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Fanfest 2012!

This is my forth year at fanfest and Im liking it well enough so far! :-)
The dust514 presentation was quite nice but Im still a bit wary about the fact that it runs on Playstation 3.

Who knows, maybe after a year it'll be released on PC aswell?

One of the highlights of yesterday was when radiogaga of Sniggerdly told the mittani (CSM member) to shut the F up live on the panel :-D

Anyway, the day continues and Im about to head out to the fanfest venue.
Going to the scandinavian roundtables and then to other activities.

The big plan for the evening is eating sentient beings, namely whale!
Don't hate too hard, I'm a pirate - not a greenpeace activist!

News from CCP

Greetings from CCP,

CCP Games is pleased to announce a Live Dev Blog on the topics of Customer Support and Security. The Live Dev Blog will take place on Thursday, May 26th at 22:00 UTC.

Live Dev Blogs are audio broadcasts from CCP heard in-game through our Vivox-provided EVE Voice service. These broadcasts will provide an opportunity for the EVE Online player community to get to know the CCP devs and our work a bit better, and we’re also looking forward to answering questions that the EVE player community has for CCP.


CCP Soundwave will host the Live Dev Blog and will be joined by seasoned Senior Game Masters, Nythanos and Nova, along with CCP‘s very own security expert CCP Sreegs.

Alexey Rybak (CCP Spitfire)
Russian Community Coordinator
EVE Online

Pictures from EVE Fanfest 2011

Here are my pics from fanfest this year :-) enjoy!
Get the flash player here:

ISK Guide 3.0

A friendly message from our friends over at MMMpublishing:

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! The ultimate guide to EVE Online and it's all yours, for FREE. Whether your a new or old player, there is something useful for everyone.

So for your free download, yes free, please visit from 1st February.


Reverse Gank

About a week ago, I was in Amarr in a new alt, cruising the belts in a Punisher looking for some action. I came across a Belliscose jet can mining. He didn't have a Mining laser fit, and was just using a rack of mining drones - obviously spoiling for a fight.
However he did have 5k volume of ore in his can. I reshipped to a Stabbed Hauler, and swooped in to relieve him of his Ore - just in time to see him polishing off some rifter. I grab the Ore and head to the station.
I have a sum total of 800k SP on this toon - but hey, if he wants a fight I'll give him one.
I re-ship to a dual 1600mm plate maller. Enough of a tank to give most things a run.
I return to the belt, and he opens up on me right away, switching out mining drones for warriors. I start by webbing and killing a few of his drones, before I start to chew through his bellicose's shields.
Its not looking good for him, when suddenly, what should appear but a Myrmidon. That would be the same one that I saw on short range scan.
I web and kill one of his hammerhead II's, the bellicose is not looking healthy. And then the Myrm fires up it's ECM. I am permajammed. How very very ghey.
I have to sit there as they chip away at my tank, and eventually Boom goes the Maller..

I was sort of pissed off. I mean if you want a fight, its all very well. But bringing ECM to kill a brand new toon is rather lame. I sent them both an email exclaiming the same. And both replied back - you stole the ore, you get punished, quit whining. I resolved to get revenge.

