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Ratting license – Revoked

    This story is not set within Empire space so it may not find it's place on this website but with my Internet connection not working I find myself with little to do at this time so I thought why not write a story? I guess I'll post it in short intervals of it deciding to work or when it gets fixed...

    Little background – I have spent more than half of my EVE life in 0.0. If you didn't venture there yourselves I can tell you that most of the stories about 0.0 being mostly “blobs” are true. Well, you will find a small gang of 2-3 people here and there but they will usually be a group of people in T2 ships with a very specific setup. Going solo against those will either get you killed or scoring you no kills since they will run and hide if they can't take you. Combine that with a fact my character is a Caldari missile user and you see how my chances of scoring a nice 1v1 kill (or, in lots of cases, even a fight of any kind) is hard. Missing out on highsec or lowsec pirating in my early days has left me itching for such a fight though. All I got up until this point was one close escape from a solo Damnation or people running in fear from my Drake due to it being a popular bait ship. So I turned my attention to only form of 1v1 I can easily find, hunting ninja ratters.

    If you are unfamiliar with the concept, ninja ratters are people usually from small corps or even NPC corps without access to 0.0 who still want a piece of bounties you get from rats in 0.0. Thought of a single BS kill bringing you up to 1.85mil ISK is a tempting one for sure. So they crawl their way into someone else's 0.0 space in a ratting ship, find a quiet system where there's not much traffic and rat away. Of course, anyone entering local means they will warp to a safe and cloak up until whoever is pursuing them just gets bored and moves on. They don't offer a challenge in combat but none the less they are a sort of people who you could do without in your space you bled for to conquer.
    The first one I caught has, I believe, just set up shop. He popped up in intel channel as a Drake heading up a pipe that will just get him to a dead end sooner or later. So he was either solo hunting or intending to do some ninja ratting. Bored with grinding ISK I switched out my carebearing Nighthawk for my trusty Drake and set course to intercept him. I was just about to give up as no further intel was posted and I was soon coming up on a system which is a crossroad to 3 different dead end constellations and I really didn't feel like checking them all out when I saw him in local. Swearing at not being prepared I quickly pulled up my scanner and did a 360° scan. Nothing. Opening up a map I found a cluster of belts out of scan range, chose a random belt and hit warp. Continually scanning while in long warp I though “No way I'm getting him, by this point he's either in warp or already cloaked”. Drake popping up on scan gave me a little hope but I knew it was quite possible that some noob just left one floating in space near a tower. You can imagine my surprise when I landed 21k from him, still ratting. Without sensor booster fitted I watched locking timer slowly counting down as my warp disruptor was eagerly blinking at first and then happily started pulsing green. I smiled. Approach, MWD on, get web on him ASAP in case he has an MWD and is somehow faster than me, drones out, open fire... aaaaah CRAP! Swearing once again as I unloaded Scourge missiles and started loading Thunderbolts (he's in Serpentis space after all, his kinetic resist will be insane) I watched his first volley hit me. Wow, he'll fight back, maybe I just got baited! Then I saw what ammo he was using. T1 Scourge missiles. I nearly started laughing. Drake gets nice kinetic resistance as it is and my 2 invulns boosted it up to the point it's useless even trying to do some serious damage with Scourges. Not that I don't applaud the effort mind you, but I find it funny how little thought people tend to put into their plans. I always try to bring at least EM missiles in my ship to combat insane Cadari tanks. Also, I would rather have Warriors doing little damage to Serpentis rats than having my swarm of Hobgoblins try and chase off an interceptor they can't catch. Warriors saved my poor Caldari ass more than once. You could argue he just came there for a quick buck not intending to PvP but if you want to stay only long enough to waste Drake's cargohold of missiles what's the point? I'd expect him to have an alt bring him more ammo anyway if he intends to stay long enough to make it a worth while trip. By this point I was in web range and my Thunderbolts started their death dance. Fitted for ratting with stock EM resist his shield melted in seconds and not long after that he was in structure. Then suddenly, my overview showed 2 neutral targets. What the... pod? “Stupid lag”, I mumbled, “showing his ship still alive... NO! STOP SHOOTING YOU...” A ball of blue plasma on my screen. Dammit! He ejected and I just blew up a free of charge ship. Trying to lock the pod was of course useless. Oh well, got myself a killmail then, no biggie, Drakes are cheap anyway. And then, this pops up in local:

[ 2010.08.08 22:45:48 ] Helchen > hero

I blinked at the message, confused. Hero? I would expect this in highsec, hell, even in lowsec, I'm a mean pirate picking on a defenseless noob just making a living. But in 0.0? Not only that but in MY space? Did I miss a gate somewhere? Nope, sovereignty display clearly shows my alliance name. Also, I came solo, I didn't bring a fleet with me, I gave him an honest chance. He could've been ratting in a PvP Drake, I did it myself in the very ship I was flying. To this day I'm still puzzled by this and can't make any sense of it. If he meant to make me feel bad he failed. I feel bad about blowing up a free ship and I'm mad at rats stealing my solo kill on the mail, but I'm not sorry about blowing you up buddy.

