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This alliance is a minmatar freedom roleplay alliance. They are also known for hunting pirates, tonight as many other times we were the target.

Our group had set out to guard a gate and catch anything jumping through.
After a few hours they had finaly amassed a force superior than ours, + we were also getting shot at by sentry guns.

A carrier jumped into system, and we were carefully watching it for half an hour. Suddenly we felt it's time to pack up as we suspected they'd soon jump in on us.
Not an underestimation shortly after local went up from 45 to 72 and they had many battleships including the carrier.
But when they arrived at the gate our last man had just left the second earlier.

We found ourselves camped outside the station by a bunch of Ushra'Khan, and an hour later they finaly decided to leave.
However it cost them a battleship as some of their stragglers thought they could do some piracy of their own.

BigBen in a tempest sat at speed in an asteroid field, shooting at Shinra people who were doing a bit of roid hunting.
He warped out just as we came in to get him, but we dropped scanprobes and found him lingering in space a couple minutes later.

One tempest down, a bunch left to go.


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Spathi on :

Mmmm would have been an even better night to remove that stressful burden of the carrier from it's pilot. >:]

Lady Ariness on :

yes..."guarding" the gate :-P

Dale Cussler on :

We were guarding the gate... don't you know that every time a ship jumps through, somewhere, somehow, some deity kills a kitten?! :-D

Ragewaar on :

Yea the Ushra'Khan suck ass. They like hunted me for 2 hours last night because im amarr with -0.8 sec :S. They need to get a life lol RP'ers obviousley have no real social life :-P

Slothen on :

dont be ignorant

Tanthius on :

Re: Slothen
While I agree with your sentiment, learn the meaning of the word ignorant and how to use it properly.

Sorry, one of my little pet hatreds.

Pliskkenn on :

Member of Ushra'Khan here, heh yeah, Sniggerdly will slowely and surely be the end of us, it's mainly a whole Hmm alot of our members go through Amamake alot and die and the logic is to clear the enemy out, why they couldn't maybe take an extra 5 or so jumps to avoid amamake, I don't know. So yeah every now and then the fleet is called to assemble, but it just takes them so damned long that the target has chance to run away.

We hunt pirates an Amarr simply for the role playing factor And possibly money >.> whether you enjoy it or not is besides the point. If you didn't bother us then we wouldn't chase you :-P

This is a pretty regular thing though, Gate Camp forms, someone dies, we try to break the camp, the enemy disperses/battle ensues. Rinse and repeat til fade.

Ander on :

Hehe. I think it's pretty fun to fight you guys.
First the blob comes, then it disperses and you have a few people left so the numbers are even. That's when the real fun begins.

One time we chased Bigben in his tempest. He was shooting at Shrna people, so we attacked him when he was in a belt. He was up to speed and got out. But didnt check local so we found him by scanprobes.

Need I say that his ship got popped?

The other time a guy in his dominix sat outside a station waiting for us to attack. We didnt.
Which was good. But when he went to a belt we attacked, one more battleship + a HAC warped in.

Luckily we matched the numbers when our support warped in (two megathrons and a tempest) and me in a thorax downed the muninn with my drones and blasters. Was pretty fun.
The dominix went down, but the megathron managed to flee.

Pliskkenn on :

Haha sounds like excellent fun, not a lot is said in alliance chat when they go to fight you guys, other than Gang me or Aww man I got popped

I propably shouldn't publically sound like I enjoy it when it happens, but it's one of those events that happens to break up the usual, which means its usually a lot more fun than the usual belt-belt looking for NPC's or being in a gang and looking for a kill elsewhere.

When I get good enough I'll join in one day, then you'll soon learn to fear the name Pliskkenn "Arrr haaarrgghh!" Or possibly not :-P


Best Pirate on :

You are all wankers - just play the fucking game and get a life.

Next thing you lot will be writing your auto-biographies with dedication to EVE.


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