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The blind rage Thorax setup

This thorax-setup is the very same I used during my post "Blind rage" , when I attacked a bellicose at a station. By no means will it be able to tank for a long time, but it dish out a quick amount of damage and gives you just enough time to gank something quick at a gate if you are up to speed.

Ship-type: Thorax
Role: Close-combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: To keep a tank running, as low cap requirment as possible for the guns.
High-slots: 5x light neutron II's
Med-slots: 1x named Microwarpdrive, webifier, 20km or 7,5km scrambler
Low-slots: 1x med armor repairer II, 3x hardeners (therm/kinetic/explosive), 1600mm plate
Cost: 13-15mill isk.
Comment: This is a tough little nugget. Kills frigs easily and has room for 5 medium drones.
Use with care, there is no room for error though. If you get ganked with scrambling ship which nosses you and webs you, you may find yourself out of cap so you cannot use the microwarpdrive. A variant of this setup is to ditch 2 of the neutron's for 2x small nosferatus for this kind of occassion.

This ship can easily best any lone cruiser and get out of tight situations due to its microwarpdrive. The only real danger among the cruisers are another thorax or nos:ing ships. This setup may also work good vs battlecruisers and frigs. Watch out for long-range ships though as you're required to be going in close.


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PA on :

Hi there,

i just wanted to add a variant, with which i'm doing pretty good, can even gank npc'ing apocs (depending on their tank, ofc) and it's hell on wheels against frigs and cruisers, even Interceptors:

High: 5x150mm Railgun II (small)
Med: Webber, Scrambler, MWD (add named where possible)
Low: Med Repper II, 1600mm (Rolled Tungsten), 3 Mag Stabs II, or 2 Mag Stabs II and an adaptive nano passive hardener.

It has an opti of ~10km and dishes out quite some damage (for example, I managed hits of >170 against frigs). Frigs usually can take 2-3 salvos at max. If one has decent drone skills, it can really get nasty.

Azryen on :

Exellent suggestions, never used a thorax, but I am going to train the skills to do so after reading this... plus you gave me some ideas for my other ships...

Kreemy on :

Cool setup. I'm working on something similar in a Vexor, but it just doesn't have the grid of the ever sexy Thorax. Also, I don't have your skills yet, but soon...

Anonymous on :

Your Thorax is a force to be reckoned with.

Any chance of geting Some good Stealth bomber setups in the future? I find those to be often overlooked.

Shafty on :

I used that setup minus MWD and had AB instead, ripped through a muninn in under a minute. Took a few knocks on the approach but once i got in close it was game over, still had 90% armour


well i am only begining level2 after three weeks of playing.
this is my thorax setup (not the best but working)
- 4 150mm compresed coil railgun with antimater, 1 salvager(money, money..)
- medium shield extender, thermal hardener, and one all around hardener(don't remember the name) giving 15% to all shield damage resistance
- 1600 mm armour, one small armour repair (never used it), one kinetik hardener (cheap 11.000), one all around hardener (cheap 11-10.000) and one power grid upgrade.
- 5 medium drones (valkirie)
as you can see i don't remember the name of all the items on the slots.
i go in close and blast everything. I have 6300 armour but never lost the entire shield.

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