Last night I was in the same toon, and warped to the bookmark I had made of their can from the previous week. Just so I could get close to a belt, and set a hauler mining for the evening while I went AFK. When I see the same guys, in EXACTLY the same position. What luck.... I had prepared for this eventuality already.
You see I have been reading about the dirty tricks those "Suddenly Ninja's" guys like to pull. I had Sanguine in an Orca, with a dual ECCM'd Armour tanked Hurricane in the Maintenance Bay- nothing was going to jam this baby, a sensor strength of 90 overloaded.
I switched out to Saint Juliana, who has the skills to fly a Hurricane really rather well. Jumped in a Shield Tanked Bellicose, and warped to the belt.
I grabbed the ore, and sure enough their bellicose aggro'd right away. I started pew-pewing down the Bellicose, and the Myrmidon arrived immediately. I was waiting until he aggro'd before I warped Sanguine in, as it was the Myrmidon I was after. As soon as his warp disrupter kicked in, the Orca lumbered into warp.
The enemy Bellicose went into armour before Saint's, however the Myrmidon was hitting pretty hard. I had sicked my Warrior's after his Ogre's and I think I got one of them, and gave the other a thrashing before he recalled it. My saviour, Sanguine arrived on the scene just as I hit my meager armour buffer (Slow ass Orca).
Open ship maintenance array - board Hurricane.... No Dice. Apparently you can't do that when you have Ore in your hold. Crap!! Jettison ore.. In structure now. And Switch. The comfy cozy confines of the Hurricane class battlecruiser.
The Bellicose is gone, he must have been spamming warp as he was also about to hit structure, and once the point dropped he made good his escape. However the flashy Myrmidon is there, and he is about to experience some come-uppance.
I fire up my 220mm Vulcan Cannon's, and sick my Drones after his hammerhead II's. He has a decent active armour tank, but it doesn't keep up for long with duel medium neuts fixed on him. Once only a wisp of his armour remains, he Deploys 5 Vespa ECM drones, the last desperate act. I merely overload my dual ECCM's in response. There will be no escape but sweet sweet death.

The old "surprise Orca" is practically infallible. As long as you are not forced to leave the safety of the docking radius of your friendly Orca. If things go south, simply switch into a frigate and GTFO. The moral of the story I guess is don't shoot people in High Sec, cause you never know what might come your way. Also ECM in small fights is lame and people will hold a grudge.

EON Thanksgiving offer

Our friends over at EON has been working hard with CCP over the weekend and are pleased to announce that all back issues of EON are less than half price each. Use code EONT50 at checkout. :-)

Head on over to EVE Online - EON or click the banner on the left. getting an overhaul!

Changes to come, more activity ahead.
We're migrating our blogsystem over to wordpress like the rest of the world. We cant live in the past and not move ahead due old layout and design - we have to adapt. You might notice bugs or weird changes - we will try to migrate everything, even our forums.

Dr. Bastard; Or, how I learned to piss ninja ratters off and love the pain

    As I was finishing up my last story I remembered this incident. I decided to not try and cram it in and write a short novel so I'm writing it as a new story in case my first one gets published. If you're reading this, it obviously has ^^

    This story is set some time before my first one. There are no missiles and no fireballs in this one but you may find it a fun read none the less.

    I was flying around in my Buzzard, just shuttling from a station system to a POS where I keep some of my stuff a few jumps away. I was moving some faction stuff I got in a plex from the POS to the station so I didn't really feel like busting out something that's easily ganked (knowing my luck there was a hostile blob just around the corner). On my way back I met a suspected ninja ratter in system. Hitting the scanner, I see a Drake with his name in system. Even though I wasn't in a strictly combat ship I had a warp disruptor and a light missile launcher fitted. My mind starts working. If he's slow or not afraid of a Buzzard I could warp on top of him, get a point and hopefully speed tank his missiles and fend off his drones with my single launcher long enough to call in some backup with DPS. As I start narrowing down on his position with my scanner he goes off scan. Damn, went to a safe. Ok, I'm in a covops, rigged and fitted for probing. Finding a BC won't be a problem at all if he was stupid enough not to fit a cloak. I warped to the other end of the system hitting my scanner all the time to try and make my probing easier by finding his approximate position since there were a lot of ships stashed near towers on scan (seriously people, ship maintenance arrays are your friend!) and also to make sure he didn't cloak. As I'm doing that he logs off. Oh well... Hold on, there's still a Badger on scan, and once again, it has his name on it, just like the Drake. First thing they teach you in 0.0 (and any PvP corp for that matter I'm sure) is to always rename your ship. He either skipped that lesson or no one bothered to tell him that :-) Continue reading "Dr. Bastard; Or, how I learned to piss ninja ratters off and love the pain"

Word Games

Oresbain switched on the small astro-mapping terminal. His mission was important and he wanted to be sure his chosen route was accurate. Many pirates before him had lost valuable time and money because of bad navigation. The destination was some run of the mill Concord patrolled system called Halaima. However, the prize was anything but normal. An entire industrial fleet operating at a belt during the sanctioned corporate war his colleagues had so generously arranged not three days before. Latest intra-corporate comms had indicated as many as four Hulk class miners being supported by an Orca command ship.

