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Quiet. That's the way it is in space. That's the way he likes it. It was peaceful, drifting through the heavens with the stars. He enjoyed being in a ship that needed no crew, so he chose to use a frigate. It was his frigate of choice, the Incursus. He enjoyed using it for hunting because it could catch almost anything. Although, it wasn't always this way.

His mind recalls a memory of days past. A high-security system, a rating of 0.9, CONCORD protecting the planets and nebulae from the wrath of pirates and greifers. A Hulk, in the distance, obliterating rocks with its beams and slowly collecting the unrefined minerals in its cargo hold. Slow, tedious, but safe and profitable. He longed for action, but was frightened by the prospect of losing his ISK.

He interfaces with his frigate, controlling its actions with his mind. The frigate quickly turns, its agile hull aligning to a stargate. "This system is empty," he thought as he scanned through the local communication channel. "A pity, they usually are."

A conversation opens and an unfamiliar face greets him. "Hello," he says, to which the stranger replies with the same word. "I am a recruiter. I would like to tell you about the corporation I am in. It is a piracy corporation," the stranger says. Although frightened by the prospect, the miner decides that he wants to delve in to the world of piracy.

As he jumps through the gate, he scans the next system's local communication channel to find one other pilot in the system. He begins the tedious task of scanning him out, to attempt to obtain a kill. But, that was the fun of it. Hunting. Stalking his prey. He would lurk undetected, scanning the system planet by planet, asteroid belt by asteroid belt. His victims were almost always in the asteroid belts, mining or killing weaker pirates. He liked the ratters. They put up a fight.

The miner found himself in a battlecruiser making his way to low-security space, where CONCORD would not interfere with his actions. He had chosen a Drake-class Caldari battlecruiser. He favored its powerful tank over the weak damage, giving him a high chance of survival against a superior opponant. He approached the gate to the low-security system, uttered a small prayer, and jumped through.

Slowly he narrowed his search down, clearing the system belt by belt. Surely the prey had noticed by now that a pirate had appeared in the system. "Sometimes, they are so ignorant..." he thought to himself. He almost felt sorry for the victim, unaware of the explosive fate to come. But his emotions had left him long ago, desensitized to the reactions of others after months of endless killing.

The miner and his Drake joined up with the rest of the corporate fleet, ready to warp on to a stargate as soon as the scout reported seeing anything. The scout reported another battlecruiser, a second Drake-class ship, about to jump through the stargate. They would catch him unaware and he would not last long against their combined firepower. He waited for the signal, itching to command his ship to go forward.

As he heard a slight ping from the sound synthesizers of his ship, he analyzed the results of the scan. He discovered a frigate, Merlin-class, flying through the belt. He wouldn't move on it now, because he wanted to analyze its movements and examine his victim's mindset. As he repeatedly scanned, he found the Merlin warping from belt to belt, in the same order that is displayed in the capsule's menu. "Typical," he thought.

The commander of the fleet gives the signal and the miner's ship lurches in to a warp bubble. Slowly, the plasma trails around his ship dissapate as he approaches the gate. The Drake had already been locked down, its warp engines disabled by the powerful scrambler of the Heavy Interdictor of the fleet. It began to head back to the stargate, but it had a long distance to cover. He aquired a lock on the ship and began firing away.

His Incursus came out of its warp bubble in the next belt he predicted his victim would visit. Right on cue, the Merlin came out of its warp bubble, landing 2 kilometers away from him. He aquired a target lock on the ship and began pelting it with Antimatter charges. He disabled its warp engines to prevent his victim from escaping and activated a stasis web on the ship, slowing the Merlin to a crawl. It wouldn't be long now.

The Drake wasn't doing very well against the superior firepower of the fleet. After covering only a few kilometers it was already almost out of shield. It was common knowledge among pod pilots that a Drake, like most Caldari ships, would rely on its shields to prevent it from taking damage. With the shields gone, the armor was weak and not reinforced and would melt quickly. As the Drake's armor began to melt away, the miner became very excited. He was about to obtain his first official kill as a pirate.

The victim's Merlin was already in to his armor, while the Incursus was not even through its shields. Clearly the Merlin wasn't expecting this. He continued discharging Antimatter shells at a furious pace in to the enemy ship. As the armor was breached and the hull began leaking atmosphere in to space, the fusion core of the ship became visible.

The Drake caused a wonderful explosion when it was destroyed. The miner was ecstatic, thrilled with the adrenaline rush that comes with any kind of space combat. The wreck left some modules to be had, which were split among the group. The money wasn't amazing, but it was much more exciting than mining. It was decided. The miner wasn't going back to high-sec again. He was now a pirate. Over the months that followed, kills got more and more extreme, and the pirate's security status lower and lower. He then began to change ships, prefering those with higher firepower and lower tankability. His favorite ship came to be a frigate, a Gallente favorite: the Incursus.

The pilot of the Merlin opened a conversation with the Incursus, meeting him face to face for the first time. He stopped his guns from destroying the ship and spoke to the Merlin pilot. The Merlin pleaded for a chance to save his ship, offering a mere 10,000 Interstellar Kredits for the safety of his craft. The Incursus pilot declined and took aim.

"Wait! Before you destroy me, pirate, what is your name?" said the Merlin pilot.
"My name is not important," replied the Incursus.
"It is important to me. Once I am back to high-sec, I am going to hire mercenaries to hunt you down and destroy you," said the Merlin, with some obvious happiness on his face.
"I'll enjoy the challenge. Erzak. My name is Erzak," said the Incursus pilot. Emotionless, he commanded his guns to fire. The Antimatter shells breached the fusion core of the Merlin, causing a beautiful blue explosion. With his reflexes improved by the myriad of implants within his mind, he aquired a target lock on the capsule of the Merlin pilot. Without a word, a volley of Antimatter shells soared through space, impacting the capsule and sending its occupant back to a cloning facility. Erzak inspected the wreck of the Merlin and found nothing of value. He aligned his ship to the next gate, warped through space, and jumped through, to begin the process once more.


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pushbyte on :

although im not a fan of gate camping, i found your article strangely inticing. the way you rolled two different stages of piracy into one article, intertwining them. i look forward to seeing another post.

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