    Wow, this has gotten pretty long but I still have one more ninja ratter to write about. That one took a lot of patience to catch. I have been after this guy for at least 2 weeks. I was in “his” system every night, sometimes even ratting there just to stop him doing so. I was kinda hoping he gets annoyed enough to fight me. He didn't of course, even though he was in a Raven. With a cloak. One night I entered local and there was another alliance member in local so I promptly left. I came back a few minutes later to find my alliance mate thanking me for an officer spawn in local. He thought I was ratting there and with me leaving he took over and got lucky. I pointed out I wasn't ratting anyway hoping our buddy ninja ratter is getting quite pissed now. I was pretty sure he'll see it because I was also pretty sure he wasn't a macro since I made him leave his drones in a belt once. If he was a macro, it was a really good one using directional scanner to his advantage. Still, local was silent even though I tried to throw a bit of smack his way that time. I don't usually smack, and even if I do there's no name calling, I just tend to politely poke fun at people raging about something, pushing it too far or having a broken sarcasm detector. I get that one a lot. But I have no respect for these guys.

    Back to the story. After an uneventful evening I decided to pay my Raven friend another visit before turning in for the night. Landing on the gate I already had my scanner up, map open and Thunderbolts loaded. Jump. Scan. Raven on scan within 14AU. Select a random belt of those in a cluster that's in scan range. Warp. In case you want to explain to me how to use the scanner properly at this point, don't bother. Only way to get these guys is luck, they'll run to their safes and cloak as soon as you enter local so there will be no time for you to pinpoint them using scanner anyway. Again, since I chose a belt at random I didn't have too much hope. Besides, it's a Raven, he could easily warp in at range and still be able to reach all rats with cruise missiles. I landed 20k off him. JACKPOT! Now I just have to lock him in time... “Target is invulnerable”. Ummm... Excuse me? “Target is invulnerable”. What the... At this point he just disappears. SECOND CLIENT! He's logging in on a second client to kick himself out and render himself invulnerable until his 30 second timer runs out! I should know, I had titans and carriers escaping from a bubbled POS which we camped 23/7 that way, the bastards. I quickly burn near the point where he disappeared. I guess he was hoping I won't reach the belt he was in in time to see him do that and I'll just assume he warped to his safe before logging. He appears right on top of me. Lock. Point. Web. Thunderbolts sing with anticipation as they fly his way, ready to rip his shields to shreds. Adrenalin is pumping through my body at this point. What if he's PvP fitted? If he has enough cap boosters I will never break him in time. T1 Wrath missiles start pounding my shields. Kinetic again, but this time they hurt more. I finished the fight with that Drake at 84% shields, damage not even worth mentioning really, but now my shields reached about that point already by the time I got his shields to low amount. Hitting armor now, fighting against 50% resist there but I'm not that worried, Caldari have a laughable amount of armor. Structure is what worries me, if he's damage controlled... Shield booster gives him some shields every once in a while but that gets obliterated by my missiles in a single volley. My shield display shows a lot of red now, nearly 50%. At this point I'm pretty sure I'm winning but I still have structure to chew through. As first volley hits his structure I smile. A huge chunk of it is gone, no Damage Control there. One more ninja ratter gone from my corner of space. I post the mail, once again swearing at some rat somehow getting on my kill. There were no rats in belt and he logged in the meantime too, damn you CCP! It wasn't a spectacular kill by any means but waiting 2 weeks to get it made it oh so sweet.

    And that's it for now. My hunt on ninja ratters is not over yet and I hope I'll get some more soon. There are a few more that are a part of the inventory by now since they excel at running and hiding but I'll give it a go anyway. They don't offer much of a challenge in combat, you may call them ganks (and I would agree) and they probably aren't as fun to read about as some real pirate stories, but to quote Agatha Christie (at least Google claims it's her quote :-P): “The thrill is in the chase, never in the capture”. And I did have some fun chasing them :-)



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Anonymous on :

that was terrible and you should feel terrible

StovAkor on :

I loved it! I can never understand why these guys 9 times out of 10 don't fit for pvp. Ratting setups in someone else's backyard.....they deserve to get dicked in the ass. Its like my old friend Shard used to say, " There's no minimum intelligence required to play this game." Nice job on the raven. 2 weeks is a long time to wait for one kill. Now thats dedication!

Irritus Reddo on :

Cool story, bro.

Davis Burnside on :

I wouldn't have the patience to hunt the same guy for 2 weeks!

Ava on :

Cool! Keep up the good work and the writing

Onyx47 on :

Didn't check the site in a few days and I find not only my story but some comments too? Thanks for support everyone, glad someone liked my ramblings ^^

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