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Warheads, pt. 2

Almost 1 month later...

Space-time warped around the bow of Khis’s ship as the microwarp drive opened the fourth dimension, allowing a speed unattainable by conventional propulsion. Unfortunately, however, it just wasn’t enough. The nightmare’s incredible lasers chased his ship wherever it maneuvered, each hit striking with impossible accuracy and burning away more and more armor. “Get out of here!” Schaa screamed at him. “We can’t sustain any more, were bugging out!” Khis’s heart sank when he looked through the cockpit window. His fleet entering warp, one by one, until he was the only one left with Eilyin. Suddenly, the webifiers were turned on him. The he was thrown out of the pilot’s chair as his ship slowed to a crawl. “NO!” The full firepower of the nightmare was turned on his ship now. The lasers burned so bright, he had to cover his eyes. He heard the distinctive hiss of boiling tritanium. Nothing left to do, no hope, and no help. Khis took off his headset and sat on the ground, waiting for a laser to find the warp drive and break the seal. Continue reading "Warheads, pt. 2"


All her work had paid off. Every informant, every bribe, every threat, every effort she had made to track him down created a network of arrows that pointed here, this high-class nightclub, tucked inside a station in a low-sec trading hub. Khis’s favorite club. Eternity, this place is called. Very symbolic. Very Ironic.
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Can only be one

Her blood was lava, her head was a hurricane, her soul was broken. A hundred methods of killing Eilyin bounced through her imagination. All I need to do is take out these guards. Come on, it’s easy. Just kill them. Break their necks, her instinct seemed to tell her. No, they have guns. Let them live, her logic replied. I don’t care, try it anyway, her emotions chimed in. They either read her mind or knew her reputation, for they kept their guns pointed during the entire walk and made every move with a careful hesitation. I recognize the one in front… The one with the scars across his cheek… he doesn’t look happy to be escorting me. I see the sweat dripping down his neck. The walk took a toll on her legs, which had lost a large amount of muscle during her sleep. But she didn’t dare complain. She couldn’t appear weak. Besides, at least she could feel. Pain was a luxury, a pleasure of life that she had been denied for too long. A door opened when they approached; the door to the hangars, and Schaa was shocked to see her old ship, looking just like when she had left it. “But...”
“Eilyin knows your tools of war. Don’t expect another one when you lose it.” The guard with the scarred face gave her a shove, and she made the rest of the walk herself. She had no illusions about the reason for this sudden ‘generosity’. A brand new ship... But what’s with this awful fit they gave me? At least they have the decency to replace my faction guns... Could I use them inside the hangar? No, no doubt they have 1600’s trained on me right now. I think I’ve had enough of this place. She coaxed the ship out of the hangar as fast as she could manage.
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Afterlife, pt. 2

Invincible. Friggin untouchable. Scanned a hundred times since I started, and they haven’t even picked up a scent. I can almost feel their frustration; scanning every single ship that passes through the gate. Yet the amount of drugs in the system is at a record high. By now, I bet they’re trying to hunt down a hidden stargate! From the safety of the Fenrir cockpit, Khis couldn’t help but laugh to himself. Dozens and dozens of trips, literally passing right under CONCORD ships, with an entire freighter packed to the walls with concealed drugs. Scans revealed nothing but ammo and ship rigs, yet he was carrying enough Crash to blaze an entire station. He arrived at the hangers, and made sure to dock in the “private” section. The section where officers don’t wander around and the crew is kept on an unusually high salary. The enormous ship hovered in place, nearly touching the walls on all sides. Private hangars were not made to accommodate freighters. “That you, Khis?” His Comm. Unit buzzed.
“Hey, Scotty.”
“My crew is ready to unload- how much should we expect to find?”
“16,080 Kilos. Tell your boys to check the turret barrels, too, they forget to unpack those sometimes.”
“Will do. Should be quite a few hours.”
“Copy.” Khis stood up from his chair and stretched. “I’m headed to the mess hall”, He told the co-captain. A low rumble filled the cockpit as the heavy blast doors slid open.

Meanwhile, halfway across the galaxy...

Fear was always hard for her to experience. It was such an awkward emotion. It made her feel weak. Anger, on the other hand, came much more naturally and frequently. It empowered her. It fueled her in whatever she did. Being a killer would chip away at almost any person, yet anger dulled the pain and allowed her to endure a very long career as a pirate. A career that probably will end soon. So as she sat in her lavish chair, guns pointed at her chest, with one of the coldest humans in the galaxy a mere meter in front of her, she felt no fear and no anxiety. They were drowned out and replaced with an anger that would cause a lesser woman to jump out of her seat and rip out Eilyin’s eyeballs. At first, he said nothing. But after a few moments of silence, he took the cigar out of his mouth and smiled. Very Arrogantly. As if to say, ‘you’re mine’. Guess what, asshole- you have no idea what will come to you. “You know, Schaa, I can’t understand you.” He put out the cigar. “No words? Nothing to say.” Your eyes convey strength. Strength in what? Ruthlessness is your only strength “I always thought you were one of the smarter ones. But lately, you’ve been proving me so wrong.”
“I have nothing to say to you. You know what I did and why I did it.”
“But I don’t. You knew who you were fucking with and you knew the consequences, yet you did it anyway. And for what? To spite me? To appease your brief appetite for justice?” He chuckled. “No, I think you’ve just gotten impulsive and stupid.”
“Maybe I just wanted to prove you’re not as powerful as you think you are...” She glared into his eyes “Or maybe it’s because those mercs were Caldari.” Yes. She thought. That got to him. She knew that some of the mercs had been militia buddies with Eilyin, long ago. He had to pause for a moment, and she thought she almost saw him choke up. “Do you want to play that game? Because I find it funny that you would bring that up, when you’ve done far more than I have for the State. Forgetting about that little favor you did me, all those years ago?”
Now she choked. Damn you, Eilyin. I’ve had brain surgery to erase that memory. Damn you straight to hell. The memories, distant and deliberately forgotten, grew and grew in her mind until it ached. It was years and years ago... She tried to convince herself. I was young and weak and desperate... I had no choice, I had no option... And the realization of what she had done flooded into her conscious. For her sin, there was no forgiveness and no excuse. Schaa, the famous pirate, killer of hundreds, woman who drives fear into her prey, felt for the first time the true weight of pure guilt. And for the first time in her life, she cried.

