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Fun times with a rifter

So for my first post I figured I would write about an incident that happened to me earlier today. So there I was sitting in my Rifter in a station in Aeddin when I realise that I am now able to use T2 small autocannons. So i undock and jump over to teon, the local trade hub to fit my ship out with some new T2 200mm Autocannons. Feeling the need to test them out I jump back into Aeddin and warp to the first belt.

Apon exiting warp I notice a hulk jet can mining with an iteron V picking up the ore from the can, I make my way towards the can only to have the itty empty it. So I head towards the nearest wreck and loot that instead. No sooner had I looted the wreck than the hulk launches 5 T2 hammerheads but he dosen't attack with them. So I start to orbit him at 2.5K hoping that he might change his mind and attack.

After about 5 minutes of this 2 of his corp mates in retreivers warp into the belt and start mining, I continue to make myself more annoying to them still hoping for a bite when the hulk warped back to the station followed closely by the other 3. So I warp to one of my vantage points about 300k away from the station. I see the hulk pilot undock in a republic fleet firetail and make a bee line straight for me. So unsure of my chances against a faction fig I warp back to the station and dock up.

After a breif discussion with an ex corp mate on my chances of survival It's agreed that the only way to know for sure is to undock and and give it a shot. I happen to glance at the local chat channel to see that the firetail pilot has written one word in there "coward". With my mind now set I check my fitting one last time and hit the undock tab. I enter space and see the firetail pilot at 20k and closing in fast, so I lock onto him and wait for him to make the first move. He puts his scram and web onto me and I return the favor while also activating my new 200mms and my rockets. My shells start eating into his shields but by the time my shields are gone his are still only at 50%, Figuring it a lost cause I overload my guns and realise that I had failed to turn on my damage control, so i promptly turn it on.

After another 10 seconds or so I see his shield vanish and i start taking chunks out of his armor while mine has only lost 25%. by the time it reached 50% I was into his hull and he popped soon after. So i collected up the loot and offered him a GF in local before warping to a safe spot and collecting my nerves. All in all it turned out to be a successful evening and it's given me the bug for solo PvP.

Hope my first post was up to scratch, feedback is welcome


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StovAkor on :

I still think 150mm's are a better gun for frigs. Unless you're orbiting at like 10 or 12km and intend on pelting him with Barrage. 150's are cheaper, easier to fit, better tracking, higher rof, they hold more ammo with just a little less dam mod & range. They're much better for up close and personal fights in my opinion. Give them a try. You might be pleasantly surprised. Save the 200's for a Thrasher or Sabre. Btw, nice kill on the Firetail. Those are mainly just fast. Kinda like a glorified Slasher with a bit more punch. Watch out for Daredevils. Those can be nasty if setup right.

StovAkor on :

I wanna withdrawl my statement about the firetail being a glorified slasher. I used to be lol. I hauen't played in a while I didn't realise they upped the bonuses on that ship. But I stand firm on the 150's. :-)

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