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I'm new, cut me some slack.

"Undocking" i heard as i raced to my controls.

Only a couple weeks out of the academy and i had already landed a few good agent missions and scored a decent frigate. My trusty Rifter. Decent might be an understatement; it is probably the best friagte i've seen in the minmatar fleet. I had been training several skills to use shield and armor appliances, as well as the skills to use a nos, web, and scram.

I had just turned in another mission in Rens when my friend warped into the system. He opened up a com and started talking about this nice little low sec system called Olfiem. It was what i like to call a Cul-De-Sac system. it only had one way in and out. The Gate was in dammalin, a 0.5 sec mining system where i stored most of my assets.

It sounded like a good idea. Very good idea...

Cleared for publication by: Ander
So my friend and I formed a fleet and began our little jorney into low sec Olfiem. As we arrived, the system was almost perfect. Only one other person in local. So we started out, we warped to different belts and checked for rats. As one of us found a target, we would just warp to each other, kill, and loot. We were droppign the rats left and right. We went from one belt to the next, slaughtering anything and everything. As we killed the last rat, we decided to just sit and wait for them to respawn.

As we were chatting away, i noticed something on the ovierview. Another player? I wasn't sure. As quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. My friend yelled over the com, freaking out. I told him we should just chill and see what was going on. So we sat in the belt and waited. Nothing happened.

Out of nowhere, a tiny ship popped up and was alligned to warp. I immediately tried to lock hi down, but it was to late. I watched as he warped away, but luckily i got some info. It was a Vigil. We laughed at how scared we were of such a ship. We ranted about how we could easily blow that thing away.

Unaware of any danger, we continued ratting. As we warped to the next belt, we found several rats and we quickly put the targets down. We were in the middle of looting the wrecks when another ship warped in. This time, however, it was right on top of my buddy! The com screeched and my friend had a panic attack. He wasn't the tank, he was the fire power.

The pirate webbed and scrammed him and began firing. I immediately turned on my afterburner and opened up. Over the com, i calmed my friend and told him to hit with everything, stat his shield booster, nos, and web the target. (We were all orbiting each other and if u zoomed out, we looked like some flies flying around a pile of crap ro something.)

As the pirate dug into my friend's shields, i got some info on what we were up against. it was a...Rifter?!? 1 rifter vs. our 2 rfters. By this time, my friend was losing shields way too fast. Luckily, we were hitting him hard as well; we had his shields to 20% when my friend's shield broke. Continuing to pound his ship, we reached his armor. I glanced at my controls. STUPID ME! I forgot to turn on my missiles and sram him. His armor dropped enormously and he broke off, attempting to run for it. But we had him pinned down and he couldn't warp now. He was still firing, now into my friend's structure. We circled him and watched as his structure hit 0. POP!!! The fight was over. We had just successfully killed our first pirate.

We quickly looted his wreck and warped to the gate. He had fitted all tech II stuff. We were amazed to have beat him. My friend's ship was badly damaged, so he headed straight for the station, while i opened up a com to the pirate and gave him a nice big "GF man.".

So apparently, that vigil was his and he actually came out to the belt, scanned us, and went back to fit his ship. And then he lost to us. But it was probably the best time i've had since i started a couple weeks ago.


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Mynxee on :

And now you want more, don't you? See...this is exactly how it starts...resistance is futile...

ron on :

isn't this more of an anti-pirate story?

Killer Raccoon on :

haha lol i usually can take young 'uns 2 v 1, sometimes when one is in a cruiser (and im in my rifter). Great luck to get that kill, no small part of skill, and cant wait to see you round

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