Years and years ago. I was a young girl. Fresh and bloodthirsty, but completely broke. I had just lost all my money in the militia, and I needed a job. My low security status, coupled with my combat record, didn’t make me very appealing to corperations. Who wants a girl pilot with no skills and no ISK? I needed a job, and Eilyin made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: 30 Million ISK, for just one little job. I didn’t even need a ship. When I walked into his office, this office, for the first time, and he told me the job, I almost turned it down. My soul still wasn’t completely melted away, and I had a hard time accepting what I had to do. ‘It’s simple’, he told me. ‘Kill the Officer’ - Officer Okhenemir- The Gallente war hero who obliterated Caldari and Amarr armies and led the fleet on a crusade, gaining more and more territory every day. Eilyin never told me his intentions for the job, but I knew why he wanted me to do it. I had strong ties with Okhenemir’s administration. He had strong business ties with the State; the Caldari lose the war, and he loses his business. Slavery, Oppression, he didn’t care what the Caldari and Amarr were up to. I had to accept, there was no other option. The last thing I remember was setting up the clone contract and getting a low-wave brain scan, recording memories for the future me. I don’t know how I did it, but when I woke up days later, I read the news. Officer Okhenemir had been killed; blown up in his office along with a dozen others. No suspects. The money was already in my account, and a new ship was waiting in my hangar. I took it to lowsec and never came back.
Eilyin saw her pain and seemed to bask in it. His only response was a light chuckle. “Do you know how long you’ve been in stasis, Schaa?”
She didn’t answer.
“A month. Do you feel your muscles starting to decay? Do you feel your mind melting? I was going to put you in permastasis...”
The hairs on her hands shot up.
“...But I decided you’re more useful to me awake. There is another job I need you to do. After Khis escaped, he got a job as a cargo runner for SDA.”
What?“My intel tells me that Khis is delivering to highsec in record amounts, and Ossin’s sales in highsec have exploded. He’s beginning to squeeze out Vigor. That can’t happen.”
I know exactly what you want me to do, you little shit. No! Not a chance in hell.He knew what she was thinking. “I assume you can figure out the rest. And before you accept, just to escape and hide, consider the alternative.”
The hate inside her raged like a furnace.
“I will catch you, Schaa. Sooner or later, I will catch you. And I’ll put you in stasis until your brain rots.”
Now, fear crawled over her skin like a plague.

Welcome aboard

He was not officially a wanted man. But if Eilyin was after you, you were pretty damn wanted. And now he sat in a shifty station bar, just one jump from highsec space. Khis shifted his eyes across the room quickly. Nobody was paying any attention to him, and he wanted to keep it that way. A dirty man with a dirty datapad in a filthy bar was as common as cigarettes, but no extra chances could be taken. He sat still in the corner, desperately trying to draw as little attention as he could to himself as he wrote on the datapad. “The criminal world isn’t so different from any other. Small differences, of course, separate the lawful from the lawless, but with the size of this galaxy and the demand for less-than-legal services, the line draws thin. Who can even tell what is illegal and what is simply frowned upon. The juveniles in the station smoke cigarettes as they stroll past security officers. Gylamine pads are sold from the friggin vendors. Hell, if you wanna KILL someone, just wait until they make a trip to 0.4. Before too long, I bet I can inject tripsticks in a restaurant and piss on the officer’s battleship. ‘Illegal’ has no moral value anymore. I hope you also understand that I did not enter this line of work to make a quick buck. Eilyin is still after my ass, and a conventional job simply isn’t going to pay him back fast enough. I may not be allowed back in high-security, not in this region anyway. I love you, and hope to see you sometimes. (P.S, Don’t tell anyone else about this. I only sent this message to people I trust to keep quiet. Just wanted to keep you in the loop.)” He glanced up again from his datapad. The bartender at the other end of the room paid no attention and the other patrons were too drunk to notice him. Good, He thought. Send to? He thought for a moment. Babyn. And Tuhust. And Gulthorne. Dad, too. They’ll understand. Keep Mom out of it, she wouldn’t take it well. As for Grandma and Grandpa... Khis rolled his eyes when he thought how they would react. Aaaaaannd, Send! The Datapad bleeped four times. Four messages sent out. He shut it down and stuffed it in his bag. A stout Gallente man walked into the bar; hair greased forward, reflective glasses and a scowl that all people he hung around wore. If the obvious look didn’t give him away, the tattoo he barely concealed sure did. A Snake entwined around apple. Only a man loyal to Ossin would display a mark like that. The man looked at Khis and walked over and shook his hand. “Hello Khis.” “Hello, Herekk. Good to finally meet you...” Continue reading "Welcome aboard"

Worse than Death

I haven’t written for a little while, so I decided to revive a previous story and post new chapters every couple of days. Enjoy!

...I just might start going to a church now, he thought. His head was still swimming, almost dizzy from the recent events. He wanted to go back and help her, surely she would need it, but he could not miss his last chance at escape; his unbelievable luck had probably run dry this time. The warp drive deactivated and the massive stargate appeared. Without hesitating, he jumped. Warped to the next one. Jumped again. Over and over until I’m safe. Through Flari, through Agordon, through Jemp, through Tomisaris. He finally arrived at a gate leading to secure space. Never before have I been so eager to be swallowed by a wormhole. A brief moment of total darkness, and the heavens appeared all around him. He looked at the stars and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a CONCORD ship slowly lumber in the distance. “I need a new job...” Khis said to himself. “Maybe I’ll give a shot at the other side of the law...”
She chuckled when the first one blew up; it was almost too easy. She laughed when the next one popped; a bit of a challenge, but she’d seen worse. But before she could finish the third, two more showed up; ships that were bigger than the first three. Not fuckin’ fair! They threw E-war drones her way; her guns now wouldn’t keep up with the sharp orbits. She was triple-webbed. But my tank is holding for now, that’s all that matters. Then four more ships showed up, and Schaa’s heart sank. She saw how the battle would unfold even before it happened. Antimatter charges plowed into her ship from all sides. Within 30 seconds, it had dissipated entirely. Then the entire structure shivered as chunks of armor were blown away. She knew she had already lost. But when she had 30% hull, the guns stopped firing. She knew was that meant immediately. “These fuckers are gonna ransom ME?” Her Comm. Unit bleeped. “How much, assholes?”
“How about Khis’s head. On a platter.” She paused. Fuck. FUCK!
“It’s been a long time, Eilyin.”
“Almost too long Schaa. I just wanted to say hi, and ask why the hell you attacked my boys?”
“They were bullying my friend.”
“Since when did start sticking up for the little guys? Or have friends? If there is one thing you should have learned, it’s to not fuck with my business.”
“The debt was nothing, Eilyin. You probably spent that much hunting him down.”
“Debts are always paid, or people die. No exceptions are made, Schaa, and not only did you help him get away, you killed some of my favorite hunters.”
She knew he was boiling with rage inside, but his voice didn’t show a trace of emotion. He continued, “You should be smarter than that, Schaa. I thought your people knew the limits; where your hunting ground ends and my control begins. You fucked with my business, Schaa. Now you’re gonna die.”
An interdictor warped in, and she gasped. That can only mean one thing. As the mercs resumed tearing through her ship, a disruption sphere was fired. “You think podding me is gonna teach me a lesson? You think I’m afraid to die? Go to hell!”
“I have better things planned for you. Bitch.”
Her ship burst violently and the pod immediately rocketed away from the sphere as fast as possible, but she knew it was just too late. A few seconds later, she was webbed, and she knew it was the end. The end for this lifetime, anyway. Another Schaa will be soon born back at the station. It’s happened before, I don’t mind dying again. She closed her eyes and waited. Waited for what seemed like an eternity. But no guns fired, and she noticed she was moving again. It took her just a second to realize what was happening. “No! NO! NOOOO!!” Her fate was sealed; a fate worse than death. She knew what Eilyin did with his catches... Her pod was sucked inside a cargo bay. The bubble deactivated and the mercenaries charted a course for Eiylin’s base.

