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Ushra'Khan's plans thwarted once again!

A sniggerdly taskforce were passing through some low-security empire systems when we were spotted by U'K scouts.
They assembled a fleet of 15 people that decided to chase after us.

They managed to catch up with us at a stargate but I was way too "lagged" to fight back at the time so I jumped through with my thorax.
On their side they had several battleships and a heavy assault cruiser which were used to try and sentry-tank-gank us.

The assault frigates they had were used to try catch up with our outlaw-members but we managed to get away just fine.
A few hours later they found us in a dead-end system where we had just been clearing out the locals and asked for forced-taxes.

We decided to lay-low for a little while but I warped back to the gate to see if they'd attack my thorax again.
Surely enough a deimos and a ferox attacks me. However this time I wasnt lagged and returned fire knowingly that they had battleships on their way.

The deimos took heavy damage from the sentries aswell but I did most damage with my drones and turrets aswell as nossing him to the greater end of the universe.
One deimos down and one cargo-hold fuller of loot I took on the ferox. Almost out of cap and armor hardeners starting to go off I requested backup from Jainy.
He warped in and jammed the ferox and I finished him off and took his loot and headed into warp just as the greater part of their fleet entered the system.

Later on we made a run and got out of the dead-end system but they had prepared a camp further ahead and took out one of our ceptors. However we had a great time thwarting U'K's plans on domination of space and gained more than we lost.


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