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Can flippers be-ware

Inspired by entries in this site, and the deplorable yet entertaining antics at mylootyourtears. I resolved yet again to try strike out at can flippers and griefers. I have spent quite a few hours, with my main - mining away in a Vexor or an Exequror, but something about a 2006 toon mining in a cruiser in a belt doesn't encourage the locals.
So to this end I brought forth Saint Juliana, to strike righteous revenge on the piratical denzins of high sec.
I thought I would give some newbie pirates a surprise, and loaded a Bellicose with ancillary current routers. I wanted 4 midslots, so that I could fit a propulsion mod, dual webs, and a scrambler. To ensure nothing could escape my grasp. I fitted a Medium neut so that the helpless frigate would be capless - to let my 8 warrior 1 (some spare incase of getting webbed and killed), 2x dual 180mm autocannons and launcher chip away at them.
The extra grid rigs let me fit a 1600mm plate for my tank. A formidable opponent for any can-flipping frig. Well, I mined, and mined, a couple of days without response.
When this evening I decided to actively seek out the flippers myself, rather than let them come to me.

Saint undocked the Bellicose in Amarr, a bustling market hub, and scanned the nearby belts. A a few cans, hulk, arbitrator and a punisher (a notorious can flipper) on scan. Narrowing them down to a particular belt I warped in to assess the situation.
There was an arbitrator mining away with two mining lasers, and a can sitting along side. The punisher was lurking nearby, and the hulk rapidly left the area. I checked the corp details of the two pilots, while I began my own excavation of an asteriod. Nothing untoward, and no obvious friends in system.
The arbitrator locked me right away, and began some rather unsocial behaviour, bumping the Bellicose, mining my asteriod. And generally being a bastard.
My initial thought was that the punisher might be his pal, and that the arbitrator might act as a remote repair station for the formidable tank of the punisher if I engaged it.
So I thought I best even up the odds.

I quickly fitted a couple of T1 remote reps to my main Sanguine in his Arbitrator, and some medium repair drones. The Bellicose was made to kill frigs, not go toe to toe with an arbitrator, which doesn't need cap to do damage, and which has a much better tank.

By the time I had done this, and returned to Saint, I saw that the punisher had gamely tried to can flip the aggressive arbitrator, and had very rapidly been vaporised.

Well, with Sanguine entering system, I suppose I'll take a crack at it. I jettison a can, and sure enough the arbitrator flips it right away - and a hauler alt arrives and whisks my ore away almost instantly. Lock and engage. Hammerhead II's descend on Saint and rip through the shields of the basically stationary cruiser. I scurry to warp in Sanguine and get the reps on, but in the heat of the moment, the fleet menu is rather tricky to navigate. By the time he arrives, Saint is down to 50% armour, and the meager DPS of the Bellicose has just cracked the Arbitrators shields. Overload Reps, and armour repair bots are engaged.
Saints tank now holding, she continues to chip away at the arbitrator, now webbing his drones, and sending 4xwarrior 1's to ping away at them. He is too smart for that and recalls them, and considering he is at 200m from Saint, they are instantly deployed again. Saints Bellicose tank is holding barely, perhaps she can hold long enough to chip away at him? But the cunning arbitrator has neuts fitted, and the Bellicose's meager cap is now gone. As the damage control goes offline, and Sanguine too runs out of cap, she drops into structure. Damage control back online, another cycle of the remote armor repairer, but its too late. Pop goes the Bellicose.

The arbitrator by this time is at about 60% armour of what is clearly a buffer tank, and without hesitation he aggresses Sanguine.
Although it was a quick fit, Sanguine has a medium nos fitted, and 3 Cap rechargers. As well as a medium armor repper. So cap shouldn't be a problem this time around. I launch my own flight of Hammerhead II's and we go toe to toe. Sanguines armour is dropping, unable to quite tank the damage from the Hammerheads, but I have yet to overload. We slug away at each other, but I can see I have the upper hand. The aggressor hits structure first, I begin to overload at about 10% armour remaining. He pops with a satisfying explosion.

I give him a GF in local, but he is out of there, Amarr is full of spam anyhow.

