see what the actual figures of losses on each side will land at.

Originally by: Asariasha
I think the most interesting part of todays battle was
the somehow extremly fast blocking of the POS system not
even concerning the numbers of combatants. So what happened
was that CCP lets coalition cap fleet jump in without support
and just closes the system while the major support fleet
is barred from the fight. So we had 700 in system. ~200-300 coalition
giving a rest of 400-500 BoB+allied while the insane
amount of estimated 500-700 other coalition fighters
are just not allowed to enter.

Tinfoil hat? Maybe, but the fairest decision of a GM
would have been to contact the FCs, ask for the numbers
each fleet has. Then just let 600 players move into that
system while concerning the apportionment of both fleets
in percentage.
This would have been a fair decision instead of just
excluding more than 60%! of the coalition forces.

With regards

In the aftermath it turns out that CCP had limited the number of players in this system to a total of 700. In truth this would explain why only a handful of the coalition capital-ships were ever able to jump in and the support fleets were locked out. I can only think of what the outcome would have been if BoB had managed to keep the system cap entirely locked. Winning by default due to caps on a field would be horrible. We'd turn into planetside where imposed virtual limits determain the winner of the day.

Picture-source: Shamis Orzos (Sniggerdly)

Recon Bug. ugh...

Hey all, another one here, looking to possibly make one or two additions a week, so let me know what you guys think.

Anyway, My former corp merged into another corp with some friend sfrom in game, who were also sitting in apirate corp with 12 members, so it was a natural merge, we effectivly doubled our Combat pilots. To celebrate the occasion we wardecced an alliance on monday night. So it would go into effect on tueaday night, right after the patch. Talk about bad descision making skills.

A couple hours after the patch, and maybe 5-10 minutes after they worked out the "no one showing in any channel" bug, the war went active. So we started hunting for war targets, and ended up camping a couple people in a station down in Hek. We had an abaddon, a Hype, a Domi, a Raven, a rupture, and a "cloaked, tackling harpy"( I have a feeling he ddint know about the drawback's of claok's). We were camping a couple guys in a station, which always sucks. ANyway, one got out and ran around, so we gave chase. After we lost him, we decided to put a scout on the gate they all seemed to be coming from. The Hype pilot drew the shortest straw, so he sat on the gate. Maybe 10 minutes goes buy, and al of a sudden we hear him say " There is a Vindicator at the gate, Engaging. I got him scrammed... Now hes webbed, get here" SO naturally we all salivate at the possibility to remove this billion isk battleship from our targets fleet. I give the command for everyone to warp to this gate at thier optimal now, and then engage warp myself. After we are all in warp, the Hype pilot is heard saying " Wow, there are alot of them here... Wow, there is a f*cking lot of them here" so i told him " dont worry we are on our way".

When we got there, there weren't asmany as he made it seem, but I'm sure that when your the only purple in a field of blinky red, anymore than 2 or 3 seems like way to many. There were about 6 or 7 on my overview. As we all come out of warp and begin to engage the vindicator since I called him primary (those things would always be nice to take down, and the Hype pilot was my buddy in rl, and the vind was about 3km from him and taking a ful frontal attack) All of a sudden, everyone stops to shoot at the Hurricane that just jumped in. He wasn't even in our gang yet, but He was re-primairied(actual word?) and went down instantly. Then they began to work on my buddy in the Hype again. I had at this time gotten a lock on the Vindicator, and one of their abbaddon's who I called secondary. I let go with my full rack of Mega Pulse 2's from my Abaddon(Man do those guns sound sexy) And now the Vindicator is at half armour and going down. Then all of a sudden I get Jammed. As does our Raven pilot who had just reloaded to therm torps, and sent a volley at the Vind. I do not get un-jammed. I am perma jammed.

I am looking and looking for the name of the person who is jamming me, but i don't see him on my overview. The Hype does not get jammed, because he has that awesome 5th midslot, so he tossed an eccm there. He is still working on the vindicator and now has him in strucutre. Awesome he is going down right!? Nope, he jumped through the gate. At this time, I noticed a rook, not on my overview, but in space, 98km away from me, hes the one jamming me, damn that bastard isn't on my overview, I would have called him primairy. SOn of a. ANyway, I start to take fire, but I am still permajamed. So I jump through the gate in time to see the Vindicator warp off, but I didnt see where, so I start approaching the gate to jump back through when our Hype finally goes down. He had them tanked for about 5-6 minutes easy. Nice ship that one. Anyway, right after he goes down, our domi just explodes, aparently he never thought to just warp off when he was taking a gun or two from a ship or two, or the Raven that was shooting him from 60km away. Hell he didnt even tell us he was taking fire. Anyway, I give the scramble call to the remaining members, who all make it out of there. As I dock up at a station in my new system for the moment, I see them all show up. I guess they really wanted me, but i was already docked.

Now, all together we lost a fully t2 rig'ed Hyperion, a semi t2 fitted Hurricane, and a god knows what he fit 500 mill isk Domi( I didn't know domi pilots spent that much on thier ships). SO I was looking at almost a billion isk loss on the first night. So we all log off and go our seperate ways. I get home from work tonight, low and behold, and I see on the known issues section of the patch notes, that No one's overview's had any reconships, interceptors, covert ops ships, stealth bombers... it was abug. SO I went ahead and told my domi and my hype and my cane pilots to petition the loss. If i saw that rook on the overview, He would have been primiary. Without a doubt. Do you guys think I should have told them to petition it?

Also on a side note, the reason I think the Hurricane was destroyed so fast was, now this is a theory, but. I think the Rook pilot was the FC, and that when he saw the Hurricane uncloak, he feared it was a vaga-cane, Hurri-bond, call it what you want. A MWD, hella fast ship. I think he wet his pants a little and recalled primairy. Just a theory tho.

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