Hand of God

-By Nojha Herrit, Journalist for Herald of EVE

All across the Heimatar region, a story has been passed down for years. It can be occasionally heard at a bar between friends or used to scare fresh pilots from the academy. I can even remember hearing it from my uncle as a kid, who added absurd details to frighten me. There have been many that question it and others who swear on its authenticity. No matter what you believe, though, you can’t escape the haunt that the story brings. For when you find yourself flying through quiet space, you will sometimes feel the tingle of your spine and the tremble of your hand.
This is the story that echoes across the cosmos...

In Illinfrik, there is said to be a mysterious ship with an even more mysterious pilot. Pilots have supposedly been killed in situations that border on fantasy, and those who are lucky enough to have clones describe the bizarre ordeal when they awaken.
One man said that he was attacked mid-warp when a ship that he had never seen before entered the warp tunnel right behind him and killed his battleship and his pod with a single shot. He claims that the ship was unlike anything he had seen before. He says that it changed shape and color and fired a weapon too small and powerful to even exist.
Another man claims to have been attacked from over 1000 KM away. According to him, the ship suddenly appeared on his local overview, but thought nothing of it until his warp drive malfunctioned and his ship was cut in half by some unknown energy beam.
But perhaps the strangest report is from Jouc Liage, a former cargo ship operator. I had to fly planet-side to get an interview with him, and he was reluctant to tell me his story. After a modest bribe, however, he cleared his throat and told me to take a seat. “I was flying my Fenrir, which was loaded with over 400 million ISK worth of cargo, and I was escorted by a dozen battlecruisers.” He seemed nervous as he tells his story, and kept his gaze fixed on something behind my head. “We were in mid-warp, with no indication of trouble.” He says. “Then we all suddenly drop out of warp, halfway to our destination. All the pilots were scrambling to figure out what happened, when a strange ship just appeared about 3 km in front of me. It was about the size of a cruiser, had no windows, and shone dark purple in the sunlight. But the strangest part was the hull; it bended and shifted and snaked constantly, like a psychedelic sculpture. My Security team could not target it, and my scanner was going insane. The readings fluctuated from 10 kg to over 700,000,000 kg several times a second, combat drones flew away from it, and my computer thought that it was a crate of turkey.” Jouc leaned forward and looked and the ground. “I received a message on my comm. Unit, but it an unintelligible string of letters and numbers. I responded, saying ‘We don’t mean no harm, just tell us what you want.’ But as soon as I sent it, all of my escort ships started shooting each other! Not only that, the ship hit me with a single blast and my entire ship was vaporized!” He lit up a cigarette. “It was the freakiest shit I had ever seen. I couldn’t even imagine it in my nightmares. When my clone awoke, the doctors said I was screaming violently, and I had to be restrained”. Jouc declined any further questions from my interview. Since the incident, Jouc got a job as a waiter and has not left his home planet.
The only thing that is known about this mysterious being is that it has never been seen at a stargate or station, only attacks targets bigger than itself, and supposedly will not attack a ship if an Amarrian is onboard. Even the elusive Jovian nation has denied the existence of such a ship, and nobody is sure if there is only the one or if there are others like it. Reports of the ship only occur in Illinfrik, and there haven’t been any sighting or attacks in the last 6 years. The safety of pilots in the system is not guaranteed, though. The entity may decide, for whatever reasons, to terrorize New Eden once more...

Lions and Lambs

This story unfolds from the perspectives of two different people- a jaded pirate named Schaa and her prey, a desperate pilot named Khis

Schaa sat on the edge of the bed, her forehead resting on her palms. Her breathing came in short and labored bursts as the nightmare she had just woken from echoed in her mind. She fumbled around her pockets and withdrew a pack of cigarettes. Deep breath, the smoke feels good in my lungs. Much better. She glanced up at the mirror in front of her. She looked at the dark circles under her eyes and the wrinkles that crawled over her face. She blew out her smoke and inhaled some more. What’s wrong with me- am I questioning myself? She thought. Am I ashamed of what I have become? Why this guilt after all these years. She gazed deeper into her own reflection. I have survived when countless others had failed. I have amassed fortunes after the rest of my family died in poverty. I have done many bad things, and thrived in a galaxy of greed, despair and opportunity. I am a survivor, and that matters above all. I have killed so that I may live. I am only doing as nature programmed me. She kept staring, but wanted to turn away. Could barely stomach that disappointment when she looked at her reflection. The self-assurance didn’t help much, because all she could see in herself were the things she hated most: desperation and weakness. The years of piracy and killing had taken its toll on Schaa, and now the dead that used to haunt her conscious now haunt her dreams, too. The cigarette glowed as she inhaled more smoke, and by now the cloud had filled her small room. I wonder if other pirates feel this way too... if they do, it doesn’t stop them. Why should it stop me? There is no time in this world for self-pity. She mashed the cig in the ashtray and stood up. No time to mourn the dead. She put on a fresh set of clothes and turned on the air vent fan. No time to feel remorse for the stupid, slow, naive, or unfortunate. She proudly put on her old dog tags, the one thing besides her ship that had any value to her, and took another look in the mirror, This time there was no pity, there was only the face of a killer looking back, the dark eyes of a hunter gazing into your soul. She left her room and began the long walk through the station, back to the hanger. Just another day for a pirate. Just another fortune to be made.

Men in desperation make choices that make or break their life. Lasers seared away Khis’s repair drones. I needed the money, so what did I do? I borrowed from a shady criminal. Stupid, Khis, stupid stupid stupid. He panicked as the warp drive wouldn’t respond and his shield tank was quickly melting away “As soon as Eilyin gets the money, we leave you alone.” Khis heard over the comm., but he doubted the people shooting him would really stop even if he did wire the money over. Now missiles pounded his armor. “Tell your boss that I gave him everything! Tell him I can work for him, my death isn’t necessary!” Khis was screaming into the comm. now, but he doubt it would do any good. He heard a chuckle and a cold-hearted reply. “I’m not your messenger, I’m your killer...” The last of Khis’s armor was blown apart, and now his hull was being blasted. He knew this was the end. This was how he was going to die; an unpaid loan. My life is about to end over a fifteen million ISK, chump change to a criminal like Eiylin. He closed his eyes and bowed his head and prepared for the eternal cold of space, prayed that his crew perish in peace. But instead he was greeted by the most beautiful sound he had ever heard; “Warp drive online”. He looked up at the mercenary ships, and saw that they were under attack! What the HELL? A roaming pirate gang had warped in, seconds from his destruction and engaged his killers- Wide-eyed with disbelief, Khis immediately entered warp towards the nearest stargate and prayed that they wouldn’t catch up. Thank god for those pirates. Let their deaths be swift and peaceful. Khis knew how good these mercs were; he knew the battle wouldn’t last long.

