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Armageddon Setup

Ship-type: Armageddon
Role: Gankageddon, Close Range Overwhelming Damage
Last revision: Revelations
Skill-requirements: Amarr Battle Ship I, Large Pulse Laser Specialization, Energy Grid Upgrades II, Propulsion Jamming I, Repair Systems IV, Hull Upgrades I, Weapon Upgrades IV, Drones V
High-slots: 6x Mega Pulse Laser II's (Multi Frequency Crystals)
Med-slots: 1x 20km Warp Scrambler, 1x Named Stasis Webifier, 1x Named Capacitor Recharger I
Low-slots: 1x Large Armor Repairer I, 1x Named Adaptive Nano Plating, 3x Heat Sink II's, 2x Tracking Enhancer II's, 1x Named Capacitor Power Relay
Cost: I'm at work right now and can't remember off the top of my head but somewhere around 300million
Comment: It really relies on knowning the capabilities of your ship and weapons. This is most assuredly not a solo pvp ship unless you are sure that you are going to be going up against someone one on one or multiple smaller ships. The webber will really help to not only keep people within your optimal range and warp scrambling range but it will also help to get those nasty transversal velocities down for smaller ships. With the proper skills this ship can pump out 600dps (36000 per minute) or more. You won't be able to tank sentries with this setup and your resistances will be dismal at best but you have to trade something for the massive damage output. If you play with this setup a little bit it is very easy to change over to a good ratting ship and also you can scale down some of the damage and put more of a tank on it by taking off the adaptive plating, one of the heat sinks and one of the tracking enhancers and replacing them with armor hardeners or resistance plating. I personally stick to this setup because I feel that the ship loses some of its majesty when scaled down. This can be a good tackler but should not be used in the role when something better is available. Nosferatu and heavy damage output will be your biggest enemy with this setup. This is definetly an all or nothing setup and not for the faint of heart. Most Importantly know your enemy!

Ferox Shield tank

This is my setup for my PvP Ferox

High Slots: x5 Markuth Heavy Missile Launchers, 2 Medium Nosferatus
Medium Slots: x4 Large Azeotropic Ward Salubrity Shield Extenders, 1 Warp Disruptor I
Low Slots: x2 Warp Core Stabilizer Is, x2 Shield Rechargers
Drones: 1 med and 3 lights.

This is an awesome Shield tank with over 11700 shield points. With the recharge rate increased this is a tough nut to crack. This was my setup when taking down a pirate Ishkur with tech 2 fittings and tech 2 drones. Your drone compliment can vary.

Cleared ofr publication by: Ander

Armoral surprise!

Ship-type: Caracal
Role: Frigate baiter/killer
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Caldari Cruiser lvl 2
Electronics lvl 3
Navigation lvl 2
Caldari Frigate lvl 4
Spaceship Command lvl 3
Hull Upgrades lvl 3
Mechanic lvl 1
Propulsion Jamming lvl 1
Missile Launcher Operation lvl 1
Electronic Warfare lvl 1

High-slots: 2x Assault Missile Launcher I, 3x Standard Missile Launcher I
Med-slots: 1x Stasis Webifier I, 1x Warp Scrambler I, 1x ECM - Multispectral Jammer I, 1x ECM - Phase Inverter I, 1x ECM - White Noise Generator I
Low-slots: 1x 1600mm Reinforced Crystalline Carbonide Plates I, 1x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I

Cost: 5.2 million isk
This ship is meant for low-sp characters like myself to use in baiting pirate frigates into attacking. The strength of this setup is its deceptiveness. They'll be grinning as they watch your unhardened shields drop so fast... and then you'll be the one laughing as they vainly chip away at your massive armor layer.

Cleared for publication by: Ander, no guarantees about this setup :-) Hopefully it'll work as author describes. Continue reading "Armoral surprise!"

Semi-new category of posts

Over the coming months a number of posts containing info for ship-setups and suggestions will be posted in this category (Shipsetups).

Know that these setups are most likely widely known by many, but for new players this could prove pretty useful.

Example would be

Ship-type: Megathron
Role: Gankathron, close-combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirements: List of skills required
High-slots: Modules on high
Med-slots: Modules on med
Low-slots: Modules on low
Cost: Estimated cost for this setup
Comment: Some words describing its use. Pro's and cons.

Guest thorax setup from PA

This is the setup that was posted as a comment to the previous thorax setup I posted.


I just wanted to add a variant, with which i'm doing pretty good, can even gank npc'ing apocs (depending on their tank, ofc) and it's hell on wheels against frigs and cruisers, even Interceptors:

Ship-type: Thorax
Role: medium-range (10km) combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: To keep a tank running, as low cap requirment as possible for the guns.
High-slots: 5x150mm Railgun II (small)
Med-slots: Webber, Scrambler, MWD (add named where possible)
Low-slots: Med Repper II, 1600mm (Rolled Tungsten), 3 Mag Stabs II, or 2 Mag Stabs II and an adaptive nano passive hardener.
Cost:13-15mill ISK
Comment: It has an opti of ~10km and dishes out quite some damage (for example, I managed hits of >170 against frigs). Frigs usually can take 2-3 salvos at max. If one has decent drone skills, it can really get nasty.

