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Random Rifter roaming

Hi there, this is my first and maybe last post because I am lazy and english is not my first language. Anyways, I use to roam around Amamake and wreak havoc in my trusty Rifter. Sometimes this includes horrible Failure, just like today.

The first thing I did after going online in Amamake and scanning was warping to a Belt where I saw a Rifter. I landed right on top of a Rapier. Even though I got some kills under my Belt now I tend to panic sometimes, just like this time. I thought he allready tackled me and attacked him – go down in a blaze of glory right? Then I noticed he was actually doing... nothing. I tried to warp out immediately, but then came the inevitable tackle, Webs on me, Drones eating my Shields and Armor. I aligned to a Celestial and spammed the Warp Button, but too late, too slow, too dumb.

So my EVE day started perfectly. I got a new Rifter and returned to Amamake. There was still a Rifter in System, but a Vagabond seemed to chase him, so I just watched the hunt on my Scanner. The Vagabond could not catch the Rifter, which jumped out of the System. I followed it to Vard where the Rifter pilot seemed to roam the Belts, but then we met at a Planet, he probably wanted the fight. His ship melted fast, which surprised me. Then I noticed he only fitted T1 modules. I wondered why you would fly a Rifter like that, I can not image you could win a fight except versus russian Ratters.

This did not help my lust for revenge and I proceeded to roam the Systems. I arrived in Dal when I noticed a Stabber, slowboating 450 Km away. I warped to a Safespot and debated if I should try to go for him.Usually Stabbers dont have a web and I could get rid of his Drone pretty fast. Things could get nasty if he has a neutralizer fitted though. Fuck it. I warped back to the gate at 100 Km and saw him still slowboating away. I wondered if he is Afk but could not imagine someone be that foolish. He was in line with a couple of Celestials far behind him, so I warped to a Planet, and tried to get a spot near him on my way back. It did not work so well, and when I got back to the gate he was off the Grid. Now this made me even more determined to get him. I warped around a couple of times, but the best I could do was landing 130 Km away from him... still slowboating. I was half convinced now that he was Afk and burned towards him. After nervously waiting on my way to him I managed to tackle and slowly ate his Shields. Even though he was Afk I was pretty excited because I could teach him a lesson... oh wait, maybe I should not burn all my guns, almost failed again. So he went down, dropped some nice T2 Loot, and I podded his ass. Sorry mate, but dont fly Afk in Lowsec, ever, anywhere.

I hope I get some lovemail <3

So, thanks for reading, I hope it was somewhat entertaining, even though short. Fly safe!


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Ashireka on :

Hey, I run T1 Rifters like that! :-) Because you can fit them for half a mil, and if I lose them, which I'm almost sure to do at any given time, I can get a new one without worrying about my pocketbook. ;-)

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