“It’s all I have!” Schaa had heard that one countless times. Even when they’re trapped in a burning ship with a broken tank, they still think they can bluff their way out of destruction. It’s all I have... please, pity doesn’t work with pirates. The measly ransom probably isn’t worth half the cargo, anyway. So Schaa blew the ship out of the sky. No pod, strange, usually they hire capsuleers to pilot these ships. That means lots of dead crew members. But she never worried about those. A lot of them are secretly slaves anyway. The loot revealed nothing special, so it was left to drift in space. Schaa was starting to get restless- hours of waiting in my usual hunting grounds, and all I managed to kill was this worthless ship and a few foolish Gurista recruits- and they practically begged me to kill them with the crap formations they had. Screw Gurista. Real pirates don’t send fresh pilots to do their dirty work. I used make a living killing those wannabes, but there’s no good pay in law enforcement. Schaa fiddled with the dog tags around her neck. Then the militia- now that was a job I should have kept- wiping the galaxy clean of those religious freaks. But they’d never take me back, not with my record. She grinned as she remembered her days as a warrior for the republic. Rewards were shit, and I lost plenty of ships, but nothing else was more satisfying. I wish more of those pious fuckers would come in my system; I love to pop their pretty little ships-
She was getting impatient. If there is one thing a pirate can’t stand, it’s inactivity. Ships aren’t gonna blow themselves up. She thought. That’s my job, so I better start hunting. She began her patrol of the local asteroid belts and stargates, hoping for the usual sucker to forget to check the scanners...

Khis’s hands were clammy as he gripped the controls, while the sweat from his forehead dripped down his nose. He would drop out of warp any second now, and he had no idea if there were reinforcements at the gate. He said a silent prayer, and stopped in front of the warp gate. A quick look revealed no enemies- no, the mercs ambushed me, they wouldn’t need to set a trap here... Khis jumped through the gate the moment the wormhole opened, not caring where it led. Anywhere would be safer than here.
His ship sat in a small asteroid field, with nothing but omber rocks to keep him company. As the camera drone circled his ship, he became more and more awestruck that his ship survived- Shield, 3% and rising. Armor, completely gone, and the cracked hull was leaking debris and plasma into space. It would take hours to fix this damage, and trying to dock in an unknown station in nullsec would be suicide, especially when I would be such an easy target. My rep drones are gone, so it looks like this will take a while... His single armor repair unit activated and nanobots swarmed his ship, all the while he kept his attention on the local overview and prayed his unbelievable luck would stay with him.

“These People are getting to smart” Schaa became angry at her incredible misfortune. Every spot she jumped to was either totally empty or packed with miners and a security squad. I can wait until they separate. But Miners tend to take all day and don’t like to stray from the pack. She didn’t dare jump into neighboring systems, because she would be shot on sight in highsec and all the other systems have bounties on her head. So she stayed in her hunting grounds and didn’t look for new territory. Maybe one of these smaller belts will hold some treasure, she thought. She began to check around the isolated pockets of asteroids, and after she dropped out of warp, she gasped with surprise. A single ship was floating motionless; its hull shot to hell and a repair module running. And it sat less than 10 km away!. This could be bait, but it’s just too easy! She grinned ear to ear at her prize catch, and she locked and scrambled it without hesitation. “You made a mistake coming here. Don’t worry though, you’ll learn your lesson”. She laughed into her comm. unit. Her guns were primed and she waited for a response.
“You made a mistake coming here. Don’t worry though, you’ll learn your lesson”. The words rang in his ears and made his skin crawl. He had narrowly escaped death from his enemies, only to be killed by a stranger. I knew my luck would run short- I knew my situation was just too good to be true. Now I have no second option, no escape, and I will pay for my stupidity. Hoping the pirate was a fool, he began to bargain for his life. “You haven’t killed me yet. Maybe because it would be too easy and you want sport. Or maybe you want a ransom, to which I would be happy to give you all that I have.” What money he had left would do no good to a dead man, so he waited for her response “Transfer it to my account. I’ll decide if you are worth it.” He quickly sent her his entire fortune- 10,280,965 ISK. She chuckled when she saw the amount- His ship wasn’t even worth half that- that offers only one conclusion- He isn’t a capsuleer, so killing his ship would end his life- permanently- no clone, no reawakening to start over again- just space and asteroids for all of time. She often pondered what it would be like to die forever, and she wondered why people who couldn’t afford clones would risk their life in space at all. Still, this man must fear death above all else if he will part with his entire life savings- no inheritance for his family, I suppose. It all disappears so he can live. “Well it’s not enough.” She felt an unexpected pang of guilt. Was that too cruel? “Then kill me. When I say it’s all I have got, I not lying. And it wasn’t even mine, it was borrowed from Eilyin Sicha. I narrowly escaped death by his hands, so death by yours will not scare me”. Khis closed his eyes and thought of his younger brothers and sisters, hoped they never became the kind of scum that would kill a man for the worthless salvage his ship would bring. But the guns still didn’t fire and the comm. channel opened again. “I see that you are Gallentian, and that all of your family fought against the Amarr.” Khis couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Did she really research me? Do all pirates do this to their victims? Or maybe she was trying to see if my family had more money...
Schaa continued. “I fought many years ago, and am proud of every one of them I killed.” She held the dirty tags in her hands- ran her fingers over the names of her fallen friends. What is this moment? I am hesitating, holding back- I am becoming WEAK! Be a KILLER, Schaa! Her finger hovered over the trigger, and for the first time in her life, she didn’t want to be a killer. At that moment, 3 ships warped into the belt, and Khis recognized them immediately- the mercs he escaped from earlier.
Oh how luck can turn.

“Thanks for capturing him- I’m surprised you didn’t shoot him on sight, considering your security status.” The merc chuckled and Schaa felt disgusted. “You will be rewarded for your assistance. You can leave now, the rest is up to us.” Schaa signed. This is the biggest mistake of my life... She reopened the comm. channel with Khis. “Eilyin is the scum of this universe. I am about to do something I have never done. I am going to help you escape, because for some reason, I feel that we are not so different.” Schaa couldn’t believe what she was doing “When I release the warp scramble, make a run for the nearest gate and don’t stop until you reach highsec”. Maybe there is a God, Khis thought to himself. “I.. I don’t know what to-”. “Don’t. Go, just go. Pay off Eilyin Sicht, and stay out of trouble” Schaa transferred the money back into Khis’s account and aligned her ship toward the mercs. To their surprise, she targeted one of them and opened fire. “What is this bitch DOING!” As they struggled to realign their guns, Khis warped away. The last thing he saw was the pirate who saved his life, his guardian angel locked in battle with the demons.



Quiet. That's the way it is in space. That's the way he likes it. It was peaceful, drifting through the heavens with the stars. He enjoyed being in a ship that needed no crew, so he chose to use a frigate. It was his frigate of choice, the Incursus. He enjoyed using it for hunting because it could catch almost anything. Although, it wasn't always this way.

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Guest story from hisgoatness: THE ADVENTURES OF DOX ROX

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional narrative loosely based on some actual game events(extremely loose). Faggots in said narrative are also loosely based on actual game faggots and personalities. Yes it is long, no there is no cliff notes.

Disclaimer Disclaimer: Yes I was very bored when I wrote this.

