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We Have a Winner! Opps, I Mean whiner!

That's it folks. It's all over. We have found the biggest whiner and carebear(s) in all of Eve. It's true! Don't believe me? Read on and tell me you've seen such depravity in other people before, in a video game no less.

You might've read some of my stories in the past about people like Admiral Denzark, Psycotic1, Soul Finder and other odd fellows who make for quite an interesting read.

I'd like to introduce you to Beck Altarr. He was featured on the tail end of my last story on Eve-Pirate.

He's one of those guys who makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with people. I mean we're playing a video game here after all. Aren't we? Some people like to take things to the next level. In his case, he takes me along for the ride with him.

Now unfortunately there are not a lot of screenies here. It's text intensive. However what it lacks in screenshots it makes up for in substance. Do you like to see people whine? Do you like watching them self destruct as their video game world is rocked from under them? Do you enjoy reading about carebears who question a pirate's character and ethics, who then turn around and get caught in lies doing the same thing they're accusing someone else of doing?

You may learn a lot here. I know I did. I actually read the EULA and TOS, as well as a bunch of the FAQ's on the main Eve website. I also had recent contacts with GM's in regards to something other than reimbursement, this time it was for harassment.

This story is still unfolding but if you like to see people get what's coming to them, I suggest you read on. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.
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Cheats and Lies

Ten minuets online and the first unlucky victim was on the wrong side of my Firetails rockets... Yes, thats right I was pirating in a Republic Fleet Firetail, named Moth.

The Moth was a fast ship, but wasn't easy to fit, nor was it much when it came to damage. But it attracted people, as I was attracted to their lights. The last evening I had a Hulk attempt to kill me. I got 3/5 of its Tech2 drones, but when I left he didn't wait around.

Anyway, a (semi) defenceless hauler was still and easy kill. I continued on the hunt for another target and soon came across some people I met the night before also.

The encounter I had the night before was a tough one, my Firetail almost didn't survive and if the 'Rex pilot had have used his drones it would have met a explosive end. But here I was again, "stealing" their ore.

They were not happy, but today they where at least a little more prepared. My Firetail exploded, this time I was on the wrong end of a Republic Fleet Stabber, a fitting end to a Firetail no less.

It wasn't a problem, undocked in my Hurricane to try and catch them, as I undocked the Stabber docked. Shame. But I got an industrial right out side the station, and a Kestral in the belt.

Not long later a member of their corp decided to pick a fight with me. He was outside the station and I met him in my Rifter. A Drake was waiting, so I decided to let him Agro and then get my Hurricane. All worked and he shot me after I took his can. I docked to see 4 more of his members in the station. I didn't want to risk getting ganked in my Hurri, so I left in my Typhoon. The Drake was dead before he got through my shields.

I decided I would fit my Fleet Stabber and see if I could get the other pilot to 1v1 me, win or loose would have been a fun fight. So I undocked once fitted and dropped a can and waited.

Cleared for publication by: Ander
Sorry for long delay on publication.

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Dishonourable CCP employees?

It recently came to my attention that an employee of CCP had his character in RKK (BoB corp).
I dont mind that CCP members play the game, but what does bother me is that they revealed their true identity.

It gives a corp who knows they have a CCP employee among them an extra "ego-boost".
Not only did this CCP employee reveal his name, he seemed to have offered a job position to another guy in that corp.

I'm sure there're more of you out there who've seen the leaked conversations.. I can't link to the whole discussions since it may or may not be against the EULA.

My personal opinion is that this whole situation stinks. People may think that by having a dev in their corp, they may have had unfair advantages. First hand access to event information and more which could've improved their standing in game.
They impose rules on their volunteers that they cannot reveal who they are , but they do it themselves...

For those of you who dont know, BoB which is the alliance this corporation belongs to is among the most influencal alliances in the game.

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There are still Corp Theives?!?!?!

Log in for a while to do some Macro Miner killing when one of our members mentioned he recruited 3 new people. Ok, I thought, Cool. More people to mess with.

