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Can flippers be-ware

Inspired by entries in this site, and the deplorable yet entertaining antics at mylootyourtears. I resolved yet again to try strike out at can flippers and griefers. I have spent quite a few hours, with my main - mining away in a Vexor or an Exequror, but something about a 2006 toon mining in a cruiser in a belt doesn't encourage the locals.
So to this end I brought forth Saint Juliana, to strike righteous revenge on the piratical denzins of high sec.
I thought I would give some newbie pirates a surprise, and loaded a Bellicose with ancillary current routers. I wanted 4 midslots, so that I could fit a propulsion mod, dual webs, and a scrambler. To ensure nothing could escape my grasp. I fitted a Medium neut so that the helpless frigate would be capless - to let my 8 warrior 1 (some spare incase of getting webbed and killed), 2x dual 180mm autocannons and launcher chip away at them.
The extra grid rigs let me fit a 1600mm plate for my tank. A formidable opponent for any can-flipping frig. Well, I mined, and mined, a couple of days without response.
When this evening I decided to actively seek out the flippers myself, rather than let them come to me.

Saint undocked the Bellicose in Amarr, a bustling market hub, and scanned the nearby belts. A a few cans, hulk, arbitrator and a punisher (a notorious can flipper) on scan. Narrowing them down to a particular belt I warped in to assess the situation.
There was an arbitrator mining away with two mining lasers, and a can sitting along side. The punisher was lurking nearby, and the hulk rapidly left the area. I checked the corp details of the two pilots, while I began my own excavation of an asteriod. Nothing untoward, and no obvious friends in system.
The arbitrator locked me right away, and began some rather unsocial behaviour, bumping the Bellicose, mining my asteriod. And generally being a bastard.
My initial thought was that the punisher might be his pal, and that the arbitrator might act as a remote repair station for the formidable tank of the punisher if I engaged it.
So I thought I best even up the odds.

I quickly fitted a couple of T1 remote reps to my main Sanguine in his Arbitrator, and some medium repair drones. The Bellicose was made to kill frigs, not go toe to toe with an arbitrator, which doesn't need cap to do damage, and which has a much better tank.

By the time I had done this, and returned to Saint, I saw that the punisher had gamely tried to can flip the aggressive arbitrator, and had very rapidly been vaporised.

Well, with Sanguine entering system, I suppose I'll take a crack at it. I jettison a can, and sure enough the arbitrator flips it right away - and a hauler alt arrives and whisks my ore away almost instantly. Lock and engage. Hammerhead II's descend on Saint and rip through the shields of the basically stationary cruiser. I scurry to warp in Sanguine and get the reps on, but in the heat of the moment, the fleet menu is rather tricky to navigate. By the time he arrives, Saint is down to 50% armour, and the meager DPS of the Bellicose has just cracked the Arbitrators shields. Overload Reps, and armour repair bots are engaged.
Saints tank now holding, she continues to chip away at the arbitrator, now webbing his drones, and sending 4xwarrior 1's to ping away at them. He is too smart for that and recalls them, and considering he is at 200m from Saint, they are instantly deployed again. Saints Bellicose tank is holding barely, perhaps she can hold long enough to chip away at him? But the cunning arbitrator has neuts fitted, and the Bellicose's meager cap is now gone. As the damage control goes offline, and Sanguine too runs out of cap, she drops into structure. Damage control back online, another cycle of the remote armor repairer, but its too late. Pop goes the Bellicose.

The arbitrator by this time is at about 60% armour of what is clearly a buffer tank, and without hesitation he aggresses Sanguine.
Although it was a quick fit, Sanguine has a medium nos fitted, and 3 Cap rechargers. As well as a medium armor repper. So cap shouldn't be a problem this time around. I launch my own flight of Hammerhead II's and we go toe to toe. Sanguines armour is dropping, unable to quite tank the damage from the Hammerheads, but I have yet to overload. We slug away at each other, but I can see I have the upper hand. The aggressor hits structure first, I begin to overload at about 10% armour remaining. He pops with a satisfying explosion.

I give him a GF in local, but he is out of there, Amarr is full of spam anyhow.

An enjoying skirmish, I came out slightly ahead isk-wise due his collection of drones. My Bellicose was tripple rigged, which was a little excessive, and his arbi was tripple tri-marked. If I were to make a crime fighting Duo between Saint and Sanguine I would do away with the 1600mm plate and rigs, and add 2 x EAN and a damage control instead. And put t2 remote repps on Sanguine, as well as repping rigs so I could perma-run the cap. But it was a split second rapid fit with what I had in the hanger. I mean I COULD bring Sanguine in a RR Dominix, but where is the fun in that?

I would still pit the solo Bellicose against any frigs, probably even 2 frigs at once - with the fitting. But if people are game to can flip an arbi, maybe I should switch to them. Sure would make it easier.
Fun and games, I hope for many more.


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StovAkor on :

Ah the that brings back alot of memories. Doing lvl 3 missions, for Brutor Tribe in Rens. This is going way back....there were no lvl 4 missions, the bell only had 3 mid slots, and its bonuses matched its description. Was a great sniper.....lotta bang for your buck. This of course was well before my days as a pirate. Anyway, great story. I respect ya for no pulling out a BS with your main. That really does take the fun out. To be honest I was half expecting ya to have your main show up with a logistics ship at range with sensor damps, but that too would take the fun out. In the end tho the guy in the Arbie was foolish. He should have never engaged your main after the fight with your alt. But I understand how it is in the heat of battle, ya make mistakes. Lookin foward to your next story.

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