An enjoying skirmish, I came out slightly ahead isk-wise due his collection of drones. My Bellicose was tripple rigged, which was a little excessive, and his arbi was tripple tri-marked. If I were to make a crime fighting Duo between Saint and Sanguine I would do away with the 1600mm plate and rigs, and add 2 x EAN and a damage control instead. And put t2 remote repps on Sanguine, as well as repping rigs so I could perma-run the cap. But it was a split second rapid fit with what I had in the hanger. I mean I COULD bring Sanguine in a RR Dominix, but where is the fun in that?

I would still pit the solo Bellicose against any frigs, probably even 2 frigs at once - with the fitting. But if people are game to can flip an arbi, maybe I should switch to them. Sure would make it easier.
Fun and games, I hope for many more.

Trial of a newb, Part 1

Here I was, my second month in Eve universe was coming to an end, and I started to get uneasy feeling that I'm getting myself railroaded into a solo life of cookie-cutter mission runner. Caldari - strike one. On a missile boat - strike two. Not a single PvP encounter on my own - strike three. I started to get bored of chaining mission after mission on a "invincible drake" and I found myself starring at the at least 3 week-long Raven skill plan.

So I get this "bright" idea to "invite myself as a friend" (after all, who's a better friend for us all than ourselves?) on a trial of Eve. While skill plan runs its course I switched to a little side project and made a very low SP PvP character to see if I could mess with better trained and more experienced folks. Looking at all sorts and types of PvP in Eve, I figured to get myself involved with the can flipping crowd. Not that I'm against or pro-flipping, I just wanted to see if I can set up a trap for gullible "veteran" or two with a brand new character, for my own amusement. The image I had in mind is a week-old, seemingly clueless blond sitting somewhere in the asteroid belt next to a can of ore, pretending to be interested in mining. Who could possibly pass the lure of it? And this is how O'lenka's life on the trail of blood and destruction has begun.

Now, with the 21-day trial run it's course and almost half a billion ISK blown up, I'd like to reminiscent on some of the more memorable encounters I had.

My first time

My first time was in the candle lit bedroom set to the soft music of Vivaldi concerto. No, that's not right. In truth, my 1st was rather anticlimactic.

I've studied Galente cruiser book and few other essential skills and named my cheap tin can "How to change name?" to look even more clueless. Which caused some "who's on first"-type moments in the chats:

[ 2009.02.12 15:59:38 ] O'lenka > oh, I should rename my ship than. "charity" or something. Although I kinda like the one I have now =/
[ 2009.02.12 16:02:53 ] guy number one> what is your ship named now?
[ 2009.02.12 16:03:45 ] O'lenka > "How to change name?"
[ 2009.02.12 16:04:15 ] guy number two > you need to be in space, right click on ship set name
[ 2009.02.12 16:04:29 ] guy number one> you dont need to be in space
[ 2009.02.12 16:04:37 ] O'lenka > lol, you guys
[ 2009.02.12 16:04:53 ] O'lenka > it's like "who's on first" scketch all over again
[ 2009.02.12 16:05:00 ] guy number one> lol
[ 2009.02.12 16:05:12 ] guy number two > you dont need to be in space but you do need to be sitting in the ship you want to re name
[ 2009.02.12 16:05:15 ] O'lenka > this is how my ship named lol
[ 2009.02.12 16:05:35 ] O'lenka > "How to change name?"
[ 2009.02.12 16:05:52 ] guy number two> :-)
[ 2009.02.12 16:08:17 ] O'lenka > gotta run, o7

I set up my little "mining" operation not far from home. And I waited. And waited some more. Thinking to myself "Who'd buy this "mining Vexor" story anyway?" after a while, I decided to haul whatever ore I could cram into Vexor's cargo, at least to keep the illusion that I was doing something productive. When I got back to the belt I landed nose-to-nose to an Incursus, flown by a fellow Gallente Navy mate, at most few weeks older than myself, if even that. And it was flashing blood-red over the overview! In excitement I smashed all the attack keys, but the fight was over before I could get to "three Mississippi".

To sum up he was quick to finish and I was left unsatisfied. I decided that I'll leave the home pastures and look for greener grass in the Land of Minmatar and their famed pirate-on-a-Rifter candy.

