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Solo punisher hunting loadout

Ship-type: Punisher
Role: Tackler/Bleeder
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: Amarr Frigate III, Decent Mechanic class skills, Decent Gunnery Skills
High-slots: 2xDual Light Pulse Laser, 1xMedium Pulse Laser, 1xSmall Nos, 3xgamma crystals, 3x microwave crystals
Med-slots: 1x1MN Afterburner, 1xWarp Scrambler
Low-slots: 1xSmall Armor Repairer, 3x Capacitor Power Relay
Cost: 500-700k including ship and modules
Comment: The purpose of a bleeder-class pirate is to do enough damage over time to make them 'bleed' to death. Just enough that it will break their tank and they are forced to watch themselves die slowly. The high-slots are obvious. Dual lights help eliminate drones and have a decent RoF against your target while the medium pulse laser is a nice extra 'umph' of damage. The small nos helps sustain all of your modules, along with the three cap relays, literally. Even with all modules running and the repairer I can keep a sustained 45-55% cap (depending upon crystal usage). The amazing amount of capacitor recharge also allows for a decent fight against a medium nos. It won't break the medium nos but it will allow you a few more cycles of survivability. The gamma crystals are for normal engagement that way you can fly under the guns of cruisers and battlecruisers, while the microwave crystals are for anti-drone work.

Afterburner is used instead of a MWD because I rarely have a cruiser or larger warp out in the time it takes for me to cross the 15k to 7.5k. No reason to waste capacitor. Scrambler is obvious. And the armor repair is obvious. The entire setup, as a matter of fact, is both cheap and obvious. But effective. The philosophy behind this ship is to keep a continual, never ending tank and shrug off even caracal-class damage (ransomed 3 in this, not all at once of course) but remain fast enough to destroy cruiser-class weaponry tracking. To kill them off slowly while they remain awed that you are still intact. It's a cheap setup that allows you to not only ransom ships much larger than yourself, solo, but also leaves them wonder "I jst got owned.. by a solo tech 1 frigate.". Keep in mind that this setup alone won't make you uber, but it will make apparent who is already a brilliant pirate. Total ISK made from this setup: 183 million isk in one month.

Orbit at 1,000 meters. Serves one. Enjoy.


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Anonymous on :

"Orbit at 1,000 meters. Serves one. Enjoy"

Hahaha excellent. Sounds impressive.

Suladriel on :

Had a lot of success with a punisher....slightly different set up in lows from yours. I find the NOS keeps my repairer going just fine.
I use energized resistances and a MAPC so I can use names med pule lasers.

Taken on countless cruisers. Thorax is one I stay away from though.

Anonymous on :

will be trying this very soon :-)

Zarithas on :

I don't know why everyone likes repairers so much. For me, a small t1 repairer will repair 60 armor every 6 seconds, and takes 40 cap. Not only does this ruin my cap, but 60 armor every 6 seconds is NOTHING. Chances are, if someone is hitting me, they'll be doing a lot more than 60 damage every 6 seconds. If it was 60 armor every 1 or 2, or even 3 seconds, and took 10 cap instead of 40, it'd make perfect sense; but it isn't. I just fit a plate, which brings my armor to 841.

Malka Badi'a on :

Because the ability to outtank damage is what makes the difference between a ganking pirate and a bleeder. As my post said, even a small armor reparier can be enough to take missile damage long enough to convience the pilot that you are not going -anywhere-. It's that reassurance of a kill and endurance versus hoping you can kill them before they can kill you.

To each their own, I simply don'y fly that way.

Zarithas on :

I understand what you're saying, but what i'm trying to say is that I think it'd be a bit more efficient to use a 200mm plate of some sort. It'll give you plenty of extra endurance, but not at the cost of capacitor. After doing test runs with just a plate, and then just a repairer, i've noticed that the plate will generally be better for tanking for longer periods, although it is a bit of a hassle to have to head to a station and repair after each kill.

Malka Badi'a on :

The problem is, I can take on a ferox (a good 30 minute fight) because of the repairer. I can engage a caracal with the continual heavy missile barrage because of the repairer. And I can defend against 5 light drones or 3 medium drones with the repairer.

The length of the battle is incredibly shortened and your range of taragets is made smaller by the fact that if you take damage from someone willing to fight back, you may or may not last long enough to ransom them.

BTW: the ferox ransomed for a nice 20m because he simply couldn't break my armor tank but he eventually ran out of capacitor.

Message me in game :-) I'm not saying your idea is wrong, just that I fly different.

Famine on :

This is a setup which I figured I put my input on. Everything looks great except the massive use of cap relays with a small armor rep. One thing to consider when pvping is the fact that having to much cap recharge due to many modules is very bad. No matter what the ship is. If you bring in a Raven for example with all PDU II's. Then it will not have the same damage output as someone with BCU II's. Even though you might think you have a stronger tank, You really don't. As my leaders have said once before. You want to squeeze it in one module or don't do it at all. Cap injector is one module. It subs out the use of CPR or anythign else in 3 slots.