Part 1: Bomber Down

The time was 2000 hours, fresh off a day of lectures about his poor CAOD posting habits, Captain Dox Rox walked into the doorway of his personal hangar at the G-TT5V outpost with a bit of gleeful anticipation in his step. After being heckled by the Illuminati Corporation for the configuration of the Chimera class carrier he had custom ordered, he was eager to redeem himself at the next possible military operation. Dox plopped into his desk chair as it creaked at the daunting task of supporting his bulbous mass. Repeatedly missed exercise sessions and a daily lunch of chili covered Delve Dogs was starting to reap rewards towards the blobby figure that was so popular on his home world. He fired up his teamspeak server and logged on to the Pathetic Legion facebook nation to check for news across the alliance. Dox skimmed through the most recent news articles while keeping an open ear for any coms traffic on alliance teamspeak channels. He had barely gotten through the latest xxAngelxx fat jokes and worthless USTZ supcom stories when his headset began to crackle with activity. “Important Fleet Mission, all available pilots stop counting your jew gold and form up at the POS on Gaia Jane. Long range heavy assault cruisers and interdictors requested.” It was no other than the sensual baritone of the Italian Stallion himself, Admiral Goberius. Dox began to sweat in excitement. His microscopic genitals were still a light shade of blue from the last Gobbins lead operation, but he had faith the Italian man pleaser would not fail them again.

Dox Rox surveyed his hangar inventory for a suitable combat vessel for the fleet mission. He dismissed the thought of using his Zealot class cruiser, its too overpowered and everyone flies them anyway. His indecision was quickly washed away when he laid eyes on the next ship in his hangar, a Caldari made Raven class battleship. Sure Admiral Goberius had called for cruiser sized ships, but just yesterday Dox had dispatched six battleships from the Serpentis faction in his Raven, surely it would be the mainstay force in Admiral Goberius’ fleet. With its full rack of cruise missile launchers and thick tungsten armor plating, it would be able to strike from as far as 249km, perfect for sniping an enemy POS. And you never know when your fleet mission will end in attacking a POS when you are a member of Pathetic Legion! Dox smiled proudly as his captain’s capsule was loaded into the Raven. This will show those Illuminati smackers how a combat ship should be fitted.

Dox pulsed the massive ion engines to ease the Raven out of the docking bay while performing the final checks on his systems. As the twinkling brightness of the heavens lit up his front viewport, Dox aligned his navigation system for the coordinates of the alliance form up POS and engaged the warp drives. His captain’s chair jerked slightly, not from the strain of supporting his ass for once, but from the force as his Raven battleship lurched into hyperspace towards the alliance POS. His destination was not far from the outpost he was stationed at so it was a short trip, nevertheless Dox managed to delight on two chili covered Delve Dogs while reviewing the status of his weapons systems. Dox licked the last bit of chili from his chin as his Raven slowed from warp speed and re entered normal space at the form up POS shield barrier. Dox sized up the fleet his alliance had gathered, countless Zealot class cruisers, Muninns, and even some Caldari Cerberus cruisers. Excellent Dox thought to himself, no one has shown up in anything as fantastic as my Raven. He set his navi computer to approach Gaia Jane’s Avatar class titan at zero. “Who is this faggot who brought a Raven”, squawked from the joint coms link. His Heads Up Display was filled with spam lines from the other pilots that simply read, :bos:. Dox ignored their jeers; he knew he would have the last laugh. As he neared Gaia Jane’s titan, Dox heard Admiral Goberius begin to bark out orders, “Jump bridge active, jump bridge active, all pilots jump to destination.” Dox Rox synced his navi computer with the massive titan and watched in awe as the jump vortex opened in front of his Raven and swirled around his viewport.

As the vortex dissipated, Dox sat stunned for a moment. He blinked his eyes twice and begun to gather his bearings. His navi computer chirped alerting him that his current location was the 49-U6U system. He looked up at his viewport and saw the silhouette of a Rapier class recon cruiser with what military experts call a cynosural field pulsing off his starboard bow. Dox only took in the beautiful sight for a split second before watching the Rapier recon erupt in a ball of fire and the vacuum of space swallow up the death cries of the crew. Dox glanced around to the other side of his viewport to see the looming figure of a Deathstar POS with 15 smoking guns pointed where the Rapier used to be. His HUD chirped and went a shade of red, identifying the Deathstar as an enemy combatant. Dox’s chili soaked brain had barely begun to process all that was happening when the Italian Stallion barked over his com unit snapping Dox to attention. “Worthless faggots, stop sitting there and set ship alignment for the star, activate micro warp drive evasive systems, go faggots, go.” The Raven hummed as Dox activated the MWD propulsion system and set his navi computer in line with the system’s single star. Dox looked up as his HUD chirped and a green tactical overlay of the Pathetic Legion fleet displayed over the grid. Damn those cruisers are fast, Dox thought to himself. The tactical overlay agreed, and Dox watched as the fleet moved towards the star and Dox’s Raven quickly fell to the back of the formation.

Dox murmured a silent curse under his breath, but was suddenly interrupted when the Raven violently shook to the starboard side. “Shield impact, integrity holding at 95%,” the report from his bridge crew came through his shipside com unit. It seems the enemy had noticed his slower moving Raven as well. Dox checked his tactical overlay, and sure enough two dozen enemy battleship class ships were moving out from the bottom of the Deathstar shield barrier and bringing their weapons systems online. This was going to get ugly fast, Dox though to himself. Admiral Goberius was quick to respond, “Go weapons hot, primary fire target is AJ Regard, secondary target is Lady Scarlet.” Dox’s HUD chirped yet again as ship designator intelligence was added to the tactical overlay by the admiral. The enemy formation was a mix of Kenzoku Federation and Triple A warships. Dox recognized the primaried enemy captain well, he was well regarded for his accurate unbiased battle debriefings on Scope TV. Dox thumbed the shipside com unit, “Weapons Officer, bring the aft launchers online and set target painting systems for ship id #157. Engage when you have a firing solution”. The mighty Raven shook again as more enemy fire impacted the shield matrix. Dox checked the HUD again, he was falling dangerously behind the allied formation. He diverted more power to the MWD systems sending them into overload mode hoping to coax a little more speed out of the heavy battleship. The heavens from his viewport lit up like the sunrise of a red giant as dozens of laser beams from the Zealot class cruisers raced towards the enemy fleet. Dox wouldn’t be able to enjoy the fireworks though as his Raven was rocked repeatedly by violent collisions that activated the emergency lighting. “Shields are down Captain, multiple armor impacts, integrity at 45%”, his bridge commander’s panicked voice announced over the shipside com. Dox began to sweat. He would not last long under focused enemy fire and the engines just couldn’t move the heavy ship out of range in time. As if personally answering his prayers, a cynosural field lit up his viewport and instantly jumped in a guardian angel. And he brought friends. The enormous Leviathan listed towards the enemy POS flanked by two Avatar class titans. “Good job being bait you useless failure, why don’t you go reevaluate your options”, raged over Dox’s com unit. Dox recognized the friendly voice of Admiral Shadoo, the Pathetic Legion back up Fleet Commander. Before Dox could swallow the lump in his throat, his bridge commander broke through the shipside com, “Fleet warp orders issued from central command sir, following fleet into hyperspace.” As the warp envelope enclosed his Raven, Dox looked back at the Deathstar just as the stars went dark and a massive blackhole opened on the horizon. “Warp Drive Active” his navi computer informed him.

Dox barely had time to gather his thoughts and get a damage report from the crew when his Raven dropped out of hyperspace. The fleet was assembling near a small gas giant a few AU from the enemy POS they had just left. As he set approach vectors with the position of the fleet, Admiral Goberius came over the com, “Re align to planet 9, maximum sublight speed, go, go.” Dox groaned. He wished he had time to order repairs to the deep scars on the Raven’s armor plating, but he could tell from the urgency in the admiral’s voice that something pressing was underway. “Fleet warp coordinates coming in now Captain”, his bridge commander informed him over the shipside. “Warp Drive Active”, blurted the navi computer, and once again Dox was off.

