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Guest thorax setup from PA

This is the setup that was posted as a comment to the previous thorax setup I posted.


I just wanted to add a variant, with which i'm doing pretty good, can even gank npc'ing apocs (depending on their tank, ofc) and it's hell on wheels against frigs and cruisers, even Interceptors:

Ship-type: Thorax
Role: medium-range (10km) combat
Last revision: Red Moon Rising
Skill-requirments: To keep a tank running, as low cap requirment as possible for the guns.
High-slots: 5x150mm Railgun II (small)
Med-slots: Webber, Scrambler, MWD (add named where possible)
Low-slots: Med Repper II, 1600mm (Rolled Tungsten), 3 Mag Stabs II, or 2 Mag Stabs II and an adaptive nano passive hardener.
Cost:13-15mill ISK
Comment: It has an opti of ~10km and dishes out quite some damage (for example, I managed hits of >170 against frigs). Frigs usually can take 2-3 salvos at max. If one has decent drone skills, it can really get nasty.


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Cutie Anja on :

While I haven't tested them yet, I'm wondering if going with a warp scramble drone (the one data sheet I saw on them showed an insane warp scramble strength of 10, though I doubt it's really that strong) would be useful.

While it effectively doesn't activate as fast as a regular scrambler, there is a nice range bonus to the drone method. And since it's a small drone it's awfully hard to hit.

This frees up an extra medium slot for a cap recharger or battery. Either is nice to have on a Thorax.

In fact, with enough drone skills you could use a set of 8 or so webber drones or ECM drones, whichever you prefer to make your victim sit dead in the water while you poke through his tank.

The nos drones don't seem worth it though, unless you put them up against a frigate.

And finally, why the Railguns II? Yes, they're cheaper than Prototype Guass guns, but they require an awful lot of skills and the ammo is quite expensive. Not something I'd use against rats and the occasional player. I guess it would be different if you hunt nothing but players...

Cutie Anja on :

Forget I said anything... looks like that warp scrambler drone doesn't actually exist as an item you can buy. Goofy database seems to have all the GM equipment and test items in there as well as the regular items.

PA on :

First of all, thanks to Ander for my little bit of fame. ;-)
The tech 2 small rails (those 150mm's we're talking) don't need that much of skills, imho. I usually load them with antimatter, hence the 10km. T2 ammo is too costly and the penalty for using for example Javelin is too harsh, imho. It slows down my Rax quite a bit (~220m/s normal, with 5xJavelin loaded it barely gets to 140m/s) This Javelin stuff does a lot of damage more than antimatter though... I figure this t2 ammo is nice on sniping BS's.
Also, the t2 rails give you that little bit of extra damage and are way cheaper than the really good named t1 ones.
About that EW drones, thought about using them too, but i'm not big into EW as of yet, still needs some skilling. I use 5 Hammerheads II or 5 Valkyrie II, depending on my mood/target.
Of course you can go with the same setup with only t1 guns & stuff, should work too, maybe not as much damage then.

Cutie Anja on :

Ah, that's good to know. I didn't know you could use tech II rails with regular tech 1 ammo. the description makes it seem as if it only takes tech II (which is too expensive). In that case it's time to learn some more skills...

Thanks for the tip.

h3ll on :

It's amazing to see that only 10% of posts regarding ship fittings have the word "requirEments" spelt correctly.

Damn ignorants.

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