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Boredomgriefers!! I'm so bored.

Yesterday we headed down to y-4c to find some miners. Turns out this was a dead-end system and on the other side in the neighboursystem a fleet of PA had built up.
They later proceeded to set up warp-bubbles and just sit there waiting for us to come.

I went to sleep and logged-off at a safespot with my deimos.
Then I awoke around 40 minutes ago and headed out of the system, docked in the station racing past two ravens belonging to Anihilus and Geamanu. I bet they were surprised to see me come to them.

I undocked and then headed back to homesystem with them on my tail picking up further PA along the way.
Not even using instas I went along my path, seeing the enemy insta to the gate just as I jump. It's pretty fun getting chased but once you safespot the endless boredom starts.
At the time of writing I'm sitting at a safespot, just idling.

Enemies have... four ravens one megathron and one crow. Numbers are decreasing as we near downtime though.
Their tactics seems to be just boring me to death.
I think that should be counted as griefing or harassment. Yeah.. or something.

It's now downtime and I'm logged-off.
But It's funny :-) after I sent Anihilus the link to this post he started talking in Romanian in local. Telling me "You're a wannabe pirate" hehe.
Oh well, some people cant take irony. But taking it as Anihilus in the past even falsely told an ISD interviewer that we stole their dread by exploits I'm not surprised..


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