As Dox’s Raven dropped out of hyperspace the cockpit of his capsule lit up with pulsating light. Dox looked out the viewport and was astonished at what his implanted eyes showed him. Silhouetted inside the haze of countless warp disruption spheres was an alliance Avatar class titan. The ship designator beeped on his HUD and Dox was saddened to see it was Gaia Jane, the same captain who had bridged him into this hell storm. As the tactical overlay came up on the HUD, Dox could see hundreds of enemy warships orbiting in formation outside of the warp disruption spheres raining in weapons fire on the hapless titan as it sat dark with its main power offline, as if someone had simply turned off a light switch and went to sleep. Dox watched in awe as the hull of the great ship buckled and gave way in a massive explosion that sent a shockwave outward for hundreds of kilometers. The captain’s capsule ejected from the rubble and auto warped off into the distance. A much more somber Admiral Goberius came over the com unit, “Fleet fall back to the stargate, regroup in the 8QT-H4 system.”

As Dox set the coordinates into his navi computer, he couldn’t help but think about Captain Gaia Jane after today’s events. As the warp drives spun up to enter hyperspace, Dox typed out a quick note to Gaia Jane on the pilot to pilot line. Dox smiled proudly as he finished. “Warp Drive Active”, the navi computer announced. Dox clicked ‘transmit’.

“My condolences on the loss of your Avatar, sir. Perhaps you will consider the triple rep fitting design I have attached to this note in your next ship purchase.


The Breaking Point

It’s not a question of morality; it’s not a question of good or evil, it is one simple choice: survive or perish.


SkeletonDenial was slowly driving through systems in The Forge, looking for targets. She jumped into the next system.

This was not going to be a good day. It was a beehive, and she had no support.

SkeletonDenial looked at what she was up against. A Raven, a Thrasher, a Celestis, 2 Throaxes, a BlackBird, and a Sabre. It's not impossible. She made past worst camps before. SkeletonDenial searched for the nearest warp to object she was aligned to and engaged the warp drive. It’s amazing how much you can think about in just a few short seconds.


Warp. Warp. Warp.

She kept repeating the command in her head.

Warp. Warp. Warp.

She remembered the hull of her ship imploding; she felt the ensuing concussion wave.

Warp. Warp. Warp.

She thought she was still in her pod, but she couldn’t be sure. She wasn’t sure if she had been podded, she didn’t remember the pain of the last minute brain scan. She kept repeating the warp command in her head, trying at the same time to orientate herself. Just in-case the pod was still floating next to her Hawk’s wreckage.

Warp. Warp. Warp.

Why was she so damn cold? Where the hell were her camera drones? She could not see anything, there was nothing but blackness. It was so cold she was numb. She felt so very tired, she thought about giving up and just going to sleep. It would feel so good to just let go….

Warp. Warp. Warp.

She thought she heard the crackle of her pod voice communications coming to life. She started to feel pain. The numbness she felt was being replaced by pressure, like she was getting squished by a capital amour plate, while being stuck by pins at the same time.

Warp. Warp. Warp.

Did the cloning process malfunction? What she thought was the white noise from pod communication console was getting louder. Her heart did not feel right. It hurt. Her chest felt tight. SkeletonDenial? She thought she heard her name through the noise, faintly, she could not be sure.


The station manager at Mattere was pissed. Ships needed to dock, and he didn’t have enough hangers. Usually this wasn’t an issue. Usually pilots kept on schedule. Showed up on time, and left on time. The station also had some spare hangers for the unexpected and emergency arrival of pod pilots, but this wasn’t a typical war zone. Wars in Empire were getting more frequent, but Mattere was not a system on one of the more common travel pipes, and it definitely was not a major trade hub. Most of the pilots in this system were high-sec miners, a couple of mission runners, industrialists, that sort of thing. At any rate the station needed some critical supplies, and there was one hanger in particular that was causing a major backup.

“You better get done here Sir!” The station managers’ communication link relayed suddenly from the hanger operator.

“I’m already on my way!” he replied.

There was a Cerberus docked and was scheduled to leave over 90 minutes ago. To compound the issue, his station crew could not get into the hanger.
Just he was about to head down to the hanger to deal with the incompetence of his employees, he received an incoming transmission on his desk terminal.

It caught his attention because it was a transmission coming in encrypted, priority level 2.

“Oh God.” He thought, “Now what. This day just keeps getting better.”

He entered the security code and was slightly taken aback by the person he was about to talk to.

“How are your shipments through Mito going Mr. Cathedance?”

“Very well, actually, is there a problem?” he said cautiously. He hated this woman he was talking to. But it was a necessary evil for him, as well as profitable, and that was his main motivation for dealing with this pirate organization.

“Well, that depends on you. I have a small task I wish you to undertake, that is, to insure that your shipping lanes remain open through Mito.”

“YOU BITCH! …” Mr. Cathedance yelled trying to act like he wasn't afraid of the woman on the other end of the terminal.

“You told me I had two more weeks left in this agreement!”

“And, you will, as long as you complete a simple task for me. It will take you hardly no time whatsoever.”


“I believe you’ve been requested to go to hanger H5-3 on your station?”


“There is a female pilot on board the ship there, I want you to shoot her in the head......, now listen....., and this is important......., with a laser gun.”

“Are you insane? I can’t go around killing people? Even if I do run this place!”

“Mr. Cathedance”, the female voice from the terminal replied sternly, yet calmly, "I didn’t ask you to kill anybody. Just shoot her in the head. You can’t kill a pod pilot if it’s done correctly. You do want your shipments to go through still don’t you?”

“Fine.” Mr. Cathedence replied, “Fine.” after all, he thought to himself, a life of a pod pilot for a few more million in profit, 49 million actually, was a good deal.


The manger pushed his way past the crowd of onlookers, pilots, and station crew. It looked like the stations crew was finally able to get into the hanger, and onto the Cerberus that was supposed to undock.

“What in the HELL is going on HERE!” The manager barked, as he made his way past several medical personnel.

“What the…” the manger stopped short of finishing his sentence as he looked around the Heavy Assault Ship. There was blood splattered everywhere. There was blood on the walls, the floor, and the consoles. He went over to see what the medical personal were frantically doing when he saw a pod pilot laying on the deck floor of the ship.

She didn’t look too good. She had cuts on her arms, her neck, and her ribs. “Lock this station down! Nobody docks or undocks until we find the criminal who did this!”

“That won’t be necessary.” replied a medic, “It looks like a suicide attempt.”

“Is she dead?” the manager responding with a note of hopeful optimism in his voice. He didn’t care what her problem was. He needed to get the station docking services back onto schedule.

“I think she is going to pull through.”

The manager frowned. “What difference does it make? Shoot her in the head and let her get cloned wherever her contract is. I got a station to run!”

“She seemed a bit off today.” A man replied from behind him.

“Who the hell are you now?” asked the manager as he turned around to look at this person.

