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Before anyone else beats me to it. As of yesterday i am not Kill On Sight for Wings Of Redemption. I'll explain why.

A month or so ago i had a dispute with a member of WOR, AshrakTheWhite, now tbh ash is an asshat. excuse the smack.
He refuses to believe that he can be wrong about stuff so i turned against WOR. now why you ask turn against the whole corporation for one person. well i believe that even if it had been just against ash wor would have tried to stop me anyway so i hit the nail on the head and began passing information to Arcane Frankologies a rival corp at war with WOR. I gave them tactical info on where people were and what they were planning so they could counter it. Most of you will probably dissagree with what i did but if i had to go back. id do it all over again. Shame is, someone beat me and arcane frankologies to Ash's Tech 2 equipped Apoc. That was my intended primary target.

-Xenios Alfar

i was a bit vague about ash. He and i had an argument and he would not give way to a compromise and refused to believe he was wrong when i had no way to prevent it. I lost my ship to a L4 mission with ash. ash did not. because of an eve freeze up i was not able to deactivate my weapons


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Ander on :


Velsharoon on :

Just to be clear we never actually used your intel ^^ was just funny you talking to Ellisa. We did poke around the POS but left them be

Cheers for your help tho...

Tanthius on :

And instead of trying to act at least a little bit mature, he has a hissy fit and goes to our enemies over one little argument. Made himself a whole lot of enemies, and I dont just mean WoR.

He is right about one thing though, Ashrak is a dick. :p

Xenios Alfar on :

Oh i can act mature if i want to but things like that dont involve maturity. Cockiness deserves slapping. and yes what goes around comes around. im dissapointed someone got Ash's t2 poc before me

Alarik Semler on :

I agree with velsh, I dont see what they could've gained :-P

Ash rocks, he makes you feel so inept that you had to go that far to try and prove him wrong? That's sweet; I'm making sure I give Ash congrats! :-D

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