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Always hunted, never safe but damn fun!

I was collecting some scrap-metals to reprocess to build myself new drones. Maybe a bit overkill to head out in a dominix and hunt 10k rats, but at least the dominix has a big cargohold for all the scrap-metal. A pirate should always be able to be self-sufficient when he's got a low security rating. Since haulers arent always available to do your bidding.

Keeping an eye on the 0.0 local I spotted a BKK guy on the list, I didn't worry too much cause they rarely make a fuss and just move on.
I had just killed the last spawn of the asteroidbelt when I noticed that a battleship was sitting 30km away from me.

Heck, I had forgotten to even look at anything else than the rats.
I was wondering for a while if I should take him on, but I felt a bit lazy so I moved on to the next belt.

1 minute later the guy warps in right ontop on me, locks and starts firing. I guess he wasnt ready for a PVP setup ship hunting 10k rats.
Needless to say, I warp-scramble him and bring out the heavy artillery. This is when my mate Ikvar warps in with a ceptor, ready to catch the pod once the battleship pops. I decided to give him a chance by offering a ransom. He ignored my conversation invite and I keep shooting.

Toward the end of the battle when he sees that he's chanceless he logs-out in a futile attempt to save his pod. Needless to say this was a stupid error on his part as Ikvar had a ship nearby with scan-probe launcher and probes.
Two minutes later, this BKK guy got a quick clone-jump back home once he login again.

The ship yield a good deal of tech II loot, roughly 45million isk worth of loot. A great deal more was destroyed in the explosion.


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