“Lysander. Lysander Kaldenn. We usually fly together. I was just congratulating her on her first 250 kills since becoming a Privateer. She acted like she had no idea what I was talking about. She brought up the CONCORD logs and then ordered everyone off the ship. She kept mumbling how she ‘had to stop her’ and that she 'wouldn't let her hurt anybody else anymore’. Then she just locked herself in on the ship.”

Someone in the crowd nearby could be heard saying, “SkeletonDenial? What kind of a name is that anyway?”


If your looking for SkeletonDenial, well, she isn’t here right now. She couldn’t handle the pressure. She’s scared. A weak… pathetic… lamb, who will break like crackers… and she needs me to take care of things. You know that.

STOP! Just stop. I don’t need you, I’ll handle it!

Let me take care of it for you, and then you won’t have to deal with it. You know it has to be done. I’ll protect you. I’m strong enough to take care of you, and me. You’re part of me. You do what I say.

It’s just that I get these voices in my head and their telling me to do things. Things I normally wouldn’t do. Bad, Horrible, Things! They are constantly talking and talking and talking. They are starting to scare me. Should I listen to them? I’m not suicidal, never have been. I’m not depressed, never have been. I’m normal. But, because of the voices in my head I can’t hear anything else. Dear GOD! Can’t you stop the voices in my head?

Who needs God when you got me?

My first podding of a Caracal pilot made me feel whole. Yet I felt like I lost something, a part of me. But it felt oohhh Sooooo GOOD!!! My second podding of an industrial pilot was even more satisfying. Even more pleasurable are the destruction warships with thousands of innocent souls onboard.

But it’s ok, I feel bad afterwards…


I have cut myself time and time again and poured my own blood on this ship to reveal the thousands that have died by the use of this weapon.

I look at it logically. I tell myself the only thing I lost was security status. But really I am losing who I was. The worst was when I was in my pod, floating in space, barely conscious; listening to the voice of what I thought was my one true and only love, Anika. I couldn’t hear the voices anymore. It had gotten worse. I know I should have gotten help but I’ve gone too far.

I told her not to cry, I told her I was the reason she didn’t die. Not yet at least. I knew I was the one, who hurt her, and she didn’t deserve it, but she must have known this was coming.

What will happen to me when she leaves? I think she killed me…

…but I think I killed her.

And though I have killed my only one true love, she will remain with me forever.


“Let someone else deal with her.” the station manager said angrily.

The station manager turned and looked at the pod pilot by his feet, and ordered the medics to back away. He took his laser pistol out of his holster that was strapped to the side of his leg, pointed it towards SkeletonDenial’s head, and fired, severing the top of her cranium right down the middle.

The descent down...

Memories that he had long thought suppressed come unbidden again, as he floats within the life sustaining fluids of his pod.. Perhaps it was due to the frequent consciousness jumps that he makes between his clones. Maybe it was just the lack of cybernetic circuitry within this clone..

Or perhaps it was the "simpler" sensory input that he is fed from this ship.. This ship that he took was hardly in the forefront of current technology. But for a various reasons, it has a fearsome reputation.. There was a powerful simplicity to the exposed structures and engine mounts of the Rifter that was open for all to see.. Even as his own inner nature was not, to others, as well at times, to himself.

His superiors back in the Federal Navy would have a lot to say about his choice of a ship.

He doesn't know why he came here on his own now. After all, he is used to following orders about what to do and what not to .. The recent denouncement and subsequent expulsion of his Corp from the militia did not sit well with him. For all the accomplishments and battles won, sometimes all it takes is the whim of some bureaucrat to render all of that null and void.

The reverie was broken as the ship shudders when it drops out of the warp tunnel and into the Caldari complex. Two ships appear on within the overview as the camera drones register their types. A Kestrel and a Thrasher. Of the two, the Thrasher would cause him trouble, if not destroy him outright.. However, for some reason, the destroyer just warped away. Leaving only the Kestrel behind..

..and of course, the Caldari Military ships that guard this complex.

The moment is here. His ship streaks towards the target and the locking cycle begins to start. The ship seems to pulse with its own excitement, sensing perhaps the destruction that is to come. It does get difficult to split the two sometimes, hard in knowing where the human part ends and where the machine begins.

Thus, the dance begins. A scram snakes out and locks onto the target while the simplistic autocannon's start spewing their barrage ammo. The ship shudders as the other Caldari military ships start firing back with missiles and railguns. But he is fast, as long as the speed is maintained and the Kestrel is corralled within his gun's range, he should be safe.

A warning signal flashes up briefly as the scram loses lock. A curse registers in his mind as he re-aligns the ship again, for the haste he has shown to throw off the targeting systems of the Caldari has made him lose track of his quarry. But no matter. The Kestrel remained. Foolhardy or just the blind faith on the Caldari military's capability?

Whatever it was, the frigate blossomed into a fireball. The shudder of the Rifter's structure starts to get more pronounced as the damage from the other Caldari ship finally gets through the shields and into armour. He then re-aligns outwards and warps off. The loot didn't matter, after all. That wasn't the point.

For the first time in many years. He smiled. Perhaps this new turn of events weren't so bad after all..

2008.12.21 14:53:00

Alliance: NONE
Faction: Caldari State
Destroyed: Kestrel
System: Nennamaila
Security: 0.3
Damage Taken: 2241

Involved parties:

Name: He (laid the final blow)
Security: 3.0
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 150mm Light AutoCannon II
Damage Done: 2241

Destroyed items:

Local Power Plant Manager: Diagnostic System I
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 33
Damage Control I
Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 440 (Cargo)
Small Shield Booster I
'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher I
Standard Missile Launcher I, Qty: 2

Dropped items:

Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 103
Heat Dissipation Amplifier I
'Malkuth' Standard Missile Launcher I
Magnetic Scattering Amplifier I

Cleared for publication by: Ander


Piracy. There are those who are drawn to it because of the stories of adventure, fame, and fortune. Some use it to rebel against the controlling authorities. Some are just born that way. Others are made that way by society…

"Nanite Convulsive Therapy", they called it. They said it would fix her. She was arrested after her ship got destroyed by Concord and she received a permanent mark on her record for initiating aggression in high-sec space against a State employee. “I don’t know what she’s capable of…” SkeletonDenial told the psychotherapist, “… but you need to lock me up, it would be for the best.”
So, there she lay, restrained on the table with 400 nanite unit factories being placed into her.


I feel warm on my left side as the manifestation begins, encoding the nanite swarm through a projected machine, giving life to them as a structured emission of coherent microwaves.


The nanite swarm being administered from the factories let her rest briefly while the mind clone laid down the last few reflexive routines in the nanite swarm’s immaterial processing core.

The doctors push the soft switches; the manifestation responds, reaching up with tiny microwave fingers tempting to pull the knowledge from her head, re-arranging her thoughts. The molbydium tubes were placed into her head at about the temples, the front and back of one side of her head so the nanites would only work in just the right side of her brain.

The doctors, as she preferred to think of them, would ask her questions. There were questions about her childhood. Questions about how she saw herself. A doctor would ask questions about the incident in Kisago. They would ask questions about Anika, whom she would only refer to as Cryptic Myst. After each question a doctor would push one of the soft switches, depending on the answer she gave. They would ask the same questions over and over. If her questions displeased them, other soft switches would be pressed.