Indeed, soon after landing in the hotbed of Hek I was greeted by a Rifter pilot, better dressed and more mature than my homeboys. The outfit that he left behind in fact nearly paid for my cheaply fit Vexor. We had a nice chat afterwards and I even found his note on my pillow:

Mail from "guy number one":
2009.02.08 20:26
awesome trap, that was good stuff! /bows

I now fondly recall this encounter as the time I lost my PvP virginity for real. I even got to see his cruiser too, but I was not ready to receive it.

Loosing it for real

After I "mined" the Hek out to the tune of 25 mil in wrecks, I set my sights on their mortal enemies, the Amarr, to even the scale a little, so to say. Well, I found Amarr space to be nearly dead, not much to report from there. Except my very first meet with an assault frigate. An Ishkur pilot got my can into his sights and I gave it a go... with my now patented move "web and zap the asteroid"! To make the story short, after realizing what the heck I'm targeting, I switched to real enemy, but after some really messy performance lost it all. First ship lost and a lesson learned. Nevertheless, I got some encouraging:

[ 2009.02.13 04:47:26 ] guy number two > gf man
[ 2009.02.13 04:47:35 ] guy number two > that was good got my blood pumping

The silent killer

My second, and last, loss came as another good lesson soon after. A Gallente support cruiser. Flown by an experienced pod pilot who seemed to belong to a some sort of Portuguese mafia. Neither of those facts deterred my ignorance. Thinking "What a support ship can do to me?" I opened up on it. Soon I was watching my hit points evaporating, while his shield was not moving a notch. As my Vexor turned into fiery ball, the assassin vanished as silently as he appeared, mafia style.

Stand-off with guns-for-hire

After disappointment over emptiness of Amarr space I figured why not give the space around Jita a try, after hearing so many comments about how everyone and his brother is Caldari. Jita itself, fortunately or not, has no ore, so I set up my little dog and pony show in Perimeter next door. That's proved to be a place to meet and greet many new friends, from rag-tag bands of Somali pirates in their cheap dingies, to some what impressive mercenaries for hire, with whom we played some fun cat-and-mouse games, such as "catch a nano-condor". Impressive none the less due to 1 mil CSPA fee threshold they set, some serious business they must run!

[ 2009.02.15 20:43:56 ] O'lenka > lol, there a Badger orgy at belt X
[ 2009.02.15 20:44:00 ] O'lenka >
[ 2009.02.15 20:44:58 ] guy number one > f**k you and your archaic memes
[ 2009.02.15 21:24:15 ] O'lenka > lolm 1mil CSPA charge?
[ 2009.02.15 21:24:44 ] guy number one > only a scrub balks at paying 1 mil cspa

One of the more memorable encounters was with a mercenary pilot snatching some ore 1st in his cargo ship, which I didn't catch, 'cause I was scrambling asteroid, as usual. He then shows up in Sentinel, orbiting me from afar. I dock one mining drone and send a single hornet after him, just for kick and giggles. What followed was a lengthy game of "show me your drones", where he would orbit me outside my web range and deploy his tech 2 drones for few seconds so that he can chip off a bit of my buffer tank before I could target and destroy them, while my tech 1 drones alone could not break his tank. Soon I figured out that if I apply my two webs to a drone, I can trap it for long enough to shoot it down. After losing a million or two in drones, he calls in his corp mate in Taranis, who deployed some of his own drones into the mix, I guess in attempt to get me to aggress both pilots, after which hell knows what he'll bring back while I'm still scrambled. Anyway, to keep it short, I blew few more mill ISK in his drones and after 15 more minutes of orbiting around we parted our ways....

