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Logging in space == Bad idea!

I was notified by a mate that he had just killed a hauler carrying tons of goodies from the PA which had just undocked. I undocked and picked up most of the expensive items in the can and left tons of drones
Since I had an alt in the system with a hauler I went to undock but found myself seeing a muninn popping the can and rushing off to a safespot.

On coms I hear my mate shouting he logged off, and it's the same guy that just had had his hauler popped. It seems he had another ship inside the station so he must've undocked to pop the can before we got all of it.

I redocked and refitted myship with a scanprobe-launcher and headed out.
To my relief his ship was still in space, and would continue being there for a while more while we scanned him out.

220... 180... 50... wow! I got him on the scanner.
Hastily we warped in and found the silent muninn just sitting there.

Down it went in a hurry and the capsule pops out and warpsout before I can scramble it.
I clicked on my scanprobes again and found him a second time.

Conclusion? Dont log-off in space even if it's your own can that you kill!

(Note: If you agress something and logoff in space your ship will warp off 1au to a random spot within a radius of the place you logout. The ship will stay there for (I think) 30minutes till this agression flag wears off and then disappear from the system. This also happens if someone attacks you, you wont be able to "disappear" from the system for 30 minutes.)


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hectiQ on :

Unless you log in with another character on your account, then you disappear.

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