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Semi-new category of posts

Over the coming months a number of posts containing info for ship-setups and suggestions will be posted in this category (Shipsetups).

Know that these setups are most likely widely known by many, but for new players this could prove pretty useful.

Example would be

Ship-type: Megathron
Role: Gankathron, close-combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirements: List of skills required
High-slots: Modules on high
Med-slots: Modules on med
Low-slots: Modules on low
Cost: Estimated cost for this setup
Comment: Some words describing its use. Pro's and cons.


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puttputt on :

Great idea! Hope to see some unique and awsome setups!

Pliskkenn on :

HUZZAH, now I can steal your Rifter set ups..........what, don't look at me like that........>.>

Slothen on :

I would like to see a thorax setup that uses blasters, armor tanking. Something good enough to take on belt rats, but also mean enough to turn the tables on a player trying to ambush you.

soul on :

hey couldnt work out how to post a new shipsettup so ill post it here n let u play with it ^^ its a little pricy but worth it.....

Ship-type: dominix
Role: everything! mainly used by me in solo lvl 4's (kill) but can pvp well
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments:highslots artilery (cant be any other type of gun as cap req is too high unless u are using T2 cap rechargers) medslots 5 cap rechargers (preferably T2) for unlimited tank lowslots ither 2x 1600mm T2 plates a large T2 or named repairer (armour) all other slots hardeners (drop an EM hardner) or replace a 1600mm plate for another explosive hardener, drones - heavy ...lots of em
Cost: 100M-375M depending on grade of madules (not including price of ship)
Comment: ive been playing with this setup for 3 or 4 months ive 3 different variations of it depending on what i want from my ship the one described above is more than capable than soloing most lvl4 command missions and has been known to take down meg,apoc,typhoon,tempest,and another dominix in pvp and almosst all lower grade ships.
the settup can be changed to be completely drone dependand by adding drone improvement modules to highslots i prefer the artilery as they can alow up to 70km range for sentry turrets in missions
this ettup can also be incorporated into a megathron with a more solid tank (extra lowslot) however the tank will not be unlimited even with tec 2 rechargers (with all hardners and guns on)unless skills in that area are maxed (due to there beeing 1 less medslot)

hope this setup serves u well i have a setup for most ships in eve if i dont i can easaly make 1 using the website ^^ :-P so if ur after 1 just mail me n im more than willing to oblige :-D

Necrofere on :

Heres a Sniperthron setup thats always worked for me:
5 x T2 425mm Rails (use appropriate ammo advanced if u can)
2 x Cap Boosters (800 Charges)
1 x 100 MN AB
3 x T2 Hardiners
2 x Armour Reps
1 x Rolled Tungsten Plate

This configuration is all relative to skills , not enough skills = its not gna work, contact me ingame (necrofere0101) for more

Kirex on :

Why does your 'sniper' have no sensor boosters, damage mods, tracking comps, or tracking enhancers?
Snipers are supposed to have no tanks. Your job is to hit as far as possible, with as much accuracy as possible, with as much damage as possible.
You could probably get away with a plate and a medium armor rep, but the rest should be damage mods, sensor boosters, and tracking stuff. If your in a fleet battle, you should already be aligning for a SS, so as soon as your primary, just warp away and flip on your medium armor rep.

Arimai on :

Ship-type: Megathron
Role: (0.4) gate sniperthron
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirements: t2 L railguns, adv weap 4, hull upgrades lvl 1
High-slots: 7x 425mm II w/ spike, medium energy neutraliser
Med-slots: Quad LIF MWD, 2x sensor booster t2, tracking computer t2
Low-slots: medium armor rep, co-proc II, 5 stabs.
Cost: 60M + insurance

comments: nigh uncatchable, make sure you are active aligned... Props for this setup goes to TSDS

Ginger Magician on :

Only 5 stabs?


matthew on :

hi this is my setup for a dominix

highs 6 dual 250s meds 5 cap rechargers and a 100 min afterburner. lows 1 explosive hardner
1 kinectic and thermic 1 large armor rep t2 if canot afford then t1. and 2 cap power relays and this will run alomst every lvl 4 mission

sheldon on :

what modules setup should i put on my hurricane .i never tank a ship before.

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