He phased out the map by flipping the H.U.D. back online. The Ishtar Class HAC creaked and shook as its engines fired up and Oresbain entered the jump sequences. Frozen Miner had been with him a long time; often the only ship within multiple jumps of travel. He had been forced to make special adjustments this time and as a result her maneuvering was a bit more sluggish than his regular standard nano-enhanced setup.

Light and matter compounded in an explosion of transmitted velocity as the gate in Halaima received Frozen Miner from warp. Oresbain double check the local comm registry and set course for the Ninth planet's asteroid belt. His adrenaline surged when he came across their names still in the registry--the intel was still accurate! Bright blue afterburners kicked him back into his seat for the short system warp to the belt.

In the black of Halaima IX, shadows were being extinguished by the orange red glow of Ore industries strip mining lasers. A group of Ore's finest Hulk class mining vessels sat clustered around their command ship and mobile hangar. They sat motionless and proud; a space stonehenge in dedication to efficiency in industry.

Warp shed from his hull, he watched the targeting assist terminal tucked into the corner of his H.U.D. One red target was designated, then two, three, four; an industrial command ship sitting directly in the heart of the fleet! He kicked on the afterburner module to close the 12km between his ship and they prey. Targeting reticules sprang to life as his on board computer bracketed the slow-responding vessels. Frozen Miner slammed into the grouping of Hulks. Industrialist shields collided with assault ship armor and the resulting concussion countered emergency alignment thrusters. At the same moment, the Ishtar spewed Ogre II class combat drones into the already massed confusion of tritanium and energy. Mere moments passed before the first star explosion lit the night with fire and debris. The remaining Hulks continued to align as one managed to enter warp confusion. Oresbain cursed and continued to pulse his warp disruption computer at the remaining ships. Another starburst as his Ogres moved their angry teeth on to the final Hulk and his Ishtar spit hot antimatter plasma at the industrial command ship.

The final Hulk ignited in a flash of dust at nearly the moment Oresbain's comms flashed.

"Please, stop."

Oresbain let the Ogres chew away some of the Orca's remaining armor. "Would I do that? You're mining during a war'll get exactly what's coming."

"You're right. Just stop. We're just trying to mine in peace. We didn't want this war. Lets work something out!"

"Haha, ok, how about some isk? Two hundred million should do the trick," he laughed as he keyed up his account in the computer and waited for an indication of a deposit. Moments later his grin grew and his eyes sparkled when the 200 million joined his original balance. "Thanks. Now, did ya wanna work something out or not?"

"You son of a bitch."

Ratting license – Revoked

    This story is not set within Empire space so it may not find it's place on this website but with my Internet connection not working I find myself with little to do at this time so I thought why not write a story? I guess I'll post it in short intervals of it deciding to work or when it gets fixed...

    Little background – I have spent more than half of my EVE life in 0.0. If you didn't venture there yourselves I can tell you that most of the stories about 0.0 being mostly “blobs” are true. Well, you will find a small gang of 2-3 people here and there but they will usually be a group of people in T2 ships with a very specific setup. Going solo against those will either get you killed or scoring you no kills since they will run and hide if they can't take you. Combine that with a fact my character is a Caldari missile user and you see how my chances of scoring a nice 1v1 kill (or, in lots of cases, even a fight of any kind) is hard. Missing out on highsec or lowsec pirating in my early days has left me itching for such a fight though. All I got up until this point was one close escape from a solo Damnation or people running in fear from my Drake due to it being a popular bait ship. So I turned my attention to only form of 1v1 I can easily find, hunting ninja ratters.