Well. One logs in and asks for money and access to the corp hanger. Sitting there thinking, sounds fishy... Well, when I checked his profile, he created the account (estimation) at 0500 11-24-2006 and joined the corp at 0630 the same day. He later claims he created his account 23 hours ago and continues on how he is good at whatever and claims to have a cruiser in 6 hours after having Spaceship Command 3 and Amarr Frig 3 (he is amarr btw) after a couple minutes we are talking to him, our Director (2nd in Command) logs in. We invite him to a little convo with the current corp members that are online. and we tell him what we know of him.

So I asked our Director if I can blow up his ship and pod. He said I can and that night... Met him at Josameto(sp?) planet 5, but logged out due to "lightening striking his backyard"

So earlier today (11/25) I met with him, he looted my can, and I put 2 pts of scramb on him, nossed him and blew him up. I had insurance on my rifter on a payout of 280k, and bout it for 269k, so pretty much being paid to kill him. Anyways. I ate through his pod and waited the 2 mins (no kidding) for concord to blow me up. I should have set an instant to the station warped and docked and waited for my criminal flag to count down. But I was stupid and didn't do so in time.

And after I podded him, lots of smack talk of "F-you you F-er" and "I hope you die a horrible death you M-F-er" etc and along those lines. This would be the first time I had ever podded someone, took a massive hit on sec rating and couldn't stop shaking for the next hour. It was excellent. Same rifter setup as before.

And here are the kill mails.

2006.11.24 21:35

Victim: silentbob0001
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Ministry of War
Destroyed: Punisher
System: Josameto
Security: 0.6

Involved parties:

Name: PHPR Freighter (laid the final blow)
Security: 0.5
Alliance: NONE
Corp: ----------
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 200mm Light Gallium I Machine Gun

Destroyed items:

Dual Light Beam Laser I
Dual Light Beam Laser I
Civilian Shield Booster I
Multifrequency S
Multifrequency S
200mm Reinforced Nanofiber Plates I (Cargo)
150mm Railgun I (Cargo)
75mm Gatling Rail I (Cargo)
Survey Scanner I (Cargo)

And for the Capsule:

2006.11.24 21:36

Victim: silentbob0001
Alliance: NONE
Corp: Ministry of War
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Josameto
Security: 0.6

Involved parties:

Name: PHPR Freighter (laid the final blow)
Security: -0.8
Alliance: NONE
Corp: -----------
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: 200mm Light Gallium I Machine Gun

Cleared for publication by: Ander

Logoffski 4tw!

We just killed Kristian Holtegaard hawk and he logged off to get out of the bubble and save his pod.
Must've been one expensive pod to save...

Oh well, that means Kristian Holtegaard is on my "logoffski"-list, even though the player himself is danish..


Kristian Holtegaard
Legenda (Seraphin Technologies) [S.E.R.A] (contributed by Spathi)

KoS alliance members plays the log-off tactics

Okay, I'd consider logging off at a safespot when camped into a system alright. But logging off at first sight of enemy is plain shameful.
I was shooting at this guy called Sean Dillon who is a member of Shadows of the dead [S O D] in KoS alliance.

I'd think using these kind of tactics wasnt low enough, even for a KoS-member. But I suppose I was wrong.
This day when I locked him and started shooting him I got through his shields in no-time. And he was soon into half-structure when he suddenly disappeared. I thought it couldn't be that quick to kill him, I was right.

He had logged off at the sight of me and I had managed to shoot him into strucuture but he had logged off before I got my first shot off.

This was infact the same guy that had logged off when he warped straight into our warp disruption bubble. He was part of the KoS ganksquad we had caught inside a system.

Distasteful and shameful!

A couple minutes later he logs back on and I see his ship warping back to the gate. But I can't lock it. It was impossible to do anything to his ship and it soon warps off again. Just like our first encounter when he warped to our warp-bubble.
He had logged off.

I've sent a letter to his CEO with a complaint and demand for punishment, and I suppose I will soon find out if their whole corporation are dishonourable fighters.