So really you want good recharge. Then yes stick with the nos and maybe one cap enhancement in your low. The other slots should be damage or a plate if not both. 200/400mm's are awsome modules that should be on your frigate.

So my rating on this setup is about 3 out of 10. Frigates die easy. Predicting easy targets is not a good idea. Cruiser will eat this setup if you run into a hostile non-noob in about 2 seconds. NPC frigate migh do it just as easy but longer combat. They will most likley have a better tank than you.

Malka Badi'a on :

I'm going to disagree with you from top to bottom based on my 20 kill mails, >75 ransoms, and 3 pod kills with that setup against cruisers, BCs, and destroyers. I don't EVER need the armor plating because I have a low enough signature radius to evade cruiser fire even webbed but I run out of capacitor very quickly. Those three relays means sustainability during long fights, even when webbed. I've taken down BCs, Cruisers, destroyers, frigates, and even an interceptor or two because of that large capacitor. I will NEVER alter it because while their capacitor runs out trying to constantly web/shoot me, I keep the exact same amount of capacitor.

This alone proves my point of capacitor over armor. Who gives a fuck about 600 hit points if you can't keep the capacitor to keep all those 600 hit points? Shame on you for putting all frigates together in the same batch. That's the exact reason my victims die. Underestimation.

Vance Avalon on :

Hear hear, Malka Badi'a. Capacitor is king. Those capacitor power relays (CPR) can be an awesome and amazing thing. I have a setup on a ship that allows me to run 3 ECM's at once because the low-slots are filled with CPR's. With my skills, the array of ECM's I carry, I can jam just about any cruiser, frigate and have a decent chance at many larger ships...all because capacitor is king. Big numbers are impressive, but generally only with sustainability to back them up.

Good thinking Malka.

Jake on :

I'm not sure if this is just the noobness shining through but i seem to be having powergrid problems with this setup. I followed the setup to the letter and fitted everything with ease, but when it came to fitting the med pulse laser the game informed me that i only have 108 power units (double the 54 i have) where i need it to be 154 power units (meaning 77) to undock. I'm using the Focused Afocal Pulse Maser 1 and it says it uses 7.2 energy. My Engineering skill is at rank 4 but even if i were to take the 13 days to upgrade it i don't think it would solve the problem. Any suggestions?

Malka Badi'a on :

Jake, it sounds like you are putting cruiser class items on by mistake. Be sure it is a 1mn afterburner not a 10mn afterburner. Be sure that your guns are small guns, but of the medium class for frigates. The focused and heavy are cruiser-class. Also check that you are using a small armor repairer and not a medium.

vilena on :

Ive been trying a similar setup, except i swapped the dual lights for 200mm autos.
mid: ab and scram
lows: 100mm rt plate, rep and a good damage control + a nanofiber.

Looks a bit weird but with my low sp's (3 days old) i found it works wonders against the ill-prepared.
The autos are because the damage was better and with less cap use, so a slightly better tank.(no skills for cpr's )

Isk gained with this setup from about 8hrs of pirateing:
a bit over 90 mill.
Ships destroyed: 2 puni's, 1 merlin, 1 caracal, 90% of a brutix and
3 pods.
resulting in a -3.75 sec.

The isk was a stroke of luck as the caracal had just popped a spawn with faction loot that i grabbed after the pod went squish :-)

And noone payed the ransom :/

Krist Valentine on :

Love the setup, great ideas and it's sure to help many people (including me :-D). I'd probably keep 2 of the ECM's but trade one for a weapon upgrade, but I'm probably not as knowledgable as you, so don't think I'm putting ya down in any way. Nice setup mate.

Krist Valentine on :

You're totally right, this is a sweet loadout. I just made a new character recently to spec in intys, and so I've been using punishers until then. Bearing in mind, this is a 4 day old character. I went ratting in 0.8 and killed every 6k-9k bounty in seconds. Suddenly, a 45k bounty rat spawned. I got nervous but thought I'd try it for a laugh. I owned it and didn't even lose half my shields!

Nice setup, again.

Asinalya Mayel on :

I first read this setup on Eve Online Main Forum site, and I've been testing it from time to time in lo sec systems since then. Two days ago, I almost survived an engagement with a highly skilled gallente interceptor pilot (2 years older than me), he was surprised by the damage I did to him. Comforted by his compliments about our fights, the next day, using the same setup, I went back and took down a (less skilled) pirate in a rifter who engaged me: My second PVP fight and my first win (couldn't pod the guy though). He took down my shield easily, but he wasn't able to break my armor. Once I went through his shield, it became easier every second. I've been ratting in 0.4 and 0.3 systems. Needless to say NPCs are piece of cake. Very efficient setup! Thank you Malka! I'll have to ask your ideas for a good "malediction" setup. i haven't yet tried risking it in lo sec. I'm still testing different configurations.

