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Reverse Gank

About a week ago, I was in Amarr in a new alt, cruising the belts in a Punisher looking for some action. I came across a Belliscose jet can mining. He didn't have a Mining laser fit, and was just using a rack of mining drones - obviously spoiling for a fight.
However he did have 5k volume of ore in his can. I reshipped to a Stabbed Hauler, and swooped in to relieve him of his Ore - just in time to see him polishing off some rifter. I grab the Ore and head to the station.
I have a sum total of 800k SP on this toon - but hey, if he wants a fight I'll give him one.
I re-ship to a dual 1600mm plate maller. Enough of a tank to give most things a run.
I return to the belt, and he opens up on me right away, switching out mining drones for warriors. I start by webbing and killing a few of his drones, before I start to chew through his bellicose's shields.
Its not looking good for him, when suddenly, what should appear but a Myrmidon. That would be the same one that I saw on short range scan.
I web and kill one of his hammerhead II's, the bellicose is not looking healthy. And then the Myrm fires up it's ECM. I am permajammed. How very very ghey.
I have to sit there as they chip away at my tank, and eventually Boom goes the Maller..

I was sort of pissed off. I mean if you want a fight, its all very well. But bringing ECM to kill a brand new toon is rather lame. I sent them both an email exclaiming the same. And both replied back - you stole the ore, you get punished, quit whining. I resolved to get revenge.

Last night I was in the same toon, and warped to the bookmark I had made of their can from the previous week. Just so I could get close to a belt, and set a hauler mining for the evening while I went AFK. When I see the same guys, in EXACTLY the same position. What luck.... I had prepared for this eventuality already.
You see I have been reading about the dirty tricks those "Suddenly Ninja's" guys like to pull. I had Sanguine in an Orca, with a dual ECCM'd Armour tanked Hurricane in the Maintenance Bay- nothing was going to jam this baby, a sensor strength of 90 overloaded.
I switched out to Saint Juliana, who has the skills to fly a Hurricane really rather well. Jumped in a Shield Tanked Bellicose, and warped to the belt.
I grabbed the ore, and sure enough their bellicose aggro'd right away. I started pew-pewing down the Bellicose, and the Myrmidon arrived immediately. I was waiting until he aggro'd before I warped Sanguine in, as it was the Myrmidon I was after. As soon as his warp disrupter kicked in, the Orca lumbered into warp.
The enemy Bellicose went into armour before Saint's, however the Myrmidon was hitting pretty hard. I had sicked my Warrior's after his Ogre's and I think I got one of them, and gave the other a thrashing before he recalled it. My saviour, Sanguine arrived on the scene just as I hit my meager armour buffer (Slow ass Orca).
Open ship maintenance array - board Hurricane.... No Dice. Apparently you can't do that when you have Ore in your hold. Crap!! Jettison ore.. In structure now. And Switch. The comfy cozy confines of the Hurricane class battlecruiser.
The Bellicose is gone, he must have been spamming warp as he was also about to hit structure, and once the point dropped he made good his escape. However the flashy Myrmidon is there, and he is about to experience some come-uppance.
I fire up my 220mm Vulcan Cannon's, and sick my Drones after his hammerhead II's. He has a decent active armour tank, but it doesn't keep up for long with duel medium neuts fixed on him. Once only a wisp of his armour remains, he Deploys 5 Vespa ECM drones, the last desperate act. I merely overload my dual ECCM's in response. There will be no escape but sweet sweet death.

The old "surprise Orca" is practically infallible. As long as you are not forced to leave the safety of the docking radius of your friendly Orca. If things go south, simply switch into a frigate and GTFO. The moral of the story I guess is don't shoot people in High Sec, cause you never know what might come your way. Also ECM in small fights is lame and people will hold a grudge.


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kinzlayer on :

Sounds like you held grudge, everything else is fair game in EvE.

livelybrowsers on :

Thanks for good stuff

StovAkor on :

Alls fair in love and war. I'm a firm believer in doing whatever works. Even rediculous amounts of ECM. Yes it takes the fun out of the game but never the less it works. What I think is a pussy move is using stabs on combat ships. Thank god they have penalties now. I remember when they didn't. That was annoying as hell.

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