(I forgot to add my demand to be allowed to pod 15 nubile virgins.. *sigh*)

Oh and remember, logging off to save your ship is shameful. But it's still alright by CCP since they cant prove that you didnt log-off to save your ship. Hopefully if more people complain about this, they will change it.

Log-entry: 2006.07.12 22:47:24 combat Your 200mm Railgun II hits Sean Dillon [S O D]<KOS>(Caracal), doing 71.0 damage.

Dishonesty among carebears, common?

Today I heard an interesting story where RHN had invited an Interstellar Corporate Alliance (ICA) member to an 1vs1.
They accepted but once the fight was off, they brought in 6 other people and jumped the Royal Higerian Navy member.

Dishonourable? Call it what you will, but I think it is.

If you agree to a 1vs1, you keep your promise no matter what.
Trustworthiness is all in EVE, without it you're worth no more than a 10k NPC rat.

Traitorous scum

We at KORKY recently discovered one of our members made an attempt to join an anti-pirate corp.
[ 2006.01.17 19:10:37 ] Oggjy > ok tell u wat u gimme the 3 mil i need to replace my rupture then ill go anti without killing you
[2006.01.17 19:12:43 ] Oggjy > wat r the requirement to join neo
[ 2006.01.17 19:12:56 ] Gladius Bear > neo?
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:08 ] Oggjy > ur corp
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:12 ] Oggjy > ned
[ 2006.01.17 19:13:25 ] Oggjy > dunno wat...

We at KORKY do not tolerate such actions.
[ 2006.01.18 16:39:50 ] Nuggan > bah, I'm killing him
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:09 ] Ayanami Nova > sounds good to me :-)
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:21 ] Ontan > was afk
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:30 ] Nuggan > hey ontan
[ 2006.01.18 16:40:35 ] Nuggan > just talking about killing ogg
[ 2006.01.18 16:41:00 ] Ontan > figured was something like that ;-)
[ 2006.01.18 16:41:12 ] Ontan > kill him till he quits
[ 2006.01.18 16:42:16 ] Nuggan > heh I intend to
[ 2006.01.18 16:43:25 ] Ontan > works for me, traitors can't be tolerated
[ 2006.01.18 16:44:03 ] Ayanami Nova > yup
[ 2006.01.18 16:45:27 ] Ontan > I fear he wont last long with our top two killers on his ass
[ 2006.01.18 16:46:42 ] Nuggan > hes about to die

I quickly gained the traitor's trust.
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:16 ] Nuggan > be straight up with me about this.... were you seriously trying to join an AP corp?
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:34 ] Oggjy > nah
[ 2006.01.18 16:31:57 ] Nuggan > now I havent seen the chatlogs, so I'm gonna take your word on this.....
[ 2006.01.18 16:32:08 ] Nuggan > I'll try to get the other corp members off your back about it
[ 2006.01.18 16:32:31 ] Oggjy > thx im gonna try and beat gladius in a frig on frig fight hehe didnt take very long. It shows you how smart the people who do this kind of thing are. After finding out that he is setting up a 1v1 with GB, presumably to prove to us that he is still a pirate, I set it up so that myself and Ayanami Nova would be his "backup" in system just incase GB trys anything funny. She and I wait at a safespot while Ogg goes to buy equipment to fit his rifter. I have convinced him that this safespot is of vital importance to the corp and he definately needs to warp to us and bookmark it before he goes on his 1v1. We wait and wait, eventually finding he had to borrow from GB to fit his ship, then suddenly:
[ 2006.01.18 16:59:22 ] Oggjy > ok im comin to u
[ 2006.01.18 16:59:27 ] Nuggan > ok

Ogg warps in. Ayanami and myself quickly lock him down and scramble him. We revel in his terror as we hear his blood-curdling scream:
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:18 ] Oggjy > noooooooooooo
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:29 ] Ayanami Nova > this is gonna be sweet
[ 2006.01.18 17:00:52 ] Oggjy > omg
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:25 ] Oggjy > u cud have let me kill him first
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:45 ] Oggjy > wouldnt that have been proof im not AP
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:50 ] Nuggan > not really
[ 2006.01.18 17:01:59 ] Oggjy > omg
[ 2006.01.18 17:02:15 ] Oggjy > wat am i gonna do now
[ 2006.01.18 17:03:12 ] Ayanami Nova > dunno, but try not to s***t on your own doorstep

