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Phoenix Alliance fleet-commander resorts to personal-attacks

[01:06:10] Anihilus > Ander your mother cry when we jigi jigi bang her and scream

Says all of how mature the Phoenix Alliance bunch are when their "supreme" fleet-commander goes to personal-attacks when he fails ingame..

And then a while later just as the GameMaster bids his farwell in local.

[01:25:20] GM Novalue > not quoted, but he's bidding his farwell in local
[01:25:38] TheRelic Ash > ok..bye
[01:25:47] Anihilus > I will with ander's mom


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Leet Al on :

All I can say is... Less chat, more splat!

Ander on :

yeah , we recently killed a zealot of theirs which tried logging in space.

Zephillis on :

lol you guys poor wery poor

Ander on :

We're not the ones who write personal assaults in local.

Now suffer the consequences.
I cant say what.. but it's something.

Backslash on :

PA make themselves look like fools all the time.
Go Ander!

Blind Man - SNIGG on :


Narciss on :

We always knew you were a GM ander!

Ifni on :

Regardless of the sides that were involved, when the game falls to such a level and starts insulting the family members of either side, you know something is wrong.

Arianna on :

Yep they are Poor they dont know how to work on PHP or HTMl this page is realy bugged... and hey ur mates smacking in local too and we dont run for a GM to cry a bit ._. i think u r the child mature ppl would say who cares....

And hey looks like u have no RL so Anihilus and the rest of PA got one and they drink some and mayby they play drunk EvE ...

All i can say in all that posts ive readed hear looks more Like a bunch of weekend Pirates that are celebrating victims like 1 Zealot... we build up to 10bs per day in our corp and we are not the only corp that do so...

And 1 Thing plz do something realy or surrender to us this sucks u have no 0.0 Region we can invade or any other its very booring chasing RISK ceptors that fly from SS to SS ... what Pirates are you the big Red Hideout crew or somekind?

Ander on :

Who are poor?

So what if you build 10 BS? We kill that per day.
I got load of people writing here their stories, so dont go smacking on them.
I post funny kills, not everything.

Other then that, I'm just seeing you write "whine whine whine".

Katamarino on :

Hehehehe, this is great! How old are you, 13?

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