Another fun exchange I had there was with someone 1st enticing me to fight, then having a bit of a meltdown over lost gear

[ 2009.02.15 18:39:21 ] O'lenka > hi
[ 2009.02.15 18:39:27 ] guy number two > hey
[ 2009.02.15 18:39:59 ] O'lenka > that's, like, a big ship you have there here,will pop me in 5 sec
[ 2009.02.15 18:40:16 ] guy number two > lol
[ 2009.02.15 18:40:20 ] guy number two > likely
[ 2009.02.15 18:47:07 ] guy number two > yea actually i think that is my better ship
[ 2009.02.15 18:47:14 ] guy number two > it has all tech 2 stuff on it
[ 2009.02.15 18:47:21 ] O'lenka > will it pop a vexor like that?
[ 2009.02.15 18:47:28 ] guy number two > umm idk
[ 2009.02.15 18:47:32 ] guy number two > how do you have it set up
[ 2009.02.15 18:51:24 ] guy number two > you wanna duel but stop at structure
[ 2009.02.15 18:51:45 ] O'lenka > well, if I can call off drones in time
[ 2009.02.15 18:52:20 ] guy number two > im not realy worried bout this ship cause i only have like 10 days untill my account lapses
[ 2009.02.15 18:53:23 ] guy number two > either u have to steal from my can or u have to atack first
[ 2009.02.15 18:54:51 ] O'lenka > doh sorry, drones...
[ 2009.02.15 18:55:00 ] guy number two > ahh
[ 2009.02.15 18:55:04 ] O'lenka > I'll leave your wreck
[ 2009.02.15 18:55:12 ] guy number two > ty sir
[ 2009.02.15 18:56:00 ] guy number two > damn i lost all my autocannons
[ 2009.02.15 18:58:00 ] guy number two > hey cock
[ 2009.02.15 18:58:34 ] O'lenka > what?
[ 2009.02.15 18:58:46 ] guy number two > you left you were supposed to gaurd my shit
[ 2009.02.15 18:59:13 ] O'lenka > what does "guard" means, in high sec anyway?
[ 2009.02.15 18:59:38 ] guy number two > stay there are take my stuff and give it to me
[ 2009.02.15 18:59:57 ] guy number two > well its gone now
[ 2009.02.15 19:00:52 ] O'lenka > doh, well, look, on trial still, learning stuff, sorry about your loss

To be continued, if you guys think it makes an interesting read and want to hear about CCC-rigged Merlins, wolfpacks of flippers and frozen food....

The way of a pirate-hunter

I decided to write my stories further as a diary. This way I can add new things everytime they happen and post them after I get enough volume :-).


I log in just after downtime and start searching local for possible targets. I can’t leave without poping at least 1 ship/day anymore. It became like narcotics, I’m addicted to pvp. Of course no targets after downtime, so I go to a dead-end system to rat a little. As I enter the system I notice no one being there, so I get to the belt to do the job. After 5 minutes, I see a neutral appearing in local, I scan the system few times, but no one appears on scan, hmm, docked I think. I go to the next belt, what do I see, 3 cruiser rats, nice I say, don’t want to waste ammo on those, so I put my valkyries 2’s on them and approach the first rat, to loot the wreck after it will pop (yeah, I am greedy :-)). My drones destroy the first rat, I send’em to the second (those little things just love to split and attack different targets), looting the wreck meanwhile. When the second rat pops, an arazu decloaks 30-40 km from me (the guy that appeared in local), locks me, dampens me and starts shooting at me, the rat is 20 km away, shooting me too, I recall my drones, as I notice them to get damage and burn my way to the rat. Meanwhile, I lock the arazu pilot’s drones and start killing them, after killing his drones, I am still in 50% armor, but It melts not so fast now. I get to 16 km away from the rat (still not being able to lock it), out of cap, hitting structure now. When I get in 5% structure, he stops shooting and convo’s me:

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Antipirate's life

Ok, since it’s downtime and I have nothing to do, I decided to continue my antipirate biography. After my first story, nothing really entertaining has happened, or maybe it’s because I have more experience now and I don’t have those emotions already :(, but I don’t remember my fights anymore, I have to look in the killboard to see them, I remember more my losses, I don’t know why though. I still fly thoraxes and vexors btw, but my first myrmidon is on the way. So I remember a lost a thorax to a dominix, he just killed all my cap and I couldn’t do anything, just sat there and waited to pop, this is a horrible feeling. I’ve got killed by 2 crows too, it took them a long time, but they did it, and my backup arrived just as I got poped, and my warrior 2’s only took 60% of 1 of the crow’s shields.