We summarily explain to the poor fool that he will be hunted untill the end of Eve due to his actions.
[ 2006.01.18 17:10:34 ] Oggjy > ok well if u dont trust me i cant be bothered to change ur mind so ill jus have to scrap this character and get new one
[ 2006.01.18 17:10:45 ] Ayanami Nova > yup
[ 2006.01.18 17:11:10 ] Nuggan > yep

Some good did come of this though. For a brief moment the Pirates and the Anti-Pirates had a pleasant exchange:
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:06 ] Nuggan > hiya gb
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:14 ] Nuggan > sorry we messed up your 1v1 with ogg
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:25 ] Gladius Bear > :-)))
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:31 ] Gladius Bear > looked forward to the podkill
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:46 ] Nuggan > yeah... i got that killmail
[ 2006.01.18 17:30:51 ] Gladius Bear > :-D
[ 2006.01.18 17:31:17 ] Nuggan > dont know what the fool thought he was doing
[ 2006.01.18 17:31:36 ] Gladius Bear > dont know if the fool thought lol
[ 2006.01.18 17:32:00 ] Nuggan > haha
[ 2006.01.18 17:33:13 ] Nuggan > so hes decided he wants to be a solo pirate, not in our corp anymore, so now both you APs and us rats will be hunting him
[ 2006.01.18 17:34:47 ] Gladius Bear > ah your not rats
[ 2006.01.18 17:34:51 ] Gladius Bear > you have honnor
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:02 ] Nuggan > thank you sir
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:04 ] Gladius Bear > he says im a prick lol
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:07 ] Nuggan > haha
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:08 ] Gladius Bear > honor
[ 2006.01.18 17:35:22 ] Gladius Bear > you see now AP's are not that bad
[ 2006.01.18 17:36:23 ] Nuggan > indeed, many of you have honor as well

As far as We at KORKY know he has already started recycling his character and begun to make a new one.

The beatings will continue untill morale improves.

2006.01.18 17:01
Victim: Oggjy
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Destroyed: Rifter
System: Bosena
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Nuggan (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.7
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Vengeance
Weapon: Medium Pulse Laser II

Name: Ayanami Nova
Security: -9.4
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: Taranis

Destroyed items:
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I
1MN Afterburner I
EMP S, Qty: 20
EMP S, Qty: 20

2006.01.18 17:01
Victim: Oggjy
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Destroyed: Capsule
System: Bosena
Security: 0.4

Involved parties:

Name: Nuggan (laid the final blow)
Security: -9.7
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Vengeance
Weapon: Medium Pulse Laser II

Name: Ayanami Nova
Security: -9.4
Alliance: None
Corp: The Krazed KIller Kitty Kats From Kent
Ship: Taranis
Weapon: J5 Prototype Warp Inhibitor I


Update on the Ogg situation:
He has not yet deleted this character. He has returned to claim that he was attempting to scam the AP. Frankly I dont believe him. He is an admitted scammer and even though he claims he would never scam our corp I believe he is already attempting to. We arent falling for his tricks.

My recomendation: if Oggjy decides to keep this character he will definately be hunted constantly. Do not allow him to join your corp. Do not lend him money. Do not accept any deals with him.


Before anyone else beats me to it. As of yesterday i am not Kill On Sight for Wings Of Redemption. I'll explain why.

A month or so ago i had a dispute with a member of WOR, AshrakTheWhite, now tbh ash is an asshat. excuse the smack.
He refuses to believe that he can be wrong about stuff so i turned against WOR. now why you ask turn against the whole corporation for one person. well i believe that even if it had been just against ash wor would have tried to stop me anyway so i hit the nail on the head and began passing information to Arcane Frankologies a rival corp at war with WOR. I gave them tactical info on where people were and what they were planning so they could counter it. Most of you will probably dissagree with what i did but if i had to go back. id do it all over again. Shame is, someone beat me and arcane frankologies to Ash's Tech 2 equipped Apoc. That was my intended primary target.