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept, ninja ratters are people usually from small corps or even NPC corps without access to 0.0 who still want a piece of bounties you get from rats in 0.0. Thought of a single BS kill bringing you up to 1.85mil ISK is a tempting one for sure. So they crawl their way into someone else's 0.0 space in a ratting ship, find a quiet system where there's not much traffic and rat away. Of course, anyone entering local means they will warp to a safe and cloak up until whoever is pursuing them just gets bored and moves on. They don't offer a challenge in combat but none the less they are a sort of people who you could do without in your space you bled for to conquer.
  Continue reading "Ratting license – Revoked"

End of summer! New EVE-Pirate CCP sponsored competition “ You can have our stuff “!

Start by registering for an account here at .
Then grab your pens or more accurately, your keyboards!

We want YOU to submit your best stories to .
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The competition will run until September 5th!
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Your favourite story didnt win the Tyrannis competition?

Don't worry!
Thanks to CCP games hf. we'll be able to run a new competition where we will hand out EVE store coupons for a total of $200!

Post your stories, comment on stories - this time I will be the judge and will select my favourite story submissions to hand out EVE store coupons. I can't promise not to be a bit biased but I'll do my best!

Previous story submissions after Tyrannis are ALSO included in this competition.

Fyi: Winners need to figure out themselves if they need to pay any sales or winning taxes :-) so don't blame CCP or me when IRS comes knocking!

Revenge of the Neweb!

First post so please be gentle :-).

Ever thought of claiming ultimate revenge on a person who killed your ship in low sec? Ever ran into a gatecamp and had killrights on a scary looking bunch of PvP’ers? Well, here I was looking for some PvP in low sec in my HAM drake and I ran into a gatecamp, having not much experience in evading gatecamps, I was able to cloak and align before trying to warp to next gate. Then all I saw was drones everywhere, a little panic and clicking the uncloak too fast, ensured that I died. The ultimate insult, the whole gatecamp did’nt even fire. I was killed by only a few of them.

Continue reading "Revenge of the Neweb!"

Fun times with a rifter

So for my first post I figured I would write about an incident that happened to me earlier today. So there I was sitting in my Rifter in a station in Aeddin when I realise that I am now able to use T2 small autocannons. So i undock and jump over to teon, the local trade hub to fit my ship out with some new T2 200mm Autocannons. Feeling the need to test them out I jump back into Aeddin and warp to the first belt.

Apon exiting warp I notice a hulk jet can mining with an iteron V picking up the ore from the can, I make my way towards the can only to have the itty empty it. So I head towards the nearest wreck and loot that instead. No sooner had I looted the wreck than the hulk launches 5 T2 hammerheads but he dosen't attack with them. So I start to orbit him at 2.5K hoping that he might change his mind and attack.

After about 5 minutes of this 2 of his corp mates in retreivers warp into the belt and start mining, I continue to make myself more annoying to them still hoping for a bite when the hulk warped back to the station followed closely by the other 3. So I warp to one of my vantage points about 300k away from the station. I see the hulk pilot undock in a republic fleet firetail and make a bee line straight for me. So unsure of my chances against a faction fig I warp back to the station and dock up.

After a breif discussion with an ex corp mate on my chances of survival It's agreed that the only way to know for sure is to undock and and give it a shot. I happen to glance at the local chat channel to see that the firetail pilot has written one word in there "coward". With my mind now set I check my fitting one last time and hit the undock tab. I enter space and see the firetail pilot at 20k and closing in fast, so I lock onto him and wait for him to make the first move. He puts his scram and web onto me and I return the favor while also activating my new 200mms and my rockets. My shells start eating into his shields but by the time my shields are gone his are still only at 50%, Figuring it a lost cause I overload my guns and realise that I had failed to turn on my damage control, so i promptly turn it on.

After another 10 seconds or so I see his shield vanish and i start taking chunks out of his armor while mine has only lost 25%. by the time it reached 50% I was into his hull and he popped soon after. So i collected up the loot and offered him a GF in local before warping to a safe spot and collecting my nerves. All in all it turned out to be a successful evening and it's given me the bug for solo PvP.

Hope my first post was up to scratch, feedback is welcome