Cheif Seattle on :

this is a wunderful setup, as great as i could find, but when i had a caracal set up with 5 heavy launchers, 2 drones, a scrambler and a webber. not to mention some insane missle missle skills, this thing tried to take me on and got owned. this was a ratting setup mind you but if you get webbed and scrambled, then your target moves out to about 8 km, and starts pounding away, i found that the tank was broken and i killed it no problem.
of course, i have about1.9 mil of SP in missle skills so my heavy missle hit for about 60 damage to frigs, add explosive missles for armor and i can do 65 to frigs..... can you think of any way to counter this?

i was thinking aoubt trying this setup for a bit to see how it goes

also, it has a horrible time with normal cruisers with webbers in general, i tested it witha a friend and with a low sec set up he could pin me at 125 m/s while his moa rained down the hurt on me.

i thought about making a setup that in cluded a MWD but im not that good a player, got any suggestions?

Azirapheal on :

im running some simulations on this ship
in terms of pure tank (not taking into account nossing target or anything)
the cap lasts, just with the repper 218 seconds.
guns on their own can be kept going indefinatly

all systems barring repper is again an almost indefinite cycle - just keep pounding them - your cap remains

this ship, with judicious use of the repper can in theory dish out an unlimited amount of damge, nice

trell on :

I'm puzzled.... I just fitted this myself, and with EVERYTHING running, repper included... my cap turns stable at about 50%. (both energy skills at 4) I think you guys may be mistaken that this isn't stable. To be honest, the fact that it stabilizes at 50 rather than 30 means I got room to consider dropping a cpr and fitting a heatsink.

Maizoon on :

Im using a puni as well, now ive been playing for a month now and i found the puni a excelent ship, but i do agree that without cap ur dead, having armor is great but it wont take long to loose that massive 1000hp on armor (t2 200mm) if u cant keep it rep'ed, my puni set up is as follows :-

Highs - Best named nos i can afford, 3x 200mm ac's (t2 now)

Meds - Cap booster (charges of 200 one activation 3/4 cap back) and warp scram

Lows - Armor rep (now T2), energised nano, Damage Control (T2 if u wanna risk losing that much), "00mm plates (now T2)

this set up has beaten countless ships including a thorax, Rupture and even a brutix (he was a real noob tho) the only down side to this set up is the fact u have to reley on the booster for cap if the opponant is deal alot of damage, or if the opponant is faster and using long range. the nos will keep u going but that to can run out when ur victim is out of cap (lower ammounts of cap gained) so its not a long distance killer but has done the job for me all the time

Hynd on :

I was interested in this bleeder so I trained my skills to fly the punisher and off I went. After a while I found a caracal(average set up I later found out) in some belts and took him down in about 5 mins.

I have used this against a friends rokh and he could not kill me. His drones were deadly but if u shoot them down u will be ok. Although it took me about 10min to get his shields to 80% so I doubt I could get much further against his passive set up.

This is the best ship/set up I have ever came across because:

1. It costs less than 1 mil so great for newcomers to pvp that are nervous of loosing lots of isk.
2. It can make noobs effective at pvp even against older players with better ships.
3. It's fun.

Great job Malka

Rhidic on :

Can anyone confirm for me if this is still a valid setup? I know there are constant nerfs and whatnots happening with the various releases that will limit of negate certain setups but I wanted to verify if this was still a good one to learn how to PvP in.


n0elan on :

I wondered if a t2 fitting would work here, the ship would be more expensive, but also more effective, what do u think about that?

Narcotics Dealer on :


Small Armor Repairer II
Adaptive Nano Plating II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates

1MN Afterburner II
Warp Scrambler II

Small Nosferatu II
Light Electron Blaster II x 3 (Faction AM / Void)

MystrMeat on :

Im not a pirate but I've been trying this setup out over the last couple of days and I have to say that it works fairly well. Not perfect (Nothing is) but pretty good. I've only been playing for the last few days but Im fighting AI 15 to 20 ships including cruisers and not having to leave and repair. I think the way I fly may be similar to the original poster and is why I like this setup so far. Just wanted to say thanks for posting in case you still read this old post.

Tom Higgins on :

It just give you more of an edge, extra WS range and more damage from your guns etc. Is this setup still a nice setup because we are into a very new version of eve since it was created? I am about to try it out now, with rigs that give me more agility.

nAAMAAH on :

this is great, i just started Ammar and i wanted to do some pirating...anyway . what would you guys recommend for rigs tho?

Tellen on :

I did some calculations and you actually get better DPS id you drop the two duals for another medium and a gatling with just a small hike in fitting stats. Its only slightly better by 2-3 DPS but every bit helps, would that still work with your fighting style?

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