-Xenios Alfar

i was a bit vague about ash. He and i had an argument and he would not give way to a compromise and refused to believe he was wrong when i had no way to prevent it. I lost my ship to a L4 mission with ash. ash did not. because of an eve freeze up i was not able to deactivate my weapons

INCIDENT RESOLVED! Previous report of pirates that didnt honour a ransom is now resolved.

This incident has been resolved, "teh darkside" has pledged to honour ransoms and the player has gotten his isk back.
It seems as third-party member of the piracy squad refused orders and shot even though asked to cease fire.
In this case "teh darkside" corporation has not done anything wrong, possibly returned the isk with a little delay. But it's been done in a good fashion.

Here follows a short conversation with a representative from "teh darkside" and an explenation for the incident.

[01:28:42] ApophisXP >
[01:28:43] Ander > hi there
[01:28:47] Ander > how can I aid you?
[01:29:01] Ander > Ah yes
[01:29:03] Ander > teh darkside
[01:29:09] ApophisXP > i see your post on your site
[01:29:17] ApophisXP > which i read quite often
[01:29:36] Ander > Yes. I've a few reports that
some members were letting another corp do the actuall
[01:30:28] ApophisXP > nope we where all 3
engaging at first. we demanded a set ransom price and
the guy agreed. assoon as we recieved the isk we
ceased fire however golden boy didnt
[01:30:42] ApophisXP > after warning him several
[01:30:51] Ander > alright. Was the isk returned in
timely fashion?
[01:30:55] ApophisXP > also stated that if he did
pop the guy that we wouldnt be able to ransom ever
[01:31:27] ApophisXP > ransom wasnt returned earliy
but was returned
[01:31:33] Ander > Yes it's a problem, Im taking very
seriously on common incidents since I'm trying to help
piracy become a prestique profession.
[01:31:37] Ander > Alright. That is good.
[01:31:47] Ander > What was the reason you didnt
return the ransom rightaway?
[01:32:11] ApophisXP > we got chased about by his
corp after which inturn lost a ceptor or two lol
[01:33:00] Ander > Still you know as well as I that
pirates should honor ransoms. If you accidently kill the
prey, always return the isk. (At least that's the way Im
living after)
[01:33:26] ApophisXP > thats the way i wouldlike it
too...and i appologized to him for such a mess
[01:33:42] Ander > Very well. Which player was this
[01:33:50] Ander > I'll put a resolve status and post
an updated post on the site.
[01:33:56] ApophisXP > i would like to state that
myself and the rest of teh Darkside regret that such an
incident could happen
[01:34:02] ApophisXP > the guys name is Golden
[01:34:06] Ander > Is it alright if I use this
conversation in the post?
[01:34:20] ApophisXP > np at all
[01:34:27] ApophisXP > you're sites a good read
and well love it lol
[01:34:40] Ander > :-) I'm doing it to provide a fun
read for everyone.
[01:34:53] ApophisXP > yup and a good damn job at
[01:34:54] Ander > Even carebears grin
[01:35:02] ApophisXP > lol
[01:35:06] Ander > Btw, if you guys got anyone
who want to become an author, we're still recruiting.
[01:35:21] ApophisXP > cool well i would be
interested in that :-)
[01:36:22] Ander > sweet, it's entirely neutral site
(even though it's a bit onesided atm)
[01:36:33] Ander > I've invited some DNA people to
write for the site, but they are busy with other things.

The original post:
2005-07-31 01:12
Reports say that the members of an anti-pirate corp, now also known as "wannabe" pirates do not honour ransoms.

According to these reports "teh Darkside" pirate alongside of pirate-corps and accept ransoms. But let the other pirate-corp kill the victim anyhow. Even though they are both hunting together.

If anyone from either corp would like to explain these incidents/reports. Please do so, but for now I advise nobody to pay ransoms to members of "teh Darkside" or "Celestial Apocalypse".