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Worse than Death

I haven’t written for a little while, so I decided to revive a previous story and post new chapters every couple of days. Enjoy!

...I just might start going to a church now, he thought. His head was still swimming, almost dizzy from the recent events. He wanted to go back and help her, surely she would need it, but he could not miss his last chance at escape; his unbelievable luck had probably run dry this time. The warp drive deactivated and the massive stargate appeared. Without hesitating, he jumped. Warped to the next one. Jumped again. Over and over until I’m safe. Through Flari, through Agordon, through Jemp, through Tomisaris. He finally arrived at a gate leading to secure space. Never before have I been so eager to be swallowed by a wormhole. A brief moment of total darkness, and the heavens appeared all around him. He looked at the stars and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw a CONCORD ship slowly lumber in the distance. “I need a new job...” Khis said to himself. “Maybe I’ll give a shot at the other side of the law...”
She chuckled when the first one blew up; it was almost too easy. She laughed when the next one popped; a bit of a challenge, but she’d seen worse. But before she could finish the third, two more showed up; ships that were bigger than the first three. Not fuckin’ fair! They threw E-war drones her way; her guns now wouldn’t keep up with the sharp orbits. She was triple-webbed. But my tank is holding for now, that’s all that matters. Then four more ships showed up, and Schaa’s heart sank. She saw how the battle would unfold even before it happened. Antimatter charges plowed into her ship from all sides. Within 30 seconds, it had dissipated entirely. Then the entire structure shivered as chunks of armor were blown away. She knew she had already lost. But when she had 30% hull, the guns stopped firing. She knew was that meant immediately. “These fuckers are gonna ransom ME?” Her Comm. Unit bleeped. “How much, assholes?”
“How about Khis’s head. On a platter.” She paused. Fuck. FUCK!
“It’s been a long time, Eilyin.”
“Almost too long Schaa. I just wanted to say hi, and ask why the hell you attacked my boys?”
“They were bullying my friend.”
“Since when did start sticking up for the little guys? Or have friends? If there is one thing you should have learned, it’s to not fuck with my business.”
“The debt was nothing, Eilyin. You probably spent that much hunting him down.”
“Debts are always paid, or people die. No exceptions are made, Schaa, and not only did you help him get away, you killed some of my favorite hunters.”
She knew he was boiling with rage inside, but his voice didn’t show a trace of emotion. He continued, “You should be smarter than that, Schaa. I thought your people knew the limits; where your hunting ground ends and my control begins. You fucked with my business, Schaa. Now you’re gonna die.”
An interdictor warped in, and she gasped. That can only mean one thing. As the mercs resumed tearing through her ship, a disruption sphere was fired. “You think podding me is gonna teach me a lesson? You think I’m afraid to die? Go to hell!”
“I have better things planned for you. Bitch.”
Her ship burst violently and the pod immediately rocketed away from the sphere as fast as possible, but she knew it was just too late. A few seconds later, she was webbed, and she knew it was the end. The end for this lifetime, anyway. Another Schaa will be soon born back at the station. It’s happened before, I don’t mind dying again. She closed her eyes and waited. Waited for what seemed like an eternity. But no guns fired, and she noticed she was moving again. It took her just a second to realize what was happening. “No! NO! NOOOO!!” Her fate was sealed; a fate worse than death. She knew what Eilyin did with his catches... Her pod was sucked inside a cargo bay. The bubble deactivated and the mercenaries charted a course for Eiylin’s base.


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StovAkor on :

Oh man I was hoping you'd post another chapter. :-) Looks like Schaa is gonna have to learn the finer points of exotic dancing. lol Will Khis become a pod pilot? He stikes me as more of a covert ops kinda guy. Maybe something along the lines of a stealth bomber pilot. But hey, I'm not tellin the story, you are. Great follow up on a great story. I can't wait for the next!

StovAkor on :

Dammit man! I need more! ;-)

Anonymous on :

Self destruct...


Davis Burnside on :

FYI, I don't know what's up with EP. I posted a new chapter more than 4 days ago and it still hasn't showed up-

StovAkor on :

Unless you have special rights I think Ander has to approve all entries so I would guess he hasn't had a chance yet. Hope everything is ok with him.

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