The blind rage Thorax setup

This thorax-setup is the very same I used during my post "Blind rage" , when I attacked a bellicose at a station. By no means will it be able to tank for a long time, but it dish out a quick amount of damage and gives you just enough time to gank something quick at a gate if you are up to speed.

Ship-type: Thorax
Role: Close-combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: To keep a tank running, as low cap requirment as possible for the guns.
High-slots: 5x light neutron II's
Med-slots: 1x named Microwarpdrive, webifier, 20km or 7,5km scrambler
Low-slots: 1x med armor repairer II, 3x hardeners (therm/kinetic/explosive), 1600mm plate
Cost: 13-15mill isk.
Comment: This is a tough little nugget. Kills frigs easily and has room for 5 medium drones.
Use with care, there is no room for error though. If you get ganked with scrambling ship which nosses you and webs you, you may find yourself out of cap so you cannot use the microwarpdrive. A variant of this setup is to ditch 2 of the neutron's for 2x small nosferatus for this kind of occassion.

This ship can easily best any lone cruiser and get out of tight situations due to its microwarpdrive. The only real danger among the cruisers are another thorax or nos:ing ships. This setup may also work good vs battlecruisers and frigs. Watch out for long-range ships though as you're required to be going in close.

Solo Hunting Merlin

Ship-type: Merlin
Role: Solo Hunter
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill Requirements: Caldari Frigate, Small Blaster Specialization, Rocket Specialization
High-slots: 2xLight Neutron Blaster II’s, 2xRocket Launcher II’s
Med-slots: 1x1MN Afterburner, Tracking Computer, Webber, 7.5k Scrambler
Low-slots: PDU, Magnetic Stabilizer
Cost: 2 to 6 million depending on the grade of modules
Comments: This is the setup I’ve been using for a while and it's working great for me. It’s cheap, easy to replace and can take on just about any frigate or cruiser. If you’re hunting larger prey this same setup works on the Hawk AF. Hawks have a bad rep because their DPS is low compared to the Harpy but Hawks have better shields and are 1/3 the price of a Harpy.

With decent skills you should get 7k range on the rockets and 1.6k on the blasters with AM charges loaded. The DPS isn’t especially high but when you get in close it’s enough to break any tank I've come across.

The Merlin got a nice shield resistance boost with RMR so it can take quite a beating. This setup is still vulnerable when moving in on a target, though. Missile boats are particularly tricky so the target should be chosen carefully. Some range can be sacrificed for survivability by dropping the TC for a Shield Booster if you have good fitting skills.

I'll have a new post about this weeks' (mis)adventures and evil-doings up tomorrow. Until then, leave some comments on my setup if you can, I'm always looking to upgrade. :-)

Solo punisher hunting loadout

Ship-type: Punisher
Role: Tackler/Bleeder
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: Amarr Frigate III, Decent Mechanic class skills, Decent Gunnery Skills
High-slots: 2xDual Light Pulse Laser, 1xMedium Pulse Laser, 1xSmall Nos, 3xgamma crystals, 3x microwave crystals
Med-slots: 1x1MN Afterburner, 1xWarp Scrambler
Low-slots: 1xSmall Armor Repairer, 3x Capacitor Power Relay
Cost: 500-700k including ship and modules
Comment: The purpose of a bleeder-class pirate is to do enough damage over time to make them 'bleed' to death. Just enough that it will break their tank and they are forced to watch themselves die slowly. The high-slots are obvious. Dual lights help eliminate drones and have a decent RoF against your target while the medium pulse laser is a nice extra 'umph' of damage. The small nos helps sustain all of your modules, along with the three cap relays, literally. Even with all modules running and the repairer I can keep a sustained 45-55% cap (depending upon crystal usage). The amazing amount of capacitor recharge also allows for a decent fight against a medium nos. It won't break the medium nos but it will allow you a few more cycles of survivability. The gamma crystals are for normal engagement that way you can fly under the guns of cruisers and battlecruisers, while the microwave crystals are for anti-drone work.

Afterburner is used instead of a MWD because I rarely have a cruiser or larger warp out in the time it takes for me to cross the 15k to 7.5k. No reason to waste capacitor. Scrambler is obvious. And the armor repair is obvious. The entire setup, as a matter of fact, is both cheap and obvious. But effective. The philosophy behind this ship is to keep a continual, never ending tank and shrug off even caracal-class damage (ransomed 3 in this, not all at once of course) but remain fast enough to destroy cruiser-class weaponry tracking. To kill them off slowly while they remain awed that you are still intact. It's a cheap setup that allows you to not only ransom ships much larger than yourself, solo, but also leaves them wonder "I jst got owned.. by a solo tech 1 frigate.". Keep in mind that this setup alone won't make you uber, but it will make apparent who is already a brilliant pirate. Total ISK made from this setup: 183 million isk in one month.

Orbit at 1,000 meters. Serves one. Enjoy.