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Changes to come, more activity ahead.
We're migrating our blogsystem over to wordpress like the rest of the world. We cant live in the past and not move ahead due old layout and design - we have to adapt. You might notice bugs or weird changes - we will try to migrate everything, even our forums.


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DGB on :

hopefully, EP can get rid of all the spambots, too

Ander on :

Yeah, we'll be changing the captcha system alltogether.
S9Y is too clumsy to work in, that is part of the reasons I havent updated E-P much.

But I'll get to it now.

flashfresh on :

Great news Ander - I haven't contributed much lately and I am sorry. Using wordpress would make things easier for me however. At this stage of my working life, speed and convenience is paramount. WP is a good choice.

So good news - do you need any help with the migration?


StovAkor on :

I hope my web phone will be compatible with it.

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