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My first act of pirate "hunting"

It's not a big deal but to me, at the time, it was a lot of fun. No one in my pvp oriented corp cared at all, I'm sure they laughed at me. But I was very new, less than a month, and had just got my first Gallente BS, a Dominix, strictly for mining. I had very few skills, barely able to fly the thing, and extremely basic gunnery skills. I had a few drone skills, but was training for mining.

So here I am in a .4 and two thoraxs show up. Yeah I wasn't paying attention to Local, I got to learn that lesson myself. They attacked me and I was in deep trouble having no guns and no combat drones at all, but they didn't scramble me so I was about to warp off. Lucky me. And yeah I shouldn't have been mining Jaspet yet, but who knew? Seemed like a good idea at the time.

But it made me realize, they'd be back. So I grabbed some guns and some combat drones, and one mining laser, and went back and pretended to resume mining. Sure enough here they come again. I was so excited as I recall I failed to put my own combat drones out. I just used the guns (I don't even remember what guns now but I think they were just mediums).

I couldn't tell what was happening, really, I don't remember seeing the enemy ship's shields going, not sure what the heck I was doing but then suddenly the first ship explodes and the 2nd one warps off saying "gf". I had to ask someone what gf meant. heh.

After that I stayed out of .4 alone and, frankly, found a new corp with people that work with each other and help each other.

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Fear and Loathing in Amoderia

Hi, this is my first post here! As another first, I have submitted a story recounting a recent PVP engagement... I hope you find it an enjoyable read. Thanks!

Fear and Loathing in Amoderia.

Rashmika's Helios bobbed happily in a solar eddy, basking in the warmth of Amoderia's red star and seemingly at peace. Inside the ship, a different story could be told though...

"FRACKING probes, for fracks sake!" muttered Rashmika.

Rashmika was trying to locate a gravimetric signature, but the many planets in this system were proving to be a logisitcal headache. The Helios entered warp again, for one last time, taking the short hop to a planet with a large concentric orbit.

The Helios dropped out of warp with a flash of light, as relativity regained its control over life aboard the Frigate. With great disdain and boredom, Rashmika mentally thumbed the activation switch and watched with relief as the final Probe was deployed. Rashmika licked her lips, in just a couple of minutes, she might have a warp in point and the riches she craved.

However, the Frigate was not alone. The ships computer squawked its rising alarm as another ship obtained a lock, pushed out five drones and let loose a vicious broadside. The Helios' shields spluttered into the gaping void, quickly followed by molten slag that once coated the Frigates hull.

"Guess you should've fitted a cloak" the pirate sneered over the rapidly fading comnet.

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Sometimes the gazelle becomes the lion

I am what most refer to as a Carebear. I have only played for almost 3 months but I learn quickly. I am building up my minerals for some ship building so I have been doing alot of ore theft against jetcan miners. I outfitted a Ferox incase someone gets froggy and it has served me well. Well yesterday i decide to do some rat hunting in Eifer a .4 system feeling my trusty battlecruiser can get me out of any trouble i might encounter. Its a nice shield tank with 2 warp core stabilizers incase I get into a fight I can't win. So I am in a belt picking up cans when a Pirate blinking red warps in. He's in an Ishkur assault frigate and is about 70km away. I am as slow as a pregnant cow flying without an AB so I know I can't unrun him if he gets close. Well i reach my can and start to warp out so I can warp in closer to one of my other cans that a bit far away. As I start to leave he target locks me but in a flash I am gone. I reach the planet I was aiming for and begin the warp cycle to head back and the Ishkur warps in almost on top of me and starts to target me. Before he gets a shot off though I am gone. As I head to my last can which is about 80km from the belt center he shows up again and starts heading towards me. Well this time I decide what the hell. If things go bad I can always escape.

I target lock him and start sending out heavy missiles. They are hitting decently and with my first hits he is down a third of his shields. Then his drones pop out. Five tech 2 hobgoblins reach me quickly and start to work on my shields which are at about 11700. I decide his drones are my biggest threat so I launch my drones 1 Med and 3 light and send them after his drones. They pop 2 pretty quick in the meantime he has me down to less then half my shields and I am into his armor now. As he closes i hit him with my med and small nos and my 7500m warp scrambler. His guns start to add to the drone damage as his third drone goes pop. Then i decide I need to finish this as I have less then 10% shields> sending my drones after him directly they start to eat quickly into his structure. I know I got him now and he does to cause he starts to move outside my warp scrambler range. Its too late though. His ship explodes in a beautiful burts of brite light. I target his pod but the lock fails and I try again but then he warps away to safety. As I head for his cargo container we both give each other the GF and I count myself lucky because my shields were almost gone. But they held which was nice. I pick up the remaining drones and his can had some other tech 2 items. Total value on what I found was about 5 mil. I wish I had gotten his pod though and collected the 2.5 mil bounty he had on him. Maybe next time I tell myself.

