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Afterlife, pt. 2

Invincible. Friggin untouchable. Scanned a hundred times since I started, and they haven’t even picked up a scent. I can almost feel their frustration; scanning every single ship that passes through the gate. Yet the amount of drugs in the system is at a record high. By now, I bet they’re trying to hunt down a hidden stargate! From the safety of the Fenrir cockpit, Khis couldn’t help but laugh to himself. Dozens and dozens of trips, literally passing right under CONCORD ships, with an entire freighter packed to the walls with concealed drugs. Scans revealed nothing but ammo and ship rigs, yet he was carrying enough Crash to blaze an entire station. He arrived at the hangers, and made sure to dock in the “private” section. The section where officers don’t wander around and the crew is kept on an unusually high salary. The enormous ship hovered in place, nearly touching the walls on all sides. Private hangars were not made to accommodate freighters. “That you, Khis?” His Comm. Unit buzzed.
“Hey, Scotty.”
“My crew is ready to unload- how much should we expect to find?”
“16,080 Kilos. Tell your boys to check the turret barrels, too, they forget to unpack those sometimes.”
“Will do. Should be quite a few hours.”
“Copy.” Khis stood up from his chair and stretched. “I’m headed to the mess hall”, He told the co-captain. A low rumble filled the cockpit as the heavy blast doors slid open.

Meanwhile, halfway across the galaxy...

Fear was always hard for her to experience. It was such an awkward emotion. It made her feel weak. Anger, on the other hand, came much more naturally and frequently. It empowered her. It fueled her in whatever she did. Being a killer would chip away at almost any person, yet anger dulled the pain and allowed her to endure a very long career as a pirate. A career that probably will end soon. So as she sat in her lavish chair, guns pointed at her chest, with one of the coldest humans in the galaxy a mere meter in front of her, she felt no fear and no anxiety. They were drowned out and replaced with an anger that would cause a lesser woman to jump out of her seat and rip out Eilyin’s eyeballs. At first, he said nothing. But after a few moments of silence, he took the cigar out of his mouth and smiled. Very Arrogantly. As if to say, ‘you’re mine’. Guess what, asshole- you have no idea what will come to you. “You know, Schaa, I can’t understand you.” He put out the cigar. “No words? Nothing to say.” Your eyes convey strength. Strength in what? Ruthlessness is your only strength “I always thought you were one of the smarter ones. But lately, you’ve been proving me so wrong.”
“I have nothing to say to you. You know what I did and why I did it.”
“But I don’t. You knew who you were fucking with and you knew the consequences, yet you did it anyway. And for what? To spite me? To appease your brief appetite for justice?” He chuckled. “No, I think you’ve just gotten impulsive and stupid.”
“Maybe I just wanted to prove you’re not as powerful as you think you are...” She glared into his eyes “Or maybe it’s because those mercs were Caldari.” Yes. She thought. That got to him. She knew that some of the mercs had been militia buddies with Eilyin, long ago. He had to pause for a moment, and she thought she almost saw him choke up. “Do you want to play that game? Because I find it funny that you would bring that up, when you’ve done far more than I have for the State. Forgetting about that little favor you did me, all those years ago?”
Now she choked. Damn you, Eilyin. I’ve had brain surgery to erase that memory. Damn you straight to hell. The memories, distant and deliberately forgotten, grew and grew in her mind until it ached. It was years and years ago... She tried to convince herself. I was young and weak and desperate... I had no choice, I had no option... And the realization of what she had done flooded into her conscious. For her sin, there was no forgiveness and no excuse. Schaa, the famous pirate, killer of hundreds, woman who drives fear into her prey, felt for the first time the true weight of pure guilt. And for the first time in her life, she cried.

Years and years ago. I was a young girl. Fresh and bloodthirsty, but completely broke. I had just lost all my money in the militia, and I needed a job. My low security status, coupled with my combat record, didn’t make me very appealing to corperations. Who wants a girl pilot with no skills and no ISK? I needed a job, and Eilyin made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: 30 Million ISK, for just one little job. I didn’t even need a ship. When I walked into his office, this office, for the first time, and he told me the job, I almost turned it down. My soul still wasn’t completely melted away, and I had a hard time accepting what I had to do. ‘It’s simple’, he told me. ‘Kill the Officer’ - Officer Okhenemir- The Gallente war hero who obliterated Caldari and Amarr armies and led the fleet on a crusade, gaining more and more territory every day. Eilyin never told me his intentions for the job, but I knew why he wanted me to do it. I had strong ties with Okhenemir’s administration. He had strong business ties with the State; the Caldari lose the war, and he loses his business. Slavery, Oppression, he didn’t care what the Caldari and Amarr were up to. I had to accept, there was no other option. The last thing I remember was setting up the clone contract and getting a low-wave brain scan, recording memories for the future me. I don’t know how I did it, but when I woke up days later, I read the news. Officer Okhenemir had been killed; blown up in his office along with a dozen others. No suspects. The money was already in my account, and a new ship was waiting in my hangar. I took it to lowsec and never came back.
Eilyin saw her pain and seemed to bask in it. His only response was a light chuckle. “Do you know how long you’ve been in stasis, Schaa?”
She didn’t answer.
“A month. Do you feel your muscles starting to decay? Do you feel your mind melting? I was going to put you in permastasis...”
The hairs on her hands shot up.
“...But I decided you’re more useful to me awake. There is another job I need you to do. After Khis escaped, he got a job as a cargo runner for SDA.”
What?“My intel tells me that Khis is delivering to highsec in record amounts, and Ossin’s sales in highsec have exploded. He’s beginning to squeeze out Vigor. That can’t happen.”
I know exactly what you want me to do, you little shit. No! Not a chance in hell.He knew what she was thinking. “I assume you can figure out the rest. And before you accept, just to escape and hide, consider the alternative.”
The hate inside her raged like a furnace.
“I will catch you, Schaa. Sooner or later, I will catch you. And I’ll put you in stasis until your brain rots.”
Now, fear crawled over her skin like a plague.


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StovAkor on :

Interesting. So Schaa's first underworld job was a suicide bomber. Will be very interesting to see where this story goes from here. Will Schaa kill Khis the same way? If she does will Khis be a full fledged pod pilot and thus have a clone on standby which he will use to enact revenge?

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