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Solo Hunting Merlin

Ship-type: Merlin
Role: Solo Hunter
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill Requirements: Caldari Frigate, Small Blaster Specialization, Rocket Specialization
High-slots: 2xLight Neutron Blaster II’s, 2xRocket Launcher II’s
Med-slots: 1x1MN Afterburner, Tracking Computer, Webber, 7.5k Scrambler
Low-slots: PDU, Magnetic Stabilizer
Cost: 2 to 6 million depending on the grade of modules
Comments: This is the setup I’ve been using for a while and it's working great for me. It’s cheap, easy to replace and can take on just about any frigate or cruiser. If you’re hunting larger prey this same setup works on the Hawk AF. Hawks have a bad rep because their DPS is low compared to the Harpy but Hawks have better shields and are 1/3 the price of a Harpy.

With decent skills you should get 7k range on the rockets and 1.6k on the blasters with AM charges loaded. The DPS isn’t especially high but when you get in close it’s enough to break any tank I've come across.

The Merlin got a nice shield resistance boost with RMR so it can take quite a beating. This setup is still vulnerable when moving in on a target, though. Missile boats are particularly tricky so the target should be chosen carefully. Some range can be sacrificed for survivability by dropping the TC for a Shield Booster if you have good fitting skills.

I'll have a new post about this weeks' (mis)adventures and evil-doings up tomorrow. Until then, leave some comments on my setup if you can, I'm always looking to upgrade. :-)


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Assur on :

I like the setup
Not really used to Caldari ships but wouldn't it be possible to
to avoid the vulnerability during initial approach by replacing the afterburner with a MWD? I know it would take away from the transversal velocity but replacing the tracking computer for the shieldbooster may make up for the increased damage taken.
Would require good fitting skills to be able to fit both modules efficiently due to the cap penalty but I'd think it's worth a test run.
Any opinions?

Jocindus on :

Good call - I took a look and the MWD and shield booster will fit if I drop the PDU and add a MAPC. I hadn't really thought of that before. It's a huge hit to the cap but if I use the MWD to approach the turn it off it's sustainable.

Ander on :

Welcome back =)

Hippo117 on :

Rather similar to my hawk setup:

3x 125mm II's, 1x Standard Launcher II
Small shield boost II, 1mn AB II, Top named cap charger (though it could be T2 if i bothered) and scram/web/Em hardener/painter depending on what i'm looking at
2x T2 Magstab II's

6-8km optimal with AM, though Spike S throws it out to 32km :-O
I swap between precision and normal missiles depending on the target (i mainly mission in this thing, but its nice for belt ganks with a scram)

Oupla on :

Nice setup, thanks for this page.
I use a similar setup with lots of success.
Just a remark, i think AB + webber is overkill. Drop one:
-Drop AB if you are fighting drone ship (notusefull in defense)
-Drop Webber if yo uare fighting missile/gun ship.
Then you can add a shield extender to add durability to your ship.
Merlin can have a nice DPS and surprise your opponent especially if you use T2 ammo ( !! only on webbed target ).

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