As I am about to leave the system he warps back in and asks for a rematch. He says he is in a Thorax cruiser now and I chuckle to myself. If he could get my shields down in an assault frigate I think he would get me in the cruiser so I politely decline. He begins to call me scared and I am a carebear and such. I remind him this carebear will be selling his modules for a nice price and I appreciate the fight and the irony. I jump to high sec space and head for home.

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My first kill as a pirate hunter.

Hello all, I'm pretty new to EVE (~1 month) but I've come to visit this site pretty regularly since discovering it. I pretty much owe my PvP bloodthirst to you guys! Now, I'm not a pirate - actually my corp is rather anti-pirate & bounty hunters (among that, targeting pirates with bounties) - so keep this in mind as I tell you the story of my first kill as a pirate hunter. As you'll see, it involves desperation, subterfuge, and liberal cajoling. Enjoy.

I'm hanging out in my local .4, looking for trouble. I have a few safespots set up, and I've been shuttling between them in my blackbird for an hour or so, scanning the belts for likely targets while keeping an eye on local. The crowd is all positive or 0 sec status, so my pickings seem pretty slim as far as bad guys to fight. I decide to head to a station to dock and call it a day, so I warp on over.

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first outnumbered fight

i had a rifter and a maller on my scanner and decided to go after the maller :-)
i warp on it 2x but always out of range to scramble him so he can run...

Alden Boruch > you lookin for trouble speed devil
Speed Devil > im lookin to have some fun :/
Alden Boruch > fun youll have
Speed Devil > u keep running ur faster than me :-(
Alden Boruch > and youre supposed to be a speed devil
Speed Devil > nobodys perfect :p
Alden Boruch > everyone dies.

at this point i warp in a belt and see the rifter and maller hanging together, i was in a good range for the maller so when he took my shields down in like 3 seconds i warped.
then this conversation follows: he thinks hes powerfull now :-D

Speed Devil > so u work together now :-)
Alden Boruch > i dontknow that guy
Alden Boruch > i know u fucked up
Speed Devil > i know u work together :p
Alden Boruch > hop in a bigger ship yet?
Alden Boruch > or is that ALL u got?
Speed Devil > lol
Alden Boruch > i figured
Alden Boruch > run along or get delt with
Speed Devil > i dont need a bigger ship :-)
Alden Boruch > fire that fuckin weapon then
Alden Boruch > your shields cant take this

i figured, if i would go after the maller first, the other rifter could blow up my rifter, so i went after the rifter :p
when the rifter was half shields, the maller warps in and starts shooting at me, i was at half armor by the time the rifter blew up. then i went after the maller. his guns couldnt track me so he was an easy prey :-)

Alden Boruch > 3 mill to stop
Speed Devil > forget it
Speed Devil > now do i still need a bigger ship? :-)
Speed Devil > ur going down boy


Speed Devil > outnumbered moehahah :p
Alden Boruch > i'd run if i were you
Alden Boruch > lol - i'll be back in 5 minutes

and he was: in his reaper to pick up his modules :-D

Speed Devil > u better would have run
Alden Boruch > see if you can pull this again
Speed Devil > :-D
Alden Boruch > u wont pod me
Alden Boruch > get over it
Speed Devil > :-)
Speed Devil > ur fitting is pathetic :/
Speed Devil > rails and projectiles on a maller comon :s
Speed Devil > just so u know, u got killed by a noob with 10k in gunnery :-)
Alden Boruch > well i can agree on the noob part
Alden Boruch > the rest is for you to ponder
Alden Boruch > asshat
Speed Devil > lol
Speed Devil > i told u i didnt need a bigger ship :-)

this guy is a year old :s

2006.05.01 13:57

Victim: Alden Boruch
Alliance: None
Corp: The Microquest Corporation
Destroyed: Maller
System: Lantorn
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: Angel Crusher / Archangels