Sometimes the nanites going through her brain caused seizures so powerful that she could hear her own bones snap; first her left leg, then her left arm. The Cortex Dump, a new but not entirely unheard of procedure was not the cause such a violent reaction; it was use the illegal use of the nanite therapy to do it. It wasn’t fully approved by the State yet. Technically it was possible, socially it was repugnant, but still insanely illegal.

The terror she felt was not physical suffering of her treatment, it was the strikes to her core personality, and it was terrifying for that reason. It felt like she was getting hit in the head with a hammer. She began to feel dazed, confused, and disoriented. Her thoughts became uncontrollably disjointed. Her mind seemed to break into random splinters; shredded apart in a broad and deep dispersal pattern, all those deep structures of her mind being ripped, ripped out. Deleting and randomly rewriting all of the secret thoughts at the heart of her, attempting to remove her true sentience.

She started to forget about her problems after a while. It was as if she was in a grey limbo. They could suspend her, but she would not let them kill her.

Two days later after the concussion wore off, Lynnea wished Anika would take over, and Anika did.


“How are you feeling, today SkeletonDenial?”

“Another good day!” Anika replied.

“Excellent. Today we are releasing you to a private corporation, Excav Conglomerate. You have made much progress and we feel you are ready to move on. I must say you are one of our favorite patients, a model of success.

Your new role will be mining security. The CEO has agreed to continue to monitor your progress and send us periodic reports, and I will be providing him with your medical file.” Anikia read part of the corporation description:

“Non-Aggressive Corporation”

“This is a non aggressive corporation with views to make a surplus through the cooperation between others. The only conflict allowed in this corp is through means of aggression made towards the corporation only. An example would be a player of another corporation attacking a player of this corporation.”


See Lynnea? Everything is fine, just like I promised. Were going to a low-sec system, the State will no longer be a concern for us. I won’t let them hurt you anymore.

***Declassified Medical Report for SkeletonDenial File #0849

Skeleton Denial has been diagnosed with two personalities - SkeletonDenial and Cryptic Myst. The "split personality" is part of the diagnosis of her condition of "schizophrenia with involuntary narcissistic rage".

We still do not know the center cause for this. It might be caused by bad parenting, and lack of moral fibre. The straight answer is that we still don't fully understand the causes of her condition. We do know that there is a genetic component, and that there are some poorly-understood environmental and biological triggers.

She is to be considered unstable and violent, and could go "wild" without any warning.

This condition is treatable, provided she remains close to her home base with continued medication, therapy, and close contact with her chain of command. Indeed, hope in a recovery is part of the treatment.

There have been two major groups of symptoms displayed by SkeletonDenial; positive/passive and negative/active.

Documented Behavior for SkeletonDenial is as follows: Hallucinations (she sometimes see or smell things that are not there, or she may hear voices telling her what to do, or commenting on her actions) Disorganized thoughts (her speech jumps irrationally from one topic to another, or she may create new words) Disorganized behaviors (wearing multiple layers of clothes, shouting inappropriately in local).

On the other side of things, negative/passive symptoms she has displayed include: a withdrawal/loss of motivation loss of feeling speaking much less frequently, and what is said may be repetitious or vague and flat presentation (unchanged facial expressions, reduced body language and decreased spontaneous movements).

February 106: SWA Medical Team Log Entry

SkeletonDenial has showed a great deal of improvement while working towards graduation here at the Caldari State War Academy. We will be releasing her to the care of Skycaxgfnp, CEO of kl;ierh9 8289 89 corpot h her and keep her busy with jsjfjcv d [ 999 we feel this will no longer be an isszzz7ue.

rd ptr ds:[05D90D34h]


Log file Corrupted.

Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.IV

As the light faded, the space before me materialized slowly.
"Wooooooo! I love that shit!" There was nothing like the adrenaline rush of jumping through unstable space. No gates. No regulations. No idea if this time is it. Pure blindness and hopes that you don't warp into the center of a star.
I punched the warp drive into action and my Claw lurched forward once again. It was all manual on this side. Stupid cosmic anomalies always screwed up the NAV systems so a series of short hops were the only way to go. Quite the pain in the ass, but quite a secured system as well. Nobody would be able to navigate such a place without months of extensive research and resources at their disposal.
Communications weren't even an option until you get within earshot. Another 'precautionary' measure I'd assume.

My last warp was fairly long. Always was. To the point of making your brain think it's too long. Just when you think something has gone wrong...
"Finally." My comms break the silence. It was him. Still that calm and collective voice. Never rattled. Still amazes me how he does it.
"Yeah yeah. Can't say that it was an enjoyable trip, but here I am none-the-less."
"Fair enough. Same bay. Make it snappy. We have a fair bit to discuss before things start to happen."
"Happen? What's happening?" Silence... he wasn't going to indulge me over the comms and I knew it. But I still liked asking just to annoy him anyway.
"Make it quick will you?"
"Yup. I'm on it." I swung around the small asteroid belt and made straight for the hidden base.
"Hey hotshot, you wanna slow it down a bit before you sink the entire east wing?" The comms burst alive again. It was Harry. Always good to hear Harry.
"Harry-Monster! Still around are ya?" He hated that name. Almost as much as he hated my heated approaches. Timid. He'd never last.
"Can the shit. You wreck, and I'll not wash your smudge off the deck for a month just as a reminder to all the others."
"Ahh.. Hairy-Monster. Angry as ever. Right then.. Incoming!" I punched straight in and dropped to the deck as always. It's always a delight to see people scampering away when I come in this hot. Light as a feather. Perfect as always.
"Touchdown. Have the guys start unloading the hold will ya Hairy-Monster?" I chuckled as I switched off the comms and dropped the cargo-bay doors. The crew was already approaching with their normal eagerness.
"Full one boys. And don't be too hasty eh? Don't want any fresh marks on my baby."
The crew stood a moment and surveyed the ship. She'd obviously seen quite a bit of action in her day. It was no secret that Concord would probably give their right nut to catch this one. The ship alone had been involved in more pirate activities than could be counted. The scars on her hull were wounds of survival and pride. Notches in her belt.

I made my way through the corridors to the main lobby. Might as well have a drink before getting into it with him again.

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Re-birth - A new dawn -- CH.III

Captain Rhicker began his final approach to the station. It was a long journey, and all he wanted to do was get out of his ship.
The comms crackled to life...

"Standby for authentication."
"Roger that. Standing by."

He sat back and looked around, taking it all in. There were squads flying everywhere. Something was up, and something big. The old man didn't go out of his way like this for any amount of pomp.

"Authentication verified. Welcome Captain Rhicker. The Commander is expecting you. He wishes you to report immediately after docking."
"Roger that. Bay?"
"Bay #9 sir. You may proceed."
"Thank you." He flicked off the comms and drifted towards the hangar.

Walking through the corridors, he couldn't help but notice the atmosphere. Everyone was tense... tight-lipped. And there was no shortage of strange stares as he navigated his way through the familiar walkways. The occasional greeting from a passing clerk were the only noises piercing the silence. As he rounded the last corner and approached the commander's office, the security detail sharply saluted awaiting his acknowledgment. He returned the gesture, and glided past them.
He didn't knock. He never did. He simply pushed the door open and walked in.

Across the room sat the commander and a horde of other officers. The low muttle of voices trailed off as he entered and stared across the room.
The commander looked up, and smiled.

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