Name: Speed Devil (laid the final blow)
Security: -2.3
Alliance: None
Corp: MMMM....BEER
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon I

Destroyed items:

250mm Railgun I
Nanofiber Internal Structure I
Small Armor Repairer I
280mm Howitzer Artillery I
Warded Ladar Backup Cluster I
250mm Compressed Coil Gun I
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 3
Antimatter Charge M, Qty: 18
Titanium Sabot S, Qty: 14

2006.05.01 13:53

Victim: Asmozre
Alliance: Imperium Alliance
Corp: Battlestars
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Lantorn
Security: 0.3

Involved parties:

Name: Angel Impaler / Archangels

Name: Speed Devil (laid the final blow)
Security: -2.3
Alliance: None
Corp: MMMM....BEER
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: Thorn Rocket

Destroyed items:

Proton S, Qty: 121 (Cargo)
Small Shield Booster I
Overdrive Injector System I
'Shade' I White Noise ECM
250mm Light Prototype I Siege Cannon
Small I-a Polarized Armor Regenerator
Small Supplemental Barrier Emitter I
Fusion S, Qty: 100 (Cargo)
Small Capacitor Battery I (Cargo)
Small Shield Booster I (Cargo)
Angel Bronze Tag (Cargo)
Small Armor Repairer I (Cargo)
ECCM Projector I (Cargo)
Small Hull Repairer I (Cargo)

Angel Ship Log 583225679 (Cargo)
720mm Howitzer Artillery I (Cargo)
Proton S, Qty: 24

Smackers united?

00:01:26] Commander Nikolas > To every Snigg member in local. This is by and far more disgraceful then saving Gingers POS. I guess when Verone left he really did take Sniggs ighting spirit with him
[00:02:34] Commander Nikolas > *** have a long history of breaking ransoms, logging off during PvP, and every other disgrace act that alt pirate corps commit.
[00:03:09] Commander Nikolas > What happened to your integrity? The days when you used to kill pirates who broke ransoms? ... What happened to you...
[00:03:17] Commander Nikolas >
I am done now

We didnt bother to respond. sigh But yes, smacktalk is bloody annoying.
And then he died...


This alliance is a minmatar freedom roleplay alliance. They are also known for hunting pirates, tonight as many other times we were the target.

Our group had set out to guard a gate and catch anything jumping through.
After a few hours they had finaly amassed a force superior than ours, + we were also getting shot at by sentry guns.

A carrier jumped into system, and we were carefully watching it for half an hour. Suddenly we felt it's time to pack up as we suspected they'd soon jump in on us.
Not an underestimation shortly after local went up from 45 to 72 and they had many battleships including the carrier.
But when they arrived at the gate our last man had just left the second earlier.

We found ourselves camped outside the station by a bunch of Ushra'Khan, and an hour later they finaly decided to leave.
However it cost them a battleship as some of their stragglers thought they could do some piracy of their own.

BigBen in a tempest sat at speed in an asteroid field, shooting at Shinra people who were doing a bit of roid hunting.
He warped out just as we came in to get him, but we dropped scanprobes and found him lingering in space a couple minutes later.

One tempest down, a bunch left to go.

Ushra'Khan's plans thwarted once again!

A sniggerdly taskforce were passing through some low-security empire systems when we were spotted by U'K scouts.
They assembled a fleet of 15 people that decided to chase after us.

They managed to catch up with us at a stargate but I was way too "lagged" to fight back at the time so I jumped through with my thorax.
On their side they had several battleships and a heavy assault cruiser which were used to try and sentry-tank-gank us.

The assault frigates they had were used to try catch up with our outlaw-members but we managed to get away just fine.
A few hours later they found us in a dead-end system where we had just been clearing out the locals and asked for forced-taxes.

We decided to lay-low for a little while but I warped back to the gate to see if they'd attack my thorax again.
Surely enough a deimos and a ferox attacks me. However this time I wasnt lagged and returned fire knowingly that they had battleships on their way.

The deimos took heavy damage from the sentries aswell but I did most damage with my drones and turrets aswell as nossing him to the greater end of the universe.
One deimos down and one cargo-hold fuller of loot I took on the ferox. Almost out of cap and armor hardeners starting to go off I requested backup from Jainy.
He warped in and jammed the ferox and I finished him off and took his loot and headed into warp just as the greater part of their fleet entered the system.

Later on we made a run and got out of the dead-end system but they had prepared a camp further ahead and took out one of our ceptors. However we had a great time thwarting U'K's plans on domination of space and gained more than we lost.

Always hunted, never safe but damn fun!

I was collecting some scrap-metals to reprocess to build myself new drones. Maybe a bit overkill to head out in a dominix and hunt 10k rats, but at least the dominix has a big cargohold for all the scrap-metal. A pirate should always be able to be self-sufficient when he's got a low security rating. Since haulers arent always available to do your bidding.

Keeping an eye on the 0.0 local I spotted a BKK guy on the list, I didn't worry too much cause they rarely make a fuss and just move on.
I had just killed the last spawn of the asteroidbelt when I noticed that a battleship was sitting 30km away from me.

Heck, I had forgotten to even look at anything else than the rats.
I was wondering for a while if I should take him on, but I felt a bit lazy so I moved on to the next belt.

1 minute later the guy warps in right ontop on me, locks and starts firing. I guess he wasnt ready for a PVP setup ship hunting 10k rats.
Needless to say, I warp-scramble him and bring out the heavy artillery. This is when my mate Ikvar warps in with a ceptor, ready to catch the pod once the battleship pops. I decided to give him a chance by offering a ransom. He ignored my conversation invite and I keep shooting.

Toward the end of the battle when he sees that he's chanceless he logs-out in a futile attempt to save his pod. Needless to say this was a stupid error on his part as Ikvar had a ship nearby with scan-probe launcher and probes.
Two minutes later, this BKK guy got a quick clone-jump back home once he login again.

The ship yield a good deal of tech II loot, roughly 45million isk worth of loot. A great deal more was destroyed in the explosion.

Another attempted gate gank

Well, I'm back! I was on a road trip in 0.0 to raise my sec status. My first day back hunting wasn't so bad :-) , but now after today i cannot get back into .7 systems again :-P . It started off with the usual rounds around the systems. Killed a brutix out of a group of many in a complex, others warped away. About an hour later (after we completed the complex) i go to another nearby sustem with a complex and start scanning. An apoc warps to the gate, then back out. This is where i think he is going to try and gate gank me, so i play along. I let him lock me and i stay relaticely still. He opens fire. He is 30 km away and hits me very hard. I am down to 30% armor and i think, this isnt such a great idea. I break transversal and he stops hitting me. He launches drones. Heavy's no prob. I can hit them and kill em in seconds. I am slowly zig zagging towards him. my armor is repping up, and i get to within 15 km rom him when he warps to a planet. i tell myself, what the hay, he has no armor, no drones, is flagged, and in half structure. I warp to the planet at 15km and i'm right on top of him :-). I scram and take him to 15% structure. I procede to attemp to ransom him.

Outcome: Ransom successful 50 mil

On a lighter note, this is the third time a person or group has tried this on me. The first was a group which consited of a wolf, deimos, and apoc which where slaughtered with the help of a ceptor and munnin. The next time was a raven. And now this. I cant believe some people. i know that the only way to gate gank is to pick your fights; and they all picked the fight with the wrong person. Also each of these attemped gate ganks were in assault frigs. The enyo and Ishkur.

Ahh, and the freighter i saw on my alt:

Attention carebears! Do not shoot pirates at the gates! :)

So once again I was peacefully traveling through the systems when someone tried to shoot at me.
Now, one may think he'd have a good chance if he was in a heavy battleship. Instead this guy is in a thorax and shoots at a non-outlaw pirate.

Needless to say, the thorax got shot down and I was 2 alpha hull expanders richer.

So a short guide:

A pirate with Yellow or transparent box.
DO NOT SHOOT! Sentries will shoot you.

A pirate with Red flashing box.
You may shoot, but you'll probably end up dead anyhow if you dont have backup.